: Why allow picking champions in any game mode?
`The game would basically become a fuckfest of which team got the better RNG. Got stuck with a team full of supports, guess you lose. It would completely remove any skill aspect in the game, as now you can't change your team comp or your character to more easily deal with the enemy comp. I personally would stop playing. There are a couple of champions that I do not want to play, and being forced to play certain champions sucks. This is fine in ARAM and other specific gamemodes because the games are fast and you always have the option of playing 5v5 and choosing your character
Zespro (NA)
: Ornn, The Mountiansmith
I personaly think the song is really good. It has the Freljord feeling. I always though Freljord's music was the best!
SickAnto (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=relevantex,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Nd9ydZPX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-05T16:59:40.347+0000) > > Can someone confirm if she's singing a real language or not? Like is it Norwegian or Icelandic or something? Is a mixture of german/norse language, is probably the freljordan or the anciet.
> [{quoted}](name=SickAnto,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Nd9ydZPX,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-08-05T17:18:03.726+0000) > > Is a mixture of german/norse language, is probably the freljordan or the anciet. It's sung in Ancient Frejlordian. It's in the description of the video
Beas7ie (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mimr,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hAZuvgMd,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-07-25T23:50:37.246+0000) > > Well, you gotta start somewhere. How do people expect others to learn their champion when they ban him? I could agree with these reasons for ranked, but as I said, I've only been trying to play normals with him. Then again, this situation makes me wonder if we shouldn't get rid of bans in normal draft altogether to prevent these kind of issues because it prevents people from getting the opportunity to learn or to simply have fun with a champion they want to play if they happen to be on the strong side at the moment. Because even in normals, people still are afraid that a teammate playing the new champ they are unfamiliar with is going to feed. That and some people are just jerks that don't care if you're good with the champ or not. They're just trolling. You can't do much about that.
Thing is, when I play in normals, I want to have fun. And when an ally just feeds all game or is simply useless the whole game, it's hard to have fun. So I ban Kayn
: What do you feel are the worst reworks Riot has made?
I'd add Xerath's rework on that list. I'm still salty about it.
: Personally, warmog's would be a better choice of tank item for survivability... get that extra hp to spam more w's while sitting outside of combat to regain it all with it's passive
Soraka's W costs her 10% max health, so taking more HP will result in her W costing also mosre HP
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: I really thank you riot for bringing back item sets, but...
Are they still client-side only or are they saved on the servers? Because if they are saved on the server, I understand why there's a limit of 20 (to limit the amount of storage it would take). Itemsets from before were stored on your PC, so playing on a different PC or reinstalling the game would delete all of them.
: I just separated it per request of starscream47, refresh and it should be good. I think that sometimes it's hard to keep reminding yourself that these are real players and I have no feeling of obligation to act humanely towards them. (natural, instinctual feeling). I think in the heat of a game, and after playing for many hours, it begins to become less apparent that these are real people, and without voice communication, it's less valuable to make friends. In fact, I've recently deleted my entire friends list because I don't remember any of them because I am just a name and so are they.
I personaly never had a problem of toxicity before (me being toxic to the point of getting a warning or a punishement of some sort), but I get that part of who I am. I don't have much difficulty keeping what I think to myself (or at least not typing it out, I've had many complaints from my parents about me raging at my computer and swearing xD ) However, I don't think that voice chat would resolve a lot of toxicity. Maybe some, but not a lot. Many people just can't think before talking, especially on the internet.
: I'm not sure that they'd be reported that often because people have different tempers and pet peeves, but I think maybe they could be exempt from honors if they're caught doing it by the system, since saying ggez is dishonorable. With the new honor system it would be great.
I really don't expect someone who does that to get a ban, but I do expect them to at least get a chat restriction or a warning. Your option could also be one possibility.
: A thought about toxicity
First of, could you separate your text into multiple smaller paragraphs. It's kinda hard to read a wall of text like that. But on what you said, I think I read something like that, a study or whatever. When we are on the internet, you tend to see other players not as human being (this can be concerning multiplayer gaming or random people's comment on facebook). It basically says the same as what you said here. Sadly some people can't realize that when they talk over the internet, they talk to real people that have feelings and all of that.
