Stexe (NA)
: "There is a reason for it." It could literally be due to premades trolling and reporting you. I got chat restricted for asking a Jhin support to stop trolling when the entire team was premade and throwing on purpose.
Once again: premades do not have any additional power in getting you banned/chat restricted. 9 reports in a game is equivalent to 1. What matters is frequency across games, and severity of the report. In fact, ganging up on players and coercing the enemy team in game [is more detrimental to the person making the report](
: FAQ: Eternals
So, I've gotten a number of those survey requests in the past couple months and I fill it out every time and always make sure to mention my complete and utter disgust at the company's constant uptick in cash-grabs. What with prestige skins, more and more events, lower quality skins for higher prices, and now this. Personal, skill expressive accomplishments locked behind a paywall. Here's a thing that some of those people with hundreds of thousands of BE could dump it on. Here's something that should unlock a chroma for a champion. It's really telling that what surprises me most isn't the complete and utter failure to do what you should be doing with mastery. What surprises me is that I didn't read something about Eternals to expiring each year, so make sure you buy them on a yearly basis. Hard pass. Try again. Use your brains and do something intelligent to reward mastery.
: I feel like a cool feature for TFT would be if u get a champ level 3 it changes the look of the champion to one of there skins. Also like since its Riot maybe the skins could just be bought in shop for your champs.
They already said one of their plans is using skins to alter champ origins. For example Program skins to make a champ fit the Robot origin, or how TF isn't actually a pirate, but he has Cutthroat skin to help justify it.
: it does stack, 4 gunslinger, 6 Blademaster, Trist with cursed blade and Bork. I watched as the man with five 3 stars get reduced to all 1 stars. Truly tragic...for him at least.
they can even go to 0 stars technically.
Rioter Comments
: The previous ones were 1650? Wuuuuuuuuuut??? thought they were like 975...
AFAIK the only one that wasn't 1650 was the very first, the 2017 Worlds Master Pass was 1300.
: Riot, I love you, but you've been really letting me down for the past few years. You guys missed a huge opportunity for Battle Boss Karthus (who hasn't had a skin in 3 years and before that 5). He's been in the meta and could've used the love. Yasuo has gotten a skin every year since 2016, one of which is Nightbringer. I wouldn't have even minded if it was a proper Sephiroth/Auron/samurai-aesthetic-composite-character reference, but instead we get … whatever that is. Part of me is willing to forgive Kai'Sa getting another skin because if you consider the prestige K/DA as just a glorified chroma (a direction I wish had been abandoned with the Blitz and was saddened to see continued with the Leos), she only really had two (if not counting team skins). But it really just serves to show that she was designed for the purpose of a skin vehicle and she is balanced around this; and frankly six skins in two years isn't really justifiable when you have so many champions that have been languishing. I get some champions are easy to skin than others, but that's not really an excuse certain 'easy to skin' champs are ridiculously over-favored. (As example, Ez/Lux 100% should not have gotten Academia skins, not because it didn't fit, but because it was neither necessary nor deserved and just shows how lazy your skin crew is; Azir ala Fumikage Tokoyami reference?; Brand ala Bakugo, or even Shoto if they were clever about it; a unique'sh Neeko would've fit, and even a more subdued Evelyn would've been clever; instead we get Ez and Lux... thanks...). Qiyana doesn't bother me, per se. While my interest in her has faded because I was expecting a different gimmick than terrain bonuses, I actually kinda' like her and am interested in picking her up. But her design is terrible and I was going to rely on skins to make her look less like a pear with a trashy drag wig-n'-crown. I'm disappointed that you're doubling down on that wig-n'-crown and gave her the most tropified 'evil female video game character' get-up to go with it. (I thought part of her character was the bratty teenager thing, so what's with the skimp? I don't mind skimp, but it doesn't make sense here, and the rest is so uninspired that I just can't take her seriously in this or her default skin.) I want to be supportive of you and despite some obvious decline in some areas, I still like the game. But I'm really disappointed in the artistic direction this game has decided to go and the regression back into tired tropes that I had thought this game had learned to develop above and the blatant preferences to some champs over others. When Odyssey came out, my hopes and faiths were rekindled, but overall, it's just been one-to-four 'missed opportunities' and 'mehs' after another one-to-four. Please put a little more effort into your furture works, think of some more clever expressions of character concepts, and consider other champions while you're doing it. Please. TL;DR - Your art choices are lacking. Some champs (Karthus) could've/should've been in this line, and some (Kai'Sa/Yasuo) shouldn't have been. Overall implementation is sloppy compared to previous works. You've been slacking over the last couple of years. Please fix.
Also would like to add the disservice done to Jarvan and Illaoi in Ivern being given the Dunkmaster skin. Every Ivern player I've ever seen talking about skins wanted a more serious skin, not a goofy dunkmaster skin. I get it, he's tall, it makes him like a basketball player... but the Dunkmaster skin was more about Darius dunking on champs with his ult, like Illaoi and Jarvan both do. And it certainly wasn't a goofy skin line. I hate that skin so much. And it was worse because J4 was given a skin in the same patch and it WASN'T Dunkmaster.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Update on Teemo changes
I'm thankful the changes aren't being rushed out, but I'm a bit sad we didn't get to see more iteration before the changes got pulled. It feels like we basically sat on the third pass for 3 months when tons of feedback came in within the first couple weeks. If you look again in the future, please put some thought into making his W interact with his (presumably) E stealth. I suggested two things to this end. 1. W leaves the footprints that were added in the second pass, but that the footprints also have a weak poison or slow "poison" and would be visible even if Teemo is not. So you can choose to gain MS while invisible, but leave a foot trail behind for rushing. 2. E invisibility range has a bonus MS ratio, so building MS or casting W lets you travel farther. In its last iteration, using W during E felt awkward because the invisibility wore off faster as a result of traveling faster. It would feel much smoother if the range scaled on bonus MS so that if I didn't stop moving I'd be invisible for roughly the same duration regardless of whether I cast W, the difference being the distance traveled. This serves to give the Teemo options for how he should use his W and E, and can create interactions between E and passive. It would also incorporate the footstep mechanic as an optional tradeoff during stealth and is a detriment that isn't an obnoxious self slow or losing your invisibility to skillshots. Also, please don't make the QoL change be the bouncing shrooms. It's really not that fun or exciting. I'd much rather just get a slightly longer toss range.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
