: My question is, if you like the login screens but still prefer less typing can you save your Username?
Are you asking if that feature will still be here? Because I too would like for that feature to remain available, its something I use frequently.
Eeszsa (NA)
: This is extremely disappointing. I loved animated loging screens and the music. It's something I hold very dearly to my overall league experience.
Good news, you can just not click the checkbox! You can still get your screens and music =) I too enjoy the music.
Jabalor (NA)
: So no more champion themes/ login animations? I dont like this
So don't use the feature. It's optional. Just don't click the checkmark. I don't plan to use it, but I think its great for those that want it to have the option.
Larriet (NA)
: Honestly, I do not play Cho'Gath, and I definitely don't feel good about owning things like a Border for a champion I don't *love*, but I bought the largest bundle as my "charity" budget that month. :)
Good on ya! I wish I had more money to give to buy the bigger bundle, but it sadly just wasn't possible{{sticker:sg-soraka}} But hey, I am glad I could at least buy the base skin!
: Hey! I was actually deployed overseas during the whole event and did not know about the event until it ended :(. I would totally buy it if any way possible, as Cho is my favorite and most played champ. I was wondering if there was such a way?
You were deployed over seas serving in the military I take it? Thank you very much for your service. If at all possible, as much as I love this skin, I would ask Riot, if it is possible, could they transfer it form my account to yours? I bought it to support the charity, and if it can go one step further and encourage a member of our military that would make me immensely happy. I know its a long shot, but would this be something that can be done Bilby, Riot, anyone?
: WTF!? Riot makes 6 million dollars from a single skin in less than 1 month's time... JESUS CHRIST
This skin had a few extra things going for it. 1) It was made public knowledge that the money would go to Make-A-Wish. (The main reason I bought it) 2) It had a load of other goodies to buy with it. Loading boarder, Icons, etc. 3) It was the only time it would be available for purchase before becoming a very exclusive HexTech gemstone item. The 6.1M figure is not normal for a skin, but as a community we should be proud of what we came together to donate. And thanks Rito for all the hard work to make it happen!
: We'll make sure to special case Amumu and give him +10% imaginary friendship instead.
Will the tool tip for the buff indicate this when playing Amumu?
: The memes are too real. I come here for the insight, but I stay for your commentary. Shakespeare was a playmaker... I’m done. Haha! Thanks as always for the killer content. Also I wonder.. how many of TSMs losses involved Bjerg on a carry? I remember seeing a lot of Gallo and a few lulu games. Not a lot of Ori or even LB, etc. I, personally, don’t believe you should bench Bjerg solely on the basis that I’m unconvinced they’ve played around him as a win condition. Look at his talon game, as one of the few examples they tried (to some success) Do dat more. Jm2c
H.... how did I not realize this pun... I was so confused with it when I read it, but just moved on... GOD I'M AN IDIOT FOR MISSING THIS COMEDIC GENIUS!!! Thank you Hwan Solo, thank you.
: 10 thoughts going into week 3 -- "Huni has now played four roles in four games -- the only positions he still needs are support, head coach, and the C9 bench."
"Get Hai on the phone" FINALLY. His retirement has lasted entirely too long. Bring him back already! Has this ALL been part of his "Six steps to world domination?" Are we nearing completion?!
: ima go darius this year just because i like darius/and the vs skin better. But last year i went riven for the same reasons
I dislike playing Garen, and enjoy playing Darius. But I must admit, the Garen skin has a significantly greater pleasing aesthetic.
: Despite this list, I'll always be watching for Sneaky. Those Jhin plays are always amazing to watch with Sneaky
: Kind of less "10 players to watch" list and more of a "name the key player on each team" list. I get you were finding representation for each team, but realistically the 10 players to watch would have some on the same team. Sneaky or Jensen for example could have easily been included as they are superstars that could certainly pull C9 back to the top. Hell Jensen is the one the LCS keeps presenting as Bjergsen's rival for best mid NA. None of your notes about Mickey have him pegged as a player to keep my eye on - you even note he was inconsistent and Korean mid-laners don't have a stellar track record when they switch regions. It seems to me there aren't high hopes for him flipping the tables and hard carrying, but you _needed _ to pick someone on GG to represent them.
