: Make URF a permanent gamemode
Agreed, in fact make all the game modes they have created permanent. It makes no sense that they dont?? It would be like if call of duty made battle royal and then said that it was only available 4 times a year like hello that makes no sense
: Instant lv 30 for smurf players
They just need to provide access to ranked play at level 0 and let the player choose 3 characters of their choice on creation of the account. There's a reason Iron elo exists, if you are a noob and want to play ranked like an idiot then you will be ranked accordingly via placement matches
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HalexUwU (NA)
: I'm a very new player, anything I need to know?
I am a platinum support main so I can help you. Here is a full League of legends guide that I wrote myself for supports. Pre-game phase: 1. Have the correct runes: Read the enemy teams draft and choose runes accordingly. Know your champs strengths and weaknesses as well to decide these choices. If you dont know use U.gg 2. Know your win condition: analyze your team and the enemy teams picks and notify people how the game should be played. Does your comp scale? If so then play safe early and farm it out. Do you have an early game comp? If so play aggressive early. Punish advantageous matchups with ganks and play safe with the opposite. Create the game plan for your team and lead them, support is the lead role. Laning: 1. Know your matchup: Do you have lane dominance or not? From experience you should be able to look at the enemy botlane and know if your botlane is stronger or weaker, if so then play aggressively and seek winning trades, if not then play safe and farm/call jungler for help 2. Know when to trade or all in: Play around enemy cooldowns, if they expend abilities then you have a window go in, also make sure you have vision before going in so enemy jungler doesnt ruin your day. Make sure your wave isnt shoving so you have room to engage and make sure enemy creep wave isnt too large so you dont take large amounts of unnecessary damage. Lastly make sure your botlane has abilities and summoner spells off cooldown before going in as well. 3. Play around summoner spells: Target champs in your lane that are missing flash. Your objective to killling someone is to first get their flash and then kill them on the next engage. Dont overextend to try to get both the flash and kill during the same engagement unless you 100% got it or I promise you will die. One way to really get a jungler to gank your lane is if you already got 1 or more laners flashes and the enemy shoves the wave to leave room for your jungler to gank unless your looking for a tower dive then shove the wave. 4. You are the information keeper: your job is to ping when enemies are missing from your lane and to help ping other lanes as well. Spam ping because alot of times 1 ping isnt enough. Also keep track of enemy flash cooldowns. Flash has an approximate 5min cooldown so when the enemy expends it keep a mental log of it and play around this cooldown. Other laners vision is clouded because they have to worry about farming and the supports is more clear so lead the team and pick up others slack. 5. Always have something to do: If 1 or more enemy laners are missing then ward and shove for plates. Another alternative is to follow your laners roams or roam yourself. Hold the wave from the turret when your adc is returning to lane and go plant deep wards when just sitting around. In league there is always something you can do to help the team. Teamfight phase: 1. Know your role in the team: Are you needed to engage the fights? Are you needed to peel for the adc? This is determined by the comp your team is playing and the champ you are on. Dont be afraid to adjust mid game if something is not working. 2. Ward the objectives you are playing around: If team is looking to barron then ward it. If team is heading bot to push then run ahead and ward it. Your job is to prep the map for you team so they have the highest chance of being successful. 3. Seek opportunities to take objectives: Enemy on other end of map? Then take a buff or a tower. Barron windows often times happen when an enemy laner is greeding for farm botlane with no teleport
: Please remove auto fill from Low Elo
Define low elo? Im platinum and alot of people still think im low elo. Just remove it from the game I dont care if queue times go up its better than wasting 30min on a low quality game
: Popular opinion - AD carry mains are fucking clueless.
Probabily because it is the weakest role in the game early and these champions have no defensive stats so any assassin, mage, or bruiser just one shots them unless they have the support to babysit them
: Senna: The "support" ADC
I saw the champion spotlight and this champion is not a support, more of an adc or mid laner, she certainly has the damage in her kit to pull it off. If her autos are ranged (could not tell from the video) then adc for sure would be free for her, especially cause she has built in cc and self peel in her kit with her e and w.
