Broporo (NA)
: We didn't initially plan on bringing custom item sets to the updated client, but after hearing our players wishes, we changed our minds! We're working on bringing that feature to the updated client, but it may take a bit before we have it all ironed out. Check out [**this article**]( for more info!
wait what? that's great, and worth the wait
Numb3rs (NA)
: ONLY 2 things need to be done to make this season not shit.
what about autofill? waiting some more time for more consistently quality games > being forced to do non preferred roles
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: > [{quoted}](name=DirtyDravenMain,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kJJBQmit,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-01-06T04:38:10.450+0000) > > As a draven main I cannot tell them to not buff him ;) but I don't know if its super necessary. he does damage but is less useful then a full tank nidalee if behind. Buffing him might make him a pick/ban though, and that would entail you not getting to play your main.
I was happy myself as a draven main until that realization...rather he be kept the same
: When Morg lands her Q, and all you can do is watch as the enemy desecrates your hopes and dreams
I feel that too, first 0.1 sec, but the rest of the 3 hours while binded is salt
Rude Name (OCE)
: You have to pick TWO champions to intimidate someone with. Who, and why?
{{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} -------------------------------------------------------- or {{champion:136}} {{champion:111}} < both huge and strong, one really tanky
: Just Spent 11k IP on Runes
It's pressure to try to get people to get IP boosts or sometin probably, but I agree it's all a too much and could be a bit lesss
: WHOA! HEY! Dont see my point... Thats dangerous, you could break the internet with that shit man. You gotta be careful. You need to rage at me and threaten me... QUICKLY! BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! In all seriousness though. A bit of what I was saying also extends to the broken window theory as well. If you or someone else reading this is not familiar. It goes with the idea that if you want the big laws enforced, the little laws have to be enforced. With League, this means that if you want to stop people from thinking "hey pissing people off is fun... what else can I get away with?" Its admirable that you can look at troll bait and let that roll off your back, but when they get to do little stuff without repercussion... Well for some its only a matter of time before they need more potent trolling to feed their addiction to other peoples negative emotions. If that "gg ez" didnt annoy people, they wouldnt do it. Letting them "get away with it" though grinds some peoples gears. So, taking troll tools away is just enforcing the little laws as far as Im concerned. I particularly enjoyed Overwatchs replacing the "gg ez" with self deprecating statements like "I need a hug" and other more embarrassing fair. At any rate... try to chill with all that reasonable person stuff on the interwebz, only polar points of views are allowed, and you MUST be angry with others that dont think what you do... its like the law or something, its what everyone else duz. You know what the do to critical thinkers right? If you think outside the box too long, they wont let you back in!
haha, btw for overwatch my confession is I still sometimes say it knowing it will change to that different text and that's how others seeit. When I feel like being a bit cheeky, I know that most others will know what I really wrote, cause its obvious it was changed. add me overwatch redesign #1589 btw if u wanna play, I might get salty at times but yea, also maybe we can do that HOTS thing (been looking for someone to do the 15 matches hots for the genji skin)
: Yeah, the thing is... gg ez, thats people trying to be toxic. Most people dont like the idea of others trying to annoy them. Even if the base attempt fails, the notion that their is some asshole trying to get at you is unsettling. People dont like assholes, so when an asshole says "gg ez" the normal instinct is to feel that something bad should happen assholes trying to be assholes. I mean lets say every day I come and piss on your car tires... That wont hurt them. I dont do it in front of you. No big... Im just pissing on your stuff... I think its funny. I think me pissing on your stuff, is funny, and you have others saying "Its not hurting you, why complain." Now if you sit there and say "Im fine with people pissing on my things" so you can pretend not to see the parallel of "gg ez," good for you. Give your adress and place of work so people can find you and piss on your stuff. After all, you dont mind. Or do you? Why would people pissing on your car tires bother you, if its not hurting them? Thats just it, "gg ez" is people trying to piss on your attitude. Theyre trying to get emotional satisfaction from putting others in a negative state of mind. Now the only reason this dosnt bother people is because theyre a sociopath without normal human emotions. Or they claim its no big deal get over it because they want to keep doing it themselves. Normal people dont like the idea of assholes getting to run around and try to spew their asshole machinations at them. They dont care if asshole activities are taken away from assholes (saying untrue derogatory/insulting statements to put people in a negative attitude). So you see the "gg ez" isnt the part that offends people. Its the attitude that I get to piss on your car tires and I believe Im entitled to get to because you can just ignore it since its not affecting your tires or you... Its the act of trying to be an asshole that is offending people, not their specific action.
