Kukiel (NA)
: How to lane against Teemo as melee champion?
You'll usually need one of these, depending on how you plan to build later on: {{item:3155}} {{item:1057}} {{item:3211}} His harass is a pain but if you build defensively at first you can work your way to getting the damage you need to kick his ass. Also try to make use of his cooldowns, assuming you know them, and try to get control wards, oracle alteration, or sweeping lens as soon as possible for shrooms. If you're hit with a blind, don't just run away then come back in time for him to hit you with another blind. Try to get to a bush so he can't just spam auto you and make your way to him, and then go in for a trade (after you've gotten defenses to deal with it). Teemo is also INCREDIBLY susceptible to ganks up top. Like, he has no reliable way of getting out and if he's pushing you under turret then he's basically a free meal for your jungler, so just let 'em know "Hey we got a free kill up here my dude." If you don't get the help, though, just build a logical defensive option like listed above and farm under turret, and only go in to fight once you know you've got ways to do so without getting too punished for it.
: LS said What I hope for. Swain Should go back on the Rework pile
: What exactly is Kai'Sa's role in League?
I think, so far, it looks like she can be played in more than just the bot lane, which is awesome. Riot said they want to try and diversify what champs can do and if the new champ fits into more than one role, it's a damn good way of following that. She seems like she's got multiple viable roles depending on how you want to play first and foremost. If you want to build her more standard attack speed/crit and focus an E primary Q secondary build, you can. If you want to go higher on damage at first then focus attack damage and Q. W doesn't seem like a very viable priority but easy to get as a secondary and is great for long-range engage/assassination opportunities.
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: Real Tilted About That Forced 50% Winrate
Honestly I wish this 50% forced winrate shit was true, because I STILL haven't hit 50 in my SR games.
Santozed (EUW)
: She isn't even out on the PBE. This is ridiculous at this point
People like to bitch preemptively, then also wonder why they're not taken seriously.
: Here's why we don't trust Rito to properly balance Kai'sa's kit:
So are we ignoring literally everything from other champions to Zoe nerfs? Or what
: I climb from bronze 5 to Diamond 5 alone without duo and I can tell you that this season is the only season I hate to play. Riot is trying to create a communist system where everyone is equal with the new runes system. I missed the time when I could change my runes based on who I'm vsing (MR runes or armor runes). Now I have to equip resolve path to do that. Plus, having 18 runes pages when I only need one now feel like I got robbed with all those times I spent collecting the optimal runes
The system is just objectively better. Now the difference between two players of equal skill isn't who has T2 vs T3 runes, because everyone has the same access to the same shit and it comes down to player skill. Also, you got robbed of nothing. How long did you utilize the old rune system when you put money into it? You paid for a product and used it, and likely had a considerable advantage over PLENTY of others (many like myself only had T2 runes, and that was once the 1IP sale became a thing) for a decent amount of time. You CAN STILL CHANGE YOUR RUNES dependent on who you're playing against. I don't see how you CAN'T do that now. The option wasn't taken from you - if anything, now there's quite a bit more variety than just flat stats. For example: Sion won't want comet against someone like Cho in lane because the poke now means nothing, so you can take other keystones like Grasp/Glacial Augment.
: His time has come scrublord. Prepare to be Dunked
What's the change? I wanna go back to using him.
: Darius is going to be Dangerously Close to Pick or Ban
: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VEbfw0jL,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-19T20:28:32.903+0000) > > But you KNOW the range anyway. It's not like it changes depending on wind-up time or something - there is no variable with the ability besides where Camille moves. > > So just move forward. It's not instant-cast. It's not sporadic as fuck. The range is consistent so just step toward her. I don't know who you are to think you can tell me about something I see and observe every day in Diamond lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VEbfw0jL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-19T20:20:58.193+0000) > > Step forward fam. Isn't it similar to Darius Q with the whole inner/outer range thing? > > Yeah Camille can move too but they're usually expecting you to run away, not toward 'em. Last-second juke or something. The ability itself has counterplay, so it's got counterplay with comet, too. No there IS no stepping forward if you don't see the range. Darius Decimate range is circled entirely and barely around the character himself with almost no range (it's about the width of Garen's spin). If he doesn't have you slowed and you are both at even pace (i.e, no boots, neither of you have Swifties or Deadman's upping the other) it can be sidestepped every single time under every circumstance and the ability itself not only teaches you how to play vs Darius but how to sidestep in general. It also doesn't abuse Comet or can as it doesn't slow you at all, which is the big fucking problem of the topic at hand.