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: Nerf Feddlesticks plz
Dude the champ has a shit winrate in jungle because he has 0 hp bar. He needs to be buffed if even
Yenn (NA)
: Can we please get rid of auto-fill in ranked for next season?
Agree id rather wait longer in queue for my spot then to get autofilled. However to queue as autofill should still be an option
: I consider myself a Kai'Sa main
I dont mind her being able to build these items it makes for a great variety in build paths. I think you should just completely remove or greatly reduce the shield she gets on her ult that is the only problem I see. Also make it so she cant ult backwards or side to side, like in football she has to make a forward pass because people are abusing it alot as a getaway evade even though she already has e.
: Ornn changes
I disagree then how would u cc the guy?? This would then act like a fiora parry which i think is busted btw even on her. I think it should only work for suppressions, silences, and anything that doesnt involve total immobility (Stuns and roots).
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=BitterFeetFungus,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=u3QzFWsU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-04T03:53:43.400+0000) > > i'm lvl 26 and get the occasional plat/diamond players premades in my games you know why? because i'm not actually a new player so stop whining that you don't get to stomp new players every game and i hope it's true when you say you won't play again this game doesn't need people like you Geez I think you just murdered this man. I dont think the lobby placement is broken. I mean yea ill get the occasional rank mistake in my game which will make it hard but I think playing against good competition will make you an overall better player in the long run
Jikker (NA)
: Because climbing through early elo to Gold+ as a support is a royal pain in the butt. Trust me, I've done it.
> [{quoted}](name=Jikker,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wg9fqAf9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-04T03:45:13.451+0000) > > Because climbing through early elo to Gold+ as a support is a royal pain in the butt. Trust me, I've done it. Same here, even in plat it sucks
: Inting/trolling starts with a 14 day ban when punished. So heavy lp loss on top seems redundant. Second offense is a perm. I will tell you right now, full verbal comms is not the way to go to reduce toxicity. It actually would make it less likely for people to get punished for verbal toxicity because you have to factor in accents, dialects, apeech impediments, and etc. Additionally, I will mute people for excessive background noise or frequently shouting. Not sure how it will prevent inting either. They still have anonymity. Evident by the fact, you know, people are asshats in CoD and many other voice comm games. /all chat is off by default. Not much point to it besides some bm I guess. Yes, let me take a clip of you dying 7 times during a game with absolutely no context. See the problem with that? The only good thing to take from it would be using someone saying "I'll/I'm goinf ro troll/int" to be uaed as evidence dor gameplay offense. On top of the fact that not evwn the community has a clear cut definition of what is trolling/Inting and what isn't. With that in mind, hiring enough people to deal with all the reports is not feasible.
You say inting and trolling is a 14 day suspension but NO ONE EVER GETS THE PENALTY. I got it once for typing at someone telling them to stop inting! In cod voice comms does not work because you can talk to the other team and the comms are too crowded because of 6+ people on each team. If you use a clip for reporting I think anyone with a brain can determine if its inting or just unlucky death. With the clip context can be forced to be added when reporting
Tele II (NA)
: I think they need to work on the perception that trolls dont get punished. Other than that, chat toxicity is policed just fine and fairly by the automated system. Look around the boards for a bit and you will see they got chat locked down pretty tight. Theres a balance between being too lenient and too harsh. If theyre too harsh on chat, many many players will quit. If theyre too lenient, many many players will quit lol. I think its a little harder than just implementing your idea tbh. You also have to consider the volume of reports and how costly it is to pay a single employee. I mean, if you want integrity in their assessments, youre gonna need to pay them at least 22k a year or so. Multiply that by 5000 and you've got a huuuge chunk of money just to monitor player behavior when an automated system is fair and efficient. I dont trust players to judge behavior, I wasnt around during tribunal days, but that didnt work out very well. I think if they just fix the gameplay behaviors, things will be pretty good. This is just my thoughts, as I see so much complaining on the boards about trolls, but I rarely see them in my games.
