: I feel the same way. Most Morgana skins all look the same because they keep the same old dark theme. A skin is more exciting to me when they change the theme of a champ. I'd totally be glad to see more "light" themed Morgana skin over another dark one.
You're forgetting that Morgana has an "angel" skin. The Exiled Morgana.
: Lulu please
Fiddlesticks just doing scarecrow things. Fiddle on you beautiful disaster.
abdul569 (EUW)
: When you try to run away from reworked talon
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBf3Y0m2hpk When he is bad at the Parkour.
: {{champion:91}}: "WHY CAN'T I FUCKING ONE SHOT YOU!!!!" {{item:3147}}, {{item:3158}}, {{item:3071}}, {{item:3812}},{{item:3142}}, {{item:3074}} {{champion:44}}: "Maybe if you try again you'll get your answer" {{item:3022}}, {{item:3742}} , {{item:3102}}, {{item:3078}}, {{item:3047}}, {{item:3748}}
{{champion:91}} in the future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBf3Y0m2hpk
: You forgot the part where the monsters spam mastery emotes.
: > [{quoted}](name=WoonStruck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ecglr0e2,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-10-13T18:07:56.038+0000) > > **Impling that the jungle is hard to clear for champions that should actually be jungling.** > > The only champions that will have a significantly harder time clearing are the ones that don't belong there anyway. Even then, it wont be significant.
{{champion:427}} Why fight when you can free them?
Meritas (EUW)
: Expanding the map for the sake of jungle diversification is totally justfiable.
Or... you know... have a redesigned map all together.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sancre,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ecglr0e2,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-13T17:43:16.333+0000) > > Season 10: Jungle is 7 times bigger. Going from mid to top can take up to 20 minutes at full speed, Teleport mandatory for junglers now, Teleport can be fused with smite, teleport takes 30 seconds of channeling because its op right now. > > Also no new camps added, just old one enlarged, normal monster are now baron sized and baron an dragon are as big as current Summoners Rift, plants are smaller though, finding them by going around the jungle for half the match is considered fun Patch 10.8: Jungle minion stats are now proportional to their size, as intended.
Season 11: All jungle camps have teamed up, forming an alliance and will now randomly gank a lane if left unchecked. Only a small warning ping will go off. if a champion is executed by a jungle monster during the gank then they become stronger, further putting your jungler behind than he already was. At 20 minutes, if no one has won, Baron Nashor will spawn and rofflestomp both sides. This is when it becomes PvE and Baron Nashor becomes a raid boss with 300k hp. Good luck.
: I just proved the known truth of why Teemo is Satan
What's better is this: http://prntscr.com/cpl9yq
: Write the saddest League story you can in 4 words. [WARNING, CONTAINS SAD CONTENT]
: Incoming Scripting Suspensions
Welp there goes 50% of your player base.
: For those who are too lazy to read the bullshit of riot, let me sum it up for you. OP: Hi, I've been permanently suspended, please let me know for what and why? Riot: We have solid evidence that is impossible to be incorrect, of you sharing account details of another player. We are not going to show you that evidence. Our word is law. You stay permabanned.
You forgot the "Glory to Riot" at the end.
Ulanopo (NA)
: I guess I'm a little confused here. You asked what caused your instant permaban and they replied that you gave away personally identifying information about another player. **This is a HUGE TOS violation.** It doesn't matter if you know the person. It doesn't matter if you have their permission. It doesn't matter if you said it in jest. As you may have read downthread, someone else did the same thing, but with fake information. Riot looked into it and everything turned out okay. At least **FOUR** different people examined your account and recognized that what you did was wrong. That's confirmation enough for me. As for why it's always wrong, Riot cannot assume liability when someone gets hurt or harassed because you released personally identifying information. That's also why they're not going to send you the information you revealed. It's simply never going to happen.
Leave it to the Arbiter to white knight somewhere.
dominusx (EUNE)
: yeh it is! tons more dmg and sustain if you get to hit some minnions
{{champion:154}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3001}} Nuke time
Dr Poro (EUW)
: I love playing Junglers
> Sadly I can't buy most of them because it would weaken my ARAM champion pool. If you can't learn how to play them in ARAM then don't play ARAM.
