: Can Akali not be allowed to just fuck around in her smokescreen for 25 minutes per game?
I think the idea of making it last longer when she dips in and out is a cool fantasy, but it last way too long if she does it enough. Make it so it lasts like nothing if she doesn't use that feature or it doesn't extend it by that much, or make it so the cd doesn't start till after it dissipates, (assuming it starts immediately which I feel like it does)
: Been doing it since I started playing the game, no special reason, just feels comfortable to me this way.
doing what? you didnt say anything
: D or F: What's your flash key, and why?
I have it on a mouse button, when i was starting off i wasnt used to keyboard so I was so bad at trying to hit d or f and I always ended up hitting the wrong one...
: > [{quoted}](name=MetaCosmos,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FULRNb6u,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-02T13:38:19.157+0000) > > gonna show us the part where you tell the dude to kill himself? I'm really annoying with my puns, but I didn't say anything like that. I think maining Teemo gets me a lot of reports because of the whole "You're a troll pick" thing.
> [{quoted}](name=Report Teemo x9,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FULRNb6u,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-02T13:39:58.179+0000) > > I'm really annoying with my puns, but I didn't say anything like that. I think maining Teemo gets me a lot of reports because of the whole "You're a troll pick" thing. and your name literally asks everyone to report you. I know it's a joke, but I bet a lot of people do just cause
: Can we have a random skin pick function?
all i do for this is spam the arrow buttons that scroll through the skins, get whatever it lands on
Rioter Comments
: Thanks for not giving Nunu the ability to dash over walls in the rework
How do you see this and think it was intended lmao. I know Riot is known for making mistakes like this but come on, you can't seriously believe there intention was to make a move where you create A MASSIVE SNOWBALL THAT IF DONE NEXT TO A WALL MAGICALLY PUTS YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE....
: but they couldnt stop themselves and had to give him a knockup.
First of all, what else is gonna happen when you get hit with the BIGGEST SNOWBALL EVER! There's no "fall over" mechanic. Secondly, Nunu is meant to be a tank, utility champion, all they did was give him more utility to help, not to mention it does shit for damage. From what I've seen, it's not a normal riot tank ability where the base is so high you don't need AP. All it is is a unique and interesting ability that knocks up for a small amount of time.
: Yes, she needs the kind of rework that galio got, the one where about nothing of her old kit remains...
I mean, Gallo's Q is derived very heavily from both his old Q and E, done in a way that promotes more skill on the players behalf and more counter play for the player against him. Not to mention his W is clearly a reference to his ult and also has themes from his former W, while not as strong obviously, it's not like it doesn't get a nod in his new kit. Let's be real what could you expect, other than his R to be brought through the rework, his old kit was shit. Yeah, it was mostly skill shots, but it was boring and not interactive for both parties. While his kit is very different, it's not like his old kit was forgotten.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Recon1212,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OAU8xe6U,comment-id=000200000002,timestamp=2018-08-11T04:03:07.403+0000) > > No if riot wants Assassins to have anti-vision then they should get sweeper, they don't need a core item giving them something like that for free Who buys edge of night as a core item? Isnt it a rarely taken luxury item?
I was referring to duskblade as the core item
Velasan (NA)
: So, like ok yeah... but he is supposed to be. There are supposed to be simple champs in this game. If they EVER change Veigar or Annie into some three hit monstrosity with dashes... I'm just done. I like Veigar, even for being as simple as he is. No champion should win every fight just because they can dash around like a mad man or have a paragraph long passive.
I agree, but Veig ult is ridiculous. Point and click 1000+ damage is brutal, on top of his Q which does a hefty amount and his W doing Ulti level damage. I know it's hard to hit but still he has way too much damage in his kit.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OAU8xe6U,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-10T08:15:20.757+0000) > > Trying to balance it at this point is a lost cause. > > It needs to be removed entirely. No. Its _damage_ is actually on par with its counterparts. What makes the item _strong_ is the free sweeper that it gives you. Get rid of that, and the item becomes pretty nice. If riot really wants anti-vision, they need to add it to edge of night. Ward camo would be a pretty unique mechanic.
