woops (NA)
: 1. Last year we were surprised with that cool Imagine Dragons song for Worlds, any more plans for cool collaborations like that for 2015? 2. Why Europe for S5 Worlds? Is it to be fair to fans (in terms of being able to attend), or are we still trying to find a good home for future years? 3. Are there any plans to promote other regions (EU, Champions, LPL, or NA even to the others), other than combining twitch channels? Thanks for all your hard work, and I (as well as many others) look forward to the 2015 season!
1) Haven't really had a chance to dive in to plans for 2015 Finals performance, but we set a high bar and know we need to do something pretty damn cool 2) Seemed like a natural fit to bring it back to EU after missing out in S2-S4. We will probably always rotate our Worlds location rather than finding a permanent home, but lots of factors go into this and hopefully we start doing stuff like the Olympics / FIFA where cities bid to get Worlds 3) PTL will help with coverage of other regions, and also the Twitch channels should be huge, no longer having the paywalls for HD streaming of OGN is huge. Thanks for the thanks!
Rhyzalar (NA)
: How do you feel you can establish longevity with an audience that is so fickle?
I think our audience is actually pretty loyal and extremely passionate about our game and eSports. We've seen increased engagement and viewership #'s since we really started going all in with eSports, and I think it's on us to make sure we are constantly iterating and making the experience better and better so that fans keep tuning in. Challenge accepted!
: Is it your aim to make Worlds again a little bit bigger? So that we can expect the finals to be in a larger for example Bundesliga/Premier League Stadium like Sangam?
Not really - World Cup stadium was great because it let us interact with so many fans live, but it was also a really difficult undertaking. I think we are going to be more focused on Arena's than World Cup Stadiums. Getting good views and screens for people in an Arena is much easier than a World Cup stadium. That's at least our plan for 2015, who knows for future years.
: What is the copyright status of LCK? As a content creator it seems like CJ (who owns OGN) is hitting with copyright strikes every channel uploading videos from LCK. Does CJ own the LCK material and they are doing it rightfully or Riot owns the LCK material so they are abusing the youtube copyright system? Are you working towards a solution (and if yes what solution might that be) for this matter?
We are aware and are actively trying to work on solutions here, but can't really say much more on this point.
Fuzk (EUW)
: Will there be more merchandise this year at Worlds? Maybe something special for those who attend the event(s)? How many different EU locations will host Worlds this year?
Yes, more diverse merch offering that what we have had in years past, but we also have an online store that is accessible to many of our countries, so that creates an additional avenue for this. Numerous locations for Worlds, similar to years past, but still ironing out plans.
TBSkyen (EUW)
: A lot of European countries have a long history of state funding for small community sports initiatives (soccer clubs and the like). Are you exploring these options when it comes to expanding the amateur scenes around Europe - through outreach to schools and after-school institutions for example?
Yes! We are actively exploring these types of opportunities, we'd love for their to be more amateur competitions all around Europe. Jason Yeh can probably speak more to this, he is our EU country manager of the eSports office in Berlin.
Bi0major (NA)
: This is Ariel Horn, for those that don't recognize the tag. Good question. Among the 1080p or 60fps upgrade, I think we would see an appreciable increase in game smoothness and clarity from 60fps. We are working with our tech team to potentially purse this direction. We already produce our shows in 60fps so it's a matter of testing to ensure that the distribution partners can accommodate and won't default to variable bit rates or fewer frames.
: Have you considered making a switch of broadcast in the middle of the LCS season? So you know, EU players get weekendgames half of the time and NA players get them the other half?
EU playoffs will be on the weekends now, so hopefully that mitigates some of the pain. One of the reasons we have EU on the weekdays is if we flipped it, we would have NA on Thurs/Fri, and it would need to be at noon to accommodate the EU viewers, but would be hard to get live attendees for that.
CLG Salty (EUW)
: Any plans for the LCS to go on the road again this year? Was a pleasure meeting Nick Allen in London and talking about our stupid roads!
Yup yup, we are taking the LCS on the road again. No locations have been announced yet.
BuGGeaD (NA)
: at what hour the season will restart ?