Just because historically Korean mid's haven't transitioned well doesn't at all mean he is not someone to watch. If he plays towards his ceiling, it could be warping for GG.. So I would venture to say that is somebody to watch - especially since we have very little to go on, and all we can do is watch to see how he does. As for Sneaky and Jensen, I don't think they are players to watch since they are on the Academy team for at least the first week of this split....
: Patch 8.11 notes
As an Anivia main, I am hurt deeply. One of Anivia's biggest strength was her ability to control waves. You have completely gutted that element out of her with these mana changes. Early CDR on Q is neat in lane i suppose, and .1 bonus scaling on it is completely negligable at all points of the game... (with 500 AP, if you hit both halves, you get 50 extra damage BEFORE resistance... RIP) These changes are just as bad as +5 AD on Nidalee and we all know how that ends... I truely hope this is not the end goal Riot has for my most loved champion. I still play her, I still do okay. But it is not nearly as fun as before. (Yes, she needed a nerf before, so take some damage. Give her some cool downs. Don't gut her unique play style). I now am playing Ziggs for the gameplay I have lost with Anivia. He does more damage, but lacks the same control, but its the closest I can get I suppose. I beg you riot, think of something to bring Anivia's identity back. In the mean time, I will play AD Anivia bot when I need my Anivia fix.
: Grevious wounds cuts his healing in half; to which, he has spirit visage, warmogs, his % HP passive, his ult, and specters cowl. Do you really think cutting 260+HP/second down to 130hp/second when he has 200+ armor 60+% phy Reduction, and 3.5k hp, while hitting you for 400+ at ANY range, with a 50% slow and up to, what, 75% CC reduction REALLY matters when he KILLS YOU FASTER THAN YOU CAN LIFESTEAL? Mortal Reminder helps, yes, but it doesn't save you the way an ADC is supposed to win 1v1 vs anything, by kiting, because his cleaver is a 50% slow. |: What, as an ADC, are you supposed to do? ignore him? Fight his team? Kite him? Play caitlin and hope he misses his first cleaver so you can run away? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Grievous wounds reduces healing by 40%, not 50. Lets use your numbers. 3.5K health His passive normally heals .3% max health per second as his passive. He heals 10.5/sec His passive regen at 18 is 20.8/5. So another 4.16/sec Warmogs is disabled while in combat, so we are gonna ignore it. Ult will heal 3500/12 seconds. 291.67/second. Total without GW - 306.33/sec Grevious wounds reduces this by 40%, so now he is down to 183.8/second. Further, if he wants that tenacity from his W its gonna cost him 30 more health a second, so hes really only healing 153.8/second. If your team can't deal with 153.8 regen for 12 seconds, you dont deserve to win. (After 12 seconds, he is only regenerating 14.66/sec - or 8.8/sec with GW.) You can dodge his cleaver, or you can have an ally peel for you. Also, ADC's are not supposed to be able to 1v1 Juggernauts....
: His w reduces slows. If he has merc's the slow is more than halved. As the champ best says, "Mundo goes where he pleezes!"
No, his W reduces the duration of slows. And Merc's reduce the DURATION of slows. If you have a way to reapply the slow more than once every .5 seconds, he will be permanently slowed for the full amount. Tenacity effects duration, not potency of the CC. But I will agree, he is more difficult than the average juggernaut to peel
: > [{quoted}](name=Reaxetion,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=66aVzlYO,comment-id=000600040000,timestamp=2018-05-16T17:17:55.635+0000) > > or pick anyone who can kite... You can't really kite Mundo.
Not with that attitude you can't! Dodge cleavers and slow him... He gets a small move buff from his ult, but nothing an ashe passive or support CC can't stop...
: Hey Riot or anyone. Does execution reset your own bountyu, just wondering lol.
Nope. It didn't before and it wont now.
Taikobou (NA)
: I cant trade gems for Masterwork chest. WTF?
