: Ekko also did it because he wasn't strong as AP. Like eve, he needs to stick around in a fight to get his stuff going, and back then AP was to squishy and didn't give enough payoff for the risk. Alongside with tank ekko nerfs, ap ekko recived tons of buffs till he finally was used as an ap-assasin again.
Wait, you're saying removing one of the then three slows he had in his kit, taking a half a second off of his stun, and making him not so reliant on that boring 3 hit passive made him healthier? Say it ain't so!
: so basically an ap assassin that is better of playing (w)as a tank.... gee gollgers that sure doesn't sound like anyone i know ({{champion:245}})
Except the reason Ekko did it is because his kit was overloaded and building him tank made it even more efficient. Eve is doing it because she has to because she's not reliable enough without doing so. Something Roit needs to address.
: Why are the harrowing skins this year very UnHalloweeny?
Harrowing died last year when they released those godawful slayer skins and Roit said "well we don't want to make it just a Halloween event. " and proceeded to just never make it an event.
XPtoken (EUW)
: Lets discuss balance and counterplay
ADC weren't problems until they became drain tanks. Nerf the items, fix the problem. Make lifesteal multiplicitive instead of additive on ranged champions. In before ADCs have always been #1.
: The assassin circlejerk on this board has reached critical mass
Remember when everyone complained about old LeBlanc and Fizz instead of defending them?
: Lux W bug Patch 7.20
Oh. That's... not good.
: There isn't a single formula for success but a key component is this: If you keep doing the same thing in every "practice" game, you won't improve efficiently. ***Harsh but accurate video to help:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8BtklaSWl0 *He's a Master tier player, and an excellent source of accurate information. Hexadecimal is another one.
THE CHAMP! NEACE is a god amongst men.
: which is probably also the case for blackthorn morg. these skins should be lowered in price or (preferably) be updated.
No, like the update said, they moved the price up. I'm not sure why they did that, unless they planned it REAL far in advance.
Leivve (NA)
: My current theory is Vi and Jinx were childhood friends, but Vi hit those edgy teenage years where it wasn't cool to play with kids anymore. So she left Jinx, who now didn't have any friends anymore, as Vi was the only one willing to play with the "weird kid." So all of Jinx's current stunts are her trying to play with Vi again, who has just simply forgotten her old friend. The blue hair and being bat-shit insane doesn't help.
: anything new? like Firefighter tristana, Gentleman Cho, The Magnificent Twisted Fate, etc are legendary but aren't worth it either.
Cho's Gentleman skin was appropriately priced at the time, it just hasn't caught up to today's standards. The rest, however, are a relic of the wild wild west days of League when they priced skins based on how much they liked the skins versus actual quantifiable changes they do today.
: "Easy" is an abstract concept.
You honestly have to conform to the meta of each ELO. In bronze you gotta focus on kills and abuse the lack of general knowledge, in Silver, you gotta cheese and snowball like crazy, etc etc. If you're not on a platinum level and you play the platinum meta in bronze or silver, you're going to lose.
: But by that logic, I should get an Assist for every ward I place in the enemy jungle if they die in its vision.
There's a difference between wards and active abilities. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Mizaya (NA)
: Weaker? Making them weaker isn't the solution; making their kits less consistent and more diverse is the right direction. I don't even enjoy playing ADC anymore as an ADC main of 4 years.
Yeah, I love how the marksman update fixed all those problems, and then the balance team put us back to square one in less than two years.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wayward Son,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RJpE5iOw,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-10-05T00:41:03.719+0000) > > Ezreal has and always will be the reason **everyone ** can't have nice things
: Her ultimate is extremely powerful. With the lethality build and cleaver, I can nearly 100-0 every person on their team if my ultimate is uninterrupted. You might be building her wrong. I don't typically buy attack speed items since her W covers her attack speed. She has the lowest base ad scaling out of all adcs so I like to pack more damage in her kit. Black cleaver is a really good buy on her. Try the two build paths. Lethality Youmuus ghostblade, duskblade, black cleaver are the vital items. Edge of night and mortal/lord dominiks work great too. Critical Essence Reaver and infinity edge the two items you want first. I typically go cleaver or last whisper next. If you want an attack speed item, Rapidfire Cannon and Static Shiv are good choices. Thought I'd voice my opinion for you since you just started recently playing her. She's my favorite champion by far.