: It really depends on how often they do it. I've seen players in game just go EZ EZ EZ EEEEEEZ all game, spamming chat with it. I certainly believe that would be punished if it occurred a lot. However, saying ggez 1 time after your game might not be punishable, because it's one little thing.
I agree that it's not a major thing (like saying racist or homophobic things), but is it something that can be punished for if reported enough times (like reported in 25 games across 50 total games)?
Sujiren (NA)
: Used to be punishable my friend got banned over that a few years back, and I personally still report these people, I mean okay maybe it was an easy win, take your free win and move on, no need to be an asshole.
that's what I think and do. You're allowed to think whatever you want about me or the game, but just keep it to yourself if it's negative.
: why is ahri allowed to miss charm and orb but still kill me
because you fed her 5 kills, let her farm 50 more cs than you and bought no MR? I mean, I don't know, but that's the only way I can see her killing you without Q or E
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ChaixD (NA)
: Do any of you have tips on how to stop using the Auto Attack?
Did you try using the Attack move command (A by default). it will automaticaly make you attack the nearest enemy.
Sandixcx (NA)
: >The only way Azir even becomes useful now is by 30-40 min into the game unless he loses lane non stop from his weak damage. Well Azir IS a strong laner, he usually doesn't lose lane because of his waveclear, safety, and poke. But not kill pressure. He can easily become useful 20 minutes into the game if you cs accurately on him and get around 200 farm by then which isn't so hard. Also, you become way stronger at 20 minutes with the new penetration build. > lunar and SKT skin Azir has a lunar skin?
What's build are you talking about? I haven't heard of a new build for azir
: I would have it based on overall game kda, based on the first 10 minutes for cs and a little on kda, then with the 11-?? minutes based more on kda and cs, then have ??-50 based on average kda and a little on cs. Also including towers sorry but the over all placement is complete bs last season I got 3/10 games won and got silver 3 and this season I got bronze 5 even though I improved drastically even beating platinums in my games in my lane.... WTF
Basing games on that would mean supports always are low ranked, since they don't farm, don't get kills and more often than not have to let themselves die for their adc. Plus, basing people's rank on KDA would only promote games where people don't end the game in order to get more kills, which isn't healthy at all.
: Why doesn't anyone play this in LCS
Veigar is a close range mage that is strong late game. LCS games don't last long enough for him to stack enough AP also, him needing to use his Q to farm puts him at a disadvantage in pro play. If you use your Q to farm and the enemy laner harrasses you, you won't have your Q to harrass back, meaning you'll los the trade. No mobility makes him an easy target. He offers only Damage, with his only utility being his E. Having a short range, he has to put himself at risk in order to use it effectively. Being squishy doesn't help. If you Compare Annie to Veigar (2 burst mages), you'll see that, while Veigar has an easier time bursting someone down, annie offers way more utility (more versatile stun, Tibbers, ect)
: League Of Nostalgia
dominusx (EUNE)
: make it a 5outta5 vote aswell and i dont see anything wrong
That would be a good compromise
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Escheton (EUW)
: Can someone explain mmr and how your lp gain/loss number get calculated?
Riot has gave us much details on how LP gain/loss gets calculated, but we know some things. -You have a personnal MMR. We have no way to know what is your MMR, we can only estimate it (lolking score, for exemple) -Your rank is not directly linked to your MMR, you can have a very high MMR while being in bronze (or a really low MMR while being in Diamond, although unlikely) -When you win a game, your MMR goes up -When you lose, your MMR goes down -When calculating MMR/LP gain/lost, the system calculate the average MMR of both team. Both team will not have exactly the same MMR. -If your Team MMR is lower than the opponent's, you will gain more MMR/LP when you win and lose less MMR/LP when you lose a game, since the system is expecting you to lose. Vice Versa. -When entering a game, you are matched with other players having an equivalent MMR. It is not based on your Tier. This means that you can be Silver and play with Gold players if your MMR is at a gold player level. I don't think I missed anything...
: Mordekaiser sustain?