Defuze (EUW)
: 1- Will the final be located in a center part of europe if so please let it be BELGIUM :D? 2- Is it hard to find venue's for Esports Tourney's 3- will PTL be like a real talk show or more like the pre-show? Thank you love what you guys are doing =)
1) The finals will be centrally located to allow for good access to most people, but of course it's tough to please everyone unfortunately. Luckily, we have multiple Worlds stops, and two LCS roadshow locations, and are trying our best to spread the love 2) Yea, it's pretty damn difficult unfortunately. Most concerts show up for a day or two and are out, but we have some pretty tough setup with all the tech we install, and then we have multi-day tournaments vs. single day shows, so that is very limiting with our venues. Advance planning helps a lot, so our 2016 search begins shortly in the next few months 3) PTL is like a Sportscenter style show, if you are familiar with that. Should be a fun show that will help capture the global LoL eSports scene, and we are going to be really interested to get feedback on it
Gloobus (EUNE)
: Do you already have chosen places for Worlds in Europe and keeping it in secret for now or are you still searching for them?
Venues are found for the most part but still in final negotiations with various venues. We are looking to announce in a few weeks when contracts are signed.
: If you had to give 3 reasons why this Esports season/year/whatever will be better then the others, what would they be and why?
In no particular order - better season format (shorter regular season / longer playoffs / circuit points), international upgrades (formats and schedules are more aligned, MSI makes more sense to celebrate spring winners, added ASG at the end of the year, international league content more available), and third, I got baking soda
: Will the Southeast be receiving some LCS one weekend? Not asking for any location specifics, just region specifics (if all goes according to plan).
Still working on our roadshow locations, but we do want to try and make it out east to show fans out there some love.
Bray (NA)
: Will there ever be a worlds in Canada?
Perhaps - whenever NA gets Worlds next, Canada would definitely be considered for one of the stopping points.
: Madison Square Garden for the Mid-Season Invitational! The Knicks won't be needing it for NBA playoffs games!
Zinger! I'm a Lakers fan, so I can't really throw stones atm.
: How about an East Coast even that isn't PAX East? Like, something along the lines of when LCS went to London's Wembley Stadium. As much as I love Boston (living 30 mins from the city) and as much as I hate to say it, New York/New Jersey area would make the most sense for a few reasons: -It's in the vicinity of the largest city in the US, so traveling there & hotel accommodations won't be difficult for travelers. -There are over a dozen major sports teams located in the area and as such procuring a stadium venue shouldn't be too difficult. -It isn't on foreign soil, so visa issues won't be a problem. -It isn't so far south as to deter our friendly neighborhood East Coast Canadians from driving down if they so choose. -A sell-out event (especially if in something like Yankee Stadium or Madison Square Garden) would make a lot of headlines -Riot already has a New York office (even if it is on the small side) -Hanging out in NYC with fellow summoners would be awesome! Just my thoughts here, but I'd be super stoked for any major east coast league event!
We do want to start traveling in the US as well. One thing to note, however, is that our traveling show is actually quite tough to get venues. Whereas a normal concert has a roadshow set and they are used to going in and out of concerts on a weekly or even more regular basis, we do very few events a year, and so our ability to come in and setup takes a bit more time, and having a venue that's available for ~4-5 days which is what we need vs. ~1-2 days for a concert is actually really hard. Needless to say, we are looking and should have some cool venues to announce in the coming weeks.