It's good to hear there is going to be further work going into Teemo's E, but that's far from the only problem that plays into what I consider an overall dissatisfying update. The only build I feel still works is On-Hit, because so much of his power has been put onto the new passive. Q is weaker, but empowers passive. R is weaker, but empowers passive. E is a mess, but gives you an AS buff that will empower passive. W is still irrelevant to everyone's dismay. TL;DR - The passive is really strong, but the cost to his overall power makes on-hit seem like the only viable strat. Q nerf means he can't assassinate well. W sucks. E shouldn't have an inbuilt detriment like a slow or footprints or any damage reveals, but if there must be such a mechanic put it on W as a double edged sword. R bouncing shrooms is a joke. 5 shroom cap is a placebo; give us a lower recharge or longer duration. **Breaking it down** --------------- **Passive:** Poison on passive is nice if solely for the fact it gives me flexibility in ranking other spells. Gaining poison damage with levels is certainly nice, and there is no denying that the 50% amp is really strong. To the point that I fear it crowds out his power budget, forcing his other spells to be weak to the point that only On-Hit builds still work. Th passive has more base damage at later levels, and the instant On-Hit also has a lower AP ratio so that doesn't help AP or Assassin builds. ----------------------- **Q:** Lower base, particularly at higher ranks, and 20% less AP means this is a significantly weaker burst tool. The burst this spell offered is largely what made Teemo capable of assassinating targets from stealth. Coupled with the inconsistency of the blind debuff leave this spell still feeling lackluster. For example, Ekko's E still applies passive and damage if he is blinded. I believe there are other on-hit effects that still apply during blind, and empowered auto's are not consumed during blind which really sucks. Basically this will slightly reduce incoming damage for a brief duration, but more importantly will empower your passive - again all about On-Hit. ----------------------- **W:** This spell is still lame. There is no scaling, there aren't any additional effects, it's really just boring. One thing that the rework has repeatedly been trying to do is find ways to make Teemo's stealth weaker. I disagree with this approach, as I'll get into next, but if it's non-negotiable then tie the detriment to W. If Teemo casts W while invisible he leaves behind toxic footprints in his haste. The footprints will give a clear indicator of Teemo's whereabouts, but allow him to travel faster. The footprints can either apply a some form of debuff/small DoT, or even just mark the target as "poisoned" for the effect of his passive. --------------------------- **E:** Obviously this is the most contentious spell, since it's the biggest change, and there are similar spells to look at for comparison. Namely Twitch Q. First looking at current numbers involved. Teemo can move 700/750/800/850/900 units. Base movespeed translates to 2.12/2.27/2.42/2.58/2.73 seconds of travel. More movespeed (like W) will reduce that duration. He gains 25% vision radius. He gains 20/30/40/50/60% AS for 3 seconds. CD is 40/37/34/31/28s - reduced while in bush. Twitch's Q lasts 10/11/12/13/14 seconds and grants 10/30% movespeed, which would equate to 3630/3993/4356/4719/5082 units of travel. More than 5 times the range at all ranks. Notably, it's camo, not invis, but Twitch doesn't want to be within the 500 units needed to see him, so that doesn't really upset him much. Twitch gains 30/35/40/45/50% AS, so more early less late than Teemo, but his lasts 5 seconds instead of 3. Twitch Q also gets a hard reset if someone dies while poisoned, and it's otherwise on a flat 16 second cooldown. Taking all of this in, I think it's pretty easier to argue that Twitch Q far surpasses the currently proposed Teemo E. It lasts longer, has a stronger steroid early that allows for easier snowballing, has a more powerful reset, and provides MS during the stealth. One of the two main uses of Teemo's stealth (and Twitch's) is to surprise an enemy and assassinate them. Twitch has more burst than Teemo, more range than Teemo, and more AoE damage than Teemo (Twitch always gets Hurricane, and uses it better than Teemo can), and his stealth tool, at least so far as I see it, is stronger than Teemo's. Despite all of this, you are adamant about Teemo having some additional detriment to his stealth. I think this is ridiculous, but if it's the only way for this to work, then as in my above point, tie it to his W. Give the Teemo player the choice between "true" stealth, or "rushed" stealth. If he chooses to use move quick while invisible he gives away information about his location, but the opponent then needs to decide if they want to chase him. While we're at it give, either make E duration based, or distance with a MS ratio; it's pathetic right now. -------------------- **R:** I swear to god if "infinite bouncing mushrooms" is taking up a non-zero amount of Teemo's power budget I will scream. This is the stupidest addition I've ever seen. I hate it more than I despise Dunkmaster Ivern, which I thought I hated with every fiber of my being until I saw this. THE ONLY TIME I HAVE EVER USED THIS WAS IN A MOCK ATTEMPT TO "STEAL" OVER BARON WALL. It's a joke in lane. It's a joke in teamfights. It's a joke when split pushing. And frankly, it's a joke when trying to steal an objective. You would be more likely to succeed a steal by using the blast cone and casting Q; bonus points for using A>Q>A, which would be more damage than the full duration of the mushroom! Instead of forcing me to use two shrooms to "safely" get a mushroom in a bush I know is being camped, give me more than a 400 unit range at rank 1! Almost every dash/blink/ranged CC outperforms 400 units! For the rest of it: I get that the general community sentiment is that shrooms are obnoxious. I also get that if you build a tiny bit of MR and actually make use of sweepers and pinks then they aren't a problem. If the bottom line is that the Teemo player must be held accountable for the failings of ADCs everywhere and shroom damage needs to be nerfed then so be it. But for all that is good give me some real compensation instead of "4/5 shroom cap at levels 11/16". Give me a lower recharge time! If they hurt so much less let me have more of them! That's that goal of increasing the cap, but the problem is the only time Teemo actually hits the 3 shroom cap is if he dies, if he recalls with 2/3 shrooms, or if he's not playing well! AT ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM this increases total shroom threshold by 2. You could accomplish the same by reducing the recharge by a tiny amount, or extending the duration by 30 seconds even!
Meddler (NA)
: Wukong Prototype on PBE: Additional changes
There are plenty of things I like about this, but my main gripe is the fact that you are adding a heal. So many champs/reworks have had ridiculous amounts of sustain put into their kits, which is really annoying considering Riot's stance for so long was trying to avoid excessive sustain in lane phase. We've been living in the league of dashes, say hello to the league of sustain.
: Why is Dunkmaster Ivern a cruel joke? I thought that skin line is quite popular. And Hextech J4... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} For real? Why can't a single champion I am actually interested in get a Hextech skin?! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
It's a cruel joke because he doesn't fit the theme, while there are numerous champions that do that aren't getting Dunkmaster skins. [OG Dunksquad]( {{champion:122}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:18}} Other champions that could have dunk and/or basketball animations: {{champion:3}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:555}} Ivern basically got this skin because he's lanky, which doesn't really meet the expectations we have for the skin line, his root isn't anything near a the big hype you get from dunking someone with Darius R, or Illaoi W/R. Plus, as others said: most Ivern mains were hoping for a more serious skin, with a darker theme. A quick google search of "Ivern skin concept" turns up tons of brilliant aesthetics Riot could have worked with: Void, Wizard/Necromancer (DND skinline with Daisy being a zombie, ogre, etc.) Elderwood, or Coven for example. If they wanted a more lighthearted skin (which is unfortunate because we have Candy King already) then they could have done Gentleman or Groovy (give zilean a friend) There are so many cool concepts they could use ivern for, but they went with "eh, he's tall. Throw some basketball shorts on him, give him an orange fro and call it a day." THE MOST ANNOYING PART is that they are doing Dunkmaster Ivern and at the same time releasing a Jarvan skin that isn't Dunkmaster!
