Stexe (NA)
: Why "one unit at random" for the Void? Why not something like "deal half of their damage as true"? I hate the whole random unit... if a carry gets it you stomp, otherwise you're not doing much. The variance is just way too big.
Even putting it at 50% true damage would make it incredibly strong early, which is expressly something they're trying to avoid β€” they _want_ the variance early to be high, so that it can be strong later.
: Yet another terrible patch buffing damage on several who don't need it, while continuing to beat down some scapegoats; even more unwanted garbage to top it off while ignoring community feedback.
Accessibility options are not "unwanted garbage." Feel free to be mad about the rest, though.
Fuuton (NA)
: so still no Glacial nerf? where is the counter play to not being able to move or do anything in battle?
Stronger backline? Yordles? Shen? The new anti-CC items they're adding in 9.19?
: if you look at said pathing HOW CAN THEY GET IN MELEE RANGE if there is no pathing to an open slot FOR MELEE RANGE {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} GOD pay attention
Melee units will, on rare occasions, completely immobilize themselves even when there is clear pathing to enemy units on the map. Pay attention yourself.
: Hello Meddler, years ago you guys removed Sightstone and combined its warding active with the support items we had back then. Those were Frost Queen's Claim, something of Ascension (i dont remember tbh) and Face of The Mountain. Those 3 items all had useful actives which you brought back with Twin Shadows and Shurelyas. BUT i still miss my Face Of The Mountain Active on Summoners Rift and it could really help out Tank Supports to not just peel with cc but also with a Shield that is not Locket of the Iron Solari since that got nerfed often enough. Also I don't really understand why you haven't brought some FotM clone item into the game yet and I'd like to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks for reading if you did ^^ Greetings from a Taric Main
It's been stated every time it gets brought up: Locket covers the same purpose, and the potential of overloading active shielding items is _not_ something they want to encourage, given how impactful gaining an instant 600+ shield from Locket and FotM combined would be.
Rob18446 (EUW)
: Here's the thing, look at Nexus Blitz which was a brand new game mode created that year. Even that has fairly pathetic numbers compared to SR. Riot has said numerous times that the majority of their other game modes ultimately only get played a few times by most people and then get dropped for SR again, and these game modes are a lot more interesting than "SR but with 3 players instead of 5". The idea that if they had supported TT it would be huge is just kinda ridiculous because ultimately it does very little to provide a unique experience just by concept alone.
> ultimately it does very little to provide a unique experience just by concept alone So I take it you've never actually put thought into the potential of the map, let alone played it more than once or twice, then? Two lanes, one jungle. If two-lane funnel was removed as the optimal strategy (along with funnel as a whole), you'd optimally see one person in the jungle, and one person in each lane. That completely alters what you need to think about in drafting β€” your champions _need_ to be able to stand alone in their lane to some capacity, without having a support to constantly facilitate them. What's effective in a 5v5 situation can become much less so in a 3v3; and, similarly, things that suffer against full grouping teams have a much stronger shot at success, because there's fewer people to dissuade them. There is a large amount of potential to provide a unique experience, just by having smaller team sizes and a different map. Riot, however, never attempted to realize this potential, other than making a map and then leaving it to rot without any attention.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xalasmeni Banana,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=wYcVRQBO,comment-id=000c000500000000,timestamp=2019-08-11T19:34:37.503+0000) > > What really annoys me with Karma is that Q can be blocked my minions therefore its so hard to land to actually poke anything in the lane that becomes extremely annoying. lulu's sustain is nothing compared to Karma's, Soraka does 0 damage and her only damage spells are on long CDs. If Karma is outclassed then why is she being consistently picked in pro play? Youre just whining for buffs to your champion with completely fabricated arguments, stop it.