*pst* Patch goes live tomorrow. ;)
crabekah (NA)
: I have a major issue with part of the bounty change. "However, at the moment, spreading that reward to the whole team prevents individual players from feeling fully rewarded for their big plays." "Assists on bounty kills no longer grant bonus gold." So as a support (or any engage champ for that matter) I shouldn't be rewarded for making the play that gets the kill? Like if I'm playing someone like Sona and I flash+ult right onto a fed carry which helps my teammates kill the carry I shouldn't get anything? That doesn't seem rewarding.
I mean, the reward is winning the game....
: Midlane mages will start building {{item:1414}} and taking {{summoner:11}} with these changes. I think that junglers will have a harder time taking camps with midlaners that have strong clearing abilities.
As a midlane mage main, this sounds fun! Grab unsealed spellbook while I'm at it! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I think nerfing his early game would be fine, but otherwise I think the power level of his late game is in a fine spot.
I was playing Mundo a ton before the buffs. While they are definitely noticeable, you still can be killed if you get Grevious wounds, CC chained, or misposition. I really do think people are way over reacting to him, just as they do to all juggernauts.
eneses (NA)
: "Dying resets bounty to 0" Does your bounty reset if you get executed? If it does, that introduces an interesting option when you're, say, a 21/0/0 Master Yi and you want to just dive the enemy carries at the start of a teamfight without fearing that you'll give someone a 700g bounty.
I do not believe so. Bounties use to reset to 0 when claimed before it became team gold. So I think this is just a revert to that old system. As that is what would make the most sense.
: Hey! I like the work. I don't think you've hit a final stage, but I'm interested to see how the game evolves with these changes in mind (looking specifically at the Jungle and the bounty kill system). My concern, as probably stated by others, is how these changes will affect champs with horrible clears levels 1-3, or before they build a Tiamat. For example, Wukong. Level 1, you generally put a point in W so that it'll tank a few hits and save you some HP. Now, with only one leash and no level 2 from the first camp (if I did the math correctly), he'll be forced down 30-50% of his HP on his second camp. I think the idea is good, and I believe that you'll be monitoring these side junglers to see how they react and compensate accordingly should they need it, but I'm a little concerned for the non-level 1/2/3 fighters and their ability to perform at the same level at stages in the game compared to their counterparts.
Correct me if I am wrong, but first buff gives you level 2 in 8.9, correct? They lowered Level 1 exp gain from first buff by 65 exp. They added "NEW-LEVEL 2: First Large Monster killed grants 120 bonus experience" to starting jungle items. Net 55 MORE exp for first camp. First camp will still give level 2 I believe.
: these jungle changes are fucking lame
I am excited to test out new mage junglers!{{item:1402}} {{item:1039}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
grarrrg (NA)
: They were never actually Honeyfruit, you were eating baby Scuttle Crabs this whole time! See, the babies like the honeyfruit, so they climb the vine and eat it, then big evil champion comes along and *whack*, and the baby Scuttles fall, and mama Scuttles is all like "OH NO MY BABIES!" and rushes over to help them. You should be ashamed is what you should be. Ashamed of eating poor defenseless little baby Scuttle Crabs.
Beautiful response that I hope becomes cannon. But also, I still wanna know the reasons behind the changes lol.
: Or better yet, keep the changes unranked only. If something is OP/UP in ranked games, so what? Isn't that part of that season's meta? Allow people to learn how to be successful in a given season and then make changes after the season ends. You could even do 2 seasons a year if that makes it easier. I understand the desire to release new content to keep things fresh, but there's nothing worse than investing hundreds of games into practice with a champ/role only for them to be completely changed in how they perform. One example: Shyvana was king of the Jungle patch 1, and now she's B tier. Not all 100+ champs have to be viable the whole season, and with the constant changes you're just changing who gets to be flavor of the month instead of truly bringing any parity.