Terozu (NA)
: Imagine not giving the dunkmaster skin to the TALLEST champ in the game.
Ignoring the fact that Ivern is NOT the tallest character in lore; the Dunkmaster idea really has much more to do with champs that have an animation that people call a dunk. OG Dunksquad was Darius (R), Jarvan (R), Kha (E), Jax (Q), Trist (W). From there people would also include Galio (P & R) and Illaoi (W & R). Ivern has... nothing. He doesn't fit the theme, he doesn't DUNK. Sure he might make for an OK basketball skin by virtue of being a tall lanky character, but that's not what we want out of Dunkmaster. Besides, Ivern already has a lighthearted/goofy/whateverelseyouwanttodescribeitas skin with Candy King. He should have had a more serious theme.
: If being tall is all it takes to get a Dunkmaster skin, {{champion:3}} is a better choice. Not only is he tall, but he actually dunks people thanks to his ult.
And his passive also looks like he's dunking someone!
: Oh dude, Galio aswell huh. Thanks for the reminder! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
[OG Dunk Squad Requires Full Representation](
: Considering Pyke's Ult is literally just Rengar's/Darius's, I'd be down to see a Dunkmaster Pyke. Maybe like '_Benchwarmer Pyke_' or something. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback, part 2
So after playing around with it a bit here's my feedback as a long time Teemo player. TL:DR I recommend: * Making E duration based instead of distance based, unless you can think of a good change to W. That way at the very least it feels better to use W and gain MS while invisible. * Please remove damage revealing you. If you want a tell that's tied to casting E make it similar to Shaco, Wukong, or Talon to announce Teemo is hiding nearby, but not give away the path he's taken. OR: * Please consider some change to W to make it more interesting. As an example: During W active Teemo leaves footsteps that are visible even when he is not, but they apply a weak poison and Ground enemies. This would give the Teemo player a choice - move faster but make it easier for enemies to spot you, or move slower but be truly invisible. It also makes it a better escape tool for Teemo * Test out lower recharge rate on Ult; trade off duration/damage/slow%/slowduration if necessary. Bouncing shrooms isn't as fun as it immediately sounds. ------------------- Now to your specific points Jag 1. Thank you for bringing invisibility back instead of camouflage. The iteration with camo and self slow felt absolutely awful; you couldn't really flank well when slowing yourself and the camo prevented you from making good use of standing still to ambush because they would often see you before you actually wanted to jump them. That said, the idea that this opens up "tricky and find previously inaccessible **places** to ambush opponents" isn't exactly accurate. In terms of standing still for an ambush, which is what I certainly think of as Teemo ambushing, the only difference is now stray damage will reveal you and ruin your scheme. If you are considering Teemo ambushes as a jungler it absolutely improves his gank paths; now in a similar fashion to say Shaco or Wukong, Teemo can flank without being spotted. Except unlike other those examples, Teemo is a fixed distance (roughly enough to go from a mid lane bush to the center of mid at max rank), so the bonus MS from your W feels pretty fuckin useless. The QoL change to W barely registers, since it is actually be more efficient to not use your W until the stealth wears off, so you can use the full duration of W to react when they CAN see you, instead of using it to effectively reduce your stealth duration. 2. Last time I went on PBE (earlier today) this wasn't there, so I'm hoping with all my heart you removed it. This is without a doubt among the dumbest decisions I've seen make it to public testing. "Let's make someone invisible, but also highlight where they walk so you can very easily know where they are without seeing the character model." Consider ever other invisibility spell in the game. The ones that are most comparable to how Teemo uses stealth are: Kai'Sa, Kha'Zix, Shaco, Vayne, Talon, and Wukong. Shaco, Talon, and Wukong alert opponents, but it's only that the spell was cast; they are expected to predict position from there. Teemo should function similarly; especially considering I'm fairly certain every single one of those three have more burst than Teemo (especially considering Q nerfs). Or if you really like the footsteps idea, tie it to his W instead of E - so you can move faster but make yourself easier to spot, or take it slower and be truly stealthy. 3. The only time I have ever enjoyed the mushroom bounce is in 15 second Reddit clips of a Teemo stealing an objective by bouncing a mushroom. It's cute, but doesn't really deliver as a useful tool for Teemo in an average game. If this is eating up his power budget then get rid of it and give me a longer throw range or lower recharge time on shrooms instead. Throwing shrooms in the first place has always felt lackluster since almost every dash/blink in the game out-ranges the throw. As it is I would need to throw two mushrooms to "safely" get a shroom in a bush I suspect has an enemy in it. Having the ability to throw three doesn't make me feel better. 4. I'm fine with not having higher health shrooms, although I did look forward to it, but I think the community as a whole is overestimating the idea that current iteration gives us "more" mushrooms. At 40% CDR Teemo can have at most 24 mushrooms on the map with the first expiring right as you throw the 25th. So having a cap that's 2 higher without changing the CD means at most 26 mushrooms assuming you started dropping shrooms on CD after letting 5 shrooms charge. Best case scenario is 8% more shrooms. You probably won't often have that best case, since you'd have to sit on more than three shrooms in the first place to see any difference. 5. It never feels good, but I can accept this trade off if we're getting more fun and strategic tools in exchange. I think we're moving in the right direction but still not quite there yet.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Just finished running a couple plays in the practice tool and then bringing it into PVP, here's my initial thoughts as a Teemo main since S3. --------------- Base Stats: The Mana changes are so incredible. I haven't been extensive yet, but I have really only hit scenarios where I completely burn through my mana if I start using Shrooms on CD - that's without building mana / mana regen. I did have Manaflow however. ---------------- P: Anyone that saw an update coming knew the E would get moved to passive, and plenty of people were worried about the overlap between Teemo and Twitch when that happened. As someone who's played both extensively I can wholeheartedly say Teemo poison still feels very distinct. Amping the damage feels nice as well. Like others I was worried when you didn't mention the AP ratio, but after seeing your comments and trying myself I'm happy with how poison dart is working. It allows you to start Q and get more damage level 1 with AQA combo - which is also nice in the jungle. --------------- Q: The damage trade-off is fair compensation for Toxic Shot buff IMO. Since Q will last between 1.5 and 2.5 seconds you can amp the on-hit and 1-2 ticks of poison, which is equivalent to 5/7.5/10/12.5/15/17.5/20/22.5/25 (+15% AP) (on-hit levels 1-9) and 3/4.5/6/7.5/9/10.5/12/13.5/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24 (5% AP) per second. Damage gained from your passive easily makes up what you lose from your Q. ---------------- W: It's an okay quality of life thing, but it feels really bad that your W active basically just negates the slow from E, so using W+E aggressively feels weird.. The issue is the way movie speed modifiers work. The slow from E is multiplied with the speed increase, so it also reduces the effectiveness of your W. Ultimately this means When you use both rank 5 W and E instead of gaining 52% MS, you can 29.2% MS, a measly 3.2% better than the W passive. ------------- E: Overall, I'm not really fond of this spell. As I mentioned above, the slow feels TERRIBLE, it basically removes your W if you try to counteract the slow. This is then worsened when you only get 4 seconds and have the delay. What bothers me most, is as others have said, compared to other sources of camo in the game, it's really pitiful. Twitch, Rengar and Eve get 14 seconds, 20 seconds, and permanent camo respectively. Twitch and Rengar also gain movement speed. The only similar