Literally the only reasons she's picked in pro-play are for the 3/4-way flex potential, which _massively_ disrupts drafts, and because her E being a haste is useful. That's it. We've seen multiple champions, even when mediocre or weak, be prioritized for their flex potential in competitive. What competitive play values is inherently different than what you think about in solo-queue.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 2
So considering that: 1. Karma's performance in regular play dropped massively after the E haste duration reduction; 2. This latest nerf has her to the point in standard play of being middle-of-the-pack at best for both support and top, _and_ highly unreliable from mid, even amongst the most proficient people playing her ( and Lolalytics both verify this); 3. Her actual performance in competitive for 9.14 is unremarkable, despite her pick rate, instead implying that her presence follows the trend of prioritizing position flexibility over raw power (and even then frequently being unable to successfully exploit that flexibility); With all of that in mind, how clear is it yet that she needs an actual update, and not just being left to the whims of repeated nerfing because her current iteration is only functional for the majority of players when it provides enough raw strength to be easily exploitable in competitive? How much of a priority is being placed on giving her an update that _listens_ to what Karma players are saying and sticks _with them_ to see it through, as has been requested by Karma players for multiple years now? The last attempt at an update went heavily against what the majority of Karma players wanted in multiple aspects, and was then swiftly abandoned with very little in the way of iteration; meanwhile, Teemo update, Malphite update, etc. were on PBE for extended periods to receive feedback and get adjustments that fit what people were requesting, and even though Teemo's update didn't end up shipping, it was still getting modified for months. Karma has a long history of being neglected and put to the side in favor of other champions, with many of those champions _consistently_ getting favor at that. It is incredibly frustrating to see this trend continue so very reliably, so many times, for so many champions.
: I can see there's a bunch of changes on the PBE for Kayle. However, I'd like to ask if you guys have any sort of plans on letting you her auto in her Ultimate. It feels relatively useless by restricting your from using your auto attacks as you have to rush in with R which no one wants to do and everyone just dodges it. Ulting feels rather underwhelming while players should normally feel good about using their ultimate and not feel like you've wasted time/DoT.
The goal with Kayle's new ultimate is that she wants to ult someone _else_, not herself. Ideally an engage source that can keep people close by during the ult duration.
: Patch 9.15 notes
So are we to just assume that Qiyana also gets River from the health pack in Twisted Treeline, or did y'all completely forget to give that map any consideration for balancing as usual?
: I never felt like I was short on energy when I've played her before, since you already get some energy from her passive and her ult. Also increasing cd for her ult by 30 sec means she lost her only 2 vital skills, oh and also enemy can fully counter you with an investment of 75gold. *fun fact while Akali waits for her W cd lux can use ult twice
Control Wards reveal Camouflage, not Invisibility. Notice which one Akali's stealth was changed to?
: As someone who still enjoyed akali, this is actually a major nerf and all people have to do is keep control wards and she's utterly useless. She's hardly been buffed, with how many nerfs been handed to her over and over. The champ was already reworked, at this point they should revert her back to her entire old kit because that Shroud nerf won't work with this akali well.
Control Wards reveal Camouflage, not Invisibility. Her shroud was changed to Invisibility. The only things that can see through Invisibility are things that grant True Sight, e.g. turrets, Lee Sin Q, etc.
: Can we make her more viable on ARAM? With no water she is pretty crippled...
Adding something into TT would be nice too. The tightness of the terrain is better for her than in ARAM, but you'd think a queue that actually has a ranked mode would make reasonable accommodations. πŸ’€
XJ9 2 (NA)
: sounds like it's going to hard fuck assassins even more when their dash attacks get cancelled. gotta have mage meta tho huh
Assassins are doing fine right now what are you talking about lmao Ahri getting to twitch-interrupt a LeBlanc W/Gragas E/etc. that's going toward her isn't going to break your assassins or establish a mage meta.
Jadeon (EUW)
: 'you think' but database says don't thinking like you .she need buff to hp def damage and e skill.most peoples have lost streak with qiyana in every elo..
She's still an incredibly recent addition to the roster, and a huge swathe of the playerbase is distracted by TFT instead of her. Sylas also had terrible performance at every level on release, then people actually figured out how to build and play him; Qiyana is a _lot_ closer to being balanced on release, especially for an assassin, than the majority of new champions.
