Sharjo (EUW)
: The Demacia Update is Live!
Don't miss JohnODyin's short story on Galio/Lux One of my favorites (Though I'm pretty biased) :P
: who's RiotOwlycat?
One of the splash artists on ChampUp. She worked on Blade Mistress Morgana, Royal Guard Fiora, Barbarian Sion, all 3 Karma Splashes, Tundra Warwic, Leopard Nidalee, just to name a few
: Do you happen to have the names
RiotOwlyCat (I might be spelling that wrong), 3rdCollosus, and HUGEnFAST. All three were started by our outsourcing art team though and then finished up by the splash art team internally.
: Could you do me a favor and hug the person who did the Karma art? They're beautiful!
They were done by the Champ Up Splash art team. I'll let them know how much you like them!
Gapybo (EUW)
: I like them but feel Order of the lotus tweak is unnecessary and a bit unfitting. She looks pissed off instead of looking like she is in some meditative trans that original portrayed better.
It was tweaked to unify all their faces
: 3/21 PBE update is now up
Are you happy now Moonboy ;P
WarWork (NA)
: So he made one almost impossible to move statue instead of multiple smaller to move one? lol that's weird strategically. It seems if an army wants to beat demacia (and were large enough) they could have them march out with Galio against a decoy army then attack the city with their city with their full force and mages, not saying they would win but they would deal a lot of damage and cause a lot of casualities. Either that or u best them by wiping out their oxen loool. Just saying Galio's size seems over done just for the sake of saying "Hey wouldn't it be awesome if Galio was like gigantic" He could have had a similar impact and double practicality at half his size.
WarWork (NA)
: Lol Galio's lore is cool and all and I dont doubt that Durand is gifted but lol, the ask for a shield got a giant statue. And they need a ton of oxen to move him. I don't think he was thinking very logically
The size/weight is a byproduct of needing it to be big enough to shield a entire army. Even if it was a literal shield, it would still have to be that big.
: > [{quoted}](name=Reav3,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EYPeGq08,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-03-16T00:17:06.333+0000)Well it had to big enough to contain enough petricite to protect there entire army from magic. He also wanted it to strike terror into the enemies of Demacia and inspire the troops fighting along side it, like a giant scary battle standard. Makes sense. Or, rather, as much sense as I need it to make given the suspension of disbelief that any fantasy setting requires. It was mostly a joke, since the visual of Demacia's authorities seeing Galio and going ", Durand? What the heck IS this?" was a great mental image. :D I do appreciate the extra lore-drop though! And I'd probably be pretty inspired by a giant statue representing my country on the battlefield *literally* protecting me.
Yup, and another small but cool thing. From the back his wings/tail are basically the symbol of Demacia.
: The real question is: was Durand aware of the fact that Galio would become sentient if exposed to high amounts of magic or was he just an asshole?
: > [{quoted}](name=Reav3,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EYPeGq08,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-16T00:09:20.149+0000) > > Durand didn't ever think or know Galio would come alive. That happened due to him absorbing tons of magic overtime, though it wasn't why he was originally created. Sort of an eccentric guy then, eh? He's asked to make a shield for military purposes, and instead crafts a towering colossus that CAN'T be easy to move, especially if it has an upright, vaguely humanoid (and thus easily unbalanced) pose. If I were Demacia I'd be furious! :P In seriousness though -- kudos to the team. The combination of tragic hero with enthusiastic super-hero come across far better than I would have thought possible. Looking forward to seeing him (and hearing him) in action!
Well it had to big enough to contain enough petricite to protect there entire army from magic. He also wanted it to strike terror into the enemies of Demacia and inspire the troops fighting along side it, like a giant scary battle standard.
: Why did Durand not know that Galio could live?
Durand didn't ever think or know Galio would come alive. That happened due to him absorbing tons of magic overtime, though it wasn't why he was originally created.
: Does anyone else feel like Gatekeeper Galio is a bit lacking?
