: I only looked at a coup Match history. This is the closest I found https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/na/3223605341#participant7 Looks like Jingles00 vs Relixpa, and the reset were all bots. I would love to see a replay of that.
Haha I left the game because I hate playing with bots ㅠㅠ they just feed
: This happens because the bot's homeworld, TT, got tor%%%%'ed so they're moving to SR like rats without a home. I have NEVER seen a normal game with 9 bots though. Can you send link to this match history? If your poll is asking if anyone have ever played with 9 bots in a single game, I'd be interested to see how many have...
2 votes yes, 2 votes no
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