: just leaving a comment to say that i want 1v1 ranked magma chamber
> [{quoted}](name=ALEX TO POLYVOLO,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Xrp3XyK8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-27T11:02:11.536+0000) > > just leaving a comment to say that i want 1v1 ranked magma chamber https://media.giphy.com/media/1438dnZ4AqjKy4/giphy.gif
Baka Red (EUNE)
: If you mean that if they remove them from your personal champion pool, the answer is yes, they do - at least in some cases. For example, some people who mostly play ARAM didn't like the Warwick & the accompanying Gray Warwick skin they got from honor chest and have asked Support for WW&The skin to be removed from their account and I believe they have gotten what they wished for. I have yet to try my Gray Warwick, but I guess the day (&the challenge) is coming any day now. :)
Thanks for the answer!
Mita3003 (EUNE)
: Like a refund ?
No, just want them off my account. I only use a limited pool and have no need for them. I only bought most champions because their wasn't really any other point to IP but buy champions.
Kimuto (NA)
: Like reworks? Does that count? If you mean completely than no. If its too busted they would nerf it or just rework it.
I meant like ones I have but don"t want, lol, but thanks for the answer!
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: Stop Suicide Suggestions. Please. It is NOT okay.
Nightblue3 senpai tells me to drink what's under my sink. :s
: Still looking for peeps? I main support but i can try other lanes.
> [{quoted}](name=Prince RyLo,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=WOKZAtLq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-12T16:14:03.765+0000) > > Still looking for peeps? I main support but i can try other lanes. Sure! Always down to add friends on League. Send me an invite and when i log on, I can accept it. Thanks!
S0kaX (EUNE)
: dammit, I wanted a post that says bronze 4 kids rage when their team gives first blood
Hahaha, sorry to disappoint! ;)
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iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: I petition to get my skins for Malzahar (over 500K mastery points) refunded since he is fundamentally a different champ now and I neither play nor enjoy him anymore.
What don't you like about him? :/ I remember the old Malz, but to me, he is still pretty strong.
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Drugoth (NA)
: A very serious suggestion.
I miss CritPlank.. {{champion:41}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: I really hope that they are going to look at vladimir and he is the 2nd worst in both his lanes.
I'll agree. I don't play him but when I see someone choose him for mid lane, I feel good about my chances.
Luxfiat (EUW)
: Gold II Midlaner looking for British people
: "I main Yasuo"
I typically find when someone tells me they "main" a champion during champ select, they play like poo. I've had people tell me, "Don't ban _____, I main them, I'll carry." End of game stats: 2/16/3 Sweet.
: If you intend to play TF top, you might as well play Quinn or Teemo. On top lane, where you don't have full access to map pressure TF offers, they will do same thing but better in most cases.
Hmm, well I do love to play Teemo, and have tried him top a few times. He seems to struggle though against all ins from champions like Riven or Darius. Honestly, I was interested in TF because of his stun and slow with Pick A Card, and his free teleport and vision ult, but I can see where Quinn would be better for top lane in those regards.
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: im just glad i haven't seen that aids cancer of a champion {{champion:20}} anyone remember when nunu was meta and he'd come to your lane, plop a zzrot right in front of the enemy mid turret and say lol na u aint gettin this sit
: Yup, according to the most recent version of the PBE, the Taliyah buffs are: Q (Threaded Volley) - Damage increased to 70/95/120/145/170 from 60/80/100/120/140 - Damage increased to 70/95/120/145/170 from 60/80/100/120/140 - Base worked ground duration lowered to 100 from 120 - Subsequent hits on same unit now deal 60% reduced damage from 50% Cleanse my body with your baby oil of truth Riot, I'm so ready
Ugh, that makes me happy. Her Q was the one thing that upset me, and hopefully those changes you listed stay. LOVE the base damage increase and worked ground cooldown decrease. #lubeupfortaliyah
: I started playing Sivir today because I wanted to play a new adc and people never play her even though she is one of the strongest. Even when she was THE strongest and played in Worlds, people never really played her in solo queue. She has wave clear, harass, spell shield, and team ms boost. She's a total package. You can often bait enemies to make risky plays in low elo and turn them around. People also don't really know how to deal with her. Or it could be that she's just great against the current meta supports. She also doesn't feel "slow" like ashe who doesn't have any dashes.
I know what you mean, Sivir is good. Like, Ashe can also be good, but the amount of harass you can deal with Sivir is great and spell shields are just opop, so their's that! :D
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Phridolin (EUW)
: I do like brand too and its a shame i only play him more since i got his legendary through hextech. :/ I do rlly enjoy Illaoi top and Heca jungle atm. Illa has so much potential in small areas and can - if played well - fight 1 vs 2 easily. Heca is soooo strong with the mastery Colossus right now but he was and will be a good choice anytime (i hope). I want to get more use to Vi and new Shyvanna. Both so badass! The one who i am feelin a bit sad about is my beloved Zed. His Nerfs and now his reworked Ult... i dont like it very much. Hope he'll see better times again.
Hecarim is getting nerfed soon too :/ I tried illoai, but I really sucked with her, so I gave up. Vi is top notch! So fun to use and really strong. Yeah, I actually haven't seen a lot of Zed's lately, not that I'm complaining ;/ but I hear ya on the nerfs.
: Stop Dodging
With this community? lel {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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: Also they haven't added the difficult levels in yet. They are on the 'easy' side right now.
I know, I had admitted as much in my post. Hopefully we get to see a much harder version shortly on the PBE. Thanks! :D
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: Breaking News URF is final boss
: Jokes on you, its a key fragment
Still a reward! ;)
Remnar (NA)
: Doom Bot Yasou incoming...
Legit though, these bots are gonna be much harder to deal with. A sliding scale from 1 to 100 in difficulty? Like, what? Rewards for "surviving" a game and beating the final boss? WHAT? Riot, you are good, you are too good.
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nep2une (NA)
: AP Shaco only really works in top or possibly support, and is a cheese pick at best. AD/Crit Shaco works just fine in jungle. He's very hard though.
So AD Shaco top isn't a good pick then?
: Hire Bjergsen for Bug Testing Team
{{champion:98}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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: Aurelion Sol: Not this shit again.
: Is anything being done to the graves hack exploit?
Not sure why they don't disable Graves until fixed? They have done that with many champions before.
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: "wahh wahh supprots r adcs slaves :(((("
That's why I play support Shaco. My ADC knows if they are jerks.. KS incoming. lel
: I was permabanned
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: how much $ did you earn today? i made some where in the ball part of $265
With all that money you'd think you'd be able to afford some manners.
: Best URF champion?
Fiora is damn good, but my favorite to use is Shaco. Nothing has been more fun than URF Shaco, at least for me.
: fyi CHILD... i pay for my own shit with my career where i make over $22 an hour.... i support my mother who is disabled and has been since i was 8 and help raised both my lil brothers. and i have a top of the line gaming PC with monitor. and surround sound 7.1 dolby
: i dont undnerstand ?
Typically, when one says they didn't do anything wrong, Riot posts more chat logs that show the truth or will call you out for other behavior that led to a ban.
zPerinax (NA)
: Not getting hextech chests anymore
You only get a certain amount at a time, and will go without receiving chests for awhile. I have only received one in the past month to two months. Also, your profile will tell you when you are due to receive them, in or around what time period anyways.
: perma banned
inb4 real chat logs posted
: Reroll 3 skins shard into another skin shard????
If you don't own a champion, you won't get a permanent upgrade. Logically the game can't award you a skin for something you don't own.
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