No if riot wants Assassins to have anti-vision then they should get sweeper, they don't need a core item giving them something like that for free
: Duskblade of Draktharr
This item is the bringer of destruction. It feels like it is the catalyst to which all of league is failing. Since it was updated after its initial state, it's turned league into a game of burst, cause for whatever reason, Riots wants free up front damage for aaing instead of rewarding players for doing stuff like the old Duskblade did. I'm not saying the old one was better, but it sounds more balanced just based on it's passive. Not to mention they go and add a crit version (stormrazer) it's mind boggling to me how little it seems riot cares about the sate of this meta, let alone this game.
: > [{quoted}](name=elo trash,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T5OLu0rk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-08T16:28:22.368+0000) > > we know damage is over powered right now also riot buffs yasuo R So would you rather them buff the defensive capabilities of a champion that currently has 47% win rates in his main roles? Because I really don't think that's what you want.
> [{quoted}](name= Król Wilk Sam,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T5OLu0rk,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-08T16:40:15.094+0000) > > also riot > buffs yasuo R > > So would you rather them buff the defensive capabilities of a champion that currently has 47% win rates in his main roles? Because I really don't think that's what you want. I swear every time I see you say something in a post you get down voted to shit, every single time. I wonder why...
Rioter Comments
: You main Yasuo in NORMAL games, where players try out all kind of stuff. Do you mean that Yasuo doesn't need buffs because you are doing well in NORMAL games?
Why does it matter what Queue I play? A main is a main. Just cause I like playing league but can't stand ranked doesn't invalidate any opinions I have about a champ I have over 500K points on.
: 2 passives that are totally unrelated (one is a free shield, the other one is double crit chance) 2 different effects on his Q A windwall that can block any ability as long as it's a projectile for the whole duration of it, giving him a support-like role during teamfights, while he's also a carry A dash with no cooldown (only cd is from dashing on minions) that increases its damage for each unit being touched An ultimate that can be triggered by any knock up (even {{champion:34}} W lmao) when the champion himself has a knock up in his kit. The ultimate : - refreshes his shield - "stuns" enemies in the air for 2 seconds - gives him 50% armor pene Now let's look at Annie A passive that stuns every 4th spell Q = damage + helping her to farm W = AoE damage E = damage reduction R = AoE damage + tibbers coming
All I see from that is Yasuo has more complicated moves. Hell, Annie wins that lane if she knows how to play against a Yas, shes so fucking easy that no matter how broken yas is she just throws he moves, not to mention her W doesn't get stopped by windwall, and as I said before if you block stun Q she'll still have stun up.
: Are you kidding us with this Yasuo buff!?
You have to wonder, did the balance team decide to make this unnecessary buff and assume that no one would have a negative reaction, like who singed off on this, who said this is ok...
Mth97 (EUW)
: wanna hear a joke ?
Sad thing is, even with all of the posts talking about it, it'll probably make it live
: As a yas main, I have no idea why neither, he is in a good spot right now,maybe even too strong,im pissed with this
Same, it makes no sense, if anything his R was the one thing that people don't think is overpowered, I guess Riot can't let that slide.
: ??WTF Riot ?? Yasuo changes
This is real? I'm a Yasuo main and that's fucking gross, why.. I just... what...
