: i remember when i first came to the game me and a friend did ww and Caitlyn bot lane lol i miss the days of not knowing what roles are now i cant play ww support without getting my a$$ chewed out by the top
lol me and my friends dont care lol if you ever wana play with us
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: is 2 top banable
NO! this is how i see it so when i came into league 5 years ago lol i was told by many players and friends and that this was a game where i could be any champ and go any where lol of course you learn where and what is best for what champions and well as long as your team is ok with it then you should be fine period now if your team is not happy with it and dont want you to do it and have said dont do it then its best not to but dont mean you have to listen lol but i dont see why you would be banned over playing the game how you want to and its not in ranked so , like i always tell my jglers hey if you cant jgl then duo lane cause if you suck at jgl then why be there
RallerenP (EUW)
: Not a record at all. I'm pretty sure I've even had game *end* before 14 minutes lol.
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: LOL Targon Game Mode Idea
I Personally love the idea of the champions climbing the mountain of targon to take down Sol as a boss, to make even hard make a moving Barron boss in there as a mini boss lol but any way things to add to this note i think there should be A Targon Team Skin Line for them since there will be only 6 of them just like sg got some it would be super worth it
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Vanlise (EUNE)
: Looking for a Support main to climb Elo with! (EUNE)
i dont know if im what u looking for but i Main Taric right now and im a good support i hope u would think so to
: Pool partys already been hinted look at pool party ziggs to the right of mf. Also you forgot some pretty popular one like construction worker and cat lady. Also i saw an arclight yorick once that was so cool.
yeah that would be cool i just throwing ideas out there lol
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Atum64 (NA)
: looking for our 5th amigo!
Hey I'm interested I have Skype I'll be on later tonight but please message me I have this on Mobile so I can talk more there
: Chromas, Yorick and Champ Mastery in Ask Riot
Um so im Still Slightly Confused this is a Question For riot mainly but so im still confused a bit on Getting S Rank For Each Role what do i need in stat Wise to get S i ask because of a match like a week or so ago i Got i 4 Kills 0 Deaths and 24 Assisists As Malphite Support in Draft pick soooo i Got A+ but as support i dont understand what i was missing but im sure other have same question what making it so hard to Get S in that role and how do u know what Role we play if Were in Blind pick and not draft just curious to know
Jaj2ed (NA)
: Can you make a Jax one?
YAy i Could Do that ^_^{{champion:24}}
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