: Patch 9.13 notes
Qiyana has had probably one of the least-hyped releases in a long while now; especially compared to prior champions, I've seen barely anything to promote her or excite people for her, because TFT is the same patch.
: So nothing about Tahm Kench's absurd damage? Like, auto win a lot of lanes base damage while being a tank? Really?
Learning wave manipulation and how to play in ways that aren't just "fight my lane opponent 24/7 with zero focus on anything else I can ever do in the game" would probably help a _lot_ with that, considering he punishes those two things in particular, and only really functions if he does.
: Sona is totally busted whenever she can get enough items, just look at her performace in modes like aram or ascention where she gets items without the need to CS. I think hitting her absurd scaleings is fully justifyed as a good sona carry lane is simply broken. She's litterally 'if you can't snowball this through in 20 min, you lost', which is horrible to face, it's like kayle rework on release. Just with less risk early as she gains gold without CSing and gets savety from her support.
Her scaling is far from absurd (you taken a look at her actual AP ratios lately?), and she has one of the weakest laning phases of any champion, whether she's bot or support. We have seen Sona bot lane get absolutely demolished and have zero chance of coming back when people are smart enough to pick aggressive lanes into her that can exert heavy kill pressure, and yet pros continue to pick the exact same things into her that they would into a regular bot lane β€” and beyond that point, the only reason she even exists as a bot lane champion right now is Frostmancy. She is the last champion actually using it, and she's _incredibly_ reliant on it to succeed as a bot laner, due to not only the increased gold generation, but the added vision it provides later in the game. The issue isn't Sona. The issues are a lack of willingness to properly play against her, and Frostmancy still existing. Sona has a long history of being directly punished for using things that are problematic to the game as a whole β€” remember when Runes Reforged hit, and Sona was direct-nerfed so hard due to old Kleptomancy and Aery that her win rate plummeted down to sub-45% for a bit? And then, Riot realized the issues were actually Kleptomancy and Aery, and waited a full extra patch before buffing her back up. This is the exact same situation, except now the problematic game element is Frostmancy.
Rioter Comments
: I am having the same issue
Well, glad it's not just me, at least. I've been doing additional tests to try to isolate variables and see what the cause might be, and it definitely appears to be a TT-specific problem. Wasn't able to replicate the crashing on HA with the same configurations in a custom match, but _any_ configuration is leading to unavoidable bugsplats on TT.
Rioter Comments
: For the record, they don't ignore it because it's old. They ignore it because it's played insanely less than anything else. I'm not saying Twisted Treeline can't be more focused on, just trying to point out their reasoning.
It's played less because Riot does absolutely nothing to incentivize playing it, up to and including leaving it out of missions, and refusing to give it map-specific balancing like they're doing with ARAM. And that's been the case for years.
: I like how Demolish, Overgrowth and Ultimate Hunter were "Bad", but I thought those were most of the times the best runes of their tree. Well now I think they are busted LOL.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Demolish was fine, I'm not entirely sure why they decided to change it considering it's already very effective at its intended purpose β€” allowing uninhibited tanks to be a split-push threat. Overgrowth was bad because it just gave such a paltry amount of actual HP β€” the stacking component is only +3 max HP for every 8 minions, and tanks usually aren't going to go be around more than maybe 350 minions in a match if they and their team are playing at all smartly. Meanwhile, even 2.5% of 4000 HP is only 100. It had some niche cases to allow a few tank junglers to get and activate early Warmog's, but it was still a really low amount of extra health until really late. I'm not sure these changes really fix that problem, either. Ultimate Hunter was terrible in comparison to Ravenous for damage-dealers, Ingenious for active item-users (e.g. Glacial Augment builds), and Relentless β€” well, it's a high amount of out-of-combat movement speed, so it's great for roamers, but not easy to really feel the value of unless you compare it very deliberaly. In comparison, 15% internal CDR on your ultimate, when most of the champions going into Domination end up at high CDR values anyways, and people at lower skill levels can rarely coordinate around punishing ults being on cooldown, just doesn't give that much value.