: My $0.02 as someone who attended last year's regionals at PAX Prime: you need to do something to make going to a live event special, beyond the atmosphere that's provided by the fans and the fact that the players are vaguely nearby. After watching a bunch of the games live, I ended up watching the finals via wifi from my hotel room by choice: sitting at the live event I had to crane my head in one direction for uncomfortably long periods of time, and in terms of what *Riot* was providing (so not counting the atmosphere), I wasn't getting anything out of the experience that I couldn't get from just watching the Twitch stream in the comfort of my own room. My suggestion would be to find some way to approximate the live experience in traditional sports. One of the cool things about going to a soccer match, for example, is that you can watch whatever you want; you're not limited by what the camera is choosing to show you. So if you really like one player, you can watch that guy for the entire game, even when the ball is elsewhere. In *League*, the easiest way to do this would be with screens. Obviously, you're always going to want one massive central screen that's showing all the action. But you could have smaller screens on either side that show each individual player's in-game perspective, too. That would add a lot to the live viewing experience, as the ADC mains can watch their favorite ADC all game (for example) and really appreciate their play, rather than being stuck watching the main stream and missing a lot of the regular bot lane laning phase. But of course, people who just want to see the action could do that too. Alternatively, you could use some extra screens to display real-time stats, or have the item purchases and player/team gold charts given their own permanent screens so that live viewers who want to can keep closer track of that stuff, and not have to wait for the Twitch stream to check in on it to get that info. I think this is core to the live sporting experience, and it ought to be core to the live esports experience too: the viewer should get total access to the game, and the freedom to watch what they want to watch. If physical screens in the venue isn't a viable option, another thing you could do would be to offer an LCS Live app that viewers could log into to watch those individual streams (if you can get decent wifi at the venue, which I know is very hard) or at the very least maybe have access to real-time stats. You could also consider some in-game rewards. I know you do give out skins at some events, but I'm talking something more like a custom icon for people who logged in to your app at an LCS live event. Or even do something weirder like have fans be able to choose their favorite player before each game, and then have them receive the amount of IP that player earned from that game. These are all just ideas and some of them would require a lot of effort, but even if you're not going to adopt any of them, I think Riot needs to think seriously about the live experience at these events, and what value it's providing users during the actual games. Ideally, the live viewing experience should have a great atmosphere (I suspect this is part of why you're leaving PAX, where viewers are torn between League and the rest of the show), but it should also offer something more to live viewers: more angles, more access, more data, more rewards, whatever. But I think it's definitely something you should be thinking hard about.
Helpful feedback, thanks for taking the time on this. It's a bit tough to tailor the real-time experience for live fans vs. the stream, where we do have a lot of flexibility. A good analogy would be for the most recent BCS Championship, I believe they actually had 12 live feeds with different camera angles and analysis, and putting that together in a cohesive streaming experience would actually be easier than doing it for a live event. What we do need to make sure is that all the views in the house are great, that's a priority and doing this at a venue designed for sports is a bit easier than the space we had at PAX, so that obviously will be a focus. I think the main excitement of being at an event is feeding off the energy of the crowd, it's seeing the players live, getting swag, etc. Tough to get a great viewing angle compared to on your couch at an NFL Football game unless you are 50 yard line, but a majority of the seats are less about the best viewing angle, and more about the live experience, so we do want to make the live event experience awesome and so seeing some of this pain is helpful for us as we are always trying to iterate and evolve on it. Anyways, lots of work to do, think there are opportunities all over, so we will be working on them and hopefully can continue to make a better and better experience going forward.
: Just want to say that I completely agree and disagree with this post. As a Canadian who was introduced to league at PAX prime 3 years ago, I have had the pleasure of watching the game and the spectacle of esports grow at the event. From how crazy it was at PAX in 2014 I have no doubt that you have outgrown the venue and the event. As well, I am sure part of the reason the Prime tickets sell out in 5 min if because it’s the only way to see this tournament. You guys want to do your own thing, be your own event. To be honest, I have some faith that you guys can pull it off. But it sucks because Prime won’t be nearly as awesome without you there…. and I doubt I can do two expensive tips like this a year. The spectacle of PAX prime over 4 days is what I spend thousands of dollars to attend. Is prime still worth it without League… maybe... But does League offer the same value without PAX? I don’t know, probably not. When I was visiting LA I took it upon myself to see a live event at the studio. Tickets were cheap and I was already there. It was an awesome cool novelty, but I would never travel specifically to do that. Perhaps if you guys held the events separate from PAX but still in Seattle and still on those days, so people can CHOOSE to do both in the same trip? I understand that by breaking out of these events and traveling, you are giving MORE fans MORE opportunity to see an event and that’s great. But it feels like a lottery now, will it be close enough to me to warrant a trip JUST to watch league? I guess I also want to mimic some of tyrannoscoreus post, If you want to convince me to leave the tundra of Canada and spend my hard earned, grossly undervalued, currency just to watch a e-sports event live…. It better be A LOT more than just an esports event. I look forward to your next live event in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada =-)
Thanks for the thoughtful note. We totally understand that players may want to combine esports with other gaming fun. It's one of the reasons we're looking more fully into developing events that have lots of different elements, including chances to interact with the community/meet other gamers and Rioters With that said, we're shifting things little to aim more fully at esports fans who are focused on competitive live gaming with these events. We know taking trips to see live gaming experiences can get expensive. It's one of the reasons we're looking to offer more varied locations outside of the West Coast so that fans have an opportunity to join us if they want to.