Mordekaiser has no CC whatsoever (not even a slow) his utility is barely inexistent (only has his W speed thing) No gap closer whatsoever I think he's allowed to have some sustain, especially since he uses HP to cast abilities
: I've been playing since early season 4 and I've never received any kind of punishment; neither has my brother who has been playing since season 2/3. If you're going to say the system is flawed you'll need to point out specifics. The Rioters who made the system have told us numerous times that if a flaw is found they want to know about it so that they can fix it.
I've been playing since late season 1 and never got punished. The system works great. I only remember one case that a player was wrongfully banned, and Rito unbanned him. Every other cases were justified.
: > [{quoted}](name=HackRawESOMe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pdJGNFkR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-13T02:20:37.397+0000) > > Well, to be fair, assasins were killing really quickly. Without any counterplay.{{champion:107}} As stated above, champions need to accomplish their designated roles. Assassins are supposed to kill quickly with no counterplay, that's what they do. Armor and health stop them, thats what armor and health do. Thank you for commenting and not being a dick about my post :)
I'm sorry, but I do not agree with that. Having counterplay IS important. you can't just have Rengar jump on you from invis and insta kill you and say that it's ok. It just creates an unhealthy environment. If there is no counterplay, it almost always go the way the assassin wants it to go. Supports are here to peel for carries. If counterplay isn't important, then why isn't there a support who can cast a spell on an ally that stun every enemy that attacks it? Why does Taric's ult have a delay? that adds counterplay, and prevents him from accomplishing his role. A game with no counterplay quickly becomes very frustrating and would lose it's playerbase in no time
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: If u read the post you would know... Dynamic queue is basically getting turned into "Flex Queue" (No difference only name change) Solo/Duo queue is the old 2015 system with the new added champion select. Ranked 5's is getting removed.
However, they said that if they see that no solo players go in Ranked Flex, they'll convert it into a 5man premade queue only
: Dude I actually couldn't tell that English wasn't your first language.
I don't know, I felt like my sentence wasn't making much sense (or was poorly said) xD
: Do runes make that much of a difference?
Take tier2 runes while ou get the tier3 ones. T2 only cost 1 IP and are 2/3 as potent as the T3
Ralanr (NA)
: Mundo isn't a good idea to bring up because he does damage based on his health. He was a juggernaut before they were a thing.
Thing is, that part (the damage based on his HP) wasn't around for a long time
: > [{quoted}](name=Registeel1234,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jAATvLlB,comment-id=002d,timestamp=2016-09-06T18:36:12.723+0000) > > ok, here I come. > > //Gameplay > 1. What gave you the idea of giving him a destructible wall? > 2. Was there previous kits/abilities that didn't made it into the final version? > 3. Did you guys try anything crazy in terms of abilities (new abilities that turned out to be blatantly broken) > > //Lore > 4. What was the reasonning behind making Yorick in some sort of priest > 5. Where is Yorick originaly from? > 6. Who is the Maiden of the Mist? Someone special to Yorick that died? > 7. How come the corpses transform into mistwalkers (Which a clearly different from the original body)? 4. To give him a character journey. A holy man would have the hardest time adapting to necromancy. 5. Shadow Isles, though the far-flung less cultured part. 6. It's not an individual, but a conglomeration of souls. 7. Good question. Here's where it gets weird. Any time a soul is pulled from the Mist to inhabit a body, it's not the same single soul it used to be. Souls in the Black Mist are intermingled, so whenever one is extracted, it might have bits of different souls in it. The flesh it uses in the ground is just whatever mass of decomposing goo happens to be lying underfoot. Make sense?
