: @Reav3 about Irelia VGU, can we please have the same voice actress?
We will take the same stance we take on all our VGUs on Irelia. If the same voice actress is available and interested and can legally audition (We don't do Union, for example) we generally let them audition. We usually have a lot of people audition though and we will end up going with whoever performs the role best and hits the new direction/personality of the VGU. It's hard to tell if a actor or actress has enough range to hit our newer, longer scripts just based on the small amount of VO lines our older champions have. Many times the old VO actors/actresses either can't hit the range of a longer script or they just don't match the new personality/theme of the updated champion.
: Will his own sacrifices play a big role in his character?
I didn't title the Swain section "The Cost of Ambition" for nothing :)
: I don't think Swain's title will be "Swain the Ruthless Dictator." Ruthless Dictator is more of a theme they're trying to play off of since they want to try and maintain his current play style and use of dark magic to be an in your face on the battlefield type of mage, which doesn't resonate with the "Master Tactician" theme they were originally gunning for.
This is correct, that won't be his title but more the thematic direction we are going for. Swain won't be just some evil guy though, he just believes that sacrifices sometimes have to be made in order to achieve something truly great.
: Hey Reav, just a quick question. Is Swain still crippled or has that changed in the new vision of him?
Is he currently crippled or was he ever crippled?
: The Swain art from today's Roadmap
This was done by 3rdCollosus He also did the base splash art for Yorick, Warwick, Galio and recently Urgot. He is doing Swains new Base splash as well.
: Are you guys still going to do an AMA for Eve on reddit
: Reav3, how come we have not heard a single word on the Miss Fortune splashes?
Because they have been iceboxed until we get another illustrator on the team. We have been down a illustrator for quite some time now.
: Who is the artist behind Evelynn portrait in Champion Insight?
It was done Lonewingy but RiotOwlyCat helped a bit too
: Reav are you going to bring up Aatrox again as he has been in the dark since the first Roadmap
Their will be a small bit on Aatrox, yes
Pauuuul (EUW)
: So where is the Champion Roadmap?
It's already finished and getting localized. Should be out hopefully sometime next week, though it could be the week after
: My only concern is will she have any relations in the new canon with Tobias Fate?
: Thanks for being so transparent with us, Reav3. I was originally opposed to the idea of replacing Quinn’s falconer theme, but I think as long as their symbiotic relationship is kept intact and Valor plays a highly active role in her kit, this Demacian Raptor Knight concept would make for a pretty awesome rework direction: https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/006/551/028/large/joon-ahn-eaglerider-wip-07-20170707-1600.jpg?1499445259 I guess one of the main challenges would be figuring out how to implement their visuals in game without making them look like a tank champion, since Valor would be so large. But I am mostly imagining Quinn as an aerial commander/scout who flies around on Valor and then descends upon her foes to strike them down from above (kind of like Daenerys from GoT). {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: I completely agree, cant wait to one day have valor back instead of taxi! ^.^ Edit: More content I love Quinn, shes my most played champion. I feel her theme of a scout is a bit diluted now, but her theme of being two champions in one is completely gone. She is QUINN AND VALOR, not just Quinn... Her relationship with Valor should be focused on should a rework ever come around. Gameplay wise I have three problems. One: She only has two combat abilities with minimal skill expression or management. Two: Her new ult is boring. It is quite simply "press button for movement speed and pray you dont get hit by a minion". Three: She doesn't fill a role. Other champions can do everything she can do, just better. My dream rework would play up the fact that she is two champions. Thats all attached too, not the blind, not skystrike. That is the true atrocity of her class update, removing valor and adding taxi. Anyway, thanks for talking about quinn! i love to see riot acknowledge she exists when she's not op!
We know she exists. We think she probably needs a full VGU at some point in order to put her in a great spot. Probably a ways off though as their are higher priority champions, at least for now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Reav3,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nsEBheBG,comment-id=000800050001,timestamp=2017-10-05T17:00:21.168+0000) > > Not sure what you mean. We feel that if we decided to make Urgot a broad appeal champion we would have had to change him so drastically that he would barely resemble the old Urgot. I'm not sure who that would be good for, or who would want that. Galio is probably the farthest we would want to change a Champions Theme is order to increase appeal and this was because many players rated Galio's theme extremely low. Urgots theme was actually somewhat liked even though it was niche. Not true though. Four years ago you gave Karma a complete VGU that changed her entire theme, kit, and gameplay. Galio is probably not the farthest you would want to change a champions theme. You did it to Karma first and it is still a diaster to this day. You have done no follow up work and you have done nothing to rectify the mistakes. I don't even think your Developers even learned from it. AKA Morde, Rengar and LeBlanc. Galio is and was not the farthest you would change a champions theme. Karma is and was. Don't get it twisted, Reav3.