duration is Pyke, who gets 5 seconds, with no delay and he gains 40 + 1.5% per Lethality during it, so he covers SIGNIFICANTLY more ground than Teemo could dream of. Teemo gets similar AS gains as Twitch, it feels fine. Getting 5s off per second in a bush (please correct me if I'm a bit off on that) is nice in the jungle, since you can refresh between camps. It's also nice if you happen to be chasing or kiting through the areas with multiple bushes or if you are fighting at a bush. This is a nice touch that gives the spell a couple points back, but I still think overall it's not quite hitting the mark. I basically found myself either casting E and not reaching my target because I was so much slower than anticipated, or I would just cast E right on top of them, not even gain the stealth because I was already attacking them - it was basically an AS steroid on a 1 second delay. ----------- R: Apparently this is an unpopular opinion, but I like this change. Teemo's core identity to me can be summed up in two words: poisonous minelayer. This change in a way undoes the nerf to his mushroom lifespan way back when. You used to be able to get ~37 mushrooms IIRC, and currently can get ~24 with 40% CDR. I know it really only increases potential shrooms by 2, but I would happily trade damage for more total shrooms. I want my mines EVERYWHERE, and especially when there are increasingly more ways to clear the shrooms (Oracles, Duskblade, Control Wards, summons) anything to be able to get more on the map. ------- Overall I like the direction you're going, but I'm not sold on all of the details. I'd like to see a change either to the W or the E. If it's the W then some sort of a buff when in the jungle or in bushes, or it interacts with stealth (more MS, slow resist, CD, anything so it doesn't feel so bad to overlap the spells). On the E there's plenty of numbers changes that could improve the spell, longer duration(s) for stealth/AS, weaker slow, shorter delay. I would suggest improving the refresh on it since that's not what feels problematic. Or you could give it a mechanical tweak to offset the negative impact it has on your MS such as: Invis when stationary and/or in bushes but camo when moving, increased vision range, decreased detection range, reduces another spell(s) CD while invis, MS buff when stealth ends. R seems fine as is, though I'd like to see how it feels to shave off power in the slow/damage/cost in exchange for a lower CD. I did notice a bug or visual glitch though. When you place a mushroom its health starts at 6 and then jumps up to its intended value, instead of spawning at the right amount.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: I absolutely love both of them and find their designs very fitting for what they are supposed to be. Sure, they could have gone a different direction but this works for me.
Kayle is effectively a Paladin, she's always been this holy warrior type figure. As we all know Paladins are well known for how they forgo body armor to wear latex body suits. /s Kayle's clothing/armor choice is abysmal. She should be fully armored, she should not be sexualized. It's the Kai'Sa bullshit round two. She should be a god damned Samus Aran with power suit type character. The wings are great, the sword is great. I'm fine with the helmet and pauldrons. Everything between her shoulders and thigh is not Kayle.
: Visual Effect Updates: Kennen, Olaf, Wukong and Riven
Personally I think the Kennen update moves too far towards blue. I get not wanting it to be such a harsh white, but honestly I prefer the white over blue.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rebel Phoenix17,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=AmtMIQB3,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2019-02-07T18:30:33.579+0000) > > I have to ask how the quality is on exporting? The current replays record function exports really terrible quality webm files. This API and tool allows you to export webm with lossless encoding at whatever FPS you want. So your capture should be crystal clear now.
: PBE: League Director and the Replay API (new content creation tools)
I have to ask how the quality is on exporting? The current replays record function exports really terrible quality webm files.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
I left a similar message on PhRoXz0n's post about crit item exploration, but I'll say it again since there are some changes on PBE from then to now. Overall the AD item change looks better than "exploration 2". {{item:3046}} Loses 15% attack speed and 5% crit chance. Exchanges Lament for Lifeline. Costs 100g less. Personally, I think Lifeline is kind of lame, but so long as marksmen are ineffective duelists, it's nice to have our version of sterak's. The issue will come when ppl think the shield is busted on ranged users. Still, I am extraordinarily happy that Spectral Waltz was re-included. This isn't PD without it! {{item:3094}} and {{item:3087}} Both lose 5% crit. Statikk gains 5% attack speed. 200 gold cheaper. 5% crit is worth 200g, so RFC is power neutral and Statikk gets a buff. What's weird is that these two items are STILL just a stat check comparison in a lot of cases. People buy whichever is overtuned, rather than investing in the unique aspects of the items. This will change a bit when double zeal builds come back (since you'll get both) but it's the same old problem these had before. I want to take a moment to ask, why on earth RFC has a range cap of +150 units? Every ADC in the game would get over 150 units from a 35% increase - save for Graves who would get 148.75. This cap is a really dumb throttle on the item that's two selling points are bonus range and faster charging. If you don't want it to be busted on Caitlyn, change the % increase, or raise the cap to +200 and shave power off of the damage it gives. There's always been a back and forth between Statikk and RFC - instead of a stat check how about actually pushing them inter their unique identity - Statikk is AoE and burst, RFC is range and poke. {{item:2015}} This change doesn't make the item appealing. It's so massively gold inefficient i'd still rather double dagger if I only have 600 gold. {{item:3085}} Loses 5% crit and 2% movespeed. Was this item outperforming Statikk/RFC that heavily? I know a lot of marksman can make use of it (I'd say 10 at absolute most) but even a lot of them I've seen opt into Statikk or RFC instead. {{item:3508}} Reverted back to a previous iteration. The last time it looked like this it cost 3400g, gave 10 more AD, 5% less crit chance, up to 30% cdr, and restored 3% maximum mana on crits. For 200 gold cheaper that's a lot weaker of an item. Since you would regularly be getting the full 30% cdr, those differences alone are worth 400+ gold. 3% max mana on crits is also significantly stronger than 1.5 missing when your build fairly regularly got you to 70-100% crit chance. {{item:3161}} 15 less AD than current ER, +250 HP for 300 mana. The stat line alone is worth 295 less than ER, it's going to be 400g more expensive and not even have the mana refund passive. Sure Renekton and Riven don't care about it, but just about everyone else to us ER did. Massive nerf to the item, and WAY less interesting than Dragon Heart from Nexus Blitz. {{item:3031}} Gaining 5% more Crit, 5 more AD but 25% less crit damage compared to old IE and costs the same. This seems fair actually. {{item:3095}} Loses 5 AD, 10% attack speed. Becomes an Energized item. Costs 100 gold more. The Energized passive means it no longer has the autocrit that made it such a powerful first buy. The bonus damage is effectively 65 making it stronger than Statikk/RFC pre-6. The slow is an interesting alternative effect. Overall though, its 300 gold more costly than the other zeal items and is effectively way less damage than the live version. I find it hard to believe this will be a good first or even second item, maybe if you run Fleet. Is the 30% amp unique? The tooltip doesn't say. {{item:3035}} A big old buff. Glad to see that hasn't changed since the last update. ____________ Overall some of the items are cheaper, but the net power has lowered just as much (if not more). I fail to see how this improves the Crit champions itemization. Most of them suffered from needing 3 items, while other roles often have more noticeable power spikes for each item purchased, and that hasn't changed. They should be able to get 3 items ever so slightly faster, but those 3 items are also weaker. This is an improvement from "Crit item Exploration Part 2" but I think it still misses the mark.