MF was my first main. I honestly skip over essence reaver in favor of IE into RFC, followed by DD and lucidity boots with clever. Last item based on the needs of the composition. I usually end up going PD for crits for days, but you could do anything. If the team is squishy, I'll forego Black Cleaver for Edge of Night.
: I remember when assassins dominated the game and ADCs couldn't go anywhere without a full escort.
Bashy2 (EUW)
: Is it like what I have...? When I first tried joining a game it said it cannot connect to server. I've relogged and reinstalled the game but it keeps saying "reconnect" on the client once i've logged in.
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: Yi Mains, what would you want a Yi Rework (Yiwork?) to accomplish?
I don't main Yi, but I'm sure giving him a higher skill ceiling and opportunities for fall back patterns like they're doing with the Warwick rework is probably best. My idea is to have his passive (Wuju Style) function like Nocturne's in that it has a flat cooldown, but basic attacks reduce it. Have his Q be a dash that he can miss, but lowee its cool down slightly on hitting a target, and significantly lower it's cooldown on kills. Have the dash return to his target only when his passive is up (follow along with the rest of his kit before you type out that hate response.) His W heals for missing health immediately on cast, and the same amount over the channel. Make the damage reduction time increase over the channel and have it last for how many secds yi channeled the spell. Champion and turret damage cancels this spell. Have it instantly reset his passive, keep the CDs long. His E will be his ultimate, only lesser. Removes slows, grants MS and AS for a short period of time. Champion kills reset the cooldown. Disables his passive for the duration, but doesnt reset the cooldown. A new ultimate will be Omega Strike. He channels like Poppy, only instead of knocking a champion back to base, it's a nuke the width of Lux's that makes him dash depending on how long he channels, with damage relative.
: funny/April fools skin idea
Order of the Orange Gangplank: Legendary.
nep2une (NA)
: Supports can never ever be too strong :^)
Do I need to bring up Janna and Soraka?
: @Riot, some thoughts on GP...
I used to main GP before he got reworked and made him so he couldn't really jungle or support anymore. I like his shctick for the most part, but if they could make him a viable jungle option again, I'd be super happy. The one thing I'd like is for his ultimate to have a reduced cool down and more counterplay. Instead of instantly dropping a global nuke on the map, I'd like to hear a global warning of his cannons booming, and a slight delay, with his allies being able to see where he ults right away, and his enemies only knowing when it's too late. Have his ultimate function like Fire at Will, and give him the Warning Shots as an upgradable bonus, which puts it to live functionality with the Fire at Will bonus. This would allow him to make more spicy plays more often, and give his opponents a little breathing room.
: Lucian falls off late game because his short range and the fact that he is more burst orientated rather than just pure sustain damage, he sucks a killing tanks and needs a bit more time to dish out damage as he relies on abilities. Draven hurts like hell even in late game but his axes can sometimes force him into positions that can be the deciding factor in a team fight and not to mention his passive becomes worthless later on. He still scales well but compare him to a twitch who has safer range and can make use of hurricane with piercing shots and vaynes ability to stealth and have true damage too, he just can't compete as well as them. Every adc builds glass cannon so they will all hurt but due to their kits some will find themselves having issues killing tanks effectively in time and while also having that safety from assassins, divers etc.
Huh? {{champion:236}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3158}}
: I'm not saying that the success of Ziggs bot lane is at traditional ADC's expense, I just hope we don't end up with some wonky bot lane meta that makes it hard to take ADCs in to bot lane. Also, I imagine any ADC that can get up close and personal would be pretty good into Ziggs as well. Maybe {{champion:236}}(after a buff or two) or even {{champion:104}} could emerge should Ziggs get popular enough.
> [{quoted}](name=SmileInABox,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AAPmwGbz,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-01-03T19:04:28.361+0000) > > I'm not saying that the success of Ziggs bot lane is at traditional ADC's expense, I just hope we don't end up with some wonky bot lane meta that makes it hard to take ADCs in to bot lane. Never forget. It was his lane Mr. Krabs, he was Number 1! {{champion:82}} HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
: Would like to mention that Caitlyn loses right-click duels with every ADC in the game except Ezreal, at nearly every point in the game
She loses to Ezreal too. His passive is an attack speed buff. Some Ezreals build BORK as well.