: On hit already buid bork so the heal will not help since it is like at most 80 late game, they also do damage overtime so losing early game damage will hurt while not helping late game since they already do a lot of damage late game since the main problem most on hit champions deal with is dying and losing 30 mr hurts when your buying the item for the mr your not buying it for the attack speed it is mainly for the mr so having less mr makes it weaker at its role in a on hit build.
You very rarely get to fully-stack the MR steal as a ranged champion anyways, it was far from a guaranteed aspect of the item. But because it was there, it also had to be balanced around the potential for full stacks, which put it in a weird spot. By the time you can actually build the item, the on-hit damage is likely to be _higher_ than it was previously. The cost increase means you'll be sitting on Recurve Bow for longer, but that, in turn, puts your build timing on par with other builds, along with better scaling later. The sustain applies off of every hit, including from the double-proc via Guinsoo's, which means you have the potential to out-trade _way_ more effectively. BotRK's healing is Life Steal, so without a lot of AD to back it up, you don't actually get much value; Wit's End circumvents that issue by just healing you through the on-hit itself.
: I see you guys left out Morgana. Are you going to watch her still or will she be nerfed next patch?
They're holding off on her for now, since a big part of her present high ban rate is just "oh no, rework, better ban that" regardless of actual power level.
: I got to say I find it funny right now the amount of work you are doing to AURF is probably more than what you have given Twisted Treeline in three years
I love Twisted Treeline, but it's been completely left to rot, with no attention for map-focused balancing or even specific inclusion in missions for ages. Makes me sad.
: Prestige Points and new prestige edition skins
Hard pass. These pricing models and content design practices are getting more and more exploitative. Event missions barely give you enough to get a loading screen border and an icon, even if you play every day, unless you shell out the price equivalent of an entirely new skin on an event pass, just for the _luxury_ of being able to β€” spend mission tokens on more things that mostly only take effect on stuff you have to spend more RP on. Now you're telling me that the idea is to lock some Prestige skins, which were already glorified chromas, behind a _>100$ paywall?_ Marketing team had best come up with a _very_ compelling non-purchase-driven means of earning those Prestige Points, and fast, because as much as people are whining about damage creep right now, this money grab creep is even more excessive. Remember when Hextech Crafting was a component dedicated to providing the occasional reward of free cosmetics, and _not_ just a way to subtly milk additional cash from players with money to burn?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
Rather than double-nerfing Zyra because we're in a damage-heavy meta, and she's good in Gold and below while getting massively outclassed in higher tiers, and then leaving her there while you tackle other issues contributing to her relevance (damage creep, natural preseason and early-season frequency of assassins, Dark Harvest's existence), can we also see some work put into making her passive _not_ an RNG nightmare? It's either useless or wins you encounters with barely any ability for you to influence it, and it doesn't even tell you how you _can_ influence it in the game. It's been a consistent complaint of her rework, both from people playing her and playing against her. It's not working, and it's a bad example of randomization (remember all the conversation around randomization with jungle plants and the elemental drakes?).
Faeble (NA)
: Well great. Maybe instead of crying about it you will actually group with your team instead of doing gromp 40 minutes in.
found the salty adc main
: People like you don't deserve reward at all :)
Neither do you. And in fact, if that's the best response you have, you deserve even less. But what else do I expect from someone whose highest mastery is Yasuo. :^)
: If you think I care about their moods over my own state of mind then you're sorely mistaken. I have no respect for bronze/silver/gold 5 players who hardly invest into the game compared to myself no matter how much flak I'll get for that.
Then maybe just, I dunno, screw off and don't play the mode. Shitty attitudes like yours are the reason people don't bother to "invest into the game" because all you do is piss on them whenever they don't bend to your will and make them feel like there's no point trying. Not everything about this game needs to be hyper-competitive. If you can't deal with that, and your "state of mind" is so fragile, therapy sounds like a good recommendation.
: I've recently play fiddlesticks in the midlane and his mana goes down pretty fast. However I do understand that support fiddlesticks with the pre-patch 8.15 is too low but I believe the mana cost should be lowered to 65 or 67 mana because fiddlesticks is overly reliant to mana and could be difficult to lane using him.