: Hey, I bought some stuff, really happy this is here, I have been looking for Merch since I went to PAX Prime and there was no store at the LCS regionals. The prices are a bit high, BUT this stuff is so rare that they are still worth it. If the market gets flooded I am not sure they can hold these price points, but I am happy to pay this now, just to get stuff. I am also looking forward to new stuff, I hope you will consider some community involvement with this, Sites like TeeFury let people submit designs it would be cool if this was THE PLACE for that kind of thing league related. As a side, one of the Rioters at PAX had a super awesome Ziggs shirt that kinda looked like the rengar one you have, (couldn't find a good picture of it but he wore it to the design panel) As a Ziggs main, I would love that shirt. Any chance we will see it? Thanks again for this store, I look forward to seeing MOAR!
Really want to explore the crowd-sourced opportunities, it's something we have on our plate but nothing incoming anytime soon.
: I remember on J!NX they had a Blitzcrank and Malzahar hoodie, Are you guys going to sell those in the merch store? I really wanted to buy one but they aren't available anymore. :C
Sorry, those have been sunsetted. They weren't at the quality we needed for the site. Had a lot of complaints on them after some wear and tear.
Kakwane (NA)
: Getting this too.
Actually doing a soft launch here while we work through some technical issues on our side. Once we feel safe the site is ready to handle the load there will be an article on Lol.com, etc. Feel really bad about the tech difficulties, sorry for everyone it affected.
: Hey Riot, great job with the store! i would just like to give my two cents on everything. 1. Lets start with the big one today, prices. Some of them work, some of them don't. The ones the "work" are the collectibles, anyone familiar with Preview Magazine knows that these prices are unfortunately in line with the rest of the market for such items. The ones that I don't think work, the T-shirts. Riot is not a small business with small stock. I would expect to pay these prices at concerts or a local gaming store but $25 is just to much for me. If I had logged on today and saw $19.95 I would have bought one right them. I still might buy one, but you made me hesitate. I had to ask if it would be worth it. People can get rid of $20 easy, but $25 instills a fear of overpaying. But thats just my opinion. 2. The store layout. All in all I liked it but just had a few things that would make things clearer. When you are sorting the product the word "position" is odd. I would just make it sort by product. And once you get enough products I would love to be able to browse the entire stock and sort by champion. Also why does Graves take me to the Pentakill shirt? Another little convenience issue, let me view all the products in a category. I am someone who hates pages. 3. I know it has already been addressed by a few reds but descriptions make a world of difference. Now for just a few of my own ideas. Bundles! Everyone loves Bundles! Let me buy all the figures at once. Even if it is just a few bucks cheaper. Or a poster bundle, or a buy two T-shirts and a hoodie bundle... I think you get it by now. I would be much more inclined to buy a large amount of product if after, lets say, $50 worth of stuff I got a $5-10 RP code. "You mean I can buy (Name of friend here) a gift and be able to get that new champ I wanted!" P.S. Why is gnar creeping on the right edge of the clothing and art banner? P.P.S. I dont want to sound negative in any of this, sorry if i did, just giving my two cents worth.
Really appreciate the feedback, you bring up a lot of good points and they are helpful for us as we try to evolve the site and our approach.