If you have 100+ games on a "B tier" (Or really anyone viable) champion, then they will almost always be a better choice than the Flavor of the Month champ. Anivia went from A tier to God tier and is back down to B tier with the mana changes. Guess what, she is still my go to because I know the intricacies of how she works. I will beat players on the Flavor train because they don't have enough experience with their champ/with their champ against my champ. Sure, in a vacuum, you could master EVERY champion and be prepared for anything, but new champs come out and are quite time consuming to master. It simply just doesn't work the way you are explaining.
Epimyth (NA)
: > TL;DR, most jungle camps will be worth less experience early, but the Rift Scuttler will be worth a lot more. The jungler who can win the fight for River Crab TL;DR the strongest level 2 Jungler or the strongest early push mid/rotation on the team will have a HUGE advantage. You're going to limit the viability of junglers with weak level 2 if you do this. Seriously a bad move that you know you will in fact have to change in the future. Why make us suffer in the meantime? I've really been wondering about the design team as of late, this change can be immediately seen as **a bad idea** and Riot doesn't seem to care...
I mean, there are two scuttles at the start of the game, and it doesn't go down to one until after both are killed. If you let the enemy jungler take both, you deserve to be punished.
WoopyD (NA)
: Gemstone change is appreciated. If I can ever get them.
Good quality of life update.... But I gotta save up for either DreadNova Darius or hold on to 10 for when they make an awesome skin for one of my mains.... RIP.
: If you're having problem killing a tank like Mundo as an ADC, just pick Kog'maw... he's the anti-tank adc.
or pick anyone who can kite...
Infernape (EUW)
: Not as such. Grievous Wounds puts his ult's healing at the values it was prior to his buff. Grievous Wounds doesn't counter him as much as it used to.
Old: 60% Normal 72% W/Vis 36% GW 43.2% GW+Vis New: 100% Norm 120% With 60% GW 72% GW+Vissage
: Lurking response comment to a lurking return comment: I notice this comment went up before MSI... Speaking of which, {{champion:32}} Also, liking the #GGS roster changes; hopefully you guys will find some success! Best of luck to you in Summer Split!
Sad MSI results indeed. I always route for NA.... As for GGS, they ditched my favorite player, and he retired. RIP. I might go back to FQ because their Organization as a whole is pretty great. Also like a lot of the 100 Thieves roster... I need to see all changes to choose which team contains the best mix of players that I like... Either way, best of luck and I hope you enjoy the split!
Infernape (EUW)
: Then again all other juggernauts have to build damage items to deal it. IE, Illaoi would commonly build Black Cleaver into Sterak's and then tank items after that. She gives up two or three slots to build damage. Mundo can build pure tank items and deal fucktons of damage because his kit provides him with far too many stats for free. So while he might be a "juggernaut", he builds purely like a tank. The only other one that doesn't is Volibear and he's a whole can of problems himself.
Have y'all forgotten about that neat little effect called Grievous wounds? Mundo is strong, but half his kit is disabled by buying a rather cheap item.
: 10 thoughts going into Week 8 -- "If you’re ever trying to speedrun something and you screw up early, you just restart. What you see when TL loses is just the unfortunate downside to their NA LCS speedruns."
So that picture for CLG fans is actually MUCH more accurate for me, a GGS fan. For GGS to make playoffs, 100 Thieves and/or Team Liquid need to lose out (which is good since neither play the other) as well as GGS win out. If this happens, TL and GGS would have a tiebreaker match or, GGS would advance ahead of 100 by nature of head-to-head record (GGS beat 100 already once, and they play again in the last 4 games). Alternatively, if TSM loses out, and GGS wins out, they auto qualify for the playoffs assuming CLG goes 2/2. If CLG goes 4-0, the dream is dead. If CLG goes 3-1, GGS and CLG play a tie breaker against each other. If TSM wins 1 game (and not against GGS) then GGS will have tie breaker matches with TSM and Possibly CLG. It gets very complicated here. Further more, while Fly can't take out GGS due to H2H record, Optic Certainly can if they also win out. TL;DR - GGS fans, follow this handy order of operations to cheer your team to victory! Items higher on the list take precedence over ones lower on the list should there be a conflict of interest. 1) Cheer for GGS! 2) Cheer against TL and 100 3) Cheer against TSM 4) Cheer against CLG 5) Cheer against Optic GO GGS!