Riot doesn't care about mid Fiddlesticks. They nerfed him for it the last time it was viable; him getting hit as an add-on to the support Fiddlesticks nerf is unlikely to mean anything to him. Hell, they've flat-out given up caring about him as a jungler, even.
: Dude supports have more impact in the game then anyone and honestly, the support controls alot of how well the marksmen plays, idc what any one sais it is true
"Supports have more impact in the game than anyone" funny joke "Supports control how well their lane partner plays" β€” this doesn't actually make any sense as a statement, but assuming you meant that a good support match-up can win a lane, a good bot laner match-up can do the exact same, so you didn't really make a point?
Brahgo (NA)
: Why would you mess with the support starting items? Come one Rito, are you trying to completely screw over the bot lane? Now im gonna have to buy two damn potions instead of the refillable potion, which is gonna force me to have to make more purchases again, instead of just getting it refilled. Its already hard for supports to make money in early game. Just remove the bot lane and get it over with riot, cause you screwed over ADCs and now you screwing over supports....
Mostly means that damage supports (e.g. Zyra/Brand) will have to be even more opportunistic with their skills, since they won't be able to use three potions to regain health from any return fire; heal-capable supports and tanks will able to shoulder the burden a bit more easily. That being said, this change definitely comes with some collateral damage. Being unable to start with potion + Control Ward, or a Faerie Charm or Rejuvenation Bead, means you're stuck with only the double potion start.
: Hey Meddler. Have you ever considered a scaling/bracket style AP ratio? Concept Example: 1.0 AP ratio up to 100 AP. Past 100 AP the ratio goes down to 0.1 AP. So 150 AP would be +105 damage, 200 AP would be +110 damage. It might work well for the balance of support. Make the first quantity of AP very efficient but, stacking pure AP not valuable. My example ratio is a bit extreme of course. However, it occurs to me that giving support "free" gold in a gold item is not the same thing as raising efficiency of low gold values.
That would just hard-lock AP supports into being supports even more than they already are. It'd also make getting ahead as an AP-building support way less useful, if you just arbitrarily got drastically reduced effectiveness past a point.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 13
... Was anyone actually clueless enough to think it was _support gold income_ that was making funneling a thing? lmao
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: just add lost chapter instead of blastic wand into liandrys and the problem is solved. DOT mages got left out of the starting mana item changes anyways.
Yeah, that would definitely open it up to DoT mages a lot more accessibly. I'm _somewhat_ worried that might warp AP damage mages that regularly go support though, like Zyra/Brand/Vel'Koz, considering they function almost entirely around the existence of Liandry's at the moment, and giving them extra base mana and 20% CDR on what they're already getting could get β€” overbearing. Could just lead to a buff-then-nerf situation, which wouldn't be all that satisfying either.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 22
Possible we see changes to GLP to make it feel like a viable choice? Despite the lower price and the high base damage and AP scaling on the active, which are good aspects, it's undesirable on β€” pretty much everyone, to be honest, because its competition serves the needs of the trio's target audience much better. Also possible we see changes to the Liandry's + Rylai's dynamic, so that champions who want Liandry's feel less restricted in their builds? Right now, most Liandry's mages also want a mana item in the form of either Luden's or Rod of Ages, and Liandry's without Rylai's feels pretty lame β€” so that's immediately four items (counting boots) you're pretty much locked into getting. It feels like, presently, AP champions (including those that don't even want Liandry's, but _especially_ those that do) have much less freedom in build variety than a lot of other roles, because they have so many things that are core to their functioning. Also also possible we see additional Magic Penetration items, so it feels more like a proper build option, rather than it just being shunted onto Morellonomicon β€” currently achieving the same issue of "mages just have Grievous Wounds by default," but at a slightly later point?
Cosnirak (NA)
: I agree that it trying to be too many things at once is a problem. But personally I'm in favor of getting rid of the double-hit effect and burying it in a whole so deep even Teemo wouldn't dare go looking for it. That effect has never been even remotely healthy and likely never can be.