You make a good point. I don't think we would push a theme as far as Karma was pushed today. I was more speaking of, as of today Galio is the farthest we would push a theme. I wasn't meaning to imply that Galio is the farthest we have ever pushed a theme. Trundle and Karma were both pushed way to far and we changed the way we approached VGUs after that, starting with Sion.
: We were never targeting broad appeal for Urgot. So basically the changes you make in the game are only what you want. At least we know the truth now.
Not sure what you mean. We feel that if we decided to make Urgot a broad appeal champion we would have had to change him so drastically that he would barely resemble the old Urgot. I'm not sure who that would be good for, or who would want that. Galio is probably the farthest we would want to change a Champions Theme is order to increase appeal and this was because many players rated Galio's theme extremely low. Urgots theme was actually somewhat liked even though it was niche.
: I mean, he's not really a Werewolf. Hell, he didn't even change via Lycanthropy. In spite of the whole Vastaya update, he's not even one of them. He was essentially Chemically mutated into a Humanoid Wolf. He's literally a Lone Wolf, too. There is nothing and nobody else in Runeterra that is like him. Calling him a Werewolf is just ignorant.
I didn't say he was a werewolf, I said his achetype is a werewolf. We like to to twists on thematic's with our champions. The theme is werewolf though our twist on the archetype is very different then the cliche werewolf.
: Speaking of wide appeal would you consider Aatrox when he gets reworked to attract a lot of players? Cus if i remember correct his Champ Spotlight has over 10 mil views.
We think Aatrox's theme (Demon) could have broad appeal if his gameplay was much more exciting, yes.
: Reav3, if you guys ever went into production on a Quinn VGU, what do you think would be some possible directions for her theme/archetype?
Not sure but I do think her theme needs some major work. The whole scout thing by itself just isn't aspirational enough. Her art doesn't feel nearly as iconic as some of our newer VGUs or champs as well. She has some pretty cool things at her core though (The whole relationship with her and Valor for example) but I think everything else can be pushed some much further.
: > [{quoted}](name=Reav3,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nsEBheBG,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2017-10-04T16:37:31.905+0000) > > Darius - Evil Knight > I see him more than gruff general Axeman than a knight. {{champion:82}} seems to be more akin to the eeeeeevil knight archetype.
Agreed, I don;t really mean evil like Morde, more like how you have the good guy knight and the bad guy knight archetype. Morde is much more of the Death Knight archetype.
: Do you have similar confidence in the theme of Swain's VGU? Considering his central plot importance in League lore, I'm interested to see the direction of his character.
In what way? If we didn't have confidence in his theme we wouldn't have gone into production on him.
: Thanks for the reply! Urgot's definitely one of my top 3 champions since the rework.
NP! Yeah we have found that the people that like Urgot really love him and play tons of games on him! Glad you are digging him!
: Out of curiousity, what makes Warwick's theme so much broader than Urgot's?
Werewolfs are very popular and understandable so when players see Warwick they get it. Many of our very broad champions have this. Urgots theme as a walking spider tank executioner isn't as understandable or relatable to as many people. Some people will really dig it and love it, but that isn't ever going to be as broad as a Werewolf theme. If you look at a lot of the highest played champions they have clear and understandable themes that people understand even before playing LoL. I'll list some of them below. Note that these arn't what they actually always manifest as in game, but it is what there high level theme is. For example Vayne is the vampire hunter theme even if in the lore she doesn't hunt vampires. Yasuo - Samurai Lee Sin - Blind Monk/Martial Artist Vayne - Vampire Hunter Ezreal - Anime Boy who inherits great power Lucian - Exorcist/Demon Hunter Ahri - Kitsune Garen - White Knight Darius - Evil Knight These are just a few, but they all have broad understandable themes that are popular outside of LoL.