Itzon (NA)
: I didn't see this thread til I posted mine: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/U2rO9jJj-missed-opportunites-for-merch-store But to repost: There's some nice stuff in the new merch store but so many missed opportunities. • Frejord, frozen - Poro Shaped Ice Cube Molds • Throw Pillows, preferably Poro shaped • Wukong Banana Cookies • Leona’s shield Wall Decor • Baron Lamp • Baron paper weight • Dancing Baron Desk Toy • Poro Snack/Biscuit Cookie Molds • Crystaline Flask - Flask * Elixir Coffee Mugs • Blood Moon Kabuki Masks • Transforming Mecha Malaphite/Aatrox Toys • Dragon statue with clips (so he can roost on top of your monitors) • Volibear honey • 1lb Gummi-Zac • Gragas Barrels • Women’s Yoga/sweats with VICTORY on the bum • Yordel collection • Zilean Clock • Heimerdinger dancing toy that spins Last but not least, the one item that will sell like hot cakes and net you MILLIONS: • Teemo Stress/Squeeze Toy/Ball - preferably one where his head gets bigger when you squeeze his body P.S. Hire me Rito plz ;)
Ha - great ideas, thanks for the input :P
: Will you guys be adding more merch to the store?
Yup, more merch stuff will be incoming sporadically over the next few months, excited about the new stuff we'll have for players.
Shíny (NA)
: Seems like they have already taken some steps in that direction with the inclusion of some of inkinesss' designs. http://inkinesss.deviantart.com/gallery/
Want to empower the community, so large, engaged, and talented, so would be remiss to not have this on our roadmap. Nothing coming soon on this, but something we want to tackle eventually.
: Hey there! Just wanted to say I'm super excited your store is open now! I just bought me some awesome stuff for me and my boyfriend, and we're already planning on buying more! Super excited for my {{champion:412}} statue like you wouldn't believe! Definitely excited to see what else you add in the store. If I had to recommend something, I would say that the products could definitely use better descriptions :) Possibly better pictures too to help get the quality of your products across. I'm more of a visual person, so pictures are always the first thing I notice. Perhaps maybe adding in some pictures in natural light to help people see what the product looks like normally? Also close-ups and different angles on certain products. I noticed the Thresh only had two shots and it didn't really show off the quality of the product. Just an idea. I purchase a lot of figures and statues, so generally photos are what really make or break it for me. When I see more shots of articulation, angles, and lighting, it really makes me want to buy it more rather than just seeing one image of it from the front. It's good to see every part of it rather than just one or two :) Also maybe include a survey since it's in beta? Just to ask customers (especially ones who connected with their league accounts) what they thought and how you can improve it. Might be a great way to get a good personal feel of how your players think about the store in its beta version :D As for a question: How often will the store get updated with new content once it's out of beta? I would pretty much buy almost anything if it's my favorite champions. Sona lampshade? Sold. Also, will there be benefits for connecting with your league account on the store in the future? Thanks :3
Helpful note / feedback, thanks. Agreed on product descriptions, was a miss on our side and we are going to revisit how we think about describing these products, and providing the proper amount of information. Survey is a good call too, we want moar feedback. Thanks again.
: Pink Taric argument.
Pink Taric would take my wallet. Pink Taric halloween costume plz
Asuka424 (NA)
: Just bought myself a Tibbers plush, and still deciding on getting that amazeballs Thresh statue. My poor, poor wallet... Anywho, once I was able to get through the gateway time-outs the site and subsequent transaction ran really smoothly. My biggest recommendation though is to include more detail in your descriptions. Like what has been touched on in this thread already, it might be difficult for on-the-fence buyers to be swayed into purchasing an item (like how I currently am with Thresh). Also, I was a sad panda when I realized that you were using the Pentakill splash as the Art banner but not selling it as a poster. Once that happens, you'll have an insta-buy out of me. Or just Sona merch in general. <3 Thanks for being awesome!
