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: People being boosted on stream
I don't want to be that guy, but I thought boosting meant playing on the account itself, not playing with it?
: Anyone else live in constant fear that their favorite champ is gonna get Nerfed or Reworked?
People are starting to cry about ez despite being relatively untouched as items shifted around him. Some slight tweaks like increased ult cooldown and cooldown on ibg I don't mind, but I fear Riot's going to gut his ap damage soon to force marksman.
: Riot i am fucking sick of Blue Ezreal abusing the Iceborn.
Ezreal is hardly unbalanced because of one viable build path. Yes, he's safe, and yes, he's annoying, but any champion capable of gap closing on him and sticking to him for more than two seconds is going to find him easy to kill. A champion entirely built around landing shots, dodging a single one throws you an extra two-three seconds to close on him. He has no cc without this item, no innate percent health damage, some of the lowest base attributes for an adc or mid laner, a meh passive and a kit entirely revolved around having to aim. They're already nerfing his damage, I agree that the cooldown on IBG should be raised, but ezreal doesn't need a rework in any world with sane views.
: Champion Gameplay Values 2016
I think a lot of these balance-related posts would be more discernable if we had someone from the balance team indicate which champs in various roles were balanced as of right now. I'd really be interested to know which champs they feel are in a good place, even in this ever-changing game.
Kikirino (NA)
: Losing to something does not make it broken
As a bronze ez main, it makes me sad to see these posts, because Riot will likely cater to the diamond-master tier players and gut him soon, when he's been in a balanced state for so long. Edit: perhaps not gut, but he will likely receive a major nerf.
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: {{champion:99}} -her laugh puts me on tilt and gives me nightmares -its really hard to dodge her E in lane its so damn big and she can pop it mid flight -I hate binds and her's is the worse
She can't pop it mid flight, though, it just explodes at the end of it's trajectory.
: If you were able to remove 1 champion from the game who would it be?
Probably Kat, she's just so inherently toxic. Soon as she gets the ball rolling in solo queue, your team will never get organized enough to stop her.
: 40% CDR Ezreal is now super awkward
I mean, I'm an Ezreal main who's tried everything that could possibly synergize with Ezreal, and I hate to say it, but I think he's in a balanced position right now, being extremely situational as a poke-oriented adc and a burst mage with high counter potential mid. Regardless, he doesn't need synergy with every item. Essence Reaver isn't good on him, which is why it's oriented for other caster adcs that DO have mana problems. If I play well with an early Doran's on Ezreal, I still have mana until level 14-15 as an adc. Less if I'm mid, but still.
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: Can we get a "magnetic boots" enchantment for knockups the same as everyone can take Sash for CC
I get that nobody likes Yas, but honestly, making an item that can completely fuck another and has only that one use is a bad idea.
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: The most unfun champions to play?
You can't deny how unfun kat is to play against in solo queue. You can own her in lane, but she'll be on a roll as soon as she killed one of your teammates, then everyone ends up raging and flaming each other and the whole game falls apart.
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: Riot will have to nerf Kalista pretty creatively IMO.
Kalista's objective control is insane. If she autoattacks it enough, she basically just holds it hostage, laughing as the enemy team tries to punily smite it. A simple, possible effective change would be making it proc automatically like silver bolts after a set # of attacks. idk, I ain't one for balancing, but that Rend damage is ridiculous when they're smart enough to know they can level 2 dragon in any game with a half-decent jungler.
: But there is no optimal team comp, and no optimal champion per lane, which is why I believe that meta is what I have previously stated. I really like Diana Jungle this patch, but this isn't a very popular pick and people call it off-meta but I don't agree.
You're seeing the comment of being "off meta" as synonymous with bad. Lower elos may think and mean it that way, but at my level, people warn you it's off meta because the enemy team is preparing themselves against you assuming you'll be where you're meant. Diana jung may be strong, but it's not as RELIABLE as Diana mid. Meta is where that champ finds the most reliable success. Lucian finds more as an adc than a mage, Leona is more reliable as a tank than an adc, Lee is better ad than ap, and honestly, people need to stop shoving this whole jungle teemo crap down my throat.
: I Seem To Have a Different Idea of What "Meta" Is Than Most
You're right on positions, the champs are chosen usually because they are the highest tier of those positions. Kassadin was the go-to mid laner for a seriously long time, Lee was the go-to jungler, Leona/Alistar were the support, etc. It's an optimized team setup, meta champs are the baseline for what to choose. You should be comparing what you're using to the meta.
: ? Missing ? Ping
Missing is intentionally more subtle than alert. Your standard procedure should be pinging a missing for your lane and an alert for the next closest lane/jungler if nearby. Assuming you're the one pinging. If you're making this post because you're missing the missing ping, the solution is even simpler. Look.
: Riot for the love of god please buff Ohmwrecker.
Agreed. No defensive utility, only useful for split pushers in the early/mid game when towers take time. Very specific item for a specific role and time that's usually unavailable. They need to remove it altogether and substitute a new item that effects turrets in some way. Perhaps an active that boosts percent damage to turrets with similar stats, idk. Buffing a nearly never chosen item isn't the answer.