: I've actually probably seen more Urgot's since his release than Galio (or Yorick even) since their reworks. I've at least seen as many in the short-ish time he's been out as the months/year or so that Yorick and Galio have been out.
Overall Galio gets played much more that Urgot, he has consistently been one of the most played tanks in the game since release (up there with Malphite and Nautilus) Though I am looking at data from his worldwide playrate, not NA specific.
: @Riot How successful do you guys consider Urgot's rework now that he's been out for a bit?
Overall we consider Urgot and very successful VGU. We were never targeting broad appeal for Urgot so we weren't expecting some insane playrate for him like we were for a Champion with a broad theme like Warwick. We were targeting Urgot as a solid Niche pick wit ha small but dedicated player base, much bigger than pre-rework Urgot but still small. We also think he is a much more cohesive champion now and that his Art, Narrative and Gameplay come together to form a cohesive and unique champion. We may do some small changes to his kit in the future just to give him a bit more reliability, though can't say when LGP will get to that and if they will find changes they want to ship. Overall we are very happy with the end results of Urgot
GreenLore (EUW)
: But wasn't Nocturne the demon from the demacia story?Doesn't that confirm that he is a demon? Or would you be ready to retcon this lore piece once Nocturne gets a VGU? Though then again,the demacians might have simply mistaken him for a demon,so I guess this isn't a problem as long as you keep Nocturne as a living nightmare,which is rather unlikely to change.
Correct. The Demacians believed he was a demon but that doesn't mean he actually is, that doesn't mean he isn't either
yeulx (NA)
: ok cool ty for telling me ;3 cant wait to play her let alone to see what future skins they make for her since the design department is doing 10/10 tho i hope oneday we see like a cyber eve (project eve)
Project Eve would be so amazing. Gotta go beg the skins team :)
Siachi (NA)
: On the topic of skins, would you happen to know if there's any discussion with Masquerade Evelynn? I'm sure model changes take quite a bit longer to make than texture changes, but a lot of the people I've heard from have issues with how big her hair is in this skin.
We are looking into that as well
yeulx (NA)
: tho reav3 you wouldnt happen to know if riot is fixing tango evelynn would you >.> splash vs ingame model the coloration is so far off
We are making adjustment, yes
: So, she can't do anything or harm the individual until they touch her with intent? Based on what Eve uses, I'm guessing that it is a touch fueled by desire? If that's right, then...Oh my, that has some interesting implications for Vayne's parents, then.
Yes it does :) Evelynn can be very...persuasive.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: She doesn't have that quote. Reav3, explain yourself.
Yeah, sorry just talked to JohnODyin, looks like they cut that line :(
Solideus (EUNE)
: Well it's up to you if you want to be sloppy with the paperwork; I for one always read carefully through and sign the contract in all the proper places before I enter the Kench.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Isn't that so easy for Evelynn to seduce her preys? "Just one touch with desire". Also does it mean her charm is not magical but more a like real woman? Otherwise, I don't know who can even survive her. One touch with desire easiness + magical, irresistible attraction = certain death gg. If her charm is not magical, does it mean she can't seduce people who have no interest in women?
The in-game interactions are meant to be gameplay interpretations of her theme, not be taken that literal. She charms people with her looks in the lore, but that doesn't translate well into game so instead she has a charm mechanic. Much like Tham doesn't really have to make actual contracts with people in the game to ear them.
: People are already making theories about 7 deadly sins demons and while you seem to not wanting to confirm anything, theoretically, would these be just inspirations for champions who aren't connected together or is there some kind of origin and plan (possibly connected to Darkin), something that all demons share despite their different origins and intents? And theoretically speaking, is Tahm representing gluttony or greed? And theoretically speaking, are Noc and Shaco demons, too? And theoretically speaking, how many champions from existing one would you plan on demonifying with their VGUs (besides Veigar and Teemo :^) )
Demons do not represent the seven deadly sins. Demons origins are similar but very different than Darkin. I have no idea what Noc or Shaco are and we don't plan out ahead of time what direction we will take our VGUs, the team working on them once they start will figure that out. I can see a lot of different directions you could take Noc and Shaco.
: Actually Reav3 said as a demon she needs to fulfill certain needs before she can actually kill her victims. Now whether that need is simply their lust or actually doing it with them (I think that's somewhat implied by the nature of her VO and the fact that she's a succubus), we don't really know for sure.