His Q, R and W actually have unique animations For his Q, his wings actually detach and turn into the Q projectiles. For his W he floats off the ground and does a sweet pose while charging the taunt His R is also new He also has a unique walk animation
Jaredan (NA)
: Sharjo: in like lightning, posts like thunder.
Sharjo is everywhere now
Jaredan (NA)
: Glad you enjoyed it! John 'O'Dyin' O'Bryan was the principal Narrative writer from ChampUp on Galio. Little known fact: He's a thoroughly cool fellow to hang out with. He literally asked me to say that.
Don't you mean "John "JohnO'Dyin" O'Bryan"
Solideus (EUNE)
: Regarding 3: In what situation will it make sense for you to consider updating icon art for **ITEMS**? There are still a LOT of bleh art in the shop; especially with all the old component items ({{item:1052}} {{item:1026}} {{item:1031}} {{item:1018}} {{item:1042}} {{item:3675}} , etc). For instance, wouldn't an item-system overhaul (such as you did with ADC items some time back, or the upcoming Tank items) be good timing for updating some old item icons?
ChampUp doesn't own items or item icons, the systems team does. I know that have updated icons here and there, but I'm not sure if they plan to do more in the future or not.
: @Riot Art Team Splash/Ability/Item Icon Update questions
1. Soon (tm) 2. Not sure yet, we haven't decided yet 3. We don't have any current plans to update icons outside of VGU's or roster projects that need it 4. Lots of reasons (How bad the old splashes, how different the are from the new models, if we have upcoming projects like the tank update, play rate, amount of splashes that need work vs amount of splashes the current VGU we are doing, different types of positions/roles/gender diversity) 5. A few, but they will likely be finished when we update all there splashes at once.
: Actually, Gem Lim (Lonewingy) is a **concept artist** on Team Alpha, which is working on Galio and Evelynn. I'm not sure, but I think that the writer on Urgot might be David “Interlocutioner” Slagle.
: so Ahri is Lust, not Evelynn? what
Well JohnODyin (The one who wrote this) is working on the Evelynn VGU, so he probably knows more about Eve then most :P
: "Goin' to sleep means sayin' goodbye..."
JohnODyin was the narrative writer on Galio. He also did Poppy, Ryze and Yorick VGUs. He's currently working on the Evelynn VGU :)
xWaters (NA)
: Is that in order? Because I think Nunu should be after Urgot and Eve.
kasfas (NA)
: No. No No, no no, _**NO!**_ Sion is not so weak that his _**ULTIMATE**_ would simply _**TOPPLE **_ this stone Goliath. Sion would Simply smash through the entire limb if he got the chance. The issue is no-one ({{champion:50}}) has let him actually fight for about a hundred years or whatever it is. Sion is strong, Sion is _**WAR**_. Sion isn't the unstoppable force, He has transcended traditional explanations of strength. Having been brought back from the brink of oblivion, nothing_** AND I MEAN NOTHING**_ can kill him. Nothing can stop him, nothing. If brought to his true potential, sion could be considered an object with both infinite mass and speed, therefore both being immovable and unstoppable, existing everywhere at once. ( ) So, sion would _**NOT**_ just "knock him over" Sion would destroy him easily, if he were trying.
As a Sion main, this does seem totally plausible :)
: I was impressed by the VO, but DAMN those particle effects are AWESOME! It is an AMAZING skin indeed! Edit:
WarWork (NA)
: You tell me this, and while I don't doubt that Sion is awesome, you can't tell me that a thousand plus foot tall anti magic walking turret's great rival is an uncontrollable screaming zombie? Making him THAT huge greatly detracts from that feeling. I don't mind him being huge but him being THAT HUGE for me just makes him feel so just there
Well if Sion Ult's into his leg he could probably knock him over. Sion vs Galio is what happens when a Unstoppable Force hits Immovable Object.
Ralanr (NA)
: Magic needs to keep him awake.