: It is really hard to tell where Fizz ult will actually reach out too.
I saw a YouTube Video of someone doing a visual test between Nidalee's Q and Fizz's ultimate, and Fizz did a max range fire backwards and it still hit Nid. The only thing that has left me more speechless was the ending of Panty and Stocking.
Veltox (NA)
: I say go for %missing hp damage and we are set.
That would put the pushed carry further behind, being unable to farm cuz the turret would execute minions. I'd much rather have faster attack speed or the bonus damage be true damage.
: To be fair, the qtpie clip that everyone saw of him doing that had 500 ish True Damage on the Ziggs auto, so I think that was with 3 Earth Drakes. You probably need at least a second Lich Bane Proc auto before throwing the W on the tower normally.
True, but the fact that he does magic damage scaling with AP on towers now, as well as an execute, but still gets the double damage from his passive just screams maximum overkill. I'm speaking as someone who mains Ziggs. I think he's not too overbearing in of himself, but he's way too good at dunking towers with even just one mountain Drake.
: Why not just make top turret the weak turret?
Because that'd make the "botop" lane meta exclusively lane bullies that can take towers and Dragon easily. Youd basically make two lanes absolute cancer clown fiesta instead of the one.
: What does that have to do with being 4 manned once Fortification is down?
Because the damage taken to the tower is significantly lower in those 10 minutes. A tower at 2500 health is a lot harder to take down in a clown Fiesta than a 1200 health tower, especially if you have a Ziggs on your team.
: I just don't like it because it's a result of bot lane being a fiesta mess. If you buff turrets (or take away that STUPID first turret gold), it'd probably naturally go away as people aren't so obsessed with smashing bot lane as hard as possible. Which, I think, is fine, because I hate the state of bot lane whether your pick an ADC or literally anything else.
I agree. Ziggs bot is ok, how he got there is anything but
: being able to 1 shot a tower is kinda broken if you ask me.
I'm OK with his W doing that. I'm not ok with him building Lich Bane, pot of Sorcery, Deathcap, and then one shotting the tower with his passive. His passive getting the double damage on structures removed is one nerf I'm OK with.
: They ripped old zyra out of solo lanes so fast though. And malz out of the jungle.
Because Malz took no damage and Zyra was about as interactive in lane as Heimerdinger before her rework.
: As long as ziggs doesn't push all other bot lane options out of viability (which strikes me as very unlikely), riot is unlikely to do anything over it, as they like seeing creative champion uses. I could possibly see it causing them to look at trist for buffs though, as tower destruction was at one point supposed to be her thing. It's only when champs turn out to be extremely lacking in counterplay with their 'new' role/build that Riot steps in and tweaks things, so I wouldn't worry too much in this case.
Never forget Janna and Raka mid. Or Mordekaiser ADC.
: The lack of Fortification bot lane doesn't do anything because they're ganked after 10 minutes, when Fortification would be gone.
No, having fortification encourages lane freezing instead of brainless pushing.
: That will just switch bot duos into top
But the clown Fiesta won't be as easy because of the fortification buff.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: As a high Diamond player I can say I have actually more fun in Silver/Gold than high Plat/low Diamond. People below Platinum 2 usually listen to arguments and calls because deep inside they know they aren't supergood and I find it more easy to carry them than carry Diamond 5 players even vs lower eelo's
Maybe in EU, but Plat players in NA are festering assholes. They are basically Silver toxicity to the third power, and chase kills like thirsty Silver players, while blaming you for getting caught out in the enemy jungle.
: The reason people say bronze is elo hell is because most people in that elo are inexperienced with the game and it shows in the decisions they make. Im currently climbing out of bronze right now and am in my silver 5 promos. There are a few natches I played where if I didnt get fed as the AD carry, we definetley wouldve lost with the decisions we were making
Bronze is ELO hell because everyone is so braindead. If you try to play normally you will never win. You need to get insanely fed, get damage, and then split push. Once I figured that out, I went from Bronze IV to Silver III until they nerfed Xin, and then I switched to Ziggs and almost hit Gold V until life happened and I joined the Army.
: The clown fiesta isn't happening.
I've got 30 ranked games of evidence to the contrary. I've got data showing a tower d u n k i n g APC being a viable replacement for an ADC in challenger that says otherwise.