I feel like they _could_ make it useful without being overbearing as it ends up feeling now, but it would require so much upkeep as to render it undesirable. There's an issue of add-on effects like the phantom hit either being too underwhelming even on the optimal cases, or being so powerful that those optimal cases then end up getting nerfed, and thus even further tied to the item β€” it would either need to be a "take this late/only if it's incredibly good for you" item, or removed like you said.
Vanjie (NA)
: > Karma - Likely she'll be one of the most in need of work post 8.12 heal/shield changes. Penciling her in for a look as a result. I've had several conversations with you over the years about her, Meddler. I'm not going to go into it again and be rude. I really want a response as to what exactly is going to be done on this champion. It's been 5 years and 6 months. I ask if you are not going to address what is wrong with Karma, don't work on her at all. When you do small little number tweaks that don't address the core problems with Karma, it gets nerfed and she is waiting another year or two for the same type of work. I mean you buffed her Mantra E and it was nerfed a few months later. Nothing the Developers have done on this kit is working out and some of us have been telling you this for years. The following needs to be addressed or don't bother working on Karma. 1) Move Karma's current passive to her Ultimate. Karma needs a new passive that makes her more interactive with other parts of her kit or gameplay. Give Karma auto attack passive so she is rewarded for making risky plays and it plays off of the AA feature of her current passive. 2) Karma's W or Mantra W needs some sort of ally function. The Mantra W needs scalings that fit a mage more than a tank. The current Mantra W is being abused and it is not fun to play against. This is probably one of the worst abilities in her kit that needs a lot of work or just be replaced with something all together. 3) Karma's Mantra E needs to be completely re-imagined. Karma's Mantra E is two item actives bundled into one ability. It's not unique, it is not fun, and it doesn't offer anything unique to the game. History has shown the only part of her kit that is ever worked on Karma is this ability and it is not even that special. Simply putting Shield Bomb back on Karma is not going to solve the problems either. It was removed from Karma for the wrong reasons and put on a new champion, Ivern. Simply putting the ability back on her is not going to make her any better and she will be compared to Ivern. Give us something unique with Kamra's Mantra E because you never should have removed Shield Bomb in the first place. Karma needs a new way to use her shields and that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be shield bomb or the current iteration of it. 4) Give Karma an actual identity other than some generalist champion that can do sub-par things that other champions do 10x better. Her Mantra abilities fit different types of playstyles which gives Karma no true identity. It's not good gameplay, good champion design, and it is not fun to play as or against. Karma needs an identity, but that doesn't mean that identity should be a support that sits in the back and presses Mantra E the entire game. Serious work needs to be done on Karma to discover exactly WHO she is and what she offers to the game. Karma does a lot of things that another champion does much better. ----------- What will not be addressed but should be addressed: 1) Karma has incomplete art assets such as no shield casting animation or running animation. She has a taunt that already exists on a champion. Her VO and interactions no longer work with her new lore and was never very exciting or completed to begin with. -------------- In conclusion, Meddler, Karma doesn't need a VGU before a plethora of champions that need it. Karma's model isn't even that terrible compared to other ones. The problem is 5 years and 6 months ago she was given a relaunch that removed practically everything players loved about her. Since that relaunch nothing has been done to bring back things players liked and it has been very frustrating trying to get any Developer to communicate and actually work on Karma. There should be no excuse that in 5 years and 6 months that Karma cannot get any "real" work done on her. Players don't mean to be mean, hurt your feelings, and insult you. They are fed up and tired of it. New champions get prioritized reworks, popular champions get prioritized reworks, and the same champions that actually need a lot of work get ignored year after year. Enough is enough. I apologize to you if I get feisty and hurt your feelings. It is not my intent. I am just sick and tired of beating an old horse to no avail. - Miss Vanjie.
Even for as much as I like playing Karma, it's still clear to me how a lot of what she is could be and _should_ be so much more. Here's hoping she gets what she deserves. ~~Also, come and get these cookies.~~
: How Banner of Command is unhealthy for the game?