Rioter Comments
: Yes, I did spam {{champion:142}} for a while to see how strong she can be, and she is broken when you realize you can deal as much damage as your full burst by missing your skills. Yes, I did play {{champion:84}} and now she's strong early game and late game, while being able to build tanky and still dealing insane amount of damage and bringing utility to her team (but thankfully actually has some skill expression, since you can dodge her abilities) No, I never played {{champion:157}} (simply because I refuse to play this garbo) because just read his skills, it's just overloaded. Compare his kit to let's say {{champion:1}} or {{champion:9}}
You want to compare Yasuo, who has 2 targeted moves, 1 being a very low damage dash and the other being a blink that requires the champion to be in air, and a pure utility move that you have all the power to negate, (run away, don't let him just stand in it, or don't use vital moves when its up) to two champions who are overloaded with point and click abilities,. One having a universal stun that cannot be blocked cause if it doesn't hit it doesn't get used up, attached to 2 really powerful nukes. Not to mention an ult that can annihilate an entire team, and continues to deal a lot of damage even after she dies. And lets not forget about the other guy, 2 point and click powerful CC abilities. A silence that bounces around and can hit up to what, 6-8 targets. Along with a fear that he has to do nothing but click to use, and a move that sucks health faster than you can deal, because you cant attack cause your feared and silenced. And then there's his ult, a giant aoe that does so much dmg and if he ults just one person they are almost for sure dead cause you can't flash or move if he hits his fear and silence, and oh wait he can't miss those, hmmm. I'm not saying Yasuo is perfect but just because he is hated please don't try to compare him to these two shit champs, their kits are horrendous and need work. There's a lot that goes into being decent on Yas, if you let one walk up to you without there being a minion wave and he kills you, unless hes super fucking fed, or you had no health, that's on you. It took me a decent bit of time to get to the point I'm at with Yasuo, and hate me if you want, but I can tell a good yas from a bad one, and there is a difference. I wouldn't mind if Riot made it a bit harder for new yas players to run at people like everyone thinks he can, but the fact is, there's a lot to yas and boiling him down to a piece of shit champion because his strengths usually give him an advantage in this meta (low cc, just raw dmg) don't blame the champ. Every champ has a game where they excel because there's no champ on the other team that counter them. And while I do agree Yas has a few less counters than some, he still has a fair share of ways to make him less then useful.
: I hate everyone who exists in this world.
I think you meant, "I hate everyone who exists on this floating rock"?
: "I hope the guy who carried my game gets banned because he said 2 words i don't like" :D Wow man, it must be good to be your teammate ;)
First of all he didn't carry, he just did good and saying shit like that shouldn't be tolerated. But I can see you're probably just him... sad
Vanëssa (EUNE)
: My god, this happened to us so many times, get over it... Did you really need to post?
I'm sorry this offended you so much, but it wasn't meant for you, clearly. If you want to let situations like this go then so be it, but I feel that it's important to bring situations like this to light so people can understand what not to be like.
Rioter Comments
: Pretty sure she can't pick up any form of {{item:3157}} either. EDIT: Okay, she can copy it. She still can't get it off minions.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MLaU4ygb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-03T20:49:09.138+0000) > > Pretty sure she can't pick up any form of {{item:3157}} either. She can. If you zbonyas or stopwatch, Zoe can in fact use it.
: I preferred old malz
While I can't say I enjoyed being walked at and getting R'd under tower, I do think reverting him and working on numbers with the old kit would be better than whatever the fuck he is right now.
Rioter Comments
: "jUsT DoDGe hEr AbILiTieS BrO"
This happened to me the other day. I was kindred and I dodged her Q and E and she still 1 shot me, I was so fucking confused.
: Give me an example of one of these 'random changes'. I've been watching very carefully and honestly, I haven't noticed a single balance change that was random. Just curious.
Lee Sin and Fizz buffs, completely unnecessary and random.
borger (NA)
: so why was fizz buffed again
: Oh my fucking God. Could we get any more childish on these boards?
How is this being childish? It's a QoL change that was added a ways back and all of a sudden they take it out for no justified reason. It's not childish, it's confusion and frustrating.
Wait this change was deliberate? I thought it was a bug, that's sad. The fact that they made a change so unjustified that someone could believe it is a bug is a statement as to the direction this company is heading.
: i don't see an ashe in ur match history.. just the leblanc game
If you're referring to me playing Ashe, i didn't say I did. The game where he was Ashe was the game after, when I was Brand.
2quick4u2 (EUW)
And then his late game, the pinnacle of gameplay. Insanely short cooldowns coupled with an invulnerability with immense amount of healing. Seeing a fed Vlad is one of the scariest things in the game cause you know no matter how much damage you deal, it'll all just come back as soon as it went away. And oh that damage, fucking forget about killing him before he one shots you with a E Q E. I don't know the exact numbers but I'm pretty sure both E and Q have under a 3 sec CD and bot can do upwards of 500 dmg a piece, it's really fun seeing someone run at you and just hit you with everything cause other than being too far away you can't dodge it.
: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
: So clicking isn't pressing a key? Okay then.
No a key is a key on a KEYboard. Mouses of buttons or Clicks if you wanna say left click.