I received a 14 day ban for yelling at someone for intentionally inting my game while they received no penalty so the chat system is not balanced. The reason there are so many reports coming in is because there is so much inting. By having harsh punishments this wont be the case so there will be no need for 5000 employees but for maybe 500 across ALL REGIONS! I was around for the tribunal system and it didnt work because it only punished dodgers from games and queues. If you rarely see trolls in your games then you clearly dont play ranked, theres one every other game almost. Im telling you this is the fix that is needed.
OHminus (NA)
: General opinions after watching the 1st 2 days of play-ins
I really think the gap is closing for all sectors of the league. Play in teams can match low end main region teams while top tier main region western teams can match top tier main region eastern teams
SirEnds (NA)
: Why is Ohmwrecker not getting reworked?
Agree item is bought by no one, completely useless
: Why is gold such a hard area to find good supports?
Its cause they are all plat or higher such as myself as well as no one wanting to play the role
: If you dodge a champion select for ranked or normals and requeue for tft there should be no wait
I agree there should be no penalty in champ select for dodging, you only dodging toxic teamates who are about to int as well as shit drafts from bonehead teamates who dont know how to play this game
: Option of ranked queue with every persons chat disabled?
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: Is it just me or did turret plating so absolutely nothing?
I think they need to make it so the plating never falls off then it be ok
: > [{quoted}](name=Sèx Crazed Eve,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fksl9UfE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-11-24T03:42:13.254+0000) > > I think this falls under the live design team's domain. Not the balance team. Balance team is mostly only responsible for numbers of champions, items, and such. Well, numbers are off... You can't release Jhin as immobile long range "sniper" that has conditional MS boost, so he is not useless when reloads, to become the most mobile champion in the game, running at 700-1000 MS with the broken Stormrazor and the healing mastery. Having healing masteries also ruins all the dynamics in botlane, making healing and poke supports useless...
Not true, I use brand and nami and the poke is there, also Jihn needed the speed boost or else he was very weak, although he is fast he is soft and can be locked down with a little CC and damage
: Can We All Agree The Balance Team Doesn't Know What They're Doing
To be honest I think the game is in a good place, besides a handful of champions that need to be nerfed and some buffs to ADC's crit items I feel the game is pretty balanced right now. Shutdown gold allows for comebacks to happen, and the teams who are smarter when it comes to draft and execution usually win with exceptions to huge carry scenarios like Nasus who scales infinitely
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: We already had Sword of the occult, and it was either useless or made snow-balling too strong
That granted 5 ad per kill and you already start out with 15 AD to begin which is busted, Im more looking for a happy medium with the item
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: Solo-lane experience versus Duo-lane experience
Im a support main also and I agree with this, they should add this rune to the inspiration page something like you receive bonus xp for every certain amount of xp points you get
: Is There A Way To Provide Incentive For Casuals To Stay In Normal Mode?
I agree, there should be higher blue essence gains for Normals
drash79 (NA)
: League of legends Battle royal! 100 players.
Solos, Duos, and Squads baby. The map should be RuneTerra that would be so cool. Game should put everyone on level 18 and allow them to stock up on the items they want in champion select. Once they drop in have same stuff as other battle royals like a circle that closes over time and in map geographics like blast cones, slides, portals, etc. As for in game consumables the only items on the map that should be allowed to be picked up are mana, health, and Elixers of Wrath, Iron, etc. These items are what keep you in the fight and are dropped when an enemy is slain. They are used to keep you in the fight.
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: PLEASE, do not release positional matchmaking
I agree they have the right idea with it but the wrong approach. What needs to happen is if you get offroled you are placed with lower MMR people but maintain your same rank, that way the skill gap is more even. Lets get this thread up voted alot cause if their changes go through kids will int even more and rank queues will be somehow more terrible than they are now.