Hm I see your point, but at a video game level/context of the internet, where it's also not the same person saying it (unlike your IRL piss on car wheel example, where btw I would actually get mad over the person myself even though them pissing on my wheels wouldn't really hurt me), whenever it does happen, I don't feel like wasting even a moment more than it takes to read those letters, to try to be the one to deal with/punish that person because of him being that type of person. +It feels better and almost like you've " won" if you want to look at it that way, when you don't take the bait or have the response they expect. Guess there's different ways of looking at it and ways of trying to fix/stop it.
: Because people are too immature to hold their composure. Taunt's are good psychological warfare, I don't know why we can't keep taunt spamming either.
I feel the same way about people who over react to and get too offended over 4 characters that come with no effort (gg ez)
: {{champion:161}}
DOCTA-OCTA-MOTHAFUGGIN-GONNAPUS BLRARHHH good old youtube days and ytp's
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: Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!) Laughing Fish !
: I have this really strong urge to close the friend's list tab in the client.
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Oglaf (EUNE)
: Remove Blind. Keep Draft.
I like blind as I usually get what I want and the whole process is the fastest vs other modes, keeping both would be best
Veraska (NA)
: Rengar ult works like eve passive, also its significantly more telegraphed (u get a mark above ur head if hes within 3000 units of you and ur the one hes closest too) The counterplay is to group up so he cant jump on you while ur marked, he'll still get on top of you but he loses a lot of his bonus dmg if ur not marked by his ult Akali and kha'zix are not effected by pink wards but their dmg windows have been lengthened considerably now
Either way I just want to be able to pink and be able to target and attack him or use a disengage ability just as or before he will jump on me (think about vayne/draven E's)
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: Who wants a season of marksmen being out of the meta?
: "X Champion takes 0 skill to play!"
a "diamond" smurf told me that after I rekt him and his team as draven few months ago
: This post contains 16 Jhins. You know what to do.
Lemme just square root that ______________________________________________________ | {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} | {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} | {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} \| {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} = {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} There we go, the perfect original factor.
: why do you main your mains
{{champion:119}} Outplay, get fed, cash in, dominate, gg.
Bentley (EUNE)
: Being placed with players who are worse just because you're on a winstreak feels unfair
Yea, If I'm on a win streak its usually going to be because I had an equally good or better teammates than me as well, not cause I suddenly become a carry god that can/deserves to be thrown in with worse players. The enemies should just get a bit harder
: Chinese players need to be punished when they verbally abuse in their language
: > [{quoted}](name=yerteenagedream,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NT22imTc,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2016-10-23T01:16:50.372+0000) > > It&#x27;s a free game. How is that greedy? there are skins that cost $30.
Yea like not even 5? No one has to buy them anyways
Ress (NA)
: Little Devil Teemo Fanart (SPEEDPAINT)
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: As a tank main...
I shall take this as a challenge to improve even more especially mechanically as marksmen player. Still coming for you next, t(h)anks.
: A word to ADCs in Draft pick
Yea I usually talk and don't try to rush to do something like ban at all if I were in that case, sometimes supports get triggered though for whatever reasons during some situations but o well. (and no I don't straight up harass ppl/supports for going a non preferable supp)
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: The Client Update Alpha Ending Soon
SUCH BS, OUT OF ALL THE STUFF RIOT'S BEEN DOING THIS IS ONE OF THOSE THAT ARE WAY TOO FAR. I HAVE LIKE 30 SETS...even if I could be playing league way more if I had the time these days It would STILL be hard to remember how multiple builds go for even just my top 5 champs on the spot when shopping...This is so stupid I will be limited to building worse now as I can't waste time at base esp in ranked whenever I will do some of it
scazzman (NA)
: However. Nothing is more obnoxious then being down 20 kills and 2 waves of turrets.with a confirmed troll. And every surrender vote has failed 3/2 because the troll and 1 other player is voting no just to prolong the game and make both teams miserable
yea in extreme cases where the chance is like 0.001% to win or something even I'd wanna surrender
Sarutobi (NA)
: Honestly people just need to stop giving up so easily. The game isnt over till the Nexus is down. Granted there are exceptions to this, but for the most part (like when someone gets First Blood, or one turret is down) people should be playing till the end!
my message to the millions around the world especially in bronze/silver/ will climb more by straight up getting your attitude and irrational biased unnescesary emotions out of the way of your decisions...stop giving up so easily or waiting for something bad to happen to make an excuse on why its gg or you should not focus/play as well as you can and want to surrender
: Being at 99LP now automatically gives you 1 RP
Rioter Comments
: That's five words, dingus. Sorry, had to point that out. Lol.