: Patch 8.2 notes
Question on the change to target abilities. Some champions listed here: Jhin's Grenade, Katarina's Blade, Fiddlesticks' Dark Wind, Nami's Ebb & Flow, Etc. have target abilities that target and then bounce to something they didn't target. Does only the first part count as a targeted spell, or do all of them count? This will be an important tid bit of info for laning phase.
: You should get rewards as often as people climbing the honor ladder. You just start at a tier where the rewards are better. You will get more key fragments than someone who starts at a lower honor level. Since honor orbs keep droping after getting to 5, you'll have more time at honor 5 to get them. People who start lower miss out on some chances to get level5 honor orb drops that you'll get access to.
Yup! I read Riots response to someone else and my mind was put to ease. Thank you for taking the time to reply though.
: My only thing about rewards is that I have SOOO many keys/fragments! It would be nice if you could disenchant them for something or offer another crafting route like x amount can give you a chest. With so many keys and the way you EARN chests (not buy them), it is counter intuitive to how most players suggest you get better at the game; play the same champ over and over. I do like that you are addressing the concerns about rewards tho, don't get me wrong. Keep up the good work.
I mean.. I have 6 chests that I need keys for because I play SO many champions. And with the season resetting, we can earn chests on our mains again! I need more KEYS!!
: Patch 8.1 notes
So since I will be reset to Honor 2, checkpoint 3, does that mean I get the rewards for hitting those checkpoints at season start? or since I was honorable last season, I don't get as many key fragments on my way to Honor 5 again? Inquiring minds need to know!
: You absolutely ignored the massive backlash to the best of 1 format. It weakens NA as a region and that should be fairly obvious. NA made massive strides when we switched to bo3 and in one colossal f*#@ up you decide to go back. on the original announcement there are over 500 complaints and out right rage. Your explanation for bo1....so casual fans can enjoy. CASUAL FANS do not enjoy the pro scene like the true fans do. which you have thrown under the bus to what...please a group that likely doesn't follow the pro scene anyways. So....you basically hurt the league. you kicked out immortals...the second place team and worlds contender....you hit the true fans. you hurt NA as a region by making bo1 the new format. This post was your chance to go....ok we were stupid. we didn't realize how strongly the fans felt about the bo1 vs bo3 issue. so we will continue with bo3 as we want NA to be strong. IF YOU WANT MORE FANS NA HAS TO FREAKING WIN! We need a win and we won't get it by doing bo1 crap. Bo1 does not prove who the best team is. it also takes away from pro matches. every match a player can get better. you have removed a 1/3 of a pro players experience now. fantastic. I hope after this season you see the error in your ways and return to bo3.
I'm going to say here what I said when they made the announcement: 1 to 2 more games on stage has a VERY minimal impact on the competitiveness of the teams on an international level. LCK does BO1's. Yet they dominate. Its all about how you practice and prepare. In the original announcement they said something along the lines of ~"to compensate we will be working with each team to help them improve and get the most out of their practice time." <-THIS is the most important thing to international competition. Knowing how to practice and prepare. Having the right mentality. If Rito follows through with this, in the next 1-2 years we could have some VERY strong teams. As for "true fans" I have been watching worlds since season 2 and the LCS since season 3. I have been a fan, and watch as many games as I can, as well as follow both the NA LCS and EU LCS rather closely so I can always know whats on the up and up. That being said, I have 3 to 4 teams that I actively like and want to watch. I also have a kid, a full time job, a wife, and a really busy life. I can't commit to watching 3-4 BO3s every weekend. So I often tune in for one series and just look up who won the others. Not nearly as fun as experiencing them live. Now with only BO1, I can watch all the games! You may call me "casual" because I have important stuff that needs to be done. But I am a true fan who sports the merch and always knows what happened in all the games. I just am not in highschool/college any more. *shrug* I like this change, so please don't speak for "true fans" when you don't represent us all.