Correct when he isn't around magic he goes into a dormant statue state like a gargoyle
Siachi (NA)
: So I remember with Sion, Riot wanted to set him and Galio up as foils to each other (immortal, blood thirsty warrior, vs eternal protective guardian). Though with how massive Galio's rework puts him, it seems like it'd be less of a rivalry and more "Sion is a slightly aggressive ant that Galio has to squish sometimes." Has this been changed, or is the rivalry still there?
They are still Rivals. Sion is just that awesome!
: why not intense patriotism Galio's thoughts and actions should be utterly unclouded, they are those of justice {{champion:86}}
He is definitely intensely patriotic.
Ralanr (NA)
: You know, I can see why Demacia is a bit isolationist.
Durand is still the one who created Galio in the new lore
: PSA: New Galio is not cocky
Maybe not cocky, but he is pretty superhero-y
: No hextech galio skin preview?
It's on there
Keagn (NA)
: Not sure if anyone has addressed this yet, but why the marble color rather than Galio's typical blue-gray stone color? Don't get me wrong, he's cool, I'm just...confused.
He's made out of the Anti-Magic stone in Demacia, Which is white. You can see it in a lot of there architecture on the universe website. It's what gives him his anti-magic properties.
: So, is Galio a Vanguard now?
A Warden/Battle Mage
Ralanr (NA)
: Can't really argue with that.
Enchanted Galio has a blue/gold theme now, which is nice
Sharjo (EUW)
: Here's to a year full of fucking kick ass updates! ...sorry to switch things around like this, but I'm curious, have you guys solidified who's coming after Urgot? I know it's only been a short time since the Urgot team just finished up Warwick, just curious how far in advance you guys are setting this stuff up now.
Eve is after Urgot
Sharjo (EUW)
: It occurs to me that Urgot's not just gonna be good, he's gonna be fucking awesome.
Urgot is going to be so bad ass :) Don't get me started on Eve
: Holy fuck. Why Riot, why do you have to make me question my choice of main with every new VGU?
Don't worry we will get to Morde at some point. :P
QMighty (NA)
: Irelia is pretty much on the top of the VGU list...
Irelia and Akali are both Ionians high on our VGU list
Illâoi (EUW)
: Thank you for that. The changes did polish him, but they didn't address major issues that he has. Like, his strengths cancel each other out in the early to mid game (and fall off in the late game). His heal and slow are unhealthy. And his ultimate is very feast or famine. Two of those can be fixed with numbers changes alone. I don't know how much work would be required to change his ult, but there are suggested solutions out there.
Yup, I agree. That is why he needs a full VGU, since there are some major issues that need to be solved that would require much more work. His art is very dated as well so we would want to build him from the ground up.
: I have a question about nunus eventual vgu. Would you guys ever make as big a change as say, making nunu a yordle? Because on the one hand I think it fits his goody nature very well and you can explore what a freljordian yordle might be like. On the other hand it would obviously be a big change in who he is as a character, bigger than other reworks. But again I think tonally it would be a perfect fit
Who knows, we could go in many directions with his VGU, yordle is definitely one. Gnar is technically the first Freljordian yordle though :)
Illâoi (EUW)
: I understand that. We all do. But would it really require that many resources to give him a mini-update in the mean time? Even less than that, just fixing some of his problems with numbers changes would be greatly appreciated. As an excuse, you could say it gives the person who did the work more experience with Nunu so his eventual VGU goes more smoothly.
Live Gameplay actually did do some small changes to Nunu a couple months ago
: Leona too?! I'm quite surprised.
Probably not Leona (At least anytime soon)
Illâoi (EUW)
: Wait, so there's nothing for Nunu in this update at all other than changes to resistances? That sucks a little.
Nunu is pretty high on our list for a full VGU one day. He needs a lot of work on the art/narrative side as well.
: I'll be honest, that's really flimsy justification for reworking him when there are so many less interesting vanguards. Are Amumu, Malphite, Rammus, Leona, and Skarner *all* supposed to get full VGUs in the future?
