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: Rioters have mentioned this multiple times in the past. Splash arts get flipped horizontally frequently during the design and promotion periods. Just ignore what side a champ's features are on in the splash.
I understand now. The only reason I made this post is because I have a clay model of the correct SG Rumble, and I was going to put it up in front of the splash art for a picture then realized the hands were switched. Realizing that the photo may be critiqued for that fact I did not take the picture. Then the splash was brought to my attention. Thank you for explaining this to me. I don't want to seem ignorant and angry. I was just confused. Riot does good work and I love the skin.
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: Rewards for positive play
You can go ahead and show my chat log.
: Does the change in color persist after Polymorph ends?
Yes once the polymorph ends the color does not change back (to yellow) unless you get the heat under 50 then bring it back up.
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