It does make sense :3 So if I understand correctly, Yorick is from the Shadow Isles and was living there while it still was the Blessed Isles, right? Another question : Are the souls "conscious" or "Self-aware" (without better words to describe it). If so, does that mean that everytime a soul is pulled from the mist loses part of itself? Does Yorick fully know that and the consequences of what he's doing? I'd understand if you guys can't answer this. Maybe I've come a little too deep for a simple videogame xD
: //G 1. Since this character was going to be at his best in a skirmish (due to the nature of minions) we wanted to give him a spell that guaranteed a certain degree of utility, be it teamfights or not. A wall made a lot of sense with his necromancy theme, and the destructible part was added to create additional counterplay + make it ok on a juggernaut
following that question, did you guys ever consider adding some form of soft CC agaisnt units inside of the wall (like a slow or the grounded CC), like if the spirits grabbed the enemies inside it? PS : Sorry for my bad english, it's not my primary language
: Yorick Mori Remembered AF Dev Team Q&A [NOW COMPLETE]
ok, here I come. //Gameplay 1. What gave you the idea of giving him a destructible wall? 2. Was there previous kits/abilities that didn't made it into the final version? 3. Did you guys try anything crazy in terms of abilities (new abilities that turned out to be blatantly broken) //Lore 4. What was the reasonning behind making Yorick in some sort of priest 5. Where is Yorick originaly from? 6. Who is the Maiden of the Mist? Someone special to Yorick that died? 7. How come the corpses transform into mistwalkers (Which a clearly different from the original body)?
: should some "off meta picks" be punishable?
I get what you're saying. You're talking about pick that doesn't make sense why you would build them like that (like going full AP on a champion with no AP scaling), right? because if that's what you meant, it's already the case. It's called trolling and you can report it with "Griefing the game"
Risen29 (NA)
: Am I correctly understanding how Seraph's Embrace works?
first of, yes, you are doing the math correctly. Secondly, Seraph isn't built a lot because it takes a lot of time to ramp up and takes a lot of gold. you must spam spells while having Tear, which isn't good for every champion (making you push lane or making you go oom in the process or just long CDs). It also makes your laning phase a lot weaker, since your first 750 golds goes into mana only, which gives you no offensive or defensive value (aside from being able to cast 1 or 2 extra spells after a while). If you take it too late, you don't get the time to ramp it up before the game ends
"I just lost a game, so it's Riot's fault" "People afk in the game : it's Riot's fault"
: She has {{summoner:4}} {{item:3742}} , for one. Dead Man's Plate was the worst idea Riot ever had, giving tanks and juggernauts all the mobility they could desire. Secondly, her tentacles don't ONLY attack people inside her ring. They attack champs who leave if she still hits you. I flash-tumbled away as Vayne after she ulted me, and one of her tentacles slapped my ass from a hella-long distance. So either she's broken as shit, or she has some bug that makes her impossible to get away from.
You also have {{summoner:4}}, so you can counter her flash with your's. Plus most adc have some sort of way to keep her at a distance. Ashe has slows and a stun Caitlyn has E and traps Corki has W Draven has E and MS boost from W Ezreal has E and {{item:3025}} Graves has E Jhin has MS boost and root from W Jinx has traps and possibly passive Kalista has passive Kindred has Q annd E slow Kog'Maw has E slow (but I agree, he's quite vunerable) Lucian has E Miss Fortune has her W's MS (But she's still quite vulnerable) Sivir has Passive and ult Tristana has W and ult Varus has ult Vayne has Q and invisibility You can also buy {{item:3153}} . The active you help you get away and it's passive you help you kill her (since she's most likely going to build health). {{item:3742}} 's passive is completely removed if she suffers stuns, roots, snares ect... and degrades when under slows. Your frontline must not let her get past them without at least landing 1 CC on her. Her tentacle can be quite hard to dodge, yes, but she needs to be able to do a lot of damage since she has no gapcloser whatsoever and get screwed over by any form of CC. TBH she's better in a counter-engage team
: Thinking about Illaoi
She's a juggernaut. She can't get to the backline easely, since she has no gap closer. If she flashes onto you (the adc), either you are overextended or your frontline is stupid. and if she flashes onto you, use your own to get away. Then, kiting her does wonders. She has no CC and no way of getting to you. The only thing she can do is W onto you IF she manages to get in aa range or to use her E. When she used her E on you, fight back. Don't let her do free damage to you. Every time you do damage to her, you reduce the duration of the spirit by one second. Her E is also quite easy to dodge. The Hitbox is quite narrow and it's a slow projectile, so unless she uses it point blank, you have a good chance of dodging it. And the CD on hit is so long that she's won't be able to use it many times in a fight. Items like {{item:3053}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3153}} will help you fight her. If she ult on you, disengage ASAP. That area is now a no-no zone as long as she's there. Illaoi's main source of damage come from her tentacles. Without it, her damage is quite underwhelming compared to other juggernauts
Rain NT (NA)
: im pretty sure QSS doesnt remove ignite or grievous wound anymore, since the QSS change
you are right, QSS/Mercurial Scimitar no longer remove debuffs
Treune81 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Registeel1234,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0P4xmvAp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-08T22:43:28.617+0000) > > The problem with Kalista is that she's very hard to balance. She's either good for normal play and broken for proplay or useless. They can give true buffs.Not difficult.