: Exactly. You're simply asking for her W to be removed. You may be saying you aren't asking for it to be nerfed to that state, but what you're asking for contradicts that sentiment.
What I'm asking for is for them to nerf something about the ability to make it more bearable. Riot removed the invulnerability from Ornn's W and that didn't "remove the ability." Taking something away from an ability or shifting power to make it less frustrating to deal with doesn't remove all usefulness of said ability. If you want to take what I said and make it out that I want them to remove everything about the ability that makes it decent then go ahead, but that's not at all what I'm saying. All they would need to do, is make her get less move speed early and it do less damage and it's in a better place. That's all I'm saying. Take some of the power out early so she ins't as explosive early, and maybe changes the numbers later too, IDK I don't balance the game.
: Oh yeah, forgot Azir had no passive.
His passive isn't activated by pressing a key. When a tower is destroyed and he has it up it prompts him to click on the tower just like if someone is CC'd Swain can pull them with his passive.
: Your champion's passive is a car. What kind of car is it?
I would say {{champion:157}} would be a Lamborghini Siesto Elemento. It's a car designed to be very fast and very agile. Basically it "hits harder" like how his crit chance is doubled, and it is meant to be very fast and benefit from going fast, flow. This is a [Picture](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/forzamotorsport/images/f/f1/FM7_Lambo_Sesto_Front.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20180305132319) of the car if you want to see.
: https://i.imgur.com/ruKabhW.jpg
: That'd have to be moved onto her passive, with her being given an actual ability for her W, then. You can't just ask that a champion effectively have an ability removed without compensation.
You can't move an ability that needs to be activated by the user to a passive, cause there's no button assigned to passive. But I don't think they should remove it, or nerf it so much it's essentially removed, that's not what I meant to get across at all. I feel that with all the move gives it's too much in lane, from the drop itself to the move speed and the damage it gives if shes close enough. I love the uniqueness of the ability, but something needs to get down to it in someway to tone it down a bit.
abdul569 (EUW)
: What I don't understand is why do so many keystones add damage when they could be tuned for utility
I really like the Aftershock and Aery ideas in particular. Brittle is an effect we only see on Ornn and it would be really cool to see it elsewhere in the game. Also I feel that makes a lot of sense for the rune itself. Once you CC someone and stay close enough, you can AA to CC again for a little bit longer. And with Aery, it seems like a Rune that in essence shouldn't be damage, and I like the niche your idea gives. Hit someone with a move and get to run at them faster. It creates a lot of play patterns that would change the way people play. Instead of just throwing out a move (fiddle silence) and getting the free damage, you would have to either capitalize on hitting a move, or wait for the CD to use it when you want. Overall great Ideas, I'd love to see Riot head this direction.
Astorine (OCE)
: You are not happy with zoes balance, a few angry zoe mains will throw themesleves at this and downvote then say something about "muh MASSIVE skill cap!".
While I am not a Zoe main, I am level 7 and find great success on her, shes stupid. Her wave clear is insanely easy, her early game damage is absurd, and her bubble is just gross. Like I get the true dmg is there for tanks, but ffs make it so if they have more than a certain amount of MR or health THEN it does true damage. Her Q alone is a fine ability, yes it does a lot of damage, but without her E it's not that easy to hit at max range. Her W on the other hand is bonkers. I get the uniqueness it gives, but it does way to much for how powerful it can be in lane and in a team fight. She gets one lucky minion to drop an ignite or a GLP/Protobelt and she has such an upper hand. And then the amount she can spam it in a team fight and get all the move speed and the damage it gives is little overkill.
: Give Zoe W a Mana Cost
What they really need to do is limit what minions drop. Getting rid of TP was a good idea, but having something like ignite just drop for free, with it being as strong as it is, is crazy. I don't what they should limit it too, but it feels like it shouldn't be something she gets to use often. Like I feel like it should almost be limited to when she picks up a used summoner instead getting free ones just cause she can last hit.
: We need Summoner Rift's skins based on regions.
This would be awesome, only problem is they would probably have to delete it for Ranked. Unless, they decided to make it mandatory for all players, but for a normals thing this would be really cool.
: Pride is one hell of a drug
if only I could upvote more than once.
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