: One tricks deserve no incentives
what about people who generally enjoy playing 1 champ and the play the game for that reason cause they like the feel and playstyle of 1 or 2 champs in particuar
: Seeing 40k Mastery 7 champs is kind of irritating, like they barely got mastery 5 not long ago, so yeh I'd agree, something to set us apart. Highest mastery point champ gets the honor of being your 1-trick after you get at least 1 champ to mastery 7 and 200-250k points? Something like that? Honestly my highest champ is only like 190k-ish, but I'd be fine having to grind a bit to get the title.
i was more thinking somewhere around 500k plus cause dont get me wrong alot of players have 200 on atleast one champ and i want this to be like super prestigious u know not every 200k plus person should get one
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