:^) fixed, I think for some reason I thought it had to be 5 in the moment
: Write the saddest League story you can in 4 words. [WARNING, CONTAINS SAD CONTENT]
But...that's a happy story! {{champion:119}} (braum getting deleted) for my sad story though: "I'll make you lose" ( a teammate saying that)
: Dude, this doesn't tilt me lol. I'm 99% tilt proof. The post was a joke only.
Lol yea, I meant it mostly for other people tho. I aint tilt proof myself, I get tilted when people put active effort at least once through their actions in game to try to get to me unless its way too obvious/try hard
: How to avoid getting tilted by GGEZ
My more serious answer to the title is: just don't get tilted? It took them no effort and almost no thought to write it in 2 seconds at the end of the match, why should you put any effort to react to it? If you're feeling frustrated its probably the very fact that you lost, not that someone said that. But I like your method too, its simple/fun and I guess if you want to get back at the person even in the smallest way It would work
Drugoth (NA)
: You're being toxic during a game of League, how would your main react?
{{champion:119}} Don't forget to run it down mid
: Then please don't play ranked.
?? Why are you then? I'm pretty sure you also felt anything but happy listening and dealing with that guy? Btw to clarify just in case I meant triggered as in I'm on your side not people like him, maybe it seemed like I'm the kind of guy him like him and don't agree with you but thats not it
: 4/12 mid laner tells me I "take ranked too seriously"
I got pretty damn triggered just reading the title imagining that guy
: 1 free ranked queue dodge a week
I think its very reasonable
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: A message to support mains from a friendly ADC.
I agree, but can't help get salty for at least a second after supports sometimes just randomly click to auto the enemy even in non intense moments when they have like 0.001 hp left lol
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: > [{quoted}](name=ReDesign,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XdxbpHn9,comment-id=000d0002,timestamp=2016-09-04T19:42:20.561+0000) > > Maybe make it at least 3 games done in non ranked with each champ so the person comes in with basic knowledge at least you aren't gonna learn gangplank or azir in 3 games. base it on the difficulty system we have in league
If someone is really going to want to first time even someone like azir, I'd rather have them go 0/3 instead of 0/10 if it means them playing the champ a few hours first in total {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: This might sound like a good idea on paper but there are a lot of problems with this. I've been playing this game since season 1, I know how every champion works. I've spent a lot of time watching streams, watching guides, reading the wiki, playing customs (not bot games), and keeping up with the patch notes. I have most of the ratios and cool-downs memorized, and even when I don't remember, it takes roughly 15 seconds to look up all the numbers in the wikia. There are many champions that I would be able to play if a good opportunity to succeed with them came up. I managed to reach a 70% win rate in ARAM while simultaneously owning every champion in the game. I don't want to go into a ranked game having a competitive disadvantage because I didn't grind out the minimum of 1,320 games necessary to get 10 games on every champion. Also, draft mode forces teams to pick in an arbitrary order. This makes trading key to counter-picking the enemy team or first-picking the strongest champions on the current patch. If players aren't allowed to pick a champion solely because they didn't grind out 10 games, they'll be losing a significant number of options to trade with their teammates. This solution takes away strategic freedom from dedicated players who have done their research outside of the game, just to eliminate a few trolls that shouldn't have been queuing up for ranked in the first place.
Maybe make it at least 3 games done in non ranked with each champ so the person comes in with basic knowledge at least
: please. stop people from first timing champions in ranked.
Yea it's a bit more common that it should be in ranked....
Vilo (NA)
: That actually really sucks. Spending all that time getting the ranks you wanted and then account gets hacked and riot wont even recover it. Sad.
: I just got to Plat 5 today I worked my a$$ off to get there but I'm worried I'll go back to Gold
Depends on your mmr, you may be 1 or even 3 more losses away from getting a bit norms and treat them like ranked, to get back/maintain your best skill where it was deserving of reaching plat 5 so you can remain there at the least. Dont do ranked right after tho, for ranked, wait 1-2 days and then the day after try another (after 1 more norm as warmup)
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