: Many other vanguards really med full vgus eventually but how do you feel about nautilus? With maokai taking on what sounds like a zone control identity you're still left with nautilus as this very generalist tank I think. Meanwhile you also have sion who's also kind of general strengths but he pretty much never gets picked in pro play over nautilus or maokai (or poppy but she does have some pretty unique stuff especially her w) I know you guys have said you don't want to do a bunch of small updates on every tank but you really don't expect to even touch a few of them? I'm just throwing this out there but 8 think you could play up sions e shred a bit to make him a good pick when you want a tank and the enemy team has a few talks themselves. Anyway all 3 of your reworks sound pretty cool bard on what you've told us so far
Currently we are only planning on 3 big ones. WE really want to focus down on fewer updates to increase the overall quality of the updates. We likely won't do any small updates this time. The Tank update will be mostly about the systematic changes we are going to make to the whole class rather then the individual kit updates.
Sharjo (EUW)
: It's never certain folks. Not until release day. ... Oh fuck it who am I kidding? DEMACIA HYPE BABY
: What does Riot mean when they say Vanguard and Warden? Sorry, if everyone else knows, but I have no clue what that even means or how to interpret that.
Hige (NA)
: uhm well this is a bit dissapoiting, what's the point on working on 3 champions to make them distinct and then you have like 5 more on the same role that feel like a carbon copy of each others? O.o It is my understanding though that there will be mild changes to every vanguard that pushes them into their own unique direction, is that right? In all honesty I think you guys should just take more time to do the update then and work on all the vanguards like you did with assassins and marksmen, this update does feel rushed after all... The only urgent change currently is for defensive items, but you guys already said you wouldn't be touching on them much for the vanguard update but maybe for the mid-season patch update... I know you guys work slowly because you want quality to be the best, please take the all the time you need, I don't think you should rush anything and come off as dissapointing
The Tank update will be part of the Mid-Season Update
: Joy. That's some class update you've got going there, Reav. Oh well, at least Maokai won't be a problem in competitive anymore, right? You really hit the nail on the head with the description of the problem that vanguards as a class face. And that is a problem you have largely successfully addressed in every other class update. Mages, marksmen, juggernauts and assassins largely feel much different from one another now and all of the itemization updates have been helpful in emphasizing their strengths without shoring up too many of their weaknesses. But now you're dropping the ball and releasing just two major reworks. And vanguards will be doomed to being largely indistinct and repetitive for the next four years until you get around to them again.
Well it will be 3 major reworks, rather then 2. As for updating a few champions rather then a entire class. I understand you feel like we this is a bad thing, but most of the feedback/data we have gotten from players is that we are changing too much at once with the big MidSeason/PreSeason patches. Also when we do that much at once the quality is usually more inconsistent. Going forward we are changing our strategy to have less but more concentrated changes in the big seasonal patches. We also hope this will increase the quality and overall balance of the seasonal changes.
: Fine, but still You promised that you would break the mold of how samey Vanguards feel in new and exciting ways. How are you going to do that with only two reworks and an itemization touch up?
I said "we want to ** make the Vanguards we rework** break the mold" Not ALL vanguards
: I can understand needing to nerf Maokai because he's just generically powerful and reducing the viability of other champions at the highest levels of play. Believe me, I get that. But he's not a Vanguard by any stretch. If you remove his current ultimate it will make him less of a warden, to be sure, but his kit does not offer the level of initiation that a vanguard is expected to provide. His Twisting Advance is definitely a reliable initiation technique, but he has very little AOE crowd control (just his Arcane Smash, and it's not a very wide AOE) and his initiation is strongly limited by range. Seems like Maokai is invading the list of reworked Vanguards because of convenience on your part and that will crowd out the actual expectations we had of the update as you told us, which was that you would be giving stronger identity and definition to champions who all felt like some form of Amumu. Actual vanguards. First you only do three updates, and now one of them is to a warden and not a vanguard? This is incredibly disappointing. I was actually looking forward to champions like Rammus, Zac and Leona getting more diverse sets of skills from one another.
We actually said this was a Tank update not a Vanguard update. Though we will be focusing more on Vanguards, but Wardens are still on the table as well.
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