But you KNOW the range anyway. It's not like it changes depending on wind-up time or something - there is no variable with the ability besides where Camille moves. So just move forward. It's not instant-cast. It's not sporadic as fuck. The range is consistent so just step toward her.
: Camille's Tactical Sweep and Arcane Comet has zero counterplay and is extremely toxic/mindless
Step forward fam. Isn't it similar to Darius Q with the whole inner/outer range thing? Yeah Camille can move too but they're usually expecting you to run away, not toward 'em. Last-second juke or something. The ability itself has counterplay, so it's got counterplay with comet, too.
Habbyman (OCE)
: Who is the guy that insists turrets are fine? Riot is only listening to you ๐Ÿคจ
Honestly, towers in this are WAY better than in HotS and that's the only other MOBA I play, so by comparison I'm fine with LoL's.
TS Media (NA)
: Is it really fine that a full build malphite can 1v1 a full build riven come late game?
Full build for BOTH of you, and his defenses counter most of your offense on top you having no MR to deal with ANY of his damage. Dude's got 335 BONUS armor, and GW to deal with your lifesteal. Sunfire damage, thornmail damage, and a Sheen proc off Iceborn to make fighting you even easier.
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: Is anyone getting tired of seeing gold gen support items on non supports?
Discourages roaming/warding a ton and makes you even more of an ADC-protector if you HAVE to be near someone in the beginning. If I want to early roam before first back I should be able to without losing out on gold gen for it.
Ernie (NA)
: I had never played ADC before, so I locked in Tristana in ranked solo queue
douglah (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WzrUNp4B,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-02-16T20:46:45.815+0000) > > I haven't had this problem. But then, I also build defensive stats. I think that's kind of his point. If, for example hes playing a mage, and he doesn't one-round you, hes probably dead.
I play both Viktor and Swain rn and build semi-tanky so I don't have this problem.
: gut supports if you're nerfing duskblade
Which supp/items are the problem and what fix do you think is necessary? Supports as a whole aren't a problem.
: Very good score still no S?
CS is a huge deal for your grade.
Elohaven (NA)
: Riot has made the game to be a burst or be bursted scenario
I haven't had this problem. But then, I also build defensive stats.
Anu3isII (EUNE)
: Abyssal Mask is a great alternative if you dislike Rod of Ages, and play vs a mage. The trade-off of Mask is lower early game damage and much lower at high range, but its passive decreases the difference as you build AP, and eventually it can outscale a fully stacked Rod as long as you heep your range.
Abyssal itself is good, yes, but I preferred GLP just for my build. Ran Glacial Augment, GLP first item, Iceborn Gauntlet second. The synergy there was godly.
: gotta main adc if you wanna win
I've fixed my low-ass winrate by spamming Swain, so nah.
Arcathos (NA)
: I think what also sucks about it (unless they changed it), was that if you don't win your autofill game... you can be autofilled again. Which... honestly just sounds awful. I'm not very good at many roles (I'm okay at mid/support) but the rest of my gameplay is questionable at best, if I was autofilled (for some godforsaken reason) into say... jungle, and on a champ I'm not comfortable with... if I was to lose and be forced into the position again... I'd probably cry. I think it definitely sucks, but it also shows that people might want to try and be more well rounded. Also if riot would implement a way to say "I want these two roles, no autofill, I will wait an eternity to make sure I get one of these two roles" then it might help. They only reason they do autofill is to keep queue timers reasonable, but some people don't care if they wait 1 minute or 20 minutes, they just only want to play a specific role. And if they are willing to wait, by all means _let them wait_.
It helps to learn people who can be viable in multiple roles. So you like mid/supp? Galio works for both and can also do well top and in the jg (just run spellbook for extra smites). Gragas can work in both, and again, also works in top and jg. Maokai works for support and also top and jg. Stuff like that. Flex picks can do wonders when you're in new roles.
Zerenza (NA)
: The only reason i don't like Auto Fill.