: 2019 Spring Split Watch Missions ( DO NOT WORK )
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: I agree on most of the point, but Spear of Shojin is pretty much the same as the current Essence Reaver, same price same stats, just minus the mana refund and minus the 300 mana The loss of the mana alone makes it lose ~400 gold value, for champions like Renekton or Riven Spear of Shojin would be the exact same as the current Essence Reaver, no change whatsoever, as they can't use those two stats of current Essence Reaver anyways, but on everybody else it would just straight up be worse, so if anything it would make the item even less appealing for champions that could do well with this in theory
In my head live ER was giving less stats than this Shojin which is why I said it was better. Since the biggest user I think of is Renekton who would love to trade the mana for stats he can use, but you're right it's just stripping away the mana with no return.
: Shojin was intended to be a item for full AD fighters (and NOT ADCs! they were even thinking about some stuff like making it melee only etc) but now they completely fucked up Shojin ... they just took ER away from Fighters and made Shojin a worse ER sure - the mana on ER wasnt needed for some champs (like Renekton) so the build path wasnt perfect for them but now the item is just worse cause it costs the same and lost 5AD and 300mana so the item in general is now weaker (only the build path for manaless champs got better)
Right, I'm all on board with Shojin's live iteration (in NB) as a fighter item, no argument there. What I wasn't sure about, was if this proposed version was supposed to suddenly be for ADCs, since ADCs are the main focus of the crit item changes. I wagered the answer was still "no, this is an ad fighter item." In my head live ER was giving less stats than this Shojin which is why I said it was better. Since the biggest user I think of is Renekton who would love to trade the mana for stats he can use, but you're right it's just stripping away the mana with no return.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
**Phantom Dancer ** * Still hate this proposed change. Make spectral waltz work on ADCs by increasing it's radius. Leave Lament as it is. If the range on the MS is abused by melee hypercarries (lookin at you yasuo) then make the radius scale with attack range, or be locked at melee=550 ranged equal=650/700? * Introduce a fifth zeal item if you want a defensive crit item. **Kirchei's Shard** * 600g price point still makes this a pretty shit item. I'd almost always take double dagger over it. Exception being I only have 1 item slot. With only 15% attack speed the passive simply does not make up for the stats. **RFC/Statikk** * Exchanging 5% crit for 2% movement speed is reducing the gold value in most cases. On ADCs with 325 ms, 2% is an increase of 6.5 (or 7.4 with t2 boots). If you feel those two are overtuned thats another matter. Otherwise its just shaving of ~110-120 gold efficiency. * I agree with only giving 25% crit chance, but maybe a bit more value elsewhere? Unless, as I mentioned, you want them to be a tad weaker. **Hurricane** * Just straight loses 200g in stats? No compensation? Do you honestly think it's out of line with the others that it shouldn't get something back? **ER** * Love it. **Spear of Shojin** * I'm curious to hear a Red's thoughts on the passive it has in Nexus Blitz. Were you not satisfied with it, so you gave it Essence Flare? Or do you think Shojin's passive has potential but you aren't ready to add it yet? * This is going to be even better for the current ER abusers (looking at you Renekton), but I'm not sure what ADCs will love it. Most that were buying it liked the mana refund, and considered Essence Flare passable (its not the most efficient combo for Lucian; Varus fared better using it in teamfights to get additional spell cycles). Separating those two, I'm not sure who still wants it. If its intended for ADCs at all... **IE** * Nothing special. Not really sure how this will land. * Slightly cheaper, 25% less amp and 5 more AD than old version - I feel like this just puts us back to the old crit issues. **LW** * Huge buff to LW's gold value. Now it actually feels like getting it has some value relative to its upgrades
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
While I don't think breaking the level cap (especially if we're talking one or two levels) is particularly exciting, I do think it is a good idea and very fitting given the right champion. Particularly Zilean, as you mentioned. It feels right that he'd be able to break the level cap. Aside: Has there been internal discussion about Ornn's masterworks improving actives/passives instead of stats? I feel like that would make his ult feel way cooler than a simple stat check on the items.
Jinxalot (NA)
: Extra Nexus Tokens
Wait how did u get so many? I've done every mission including daily's and have 5 after buying all three things.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
For those curious about Gold Efficiencies I did a quick look, correct me if any of my math is wrong: {{item:3031}} : ~~72.06% w/o Passive~~ >> V1: 119% or V2: 112% {{item:3094}} : ~~76.7% w/o Passive~~ >> 76.6% {{item:3087}} : ~~81.16% w/o Passive~~ >> 87.41% {{item:3046}} : ~~93.43% (or 103.67% with the extra movespeed)~~ >> 101.7% {{item:3035}} : ~~26.92% w/o Passive~~ >> 53.8% (1 armor pen is worth 4g/armor - old last whisper required a target with 237.5 armor to be 100% efficient. New LW requires a 75 armor target.) {{item:3095}} : ~~106.25% or 134.46~~ >> 106.25% or 162.68 with multiprocs MS {{item:3156}} : ~~89.74% w/o Passive~~ >> 94.95% ---- Well, the 5k {{item:3031}} is cool, especially because it rounds out the crit % changes with zeal items, so we're not wasting stat value anymore. The revert will still suck cuz there won't be a nice way of hitting 100%. {{item:3156}} change is fine. Last Whisper buff is nice. {{item:3508}} is better until you feel bad about accidentally proccing it, like with a max range varus Q. {{item:3095}} I can see either one working. I'm more inclined to like multicharge; because I expect the energized version to become a mandatory and reliant path of {{item:3095}} > {{item:3087}} every single game. I absolutely HATE {{item:3046}} proposed change. I'm fine with PD being bought less by Marksmen; ever since the zeal item change I've thought of it as a duelist item to give movespeed and solid 1v1 damage reduction. It's passives are both really cool. Do something other than making it a Maw with crit chance. Keep its duelist feel with Spectral Waltz; change the numbers if needed. {{item:3094}} is just seems strictly worse. Losing 5% crit chance for 5% movespeed makes it more or less the same gold efficiency but it does less damage levels 9+ unless you get Energized Stormrazor. Meaning you need to spend 5600 gold since you basically need the two together. At least {{item:3087}} would be getting a lot more attack speed to make up for the crit chance and damage lost.