: who is the best champion to solo carry rn
{{champion:104}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:91}} Jungle is the strongest role, has the power to influence every lane and hence the entire game, why do you think everyone says better jungler wins after every game, top is strong also cause even if your team is inting, if you on split push duty and cant be killed you can win with a backdoor or get your team back in the game with an inhibitor taken.
CIayman (NA)
: e"sports" are taken much more seriously in korea And no way in hell would I ever trust riot with my SSN
And look at Korea's solo queue, its flawless practically, Ranked queues are meant to be taken seriously and if you dont well go screw around in Norms its why they got it. Lmao on SSN part of your comment, I agree with it however if everyone's doing it they cant steal everyone's identity its too much work
: It is fun though.
Thats why they have Norms buddy, for all your smurfing needs, dont ruin the climb for others
: Koreans cheat there own system and it only would work if Riot wouldn't permanently ban people for chat.
You gotta be extremly toxic to get perma banned in chat so thats not the problem, also dont type letters KYS, not that hard. As for korean ish, just take their idea but fix the loopholes.
: how are you gonna contradict yourself like that? smh
Had to state both sides of the coin, truthfully I dont know why they lose their games cause champ is busted right now however it could be their teammates not knowing what to do.
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: Uhh what support meta...
I know right, no one likes/plays support because the champs are weak and you cant carry games, shouldnt that say something about the role???? Every other role can carry games
Galiö (NA)
: I just cried after a league of legends game.
Ummmm adapt??? We all gotta do it, there are plenty of champions in league of legends I'm sure you can find another one that you like. The reason Riots team reworks is because the champions mechanics are broken (I mean actually broken not OP, they do not work well with each other) and the entire champion including abilities need to be reskinned.
: Play Nami. Broken ass support. Basically freelo
I agree, but unfortunately my team doest know how to engage or peel and I aint frontlining as Nami
Nhifu (NA)
: {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} easy top damage on team {{champion:201}} yasuo with a single target stun {{champion:12}} godlike tank, always picked regardless of matchup, tourny, gamemode {{champion:16}} solo queue god {{champion:25}} perma banned for a reason {{champion:37}} farthest "auto-aim" poke in the game {{champion:497}} best engage champ in the game, essentially a safer alistar {{champion:89}} is leona Honestly there are so many viable pick supports that work with "any" team comp, than there are mid lane picks. Which are almost always ONLY revolving around 3-5 champs and half are banned lol
{{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} : Technically mid laners {{champion:201}} : Viable pick 1 (I didnt say they were all trash) {{champion:12}} Not busted hes tanky.... thats it after his combo hes useless {{champion:16}} Has Zero HP {{champion:25}} Busted I agree nerf that shit {{champion:37}} Dies from 3 autos softest champ I know just 1 cc items and you have to flash or your dead {{champion:497}} Just nerfed his HP now he actually is softer than ADC's {{champion:89}} Balanced
W4terboy (NA)
: Mandatory Email Verification
This verification should also make it so that you can only have 1 League of legends account, so sick and tired of smurfs with multiple accounts.
: Dear rito balance team...
I agree, whats with these Darius, Kha zix, Fiora buffs is the balance team on drugs????? Champs that need nerfs right now: All I just stated, Zoe, Illaoi, Renekton, Graves, Akali.
Rioter Comments
Your doing it right just ur in low elo and people dont know how to make advantages out of that. Also Fiora is busted so idk r u bad or something??
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: Soon ######TM
: Why is intentionally throwing not a reportable offense? With actual evidence
I agree, whatever team is in charge of penalizing players at Riot is doing a terrible job. Not only do they need to penalize heavier but they actually have to look at the reports we send them. Too many people troll in this game and every report needs to be analyzed by a human, hire more people if you need to Riot please you have plenty of money.
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