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Regress (NA)
: AT&T ISP - High Ping [About 2-3 Hours Ago]
~10 hours later and still not fixed
: well that seems to be on the ISP side then not riots so there is no bug to report
Not necessarily, last time it was a routing issue on Riot's side which only affected people with AT&T, regardless it's still important to bring it to attention because people will likely have the same issue
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Pÿrö (NA)
: Also, _**IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE PBE**_, feel free to add me and I'll get you hooked up with my group so we can do a lot of controlled testing and also have a full group on the PBE to avoid people taking the new champ/rework/skin first and we all take turns. This group wants to actually test as much as we can, as well as make a better testing environment so we can leave as much input with Riot as we can. _**PLEASE do not ask if we have accounts to lend or sell. WE DO NOT. We're just a group of LoL players just like you**_ -Also we're on the North American server- > EDIT: I have not had internet for the last year and just recently got it back. I'm happy that I STILL get friend requests and replies on this comment, so I wanted to still provide a way for you guys to meet up and play together, so I'll put a link to my Discord here, and make a specific channel for those who join. Enjoy! _**PLEASE do not ask if we have accounts to lend or sell. WE DO NOT. We're just a group of LoL players just like you**_ but you can always just enjoy good company till you get your own account! We are just a group of friends who play league and other games together, we play norms/aram/customs for fun a lot! Have a great day everyone! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Amazing idea, adding you if I make it <3
: Need 3 more players for pool party
: making a pool party team for aram, right now!
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: Mmm this looks really good! His ultimate would be amazing! (big tea pot drop?)
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: {{champion:24}} {{champion:48}} - Outdated, but both seems to fit these art a lot. Don't touch it. {{champion:20}} {{champion:33}} - I think I can agree these two could use some art love, like put them in action-style like {{champion:67}} or something. {{champion:2}} - This one's updated last year (I think), it's still fine now. {{champion:83}} {{champion:78}} - Pretty sure both of their art will have a change when their rework comes in. {{champion:238}} - I have no idea what you're talking about.....
Zed was a stupid pick, I'll admit but Jax is just not looks as cool as he could be with a splash update.
: > [{quoted}](name=ImaMapleTree,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7470N4Gy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-01-27T06:36:01.801+0000) > > SayIng 'GG' is a sign of understanding, saying they put up a good fight and that you enjoyed playing against them. You do realize that term has lost it's meaning, right? It's less seen as "good game" and moreso "get good." It's better to say "Well Played" because it shares what meaning "GG" used to have, and quite honestly has more value. It's superior to typing two of the same letter because it shows you actually cared about the match. You could say people will use "WP" instead, but it's honestly better than the alternative. I never say "GG" and I always do my best to congratulate my team and shake hands with the enemy after many great matches. Face it, "GG" is a BM term. It's been watered down, abused and dragged into the ground for so long that nobody really cares about how the match went, they'll just type "GG" in chat as a way of gloating. And besides, how can you argue with well played? Change is good. Start saying "Well Played" today, and spend an extra minute or two at the post-game screen to promote positivity. Whether you give your teammates a pat on the back or shake hands with the enemy, a game can only be truly good if you played well. So next time, show that you really care. There's a good reason why people get salty when they hear "GG" and I think we need to do more than put two letters in a chat box to be polite to others after a match.
I'm getting tired.. but that's besides the point... gg has never been used that way, never. Reason people use 'gg' at the end of every match instead of typing good game, is because not everyone are fast typers and we only have 5 seconds to type to the other team.
Hibeki (NA)
: You would do that in a competitive sport in IRL (Like television) because they wont hire people who are bad sports in this game. Saying good game implies that it was a good game. Sure it might have been a good game for you but not so for them. Otherwise the phrase "GG EZ" wouldn't make sense. It means good game it was easy. If it meant you put up a good fight and it was easy, well, thats redundant. If you mean it that way, then say something else. If they say GG first then feel free to say it. If not, just don't
This is a sport, and you it's real life when referring real life a sports you are referring to this one too, and in this sport no matter how you say it, when you say gg, you are showing respect.
Hibeki (NA)
: I really hate when the winning team says GG.
SayIng 'GG' is a sign of understanding, saying they put up a good fight and that you enjoyed playing against them.
Sukishoo (NA)
: The Nunu, Olaf and Trundle are all still fairly newer as they were updated not too long ago.
I didn't know that, but same case with Tristana who is getting updated AGAIN, I just feel these are the ones that don't fit in with the theme Riot is going for.
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: gates are great for junglers to get to camps slightly faster and actually attempt to be on par with lanes for gold/xp it doesnt help much but its something
I just feel like it's for lazy people, then again I don't play jungle often, maybe a slowness coming in but a speed buff going out, I'm not exactly sure, maybe you could offer info, thanks for your opinion! :D
: It's great for solo queue comebacks. which is riot's attempt at fighting back against their self-made snowball meta with this dragon buff. Everything you pointed out are intended and not exploitable unless you're doing incredibly stupid things like spamming emotes at the mid lane inhib tower when only 1-2 kills (or less than 1k gold) ahead. Essentially throwing.
True, I can see your point but it's still really annoying if your sion Ulting a Karthus and he just walks through the gate and denys you from doing anything (That would be a stupid play anyways but it's an example) thanks for your POV, and I would like to hear more! :)
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: Changing your entire team composition to deal with one enemy champion is not countering them. When you make a huge change in playstyle or item/team composition they can use that to their advantage and gain more damage, armor, etc. Akali is sort of a midway champion before she is fed. She will have trouble 100-0 you in one burst, so she'll burst, use smokescreen, and try again if you're dumb enough to stick around. Burst her, retreat, and initiate again only if you're not at the disadvantage.
Again, I left that info in the post, but thanks for the add-on to the topic, and I may add that to the post :)
: 1. doesnt cc counter everybody but tanks that intentionally eat cc anyway and approximately 2~3 other champs? thats like pointing out zhonya counters zed 2. not the best idea ever.. 3. good thing shes not trying to kill tanks anyway 4. thats what i thought to till I see her spam QWE and spell vamp not the best counter measures ever...
I can see your argument, and I respect it, so I here are my answers to your questions: 1. Not all Champs are countered by CC, like you said tanks aren't countered, true, but long range champions like, Xerath, Ziggs, Kog'Maw, Global Ult champs, ADCs in general also aren't countered by CC. Before you say "but if they get stunned they will die, so they are countered." Trying to CC would involve diving deep, so E thing that is not efvice the therefor, CC do not counter them. 2. Well I'm sure there is a part in this where "it's not the best idea ever," but I'm not exactly sure which part that is, so if you could explain... that would be great! 3. Maybe true in teamfights, but if a tank is in the jungle alone, and Akali sees said tank, chances are Akali is going to go after the tank. 4. Yes, even shutdown her QREW still does some damage, but by the time she can fully kill a champion, that champion can solo her. "Not the best counter measure ever...." I wil, take that as a compliment, of course it isn't going to be the best, I'm not the smartest player out there, but for it to be a guide that isn't "the worst guide ever" makes me happy, thanks for your complimemt. I hope I answered your question, feel free to ask more. --ImaMapleTree
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: I did this one a while back
Pretty much how I imagined it.
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