It either renders your lane opponent unable to leave lane because they have to sit there wasting a ton of extra time trying to kill the empowered minion (while you then get freedom to roam away unhindered), or it's too inconsequential/situational to even be worth taking 99% of the time (see: present Zz'rot Portal, Ohmwrecker). It also still has a drastic interaction with Banner, which can basically turn it into a win-more button. Its original target audience were tank supports, and it's instead getting taken by non-tank solo-laners because it just mitigates pressure _that_ much, with minimal room for counterplay (true damage and Minion Dematerializer, basically).
Cosnirak (NA)
: I think the question Riot needs to ask themselves is, "has Rageblade ever not been a problem?" Personally I can't recall a single time it wasn't either a clear gameplay health issue or too weak for anyone to care.
Issue of it trying to serve like three identities at once. Double-hit effect, hybrid build stats, damage stats multipliers from persistent basic attacking β€” at some point, we're gonna need at least _one_ of those aspects shifted to a separate item.
Blupor (NA)
: Regarding heal/shield power, have you guys considered splitting the stat into two separate passives on the same item, one for shield and one for heal power? This would allow you to tinker with the exact numbers for healing power and shielding power. Since heals and shields are different mechanics, they likely have different numbers when balanced. Heals are countered by Ignite, and by Grievous Wounds options for both AD and AP. Shields are countered less directly, just by damage or specific cases like reworked Irelia, Pyke ult, etc. Lumping heals and shields together in the same stat seems more out of habit than for any good reason; it seems there would be more balance levers if the stats were split. What do you think?
While you're not wrong that it would be better, it'd still be too generic of a modifier, really. The issue right now is, it's a pseudo-stat, so there's no real opportunity for per-champion-ability scaling in champion kits; even if you divide it into separate heal and shield multipliers, enchanters would still be not only tethered to it beyond escape, but at its mercy. The majority of enchanters have AP scaling on their shielding and/or healing abilities, and thus are encouraged to build AP items, which then also empowers their aggressive capabilities β€” not only diluting the distinction between enchanters and damage supports, but leading to situations where enchanters that should be capable of working as solo-laners having their capabilities reduced (usually damage, but not always), to compensate for their utility also scaling off their damage-boosting stat; and further to situations where supports that should be able to either spec into either heavy healing/shielding/utility _or_ damage don't actually have any choice. We need an additional stat that influences shields, heals, and other utility affects. Not a pseudo-stat bandage that's lead to additional problems and countless nerfs. Heal/Shield Power was a good starting point, now we need to actually jump beyond the starting point and start addressing the underlying issues of enchanter scaling systems.
MsWrath (NA)
: SLOW DOWN!! please... the constant changes is just making the game not only harder to grasp but just harder to stay with. New broken champs, item removal, constant nurf and buff. Yah sure, be all talk, test things out. but listen to the players before making anything permanent. Like the talk of nurfing supports...... FOR REAL!? have you thought about asking support mains how they would feel? I'm a nami main support. And she's squishy as all hell, can die easily if caught out. But she is perfect where she stands. Banner of command is only being used when someone thinks they need the mr/armor. its good in that aspect, so it honestly doesnt need to be changed. Warmogs in aram....bring it back IF and only IF you plan on keeping the new ad items. Tanks are NOW struggling against adc's. and the point of a tank is to go in head first, to start the engage and take as much damage as possible for the team to focus on getting kills... but now tanks can barely do their job because warmogs isnt there anymore.. So league, not only do your selves a favor, but do us players a favor...slow down on the changes. take your time with them to make sure theres no bugs followed with it. {{item:3083}} <3
Banner of Command has been getting taken a _lot_ more often than just when someone needs the defensive stats, especially in coordinated play. It's facing the same issue that Zz'rot Portal used to cause, which was basically shutting down your opponent's ability to do anything besides sit in lane and wave-clear, while you then have free roaming time. Simply put, it's either too effective as a lane-locker, or too situational/unreliable to ever see the light of day. Also, so you know, it's "nerf," not "nurf."
