: you can't E somebody more than once every 10 to 6 seconds based on level of the skill, try reading your descriptions noob
it was only after i ulted that i tried to e her. i dont know where you are seeing that im using e before i ult. there is a cd on the e per target yes but i only used it after i ult. also just looked at your other replies. you really should try to not sound like you're on here just to troll or bm people.
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: The Glorious Evolution Battlecast Poro Ward Skin!
: What Champs do you want to hear more about?
Please help aatrox. We know what he is but there is so much hidden about his past and other darkin. If we could learn more about the relationships the darkin share that would be great.
: Skin Ideas!
Gingerbread Sion-screams you cant catch me when he ults and has a candy cane for an axe


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