I like autofill for the fact that it forces you to learn shit, which is a damn good thing. I main support but before switching to 3s mainly, I'd been on a top/mid kick because I wanted to learn more than just supp. Occasionally I'd get filled to Jg or ADC and while I would never say I'm awesome at those roles, I'm certainly much better now than I was before ever really having to do them. Now that I've played every role a pretty fair amount, partly due to autofill, I've got a waaaaay better understanding of the game. As a solo laner I've got a better understanding of viable gank paths for both my jg and the enemy, as a jg I've got a better understanding of what sorts of moves I can make to influence the map (and this translates to every other role, too), and as the duo laners I'm much better with communication and teamwork, even with randoms. Autofill stops being a problem when people learn more.
Delibird (EUW)
: The problem with rylais (and maybe frozen mallet too)
I personally love Rylai's still but I realize it's not particularly amazing. I build it with a build that already has Glacial Augment+GLP, and Iceborn Gauntlet, so I have literally no delay in my slows and that's fuckin' awesome imo.
Anu3isII (EUNE)
: https://i.imgur.com/f4Kr1dJ.png > * GLP has a few mechanics changes: Stops on first unit hit, increased range (200), longer slow duration, no cast time. Link: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/TaijPHAm-ap-itemization-on-pbe-84 They improved the ability a lot, now they nerf its number.
Damn, this sucks. I liked it having health + the eternity passive. I picked a god awful time to get back into mages.
: I guess the fact it gives you 20% CDR in PBE is the reason for a nerf. on Live it doesn't have any CDR so it needs to deal more damage, but giving 20% CDR on top of dealing the same damage would be kind of overpowered considering it allows to use your own abilities already more often.
Did not know this, thanks. I don't like it 100% but I get it.
: Why in the world would they do this? It's poo
No idea. I was under the impression the item itself isn't even super popular anyway, nor is it particular strong despite its synergy with Glacial Augment.
: Zoe
If Zoe's the reason, then this is stupid as hell.
: Renekton still not nerfed?
He doesn't auto-win lane, he just countered you. He has a 52% winrate against Swain but 47-48% against PLENTY of champs. He's in no way busted. Dude's got a sub-50 winrate on average and enough of a playerbase to see that the ones who ARE doing well on him are likely mains, but even then he's not doing too hot.
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Kai Guy (NA)
: No disrespect intended but my main frusturations in lol come from players.
Same, fam. If I ignore the boards and mute all, then honestly my games don't feel anything like the complaints always make it seem.
: I have never agreed with Hashinshin more so in my LIFE
Jax is fuckin' top tier right now, and Darius is pretty good too. Darius is fuckin top 5 in play ranking for top lane. Jax is also a heavily contested pick atm and incredibly valuable. Keystones are meh for them, sure, but I won a camped botlane as Darius vs. Gnar and Ornn when I accidentally took Aftershock of all fuckin keystones, so I'm very much willing to bet just about anything will work better. Jax works commonly with PTA, spellbook can be great, and electrocute also works pretty fuckin' well with him.
: You're going to get downvoted into the ground because people can't into common sense or logic.
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: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ItUflbqj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-14T05:00:42.511+0000) > > Braum is so fuckin' meta right now, he does not need a buff. CC is meta because it keeps people off adcs while they 4 shot people. Braum is still underwhelming as a tank
17.57% pick rate 50.8% win rate. Braum is the third best-performing support as far as any who are consistently picked will go. He's top five in popularity and success and top ten in ban rate. Braum is undoubtedly strong right now.
: How to beat darius in lane as a melee champ?
You need someone who can out-trade him I believe. Jax, Fiora, Aatrox are all pretty good options imo. Jax can keep his passive stacking slow with counterstrike and will definitely out-trade even if you only e auto w and Q out. Q is obviously good for jumping in/out as needed and it's very effective for denying Darius' heal off his Q, or preventing him from running when you win the trade, or keeping him from cheesing you when you lose it. You'll scale better, too. Fiora and her vitals proccing is a bit more bursty but is definitely a good counter-matchup into Darius' whole bleed thing. You've got a good engage with her dash and a good way out if you REALLY need it, plus her riposte is just universally useful. Aatrox has good sustain or, if you need it, good sustained damage, and he's less risk due to his passive allowing