Thaurron (NA)
: Played a healer in WoW for eight years. This checks out.
The best part is when you have to TankDpsHeal when the tank is bad.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rendarkan,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=w2I8RAac,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-07-22T03:34:16.307+0000) > > The one thing that pulls me to believe he isn't an actual Noxian is that the soldiers in his video ARE Noxians. > > Plus, judging from his demeanor and accent he sounds more like from Bilgewater. It's possible he might have been Noxian at one point but changed factions. > > "In the video, Kled, a yordle, and his mount, Skaarl, battle through an army of Noxian soldiers to reunite with each other!" - straight from s@20 itself > http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/07/kled-teaser.html#more > > It would make more sense that he used to be a Noxian until some event caused him to have his mount go missing so he took the pirates life. He lives in Noxian Territory... so, he is Noxian. It doenst matters if he fight against them or not...
He probably isn't Noxian and highly unlikely living there. Considering he has been searching for his mount he probably tracked it to Noxus and such. That's like being an American living in Mexico. You aren't a Mexican you are still an American regardless. Besides why would he aimlessly kill people who also live there unless they got ordered to remove him and just failed at pinging and got rekt?
: Kled and the Yordles.
The one thing that pulls me to believe he isn't an actual Noxian is that the soldiers in his video ARE Noxians. Plus, judging from his demeanor and accent he sounds more like from Bilgewater. It's possible he might have been Noxian at one point but changed factions. "In the video, Kled, a yordle, and his mount, Skaarl, battle through an army of Noxian soldiers to reunite with each other!" - straight from s@20 itself http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/07/kled-teaser.html#more It would make more sense that he used to be a Noxian until some event caused him to have his mount go missing so he took the pirates life.
: I just realized... Aurelion Sol has helped us realize who Nagakaborous is.
: I am looking at her eyes though! I'm not much of a boob guy, despite most people seeing it as one of Sona's greatest appealing feature :P
The hard part is looking them in the eye when they are shorter than you. Either way boobs are all the same. Filled with soft plush thoughts of hopes and dreams. Eyes are unique in every way so those are much more appealing. Like mine. I have red dots in mine cause of a small laser accident. For some reason women dig it. I think its the scar effect.
: Though I don't rlly mind sona being with someone else... the only one for draven is draven so... http://big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/Adam9.gif Disapproved
You got Adam Leintervened.
: http://i.imgur.com/gtK7JEE.png
: {{champion:81}} ;)
Swaid (NA)
: As if I'd use console commands to get better stuff or that my last save game would be remotely stable after reinstalling all my mods from memory! Whenever I start a new play through, its always iron!
I have the Dragonborn armor mod with the setup they advertise. Dragonborn helm has 25% reduction on shouts
: Me when i see a mastery 7 {{champion:6}}
{{champion:83}} - Godspeed you glorious bastard.
: Camps? You mean free double kills?
{{champion:48}} It's a shame your top lane is doing so well with his stats... mind if I... borrow 40% of them?
: Convince Me...
{{champion:136}} That moment you realize you both worship the same light just in different ways. Typical Targon redundancy.
: Riven Is Trapped...
I feel much better watching her suffer.
: Nasus... "ok there susan!" *glare intensifies* "I have spent countless hours stacking on almost dead creatures. You will be my next stack."
Them ARAM double stack burgers. 6 per small 12 per cannon and ~~glorified minion~~ champion.
: Your name is now the name of your main
Teemo... Yup. i would probably be labeled Satanist and a Shroom dealer.
: http://img02.deviantart.net/2f4e/i/2016/038/f/7/jhin_meme_by_mikouchan-d9qyb6a.png http://m.imgur.com/gallery/xrn5mPj http://img.ifcdn.com/images/4d4a0b88caf6d81951ddcb18ad31824aae1eafe4c3f14f1e6fba3602844b168b_1.jpg http://ci.memecdn.com/964/5650964.jpg
: Because remaking skins means they release fewer new skins. Would you rather get new skins or just updated ones? Skins, once made, are usually left unchanged.
Rather have a bit of both. Mostly updates on the clunky ones visually that need it like TF's and such along with new ones.