Allyndus (NA)
: Please bring LCS Finals to Chicago! 10 ping Solo queue + delicious food in a fun city.
Or to Kansas City, the closest major city to the center of the country. Fair for everyone. Plus its only 20 ping here on Fiber networks.
: So when are you guys gonna announce the loot drops we have a chance of getting for watching LCS streams? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Wat? Is this a kappa or did I miss something?
: I see even after you were lambasted for your decision to go back to Bo1's you aren't backing down. I really hope you know what you're doing. Even though you deny it, I felt like Bo3's were making the pro scene more and more competitive across pretty much every region. I honestly think that with Bo1 we're back in for more China Dominance, and Korea Godliness. We're going to be back to Season 3 and 4 status, which was pretty boring. And if the League gets less competitive overall, I foresee your viewership numbers taking a pretty significant hit this year.
I'm going to say here what I said when they made the announcement: 1 to 2 more games on stage has a VERY minimal impact on the competitiveness of the teams on an international level. LCK does BO1's. Yet they dominate. Its all about how you practice and prepare. In the original announcement they said something along the lines of ~"to compensate we will be working with each team to help them improve and get the most out of their practice time." <-THIS is the most important thing to international competition. Knowing how to practice and prepare. Having the right mentality. If Rito follows through with this, in the next 1-2 years we could have some VERY strong teams. I say lets wait and see before we overreact and get bummed out. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Larriet (NA)
: Did you get any nice gifts so far?
Just made my friend cry by giving him Ed Sheeran tickets. His joy was a nice gift for me.
: Let's get a Santa Baron announcer voice, who's with me
Rito Pls!{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I too would like this to be a thing. Rito pls!
: We have the place to support some games of worlds, but again, we are not a event focused town. Being the center isn't really the best. The east and west coast have access to more transportation, and they are accustomed to the large numbers of people for huge events. I would love to see them do something here, or maybe even get a few movie theaters to show worlds, but the chances seem slim.
: I wish we can turn a bunch of Hextech Key to Hextech Chest. I got 23 Hextech Keys and a bunch of keys but no Hextech Chest.
Play more champions. You get a chest anytime someone in your premade party gets an S. However, you can only get one chest per champion every 4 weeks* Example: me and you queue up, you play blitz and I play Ashe. You get an S on blitz. We both get a chest. Next time a player in our group gets an S you will get another chest AS LONG AS your NOT playing blitz. Likewise I will get a chest as long as I am not playing Ashe. *disclaimer - I might be wrong on the time frame of 4 weeks. You can check each champion in your profile. Hover in your collecection and it should say If a chest is available or not.
: Dude, I live in Kansas City too. I feel though that Riot is going for popular places for people to go, like California, Madison Square Garden, or other countries. In KC we have like no tourist attraction except good BBQ, and lets be frank, who that f*** actually wants to go to Kansas?
Kansas City is mostly in Missouri.... also, its the Heart of the country. Biggest city thats close to the geographical center of the contiguous 48. Plus with the sprint center, we have the infrastructure to support a tournament like worlds (maybe not the finals, but definitely earlier rounds).
: Update: Fan Contribution to Worlds 2017 Prize Pool
Total Pool: $4,596,591 1st place: $1,723,721.65 (37.5%) 2nd place: $620,539.79 (13.5%) 3rd-4th place: $321,761.37 each (7% each//14% total) 5th-8th place: $183,863.64 each (4% each//16% total) 9th-12th place: $103,423.30 each (2.25% each//9% total) 13th-16th place: $57,457.39 each (1.25% each//5% total) 17th-20th place: $34,474.43 each (0.75% each//3% total) 21st-24th place: $22,982.96 each (0.5% each//2% total)
: > [{quoted}](name=Biffsidius,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=1GEtmXAa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-31T18:11:29.945+0000) > > At this point you&#x27;re pretty much going to have to trick Faker into taking out a loan from the Sicilian Mafia to do any harm to him, the man&#x27;s untouchable. This sounds like it could easily lead to one of the classic blunders...
Never fight a land war in Asia?
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