: How do they chose what champion gets what skin?
I think Riot should be more focused on the skin lines having different roles for example mecha has only top laners and other skin lines you just cant play as a team without going way off meta
Bravyan (NA)
: Trin, the Puppet Master
: April fools skin dreams
Bultz (NA)
: How about a Steve Irwin Champion?
Sounds awesome but kinda like Ivern.
: Zilean Ult concept Rewind
Sounds cool but that's a lot like echo. maybe the normal ult on allies and what you suggested on enemies. Youd have to have a longer cooldown
: Attempt to create a KEYPOINT RUNE concept (That can replace Omnistone)
I like the you get to choose from enemies and allies keystone but you should have to have a cool down on champions keystones.
Kratun (NA)
: Client is currently broken.
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Doodlzzz (NA)
: Whats with the Orianna buff?
: League of Remakes/Afk's?
I have also noticed that, I don't know why.
: Tips from Orianna mains
Your ball does more dmg to the first target it hits. It also moves faster with your e protect then with your q attack. you can hide it in terrain and on stealth champs, you already knew that but it can get your ball closer to the champ you want to attack. A tip is to leave your ball where they're likely to go so you can surprise r and the use your other combos. You can flash r which is debated whether useful but it looks really cool, During the beginning of the game try not to engage just don't miss cs because the chances are that they are going to beat you early on, don't worry though if you get your items and get to late game ori is stupid overpowered but don't miss cs The items I get first back are lost chapter then sorcerers shoes, then spellbinders then rabadons then morelinomicon then ludens then you can choose from void staff if they have mr and zohnyas (not spelling) or liandrys torment. hope that was useful. (:
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: Meanwhile in the League of Draven... [Weekly roundup - Apr 1]

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