: Because you enjoyed having money, free time, and faith in humanity?
: What's a magma chamber?
Ok so a long ass time ago, back when riot did these things called "Events", they made this kick ass Lava map called the Magma Chamber, from what I saw it looked fully functional but they scrapped it. Idk why I didn't play League back then.
: Go to control panel and revert back to previous OS Just google it
> [{quoted}](name=Weapon In Hand,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=fI4pr6TH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-05T02:41:11.430+0000) > > Go to control panel and revert back to previous OS > > Just google it doesn't Windows 10 force you to update though?
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: The issue I see is that riot makes money off of skins, runes, wards, summoner icons, and champs. Riot also has seen how much revenue they get from people wanting to outright buy champs with RP rather than lp, so they stick to their guns. Then you have games like smite, where for only $30 dollars, you can buy current and previous champs. I can understand why riot would be hesitant to do this, mostly because I'm sure they get a large chunk of revenue from champs, but I do think they should either do what heroes of the storm do, which is to play a champ for free in a bot game, or bump up how much LP we get. I know free rotation is meant to let us try the champ out, but I think either having every champ available in bots be a thing or bump up how much we get.
Riot makes not a single dollar off of runes, you cannot buy them with RP.
: but that is what will happen if riot gives runes for no IP they will make it where you have to get champs with RP only... they arent gonna take a hit in their bank account
You do realize you cannot spend RP on runes, like at all. Therefor, there is only time saved when you take away that ridiculous aspect of the game.
Kaioko (NA)
: You either outrange him or outspeed him that's essentially the only way to actually kill him. Playing a mid range mage like {{champion:127}} with fairly low mobility is exactly what he wants.
I wanted to kill myself fighting him as Liss. It was just cancer.
: depends on who you are lux? max e, always target him and whittle him down malz? just ult lmao talon? rush a sheen and max q, so you can flash in and do a good poke right as he tries q'ing you darius? quit trying to break the meta you dumb nerd, darius mid-lookin' ass
Solwolf's channel is dead for the betterment of league
Sharjo (EUW)
: Ivern: Friend of the Forest
I hope Ivern can make monsters fight champions. #REVENGEOFTHESCUTTLE
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: if you aren't going to surrender
OP is my long lost lover <3
: > [{quoted}](name=AninLegions777,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=74emfb1Q,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2016-09-08T18:36:10.260+0000) > > Huge? Don&#x27;t make me laugh. For base stats, it's a massive buff. You're getting a massive amount of AS as far as bases go. I understand it's not much in terms of gold value, but it's unconditional stats that you just get. It's a nice nudge in the right direction, and it'll help her a bit. Can't say it makes her viable, but at least riot's looking at her.
I agree I feel like the AS and AD buff are really gonna help put her out on the right path.
: Talk about Orianna. It's rare to see her in game and even rarer to see a main. She's been hiding in the dark like forever except when Faker plays her and all. It's only in mid game where she shines the best. But in late game, other champions get even stronger then her and her damage is not compared to them. Though, she is good in team fights, she's not what she was used to. Longer q ranges, shorter w cooldowns, I just miss the old Ori. Even her ult buffs don't change that much.
I have played a little bit of Ori, I like her kit and her auto attacks really chunk with thunder lords but you're right shes nothing like season 3 and 4 Ori were. They would trash entire teams with the Ult.
: Except hunts aren't that hard when half the targets are scuttle crabs. Not to mention you get marks from an assist on a hunted champ. Not that hard to get them. And abysmal attack speed? You just said she gets {{item:3153}} and {{item:3085}} which both give a lot of attack speed. What a weakness!
I usually go Bloodrazer, then a BF item (at least a bf sword) and then go runaan's and bork. That seems to be a good build for her. I have been playing her extensively since making this post and I have noticed some things. If the enemies slack on the first 2 or 3 hunts I can usually scale really well (I got mastery 6 with her in just 3 games). However when the junglers aren't stupid then you're dead.
: % HP per auto is cancerous as it is, but to stack it? No thanks.
it only scales 1.25% each hunt, and each hunt is really hard to get. Bork gives you 10 or 15% for comparison. She has abysmal attack speed and base damage so her main damage is from this %HP. Crit chance and Hurricane really do help her though.
: Please no if I have to see Kindred again I'll get ptsd from the bullshit I had to deal with before. Her and Nidalee just constantly invading, ridiculous early pressure, basically shoving a huge portion of the junglers out of the meta. Never again please.
Actually I find your point viable to an extent. We have to make sure her invades aren't Shaco-level PTSD flaring. Almost everytime I do not play Vi in ranked I get death squads of hecarims and nidalees just waiting to gut me in my own jungle and being High Bronze Nobody is going to listen to my pings XD. I don't want the OP Kindred of when she first launched, but I do want her to get some hunts without going 0-5.
: Over 56% win-rate when played by people that main them in Plat+ Kindred is fine.
Yeah, friend, over 50% of League's player base is below plat. I haven't seen a kindred in game other than myself one time last week for months. Platinum people are WAY better than people going up to gold. You can't justify only balancing champions around pro play. It hurts little guys like me. I understand Kindred was difficult, it took me a very long time to get good with her but I eventually did and thouroughly enjoyed her, now she's dead and needs to revert her old nerfs to compensate for gutting her sustain.
: Kindred main here. I agree. Before it was, do gromp -> wolves -> Scuttle or Raptors but without that sustain, I can't SAFELY do this anymore. Played vs. an Udyr after the nerf. Couldn't get a single scuttle. I was like 3 stacks in 20 mins. Lost that one easily. Riot need to add back the heal but ONLY proc it when hitting monsters. This way she gets a better early game.