Mofire (NA)
: Ah...another reminder that you can't use rainbows anymore without it being associated with LGBTQ.
You can. And even if someone _does_ make an erroneous connection, it shouldn't bother anyone, unless they're already bothered by the groups the rainbow is used to represent.
: How about we stop defining people by their sexuality and trying to force organizations and people to involve sexuality in places it obviously doesn't belong, _**like a video game**_...
How about you stop crying whenever someone in a game isn't straight. There's plenty of sexuality, attraction, and infatuation expressed in the game between a man and a woman, are you upset about that, too? {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}}, {{champion:236}}, {{champion:22}} {{champion:23}}, {{champion:68}} {{champion:18}}, {{champion:142}} {{champion:81}}, {{champion:420}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:41}}, {{champion:268}}…
Kazekiba (NA)
: You mean Leona, or Varus, or Taric, or (Star Guardian) Jinx....
Varus was a disaster of abhorrent decision-making that gave legions of homophobes a lore-based reason to scream in protest about someone being gay; Leona and Diana have never been confirmed (love it when all we get is hinting); Taric started out as a character built around a gay joke with effeminacy as the punchline, and after his rework his orientation has been intentionally and knowingly side-stepped by Riot; and where has Star Guardian Jinx's sexuality been discussed? I may have missed that. And even assuming *all* of those are an example of good representation, which they are not β€” that's three characters and a skin, in a sea of how many?
: Support diversity with the Rainbow Fluft Icon
> Like the real world, Runeterra is rich with champions from different backgrounds and lifestyles. We believe that diversity is worth celebrating on and off the Rift, And that's why your first confirmed non-heterosexual/"out" character involved changing an established relationship and sexuality in Varus, thus giving scores of your notoriously bigoted playerbase an excuse to hide their prejudice behind, even though the vast majority did not _know_ of his previous lore, let alone _care_. Or why we've had significant flip-flop, intentionally vague language, or complete radio silence on the topics of Diana, Leona, and Taric. If you really want to "celebrate" diversity, please consider actually including it more often, and in a way that is not completely alienating to the people you claim you're "celebrating."
Tusutaki (NA)
: As a support main for the past 2 or more seasons I can say with confidence that supports has been way too strong and I feel is the reason why ADCs are as strong as they are. Most of the issues in my eyes stem from the immense amount of support/utility items in the game. Where Leona can heal as much as Soraka with Redemption, Shields as much as Janna with Locket, ect. It allows Tanks to act as Enchanters, Enchanters act as Mages, ect. I would personally like to see selecting who you choose matter more than what you choose in the support role. As for the Crit adjustments. I think this would just encourage a more passive lane since items like Shiv and Hurricane would be a higher priority. Since no one would deal chunks of damage no one would bother try to fight. BT is way too expensive and BOTRK would just delay your powerspike.
You have that pretty backwards β€” supports look stupidly effective because their only viable lane partners are even _more_ stupidly effective. Taking down ADC powerspiking takes a lot of power out of both roles, since (at least at the moment) supports have barely any capability of empowering anybody except AD. > Where Leona can heal as much as Soraka with Redemption Heinous and hilarious exaggeration, especially after repeated nerfs to Redemptions heal without additional Heal/Shield Power modifiers. The heal it gives by itself is pretty miniscule. > Shields as much as Janna with Locket, ect. Locket just got nerfed into the ground pretty recently.
Salson (EUNE)
: What do you think about making Support power a bit more selfish. Something like promoting {{item:3800}} over {{item:3109}} for Tanks, or making {{item:3190}} give a stronger shield to self, but less to allies. Or giving them a bit more push into {{item:2065}} and {{item:3905}} while weakening {{item:3504}} and {{item:3107}}, thus encouraging a more proactive play style.
Adding more personal power onto items meant for supports only achieves pushing those items onto non-supports. Shurelya's and Twin Shadows are both still relatively new, but very effective in the right circumstances β€” and not meant strictly for supports, either.
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