It's actually in her VO. All she requires is a touch with intent. She doesn't have sex with anyone, it's all just a trap. Once you touch her, it's already to late for you.
: What happened to the idea of stealthing near walls? I really liked the idea any possibility of of it coming back for pre-lvl-6 or perhaps post-lvl-six with a smaller detection radius or faster transition to the passive being active?
This was never a idea or a thing for Eve. That was just something someone made up on a fake leak.
: What led to the decision to make her stealth only active post-level six, if I may ask? I'm not complaining, she seems super fun. I'm just curious.
Having stealth pre-6 let to a lot of non intuitive gameplay for the enemy players (Warding camps is the optimal thing to do agaisnt her.) Since this was non intuitive many players don't do it against Eve, yet we have to balance her for the optimal case where players do know how to play against Eve early. It is part of why we had to make her more of a diver than a Assassin.
Shìkì (EUW)
: Camouflage now only post lvl 6... so basically her early ganks will be total ass and remove exactly what you were actually doing with her to gain momentum in the game? *sigh* EDIT : Sorry for the kneejerk reaction, as was pointed out Charm(or more likely the slow) aswell as the mini-lunge on E will propably be enough for them early ganks. Only thing I'm still slightly salty about is that those tasty first kill's at enemy red due to camouflage won't really be a thing anymore, but those were kinda stupid if I'm being honest with myself.
Her Charm is pretty strong for early ganks
: That wording sounds a bit clunkier, why didn't you go with Evelynn - Agony's Embrace?
Sorry, yeah that's the way it is
WarWork (NA)
: Wait, so what did demons do before humans came about?
: Hey Reav, will we learn more about demons as a whole and their place in Runeterra with the Eve rework? Right now we only have Tahm Kench {{champion:223}} (no color story either) and Aatrox {{champion:266}} but that's the blade (I'm assuming), not the actual demonic figure wielding it.
Darkin are not demons. Yes, Eves bio will have more details on demons.
: who is that king/queen/lord behind in her splash
It's not meant to be a specific person. Just a random noble.
: Since they changed the memelord known as giant enemy crabgot into something cool. Anything can happen lol. But the shadow evelynn skin, I dont have a clue how would they change it, since that skin was basically a recolor.
It's lit fam
: What's her motives/motivation? Like how Tahm looks to make deals and take his (brutal) payment from them; Additionally why did she kill Vayne's parents? Was it just because, a contract, etc.
Demons are intrinsically motivated by killing humans. Eve has some of her own sadistic motivations as well but I won't spoil that now. As for contracts, all demons have a requirement for them to be able to harm a human. Tham is all about the human sins of greed and gluttony so his requirement is a contract. Evelynn is about lust and physical pleasure and has a very different requirement in order for her to feast on a humans delicious misery and pain. She created her human form for the purpose of getting humans to fulfil that requirement, that's why when she is invisible she goes back to her demon form as humans can't see her so she has no need for the "bait"
: ... ... ... Maybe in the DFG days, but that's long ago.
She is still considered a burst mage, though burst mages don't have the same burst as Assassins
: If you look closly one ability is throwing some sort of dart and applying a mark, and if you proc it it charms the enemy towards you. RIP poor lucian in the vid. The scary part of this, is that not a single champion in this game yet with a charm or taunt had high bursting capabilities.
: She has a blink then? Prepare for the anti mobility psychos lol.
It would be pretty difficult for a Assassin to function without mobility
: Ok that's cool w me. I just wondered. Going forward do you think there are champions where you wouldn't want to rewrite their lore again since their stuff is already pretty recent? Such as morde and pantheon. Personally I think it would be cool to not rewrite the pantheon lore but instead kind of write chapter 2 for him and his host and delve more into targon
: In her color story that came out with the second wave of shadow isle bios she was kind of a bounty hunter or paid assassin is that still the case or is she a more malevolent creature that doesn't interact with people now?
That was just a temporary color text until we VGUd her. It won't be canon after the VGU
: So she's actually a demon, who doesn't care for demacians? I was kind of hoping she'd be related to the black rose ngl
Eve doesn't really care about factions tbh
: Is Eve Shadow Isles or more like Tahm/Shaco/Nocturne?
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