I say her current W is a good replacement for her old sustain but her damage just needs some buffs so she can survive killing her camps. I feel like you have to give up the 1st to hunts just to trick the enemies into thinking you're not going after them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Squidward Dab,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iBR4IbtV,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2016-09-08T00:45:58.240+0000) > > Because riot always pull the same excuse &quot;it would ruin his thematics and we wouldn&#x27;t want to do that&quot; -proceeds to nerf irrelevant shit in his kit, then nerfs the main points, doesn&#x27;t revert the others. > > But you&#x27;ll also have some Ekko mains who scream out &quot;he doesn&#x27;t delete anyone until he gets some items!!1!1!&quot; But that can be applied to EVERY SINGLE champion, Ekko doesn&#x27;t deserve a free pass from this They did that with Kassadin and Malzahar in the past They did various nerfs on Kassadin, but the main thing that needed nerfs (his ult) remained intact until Riot finally realized that it was this ultimate that was the root of problem, they finally nerfed its range but then Kassadin already had the rest of his kit nerfed. Riot refused to revert previous nerfs, and it took months of buffs in some patches to allow Kassadin to be finally playable again without him being broken. They recently did that with Malzahar too. They nerfed the rest of his kit, but Malzahar remained with an above 52% winrate on average, at both mid and top lane. It was only when they finally nerfed the passive duration and cooldown, that Malzahar's winrate had a significant drop. Which shows how much of Malzahar's power is tied to his passive; because the rest of his kit is actually a significant nerf compared to what old Malzahar used to be, his passive is the only reason why Malzahar could thrive all this time.
They did the same dumb thing to Kindred as well. Have you tried to simply get the enemies Raptor just to have Yasuo and Gangplank destroy you? Have you had that happen an entire game? It's the worst.
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: how about a "the End" skin for jhin in refference to mgs3?
*Cries in Tacticle Espionage Action*
adidas (NA)
: The fastest way to get downvoted is to say
Azir has some strengths, real question is where my {{champion:203}} Damage go
JMoormann (EUW)
: I can see why Azir needed some nerfs, but he didn't need to be made into a troll pick
As someone who recently accidentally mained Azir for the past 2 weeks (I'm a jungle main and he somehow toppled my Vi mastery points) I wish he was a little stronger. I say he suffers from the Aurellion Sol effect. Really good with practice but gutter trash if you're knew and don't know the combos (It'd be more accurate to say Sol suffers from the Azir Effect). I absolutely love Azir's kit and the fun you can have with him but he's not a strong pick. I really want to take him ranked but Simpler champions like Annie just dominate him. If the champion is sufficiently complicated and needs skill then i dont mind if they're a little strong. I have a friend who mains Taliyah and he does consistently well with her, he pretty much gets first blood every game. I say give azir just a bit more damage or just enough of a slow on Q to get 3 autos off if you're good.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=RazorBladesss,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Fa0U8RAi,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2016-08-25T23:05:50.805+0000) > > As someone who plays a lot of Rek Guy and Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, I absolutely love complicated champs. Thematically I love Rek Sai for being the Graboid Queen of the Jungle (Quick grab Bert!). I normally do not counter jungle as rek sai, I prefer to farm and gank until im 4 and 0 then hunt down every champion. With a randuins or a frozen mallet her cc is pretty good. She is Item reliant but lots of champions are, i feel like it&#x27;s a way to nerf her. I wish fighter rek sai was viable and her jungle vision could be better (I have died so many times peacefully getting scuttle only for bot lane or the enemy jungler going full ham on be when all I got is a damn hunters machete and a blind man&#x27;s foot up my ass. EDIT: OH and the no cc on her tunnels would be so rad.
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: New Champion Idea
If you're looking for a sustain tank I think the Warwick Rework should embody that. I recently picked up playing a Deathknight in WoW and the way they work is all your tank comes from Lifesteal and clutch abilities that work better at low health. That would be awesome for Warwick to turn into a Bloodborne esque Werewolf that needs to consume to survive, Tanking all the damage as long as he has a feast to replenish from.
: Battle Boss?
Id love for the bosses to be few and far between. Thematically we already have Final Boss veigar so we would have to make a BattleBoss skin. Im thinking a literal Joust ripoff for Kled. His taunt could be "Hug the left side!" in response to the left side of the Joust game being slightly advantages.
VenDyer (NA)
: Rek'Saw Skin Idea
As someone who loves Rek Sai I gotta agree Rito plz make this. Battlecast Or Mecha Rek-Saw
: Do you play with colorblind mode on? I am not even colorblind but I still use it.
"I have colorblind on but that changes nothing about how Skins or any actual game graphics."
Sandixcx (NA)
: I can't really see them that good either, I wish they were actually gold instead of this orange color..
That would make it completely fixed. some sort of solid gold color would actually look more thematic.
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: Sona Update
So I've never commented before, and I rarely go up against a Sona (my support is Leona and if riot touches my baby I swear)but sona has never been an issue with me, ive seen people do really well with her (the few people that do play her) but it seems riot has butted into a champion I see needs no work done. I don't see anything visually updated with her, pretty much the exact same champ to me visually but she fit the passive support roll, she practically created that roll. There's passive supports and active supports. Active being Alistar, Leona, Nidalee, and Lux to name a few. Then there's passive supports like Pre Re-work Sona, Soraka, Galio, and Taric. Both of these play styles are fine and dandy. idc which support im getting. I prefer Active supports because im bloodthirsty early game but that's just me, I see Soraka work SUPER EFFECTIVLY with Varus. It looks like they've made Sona garbage tear support. It's sad witnessing the death of a champion. this looks to be an unneeded and unwanted rework.


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