Yenn (NA)
: Annie flashed into our carries
I'm honestly surprised you were dumb enough to stick your carries so close they 1) got hit by a fairly linear skillshot and 2) stick around long enough to have Annie come in to ult. There's a simple counterplay to Annie, it's knowing where she is and when she is preparing to ult. If she starts autoattacking minions nearby, she's saving up a shield/stun combo. It's not hard, man. If you can't see her, assume she's over THAT wall, getting ready to flash over. You were clearly outplayed, yes.
Flaagrah (NA)
: Anybody else suck as much as me?
Don't worry about it now, Riot "fixed" the prelims by just sticking everyone in b5, no matter how well they did. (P.S. Not cool, not a fix). I went 7-3 thinking I was so lucky and so well off. Then B5 came. Getting out of b5 and into the b3 range is mostly dumb luck on what team you get. Around that elo, it's the people holding on, actually trying to advance to silver. b4 and 5, nobody (but you) gives a shit.
darkdill (NA)
: Small buff suggestion for Elise: Landing Cocoon resets the cooldown on Spider Form
I surprisingly agree with this. The cooldown on her Cocoon is such that landing it, much like Amu, is imperative to a gank. After that, the follow up is lackluster if her ult is on cooldown.
: @Riot, can we revert all the changes Riot made to MF last season?
Yes, because if there's anything one of the top-tier adcs need right now, it's a massive buff. Riot implemented these changes due to the rise in ap Mf players, she's been butchered from her original role just as ez was back in the day. She's being fine tuned, but don't expect a return to On-Hit effects longest poke q ever again. An Mf with a lvl 3 red buff was an easy win.
: Nemesis - All Supports
High skillcap champs are the best for Nemesis. So fun to watch most people fumble with a champ that's hard to master. (Syndra, Shaco, etc.) One time though, a guy on our team gave them a Leona...for no reason other than he thought it would be funny. Did not win that one, to say the least.
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: Ahri :(
Ahri's strength is in her ability to easily deal true damage and safely poke in the laning phase. Removing the DFG doesn't take as much from her as you think. She'll have to pick her fights late game more wisely, which means she can no longer own Gragas in a 1v1 late game.
: Some one please tell me i have a chance......
I went 7/10 on Provisionals, got stomped into B5 as well. A little disheartening, but as the silvers and occasionally golds climb out on their own, it'll be easier to set your own pace. Lately I've had to fight against way too many silver/occasionally a gold teams. Now that a lot of them are getting ahead of me, I'm winning many games and am almost b3.
Avios1 (NA)
: ... of all things to buff... Annie?
I'm loving the buff, myself. As someone who builds tank Annie (Rylai's, Liandry's, Sometimes RoA, Rab's Cap, etc.) it's gonna help even more for the lack of burst accompanying the removal of DFG
: Camera Angle
The sad part is this would be fixed by any other company. Riot's just trying to make the pro guys who use free camera feel special while edging people towards that aspect of the game, when using free camera isn't skill based at all. Again, an issue of Clarity that nobody wants to solve save the players getting screwed over by it.
: North America unavailable 5.1 patch?
I am having this issue as well. No idea what's going on. They seriously need to update their Service Status portal to make it 1) accurate and 2) easily accessible without having to click three different links.
Mandaari (NA)
: How About an Update on the Camera?
God, the sad part is it's so flipping easy to mirror the game for purple side, they just won't because apparently making the game flow smoothly from left to right and top to bottom like everything else is just too square. I lose half my willingness to win when I get purple side. I know bot lane will do bad, and I know mid will be at a disadvantage.
: So what you are saying is, Riot put you into a LPQ and so you think because you have to wait 5 minutes you instalock mid lane because you feel like you deserve it?
Oh, and you'd be just as willing to fill a position after waiting five minutes per game? Cute.
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: Why is BotRK core on Vayne, but not on Tristana?
Not to mention she benefits immensely from the active to chase down opponents. Trist just jumps at em.
: > As someone who mains (as in I only play) ezreal, I can tell you the biggest reason he's trash tier at least in my elo is his dependance. I've never seen somebody outright fail with ez, but he has a tendency to depend on his early game. Few ezreal players have a rebound game. If you win early, ezreal is an easy snowball champ. Otherwise, it gets harder and harder the longer the game is. And to be honest, he doesn't have the same "safety" other champs do in lane. epic bronze 3 insight
I didn't know the Boards responses were restricted to just Adamantium 4+ players.
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1v5 (NA)
: Why is ezreal considered bad?
As someone who mains (as in I only play) ezreal, I can tell you the biggest reason he's trash tier at least in my elo is his dependance. I've never seen somebody outright fail with ez, but he has a tendency to depend on his early game. Few ezreal players have a rebound game. If you win early, ezreal is an easy snowball champ. Otherwise, it gets harder and harder the longer the game is. And to be honest, he doesn't have the same "safety" other champs do in lane.
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: LoL Design Values: In-depth with Clarity
I do hope the Clarity Team considers giving some though to reworking Death Recap. In the early game, it's too tough in a short amount of time to determine where the damage to you is seriously coming from and how much your resistances are affecting it. At the very least make it remain open a little longer.


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