: Hello Future Top Lane Teammate, It's your future Support. I appreciate you being confident in your ability to play Shyvana top lane. I will not ban your champ do to it being a non meta pick. As it is here in the lower elos, Un meta means Meta and wins games. All I ask of you is to TP Bot Lane and kill their ADC and their rampant AP Dark Harvest Ivern support with who insta gibs my ADC with their Ult. Do that for me and i'll help you in return by Securing Every Drake to help you snowball. Your Future Support, Träumerei
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: Shyvana's Nerf or update wtfever you want to call it
This update basically pushes her out of top lane since you need the dragons to get stats that matter while giving her ganking something that matters, somewhat with the cc immune ult. The bonus health may as well not be there for all the good it does. I could care less about hydra. I want to sit in team fights, burn people, and punch things. If the changes don't affect one of those things they might as well be irrelevant. Losing burn trail makes it harder to kite sustained fighters and makes team fighting... awkward. With all the cc in the game you better sit on someone or lose damage, but that's hard cause you're even squishier now. It also makes proxing more costly in terms of health. I have yet to see a clear reason why it was removed other than overlapping with the new E. Abilities can overlap. Please revert. In the update article, it was said what made shyvana a unique juggernaut was her ability to to engage. Is that it? She's not even that good at it. She has no other cc. She's a diving fighter with a single dive and zero cc. She relies entirely on speed and sustained damage to carry a fight. Her E adds nothing to this dynamic. Dragon hate is dumb. It feels even more important to remain relevant than skarner's stupid towers and everyone absolutely LOVES those. Now I can rage twice as hard when a jungler misses smite, but it doesn't get me any closer to dragon form! I don't reasons to be mad at my team. Lastly, I just want to mention how awful it feels to use 'e' in dragon form. Hit? A small moment of gratification followed by irritation as the opponent just walks away from the zone. Whiff? I was better off not transforming. I feel like I have no agency over the scorched earth now and it feels awful. Why is a juggernaut getting a sniping ability? Things that are good; CC Immune ult is worth the damage nerf (But why less range? A little baffling. What cases in testing necessitated this change?) An impactful e is a great idea! A debuff attached to a projectile is awfully un-dragonladylike. Gating stats could work, but why not tie it to ult level like it used to be?
: Ability Update: Shyvana
I'm not crazy about losing the burnout trail for reasons that seem nebulous.I can only think of one champion in the game who has a damaging trail (singed) so I can't imagine it being a uniqueness thing. It also encouraged taking risks to literally getting ahead of your opponent and burn them out. I want to incinerate the arrogant fools who dare challenge a dragon! Instead this encourages me to split push even more and run whenever there's danger.

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