Agree on the product descriptions, big note of feedback that we need to pivot on going forward. Thanks Asuka
: So what's your profit margin on the Thresh/Demacia Hoodie? Can't imagine those will be very fast movers at an 85$ price point O.o Unless I missed something where they're like rated for -30 degrees weather or something, lol. Why would anyone buy them is what I'm asking, what's your selling point. The designs aren't particularly detailed, is the material super high quality? If you don't have like a 20/80 cost/profit margin on these (like they cost 20$ to make and you make 65$) why did they cost so much to make? Make me want one. The Demacia Hoodie is pretty bangin, but not anywhere near 85$ bangin if it's just a cotton/poly blend hoodie with an iron-on design.
Those hoodies are very high quality. It's tough to tell from the pics, and we probably need to do better with the product descriptions, but per Bradmore: 'we invested in everything from the fabric quality and weight (350gsm French terry) to finishes like the custom zipper pull and premium commercial grade glow ink that is the best in the market for brightness and duration. We wanted these hoodies to not only look and feel great, but also last a long time.' Looks like they are too pricey for a lot of people, so going to work on designing other hoodies that are less expensive.
: > More products incoming over the coming months, wanted to get this live and get feedback as soon as we could. Its nice to see that the only red activity on the forum is in this thread while the servers are broken for east coast players. How about an update on this now 6 hour downtime? Or do we not matter as usual. Downtime with explanation is fine, but this is being completely ignored, how can I spend money on this?
We'd help you if we could, but we have dedicated teams that are silo'ed. Completely different people working on the servers for the game vs. the merch team.
: Cool stuff. I placed an order for that Leona/Diana poster. Not a whole lot in the store, but the store just launched so I get it.
More products incoming over the coming months, wanted to get this live and get feedback as soon as we could.
: Seriously... I know it's a beta, but you'll need to be careful with the servers... I mean the site is constantly crashing because of too much traffic. It has to no happen when the beta will be ended. Would be pretty awful if it stays that way. EDIT : Also I would want to know the specifications of the mousepad. The design is really cool, but I want to know if it's a good one for gaming or just a more casual one.
We agree - got people all over this issue and should be resolved soon. Will be in beta for a while though, this will be a long journey, but moreso from a product, logistics and distribution perspective, store should be operating smoothly.
: A question. Are you guys sure there isn't a correlation between the merch store and this? I haven't made a purchase yet but it did look like I was supposed to log into the store with my same summoner account to make a purchase. Since the server issues have been for people for about 5-ish hours (based on the oldest server posts upon me submitting this) that sounds about when you guys would begin doing any finishing touches to make it go live for us to play with. Edit: Wow I realized that might seem accusatory there. I was more spitballing an idea for your guys to look into. Sorry if that ruffles any feathers, was not the intention.
Appreciate the comment. These are on completely different systems so no correlation, but timing does seem odd haha. Didn't take your note negatively, we appreciate the feedback.
Windup (NA)
: ***
Yup - more stuff incoming over the coming weeks and months.
: It went sloooooow, but worked fine. Store looks organized. Order completed. TY GJ Rito! > > NA and EU prices are very similar, EU prices don't include VAT and duties. > I guess you mean NA prices don't include VAT and duties
: Type of shirt the graphics are printed on will justify the price of apparel to the buyer. Why is there no currency scaling? I assume it's for tax purposes. Either way it's not kind to non-NA folk. NA and EU should not have the same prices Closer images and dimensions/materials would better illustrate the quality of the figurines. Please put a banana for scale. Other than the thresh hoodie - the prices for those hoodies are highway robbery. TL;DR transparency will help people make better informed about their decisions to buy merch. Detail, detail, detail.
(just to keep this quick, copy pasting some of our previous answers from reddit) NA and EU prices are very similar, NA prices don't include VAT and duties, EU does. Don't have a banana, but Bradmore posted this: http://i.imgur.com/ox3JMq6.jpg?1 to give some scale. They are ~3.5 inches and think people will be excited when they get them. Also a few more notes by Bradmore: Thresh - May be tough to tell from pictures without these actually being in the wild, but using the Thresh hoodies as an example, we invested in everything from the fabric quality and weight (350gsm French terry) to finishes like the custom zipper pull and premium commercial grade glow ink that is the best in the market for brightness and duration. We wanted these hoodies to not only look and feel great, but also last a long time. Figures - The figures are larger than standard chibi style figures. Many elements are hand painted and these are intended to be higher quality than figures that retail for $15. We've also invested in packaging and NFC enabled cards of authenticity that are included with each box. p.s. big fan of yours! keep on keepin' on!