: {{item:3157}} having a longer duration isn't necessarily a buff as it means the user can't move for longer potentially putting them in a bad position and leaves them unable to assist allies for longer and shorter cooldown might be a bit too powerful So it would probably be difficult to buff the active in any meaningful way
That's perfectly fair, although that is generally the risk involved with zhonya's/GA, realistically extra stasis time doesn't actually help the user aside from DoT effects. I hadn't put significant thought into any of my examples, just the first three that came to mind; although I'm certain good upgrades could be made and balanced.
Squad5 (NA)
: Ornn changes on PBE
I still think the best way to make his upgrades more appealing for allies is to target the passive/active effects that make the items unique instead of the basic stats provided. Things like upping {{item:3089}} % amp, or {{item:3157}} duration. Let {{item:3071}} have more stacks or give more movespeed. Also more item options would be nice. Right now there aren't many choices for the ally to make; a mage might say, "do i want less ap but more armor from zhonyas, or do i just want a ton of ap from deathcap?" The choice would be more meaningful if i was asking, "Bigger AP multiplier, longer stasis, banshees shield on a lower cd, or more pen on void staff?"
Meddler (NA)
: It currently goes from 100 to 520 by level, with a 0.3 AP ratio. Was looking to keep their contributions fairly consistent, rather than very dependent on Liss's gold income, hence the low ratio and high base. Those numbers could well change meaningfully though, they're just what's felt about right in playtesting focused on mechanics rather than numbers. I probably won't do any more meaningful individual design like this after this project ships, at least not in the foreseeable, much as I'd love to do more. Only finishing this one off because it was already significantly done when I moved roles and I've always wanted to go back and address satisfaction with Lissandra's passive after not landing it well the first time.
Do the Thralls have a movespeed from Lissandra or is it based on the champion that died? Is there any scaling on the Thralls movespeed?
Meddler (NA)
: It's lower than I'd personally like, with some fringe Vlad, Swain and Yasuo being the picks I've seen the most of recently. Don't want to try and force things in too hard though, especially right now, so more likely we just gradually inch some champs back in. Also worth noting that, even around 8.11-8.12, marksmen remained the vast majority of picks in regular play in all regions and skill levels, so non marksmen picks have gone from occasional to rare, not common to rare.
As an ADC main, I'm also not happy with the current diversity. Seeing bruisers pop up bot lane was incredibly fun imo. When on ADCs I never really felt it was inherently imbalance/impossible - it only turned that way if i played poorly. I was a little less enthused about Vlad/Swain really crowding out a lot of the bruisers I saw in the first days of 8.11, as I don't find them fun to play against. When I picked bruisers it was a welcome change to not immediately have most teams assume I was trolling.
: Will we be banned?
Assuming none of your friends are reporting, then you'd only get flagged if an enemy reports you and the system confirms it as being bannable. Certain things the community call "trolling" isnt actually reportable, so it depends on what your doing, and how much the enemy feels the need to report you "for ruining your teammates game".
: What I need to do to stop meeting Bronzes in normal draft???
This isn't the first time, nor will it be the last that top/mid soraka finds success. She's ranged and has a silence that can prevent fiora from gapclosing. She has sustain from Q, and has a slow with it. She can build AD or AP as she sees fit. And, probably most importantly, its uncommon. If that Fiora has never solo laned against a soraka she wouldn't know what to expect, and probably thought it would be like a soraka support. It is not. Your top lane losing aside; if you want better teammates, you need to play better in normals to raise your MMR. Every queue has its own mmr, so playing well in ranked won't get you better allies in norm draft. To that end: 1. Stop focusing on your allies' mistakes, you cannot fix that, and more often than not pointing it out to them aggravates the issue. Identify your mistakes, and capitalize on your opponents' mistakes. 2. Your average KDA is too low, mainly because you are dying too much. 3. Your CS/m is really low. CS is the best source of gold. To start try to get your average CD/m at least about 6 - right now none of your recent games have about 6. If you do that your MMR will improve over time and you'll have fewer bad allies.
Muxxik (NA)
: For Jinx since I've spammed her since this game out: Guinsoos/Wits End/Bork/IE/Berserkers - Gives as much damage as possible by abusing the almost 100% uptime on your passive to override the attack speed cap at all times. Augments: Slow-Slow, Eager, Arsenal, Comet, Scorcher Eager/Arsenal combo means your passive comes up every time you (or anyone) ults, and since Arsenal gives you 3 rockets, you can exceed the attack speed cap always. Slow-Slow works well with the extra attack speed to shred large HP single targets, and scorcher increases it even further.
IE probably isn't efficient given no crit chance with those items
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 1 Feedback and Patch Notes
Found a bug: Ally Vayne gets kill credit for her own team dying in bardle royale, gets a pentakill with two enemies still standing. [See video](
: Correct me if I'm wrong, but at least they aren't limited edition exclusives, like they were in Lunar Revel. Still greedy, don't get me wrong, but it could still be worse.
I don't actually know if they are limited or not, i don't intend to throw money at a chroma bundle even if they are, but it really bothers me considering chromas go on sale for blue essence twice a year, but their now selecting certain chromas that will only ever be available in RP bundles.
: Hmm, more ruby exclusive chromas for buying the whole bundle, a practice everyone must love. Also, since the pool party skins earlier this month, you raised the price of the bundles. Before a bundle with a 1350 skin plus 5 chromas cost 2325 (195 per chroma). Now the bundle costs 2420 (214 per chroma). Good thing you made that big announcement that you were raising prices, oh no, wait, you didn't say a word. Shady, real shady Rito.
really sick of bundle exclusives, and chroma bundle exclusives is just obnoxious.
: League gameplay changes over the next few months
> Don’t want to invalidate the way you play Will this be in regards to both item diversity and champion diversity? For example will the planned Ezreal W change keep AP Ezreal viable, and is the goal to keep bruisers/mages viable botlane?
: Just because historically Korean mid's haven't transitioned well doesn't at all mean he is not someone to watch. If he plays towards his ceiling, it could be warping for GG.. So I would venture to say that is somebody to watch - especially since we have very little to go on, and all we can do is watch to see how he does. As for Sneaky and Jensen, I don't think they are players to watch since they are on the Academy team for at least the first week of this split....