As someone else said on the post : > [{quoted}](name=Penguin Eclipse,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0P4xmvAp,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-08-09T00:21:56.814+0000) > > Kalista was never a very well designed champion. She was clearly designed heavily with LCS in mind rather than real gameplay. As a result she will always be hard to balance because she will always perform worse in solo/dynamic queue than LCS. They can't simply buff her. Yes, it would greatly help her in normal play and bring her back, BUT she would become insanely strong in LCS due to the way her kit work
Sandixcx (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=XTRMN00B1337,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nnAI9TE3,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2016-08-08T19:45:18.095+0000) > > Is full ad blitz even going to work? Are you kappa? From how strong it seems like in the post, yes it does.
I've done it before, it's Average at best. You lose most of your matchups and, in order to win your lane, you must simply be better than your opponent
Sandixcx (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HackRawESOMe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nnAI9TE3,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-08-08T18:55:45.687+0000) > > Do you really think a full ad blitz will survive for more than 2 seconds in a teamfight? He will only be good for splitpushing Killing any squishy instantly from an E? From how strong it seems like in the post he's just a glass cannon like alot of champs, but does way more damage since E does 100% AP, also the health and defense he gets with level is way more than alot of ADCs/mages so he isn't really a glass canon. And hey, class cannon champs survive pretty well if they position good in teamfights.
>Killing any squishy instantly from an E? From how strong it seems like in the post he's just a glass cannon like alot of champs Yea, but insanely inneficient. There is better champions to do the same thing as him. >but does way more damage since E does 100% AP no, it does 100% AD as bonus damage, not 100% AP. And it's his only real damage spell if he builds AD. >also the health and defense he gets with level is way more than alot of ADCs/mages so he isn't really a glass canon. Because he's melee. Melees always have higher defenses than ranged. You can't compare thoses 2 >And hey, class cannon champs survive pretty well if they position good in teamfights. Except when they are melee, because they have to get really close to their target. An ADC can be a glass cannon and stay safe via positionning, but a melee glass canon can't
: does kalista need a buff? just look at that win rate :/
The problem with Kalista is that she's very hard to balance. She's either good for normal play and broken for proplay or useless.
Moriss (NA)
: I think Cho'Gath is about to be meta once more. I think he's overpowered for the following reasons.
Cho is allowed to 100-0 squishy because of his lack of mobility. The only way for him to go to your carry is to walk to him. No gapcloser. His Q is predictable and rather easy to dodge due to the cast animation and the delay. Also, dying is very punishing for cho. He loses half of his stacks. Imagine if every time you died, {{item:3083}} went back to {{item:1011}}
Lost R (NA)
: In short, yes, but with some pretty hefty handicaps you need to overcome. His major drawback is a near-complete lack of minion squashing, but that's why you want to build one of the Hydras as fast as possible. He's also mana hungry like you would not believe, so mana is also a huge priority for him. But yes, combined with a Sheen item and his E, Blitz doesn't need much to get 600+ damage on a Power Fist, and it's on a low enough cooldown that he can get it back every 4-5 seconds.
I've just tried it in a normal game. Was against Irelia. I managed to get fed and I was dealing a good amount of damage. Waveclear Pre-6 is really bad. It gets better after 6, but as you saied, not that good. For mana, I didn't really had any problems. ofc rushing {{item:3025}} really helped. I was able to trade well against her and even managed to kill her by myself. Now that I've played him, I think it's better to max E than W, since E is your main damage output. I take Q at level 3 if I think my jungler will gank soon or if I'm near my tower and at lvl 4 if that's not the case. I'll have to play it more, but I think Blitzcrank top can be at least decent top.
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