: How about fixing the servers while you are at it..are you guys unaware how many people cant even log in and got permanently dced from their games in the last few hours? I'm well aware this is not the correct place to be complaining about this, but I see red tagged comments here and no where else so I'd like to get some awareness about this issue communicated to the people that CAN do something about it. An official statement about even being aware of the problem might help things out don't you think? Yes. lots of awareness in this post >.<
Sorry to hear about that. I'm sure the teams focused on that are doing their best to triage that.
: Copy/paste before my thread is inevitably buried in the swarm that comes with a red post. Prices are about what I expected to see. For everyone that might complain about their hoodie prices, just search that phrase in Google. You'll see them go anywhere from $70-$130, so it's about normal. Shirts are priced at what I've seen at conventions and clothing stores. Figures are meh honestly. I've paid less for better looking figmas. The Thresh statue is too detailed, which ended up making it look like a mess in my opinion. I think I would've liked it more if you went with a New Dawn kind of style for it with smoother geometry. Not a fan of the style for the chibis, but that's a personal opinion as well. Posters are nice, if you like posters. Nothing we've never seen before though. Plushies look good too if you like plushies. I might get a shirt or two for my Christmas shopping. Might also actually buy the mousepad just to have something nifty for my desk honestly. 7/10. Looking forward to seeing what they release in the future :)
Thanks for the feedback. Trying our best, and learning as we go.
TKnight (NA)
: Bought a World Championship Jacket, great stuff, Thanks!
Enjoy. That's my favorite, but maybe slanted due to eSports ;)
Saevum (NA)
: Wait till they start selling Katarina, Ahri, Sona, Caitlyn, etc. (any other female champion but Rek'Sai) on sized action collection figures...
: Hahah silly RedBeard, your link is http://merc.riotgames.com/), You hyperlinked the parentheses and the comma. Just thought I'd let you know. I'm also getting a 504 error, hope to see the store soon :D I wanna buy a Spirit Guard Udyr so bad :O {{champion:77}}
Long night, early morning? Bad excuse, I'm a n00b. Site was down for a moment, we are actively working on it.
: We crashed it already.
: To the people complaining about the prices and amount of items keep in mind this is a BETA. Which means they won't have everything you ever wanted. Give them time to figure out price points and what products they will be adding over time. That being said. I have a question in terms of the figures. Who came up with the designs for them?
Thanks for the comment! I think when people get items in hand they will understand price points better, these aren't your average materials we are using, really wanted a focus and commitment on quality. That being said, Bradmore posted on reddit: 'We also understand the need to have multiple price points in the store across our categories and will be building out the assortment over time to reflect that goal. We’ll been adding items that are less expensive, as well as items that more expensive as we build out the store.' As for the figure designs, all in-house with our artists working on League, which really lend to the authenticity of these. Think they turned out well, and new ones in the hopper continue to get better.
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Kappepito (EUW)
: I hate you .. :(
BTW - I was joking. Numerous other threads have said we have a local presence in EU as well. Apparently I created some fuss in our EU offices haha. Troll fail :*(
Bauhaus (NA)
: Will the actual store and purchases be linked to our accounts? Or will it be a completely different asset?
There will be single account sign-on for the store, but can also check out as a guest.
kdawg113 (EUW)
: Will the merch shop be open by xmas =) ?
Yes, but receiving your items by Christmas may not happen given the unknown volumes we will have, etc.
: Will the Tibbers plushie from Worlds be available? I dont really want to spend over $100 to buy one from a low rep eBay seller!
Hopefully, it will be at launch but may sell out quickly.
Gorebox (NA)
: Will there be sales, bundles, or other special price offers like how you guys reduce the price of champions/skins every week or how there are special RP prices every once in a while?
Not atm, but will evolve over time.
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