> [{quoted}](name=Reaxetion,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=EJL0Oto7,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2018-06-14T15:11:41.767+0000) > > Just because historically Korean mid's haven't transitioned well doesn't at all mean he is not someone to watch. If he plays towards his ceiling, it could be warping for GG.. So I would venture to say that is somebody to watch - especially since we have very little to go on, and all we can do is watch to see how he does. > > As for Sneaky and Jensen, I don't think they are players to watch since they are on the Academy team for at least the first week of this split.... Ah I wasn't aware about Sneaky and Jensen - I haven't been closely following C9, so I just used them as an example thinking they were still starting. And sure it's true that Mickey could be revolutionary for GG, but they way his paragraph is presented makes it seem unlikely. That's all I really meant, no disrespect to Mickey. Ultimately, I just feel that if we are naming the 10 players to watch then it should be the 10 players expected to be the most influential in the league, even if that means naming two ppl on the same team and leaving one or more teams without that representative. I still enjoyed the list either way.
: 10 Players to Watch: "In what was pegged as a 'down' split for Bjergsen, he still managed to lead all mid laners in KDA and kills on a roster with three new players."
Kind of less "10 players to watch" list and more of a "name the key player on each team" list. I get you were finding representation for each team, but realistically the 10 players to watch would have some on the same team. Sneaky or Jensen for example could have easily been included as they are superstars that could certainly pull C9 back to the top. Hell Jensen is the one the LCS keeps presenting as Bjergsen's rival for best mid NA. None of your notes about Mickey have him pegged as a player to keep my eye on - you even note he was inconsistent and Korean mid-laners don't have a stellar track record when they switch regions. It seems to me there aren't high hopes for him flipping the tables and hard carrying, but you _needed _ to pick someone on GG to represent them.
: Yasuo's getting hit on the head? I didn't see any direct nerfs to Yasuo, unless you were referring to the IE changes. To which I say, he's going to get true damage on every auto. That's hardly a nerf.
> [{quoted}](name=Melledoneus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3iZgqjKt,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-05-22T05:45:29.409+0000) > > Yasuo's getting hit on the head? > > I didn't see any direct nerfs to Yasuo, unless you were referring to the IE changes. To which I say, he's going to get true damage on every auto. That's hardly a nerf. His items will be more expensive to reach * Brawlers glove costs more and is unique * Zeal costs more and gives less * PD/Stattik both cost more without offering more stats * IE costs more IE change is also a bit detrimental, as someone else mentioned, yasuo gets free pen, so the true dmg conversion is a bit less efficient on him than other IE users. He still has the penalty of dealing less crit dmg. * At 100 AD with IE Yasuo would currently deal 225 dmg before armor. Now it will deal 27 True and 153 dmg before armor. Current IE will deal more dmg unless the target has ~150 armor (after adding yasuo's ult pen) * I'm tired so I'm not gonna do the math for his change in Q damage at the moment. That said, I agree overall that Yasuo is a bit overtuned, and am not entirely confident that the item change will leave him in a significantly healthier state. I am of the mind that removing the safety net interaction of his ult under tower is a smart move, and if necessary put more power elsewhere. It's stupid that he has such a low risk "dive" because of it and shield absorbing return dmg from your target
: Two simple changes to the game that I think will make it a lot more bearable.
Rageblade is exacerbated by the larger problem of on hit effects in the game. Similarly to shields there aren't particularly good choices for responding to on-hit effects. Since many On-hit builds are paired with champs that have a %HP component, true damage, or otherwise will include either/both Wit's End and BotrK, both health and resistances always feel sub-par. And some of the CC specifically designed to react to auto-attackers is sub par. Panth's block doesn't have the uptime to work, Quinn and Jax will have trouble consistently reaching the Rageblade user, and Teemo's blind doesn't actually block all on-hit effects. There aren't really any items that jump out as "this will help against on-hit" in the same fashion as Randuins for Crit. Beyond that it's just general CC tactics all with their own give and take. I would argue the current iteration of Rageblade is the healthiest we've had, and am opposed to removing it, primarily for the sake of item diversity. A lot of items and builds simply don't see use w/o Rageblade. It now acts as the Deathcap, or Infinity Edge in its build, and I'd rather see better item options to respond to it (move Adaptive Helms power from its statline more into it's Passive to successive reduce on-hits as a quick option)
Azadethe (NA)
: BAM! Pyke gets nerfed into the ground before release.
I mean, a 140% ratio was absurd, and made it way more important to buy straight AD and snowball, which also meant lane Pyke was just straight up better so you can farm for faster buys. Even with the nerf he'll probably still do fine with the lower income, but not have as massive a disparity from a solo lane Pyke. Besides, its PBE, "PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly."
: I do like to trade in lane and kill them when they are low. I am good at zoneing minions. I have played early champions and usually I can't close the game and it gets to late and I become useless. I feel like trying draven and snowballing but I also want to try kog maw because he is mentioned to have a bad early but in my games my early game isn't so bad. I feel like one of my problems is I really rely on my support a lot and where my elo is the supports don't save you a lot. I think I need a adc that can be played aggressive without needing a support to save him. That is why I thought draven because his trades are so good as long as you know how to play him. I do play jhin but I'm not sure how good I am at him. So all in all the adc that I would love is one that trades nicly but still has a late game. Not sure if that exists but I will try to find it if it does.