: So get a lead early. Then the enemy won't get ganks, right?
Yes, because I love it when a 40 minute game is decided by one lane in the first 10 minutes. There's a balance between having a too little impact laning phase (season 5) and one that has way too much (preseason 6 and 7). Is it really so much to ask for a happy medium?
: solution - change your meta, you dont **have** to put an adc in the bot lane. find something new that works, which is effective in a goon squad situation.
Forcing bad balance changes to change the meta game is how Mordekaiser "ADC" became a thing. I don't want something like that to become a thing again.
: Ziggs Bot Lane APC should be encouraged
If by evolution you mean a return to Season 0, then yes. I'm not saying its a bad thing, I like the idea of a new lane for APC and ADC, but the reason why it's implemented is worse than Mord bot was. At least you could ban Mord, no amount of bans can stop the clown Fiesta bot lane.
: The only reason that Ziggs bot lane is good is because Ziggs himself is really good right now. Kinda like Poppy support right after she got reworked.
Ziggs has been sleeper OP for a while now. I'm actually glad, because they might touch his Q hitbox as a compensation buff.
: > [{quoted}](name=Remlap1223,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FnuTjIcM,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-12-30T23:11:50.398+0000) > > They need to revert that Q rework on Ashe, and allow Volley to crit from frost shot. They'd be more then enough. > > Sivir probably needs an ult buff or her mana costs eased up. Her W already crits though. It was weird they removed her attack reset and slowed the animation down, but she's not trash tier. Just not top tier. Sivir doesn't need a buff either. She's a late game champ.
It doesn't do the crit damage. And Sivir still hasn't recovered from her nerfs, so she could use a couple taps..
: "Buut but but ad carries are so strong right now!! Look at Caitlyn, sub 53% winrate!! It's totally not inflated by the fact every other ad carry sucks! Also adc is a shit role because everyone 4 man dives bot." How can the boards circlejerk that AD carries are so broken while also saying they suck and the 4 man bot lane gank is "common". (I barely see it happen.) Considering 4 man ganks are happening post 10 minutes there's nothing regarding fortification (which bot tower lacks) causing it though bot tower should still have it back. So is the problem with the ADC class being weak? The support champions (it isn't, no way)? The ADC player (I don't think these have changed)? The support player (autofill)? Junglers being broken (as if they weren't before)? Mages still being broken? Realistically, the AD carry champions need buffs. If their items are buffed I might as well play Aatrox as an ADC abusing that potentially. I actually liked the idea of Armor Pen on ADCs because it made them clearly earlygame based and fall off later. Except the problem was they got Cleaver and LDR so there was no fall off. If cleaver was made melee only and LDR was nerfed (like it should have been), I feel armor pen could help make the role more diverse by making MF and Draven viable without overbuffing their kit. As for Ziggs APC bot lane, that should stay. It adds to diversity and I'd love him to be balanced around the role.
I don't mind the idea of APCs going bot, but the clown Fiesta has to go. Diversity hasn't been this bad since Season 4 because of this, and hasn't been this unfun or cheesy since preseason 6.
: I'm confused. If you can't play aggressive or passive, what about the enemy? Won't you playing aggressive allow your team to 4 man dive them under tower? Won't you playing passive allow your jungle to gank their aggressive play?
I've noticed that ganking bot never happens when you're behind now.
: First Turret Blood is what keeps certain champions relevant (Tristana, Ziggs, any early game champion). FTB isn't even what's causing bot lane to be ganked (which keep in mind isn't happening high elo) like the boards imagine. Removing FTB is nerfing champions who don't need nerfs.
That is some serious mental gymnastics. Ziggs wouldn't be played bot for tower cheese if FTB wasn't causing the clown Fiesta. Tristana nor Ziggs need this BS mechanic. They were both perfectly fine without it. I know for sure Ziggs was considering I main him and have a 70% win rate with him.
Danjeng (NA)
: Ashe and Sivir were top-tier last season. But they went overboard with the nerfs. They could use a bit of a tune-up now to compete with today's picks. (or those FotM champs could be nerfed to their level, or maybe a middle ground of very slight buffs to weak champs, slight nerfs to strong champs)
They need to revert that Q rework on Ashe, and allow Volley to crit from frost shot. They'd be more then enough. Sivir probably needs an ult buff or her mana costs eased up.
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