: I bought it when it was half off during Draven's Spinning Axes or whatever and got like Captain Miss Fortune or something out of my mystery skin.
: I know what you are. https://67.media.tumblr.com/c2d17c34d732efe2786f691368edfb6b/tumblr_ndkng0o2Tj1tlxwwco1_500.gif I think your lovely the way you are. <3 See even i can be nice at times. https://bookpolygamist.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/capn-jack-sparrow-farewell.gif
: To everyone who seems to care what my gender is
http://www.searchquotes.com/sof/images/picture_quotes/31525_20131106_162107_facebookstatus39.jpg Because people still think this is true.
Fishtaco (NA)
: Hey Riot! Can you touch up some of the older legendary skins?
: http://33.media.tumblr.com/89fe154372af311f56c37ef81ee1bdab/tumblr_inline_nptd1w7NDX1rikn2g_500.gif
-shots fired- https://media.giphy.com/media/xLisUdNosHv9K/giphy.gif
: http://orig02.deviantart.net/347a/f/2013/327/a/1/hue_hue_hue__mordekaiser__by_darkholdsvi-d6vf8ge.png
http://orig13.deviantart.net/25ce/f/2013/209/e/a/mordekaiser_wip_by_angel_gabe-d6fk4j0.gif http://nashor.com/pics/2289.gif
: Dude Yes that will be hilarious.
His taunt when use happens in a random bush near an opponent and his base is him summoning a bush and jumping into it.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Lexer,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=1piptRoW,comment-id=0001000000000001,timestamp=2016-06-12T22:15:47.074+0000) > > {{item:3085}} {{item:3083}} {{champion:99}} - I needed attack speed for csing and the triple shot thing is real nice as well, then I needed tankiness because, well, you could survive longer, and I died too fast! Runaan's aside, building a defensive item on any squishy if you're getting popped is a good idea. People unfortunately do not realize this.
{{champion:16}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3065}} is actually her recommended listing on the Howling Abyss.
: I can see this conversation now: **L4T3NCY:** Yo guys, we should just put a Doom Garen in every bush from 6.12 onwards. **Meddler:** Omg why didn't we think of this sooner... (✿˵•́ ‸ •̀˵) **FeralPony:** But I did... AND IT'S ALREADY DONE! (flex) **L4T3NCY / Meddler:** My hero (swoon) -End scene-
Bushmaster Garen skin. His sword can be a hedge.
: Not all modes hit the notes we want. The gameplay might be a bit flat, engagement is weak, we end up doing a better job in a different new mode, etc. We'd rather spend the time improving proven successes and building new modes that could potentially be much better, than burning time on something that's already missed the mark a bit. That doesn't mean we might not try to improve and bring them back though at some point, which is why it's _'a chance'_ and not _'definite'_.
Can you put Hexakill back on SR? Its way too slow and cramped on TT.
: There aren't wrong opinions.
I reject this opinion and substitute my own.
: Huh. I really want a Judge Nasus skin now.
That'd be a hell of a gavel.
XeroKimo (NA)
: Well.... after all......... "punch first, ask questions while punching"
"Stop hitting me! Ow my face!" {{champion:254}} :"Every" -punch- "Time" -punch-
: When someone has lvl 7 mastery on {{champion:83}} ....
: The Tribunal. Reports against the champions of Summoner's Rift.
Small Revision to two of them: {{champion:38}}: We tried to catch him but unfortunately it was U.R.F. weekend and he kept teleporting away before we could get close. {{champion:48}}: Wanted for trolling.
: What to do if a Fed Shyvana ever gives you this look.
: As clearly demonstrated, the moon never succeeded in claiming victory, as it should be.
{{champion:136}} "Obviously you don't understand astrology enough to master both sides of the light. In other words... You and Diana worship the same light. Typical Targon redundancy."
: I remember that one well. I just don't remember which game the Gragas glitch was in.
It was the one game where Mordekaiser and Gangplank weren't banned and the top OP picks. The game could not handle the sheer awesomeness it was going to be and decided to glitch. Gragas proceeded to be played the next match instead of being disabled because he was "popular."
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