>draven because his trades are so good as long as you know how to play him. Draven is a little odd, and mastering him over 100s of games is key. He has very strong early game, and his passive means he will scale faster than his opponents if he gets kills. The problem comes when you don't get those kills, as without a substantial gold lead he isn't that impressive. He still has an ok late game, but its because he's intended to hit his late game faster than others and close games b4 they reach theirs. Given what I saw on your I probably wouldn't recommend Draven. Draven has the 2nd lowest death count of all ADCs - not because he has good defensive tools, but because practiced Dravens prioritize conserving and cashing in stacks. Historically you have a lot of deaths in your games, so unless you can fix that, you may well struggle to cash in. Again I haven't seen your games so I could easily be off the mark. Also, Draven apparently has an abysmally low win rate at full build according to, so if you struggle to close games i wouldn't recommend. > kog maw because he is mentioned to have a bad early but in my games my early game isn't so bad Kog's early laning is actually good. Its after 1st back that he'll struggle if even in gold. He will rely a lot on his support to make it from that point to his item spike at Hurricane + Rageblade. The best way for kog to win currently is actually with a dmg support that has CC - Lux, Zyra, and blitz are the three "highest synergy supports" currently. Many hyperscaling ADCs have a good start to lane, but can't compete with mid game ADCs after items start being purchased. They have strong trades with dorans blade because it gives them an avenue to their late game aside from slow farming and stalling the game. If you get kills early and outgold your opponent you will be able to compete (not necessarily win) in the mid game. Cait and Trist are good examples. Cait can shove hard at lvl 1 with Q, or if her support brings CC can take traps to chunk her lane opponent lvl 1. Her long range lets her harass at the enemies tower, so they are too low to take a fight. Her headshots will make her good at taking first brick. Doing this you can build a large CS lead and take tower to amass a gold lead, or you can kill them with traps and E>Q combos for a gold lead. Even then, if you are against, lets say MF, you could be sitting at IE Zeal Boots, to her Essence Reaver, and she will beat you in a teamfight. To stay ahead you need to farm, and pressure objectives, and only take teamfights that you can win because of another factor (caught enemy mid / 4v2 / they're diving under tower etc) If you slip up, and your opponent gets a gold lead through CS/tower/kills Cait will probably feel useless until 3+ items. Trist is similar, her E makes her extraordinary at taking towers at all stages of the game. Her W charging her E gives her a strong early game burst with a support that will initiate. If you don't have an initiator just shove with her E passive, ward so you don't get ganked and keep the enemy under turret. Attack them to try and make them slip up and lose farm. W/o a gold least, Trist will also feel useless until 2/3+ items. So if you want strong early and strong late you have choices like: {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:110}}. {{champion:81}} also but he's more reliant on poke than the others. On all of these champs the most important thing for you to do is CS better and die less. None of them require kills to get/stay ahead. They can all pressure and gain farm leads. That pressure can sometimes convert to kills. If you want strong early to get kills and snowball you have choices like: {{champion:21}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:236}} . The most important thing here is to reduce your deaths and convert on kills. You can go 21/3 and lose because you didn't take objectives after kills. After every kill assess the following: * Who could show up to clean up kills? * How long until they can get here? * What objectives can we gain now that X is off the map? * Answers should include and be decided in the following priority: Baron/Elder > Dragon/Herald/Towers > JG camps/CS * Adjust your decision by proximity, health, and time. Baron might be the best objective, but if ur half HP and on bot its not a choice anymore * Ideally you do not recall immediately after a kill. Unless someone is on the way to kill you, you should always at least shove the minions into the enemy tower.
: I'm done with this game
Things I know from having friends that only play aram: 1. ARAM is not balanced and is not supposed to be balanced. Riot very rarely makes ARAM specific changes (although there are some coming soon). As Pika Fox said, its intended as a dice roll. 2. ARAM has far fewer players than SR, so the matchmaking has to stretch farther to find 10 players to put in a game. That's why you end up with a larger rank disparity than SR. 3. Ppl dodge when they don't like their champ/team. The diceroll nature and the fact its not the primary mode means ppl don't care as much about dodging. 4. ARAM is, more often than not, a bloodbath. This puts the game on a knifes edge; either one team snowballs or both teams keep dying leaving you with a volatile standstill. The tactics used in SR to stall and spread out don't exist here, ARAM is feast or famine. 5. Most ppl only care about fighting in ARAM, so CS loses meaning and most people I see do a terrible job last hitting. if your kill gold is on the wrong person, you're fucked. 6. By "damage champion" I assume you mean Marksmen, assassins, or fighters. Many of them have weak early games compared to tanks and supports who are expected to get less gold and so are given stronger base numbers. Most assassins are expected to get a fast 1v1 kill, not extended 5v5s fights. Fighters typically do well either over a long slow fight (stacking buffs w/o getting nuked) or numerous shorter fights (short combo > disengage > repeat). Fights can be long, but if they have a mage you'll get bursted, and the only continuous short trades are going to be poke champs. Unless you cleanup kills and get items they are supposed to out-trade you. Given you cannot commit time for a longer game then you honestly are better off playing something else. League is built around SR which averages between 20-40 minutes. OW is much faster, Fortnite probably not going far over 20m if you survive. If it honestly is just the RNG that you hate, play twisted treeline. Its faster than SR and doesn't deal with the dice roll bs.
: Top Lane: If you enjoy Xin, you could try someone like Renekton or Camile. Both fighters with a mix of tank and damage. All of them have strong gap closers and can duel very well If you want to stick with the high damage assassin kind of game play, try out Riven or Trynd. As they aren't really pure assassins, they are still back line divers who have very high damage. ADC: Hard to say, in general champions like: MF, Jinx, Ashe, Caitlyn and trist are all really easy to pick up. But if you want to keep the play styles? Maybe Twitch to keep with the assassin theme or Lucian to keep with mobile damage dealer with strong gap closer.
> [{quoted}](name=Hencho101,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ir1WrW9N,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-20T07:28:37.184+0000) > > Top Lane: > If you enjoy Xin, you could try someone like Renekton or Camile. Both fighters with a mix of tank and damage. All of them have strong gap closers and can duel very well > > If you want to stick with the high damage assassin kind of game play, try out Riven or Trynd. As they aren't really pure assassins, they are still back line divers who have very high damage. > > ADC: > Hard to say, in general champions like: MF, Jinx, Ashe, Caitlyn and trist are all really easy to pick up. But if you want to keep the play styles? Maybe Twitch to keep with the assassin theme or Lucian to keep with mobile damage dealer with strong gap closer. For a similar all-in mentality/combo as Xin you could also consider Wukong and Kled who both offer good teamfighting. ADC: I thought of Trist and Vayne if he prefers to play towards longer games. Kaisa and Lucian would also be fitting for mobility + high DPS.
: having trouble finding a main
According to your you do not currently main ADC, having only played 5 Ez games out of 54 ranked this season (no other ADCs) Recent history shows a bunch of Jhin. I can't gather that much info about how you play bot lane, so here is general advice: * Your KDA's are low. All but 1 of your top 7 played have more deaths than kills - you are only staying above 1.00 by having high assist counts (which is good). Without watching a game I can't know exactly why your deaths are so high, but you should focus on surviving more - whether its not getting caught greeding, or not diving too deep etc. This is something I struggle with a lot, but you have to think about it. * You're CS/M is very low. Reach goal is 10/m. As an example doublelift's lowest in his top 7 is 8.9 on Jhin, everyone else is above 9. Obviously don't expect to get that high, but you currently have an average 2.7 on Fizz. Your most played (Riven) is 4.3, and Ezreal is 3.2. **Minions are the #1 source of gold in league.** ------------------------- **To help you find ADCs to play:** What other ADCs have you practiced? What is your preferred playstyle? Do you want to fight early, teamfight mid or hyperscale late? This has a huge impact on the champ you should prioritize because it will determine _how _ you carry **To improve your odds of carrying think about the following:** What is your win condition in a given game? What is your teams win condition? Ideally the answer is the same, but in many cases it won't be. How can you make the best of different win conditions? Are you being flexible with your playstyle based on the champion your support picks and the tendencies they show early game?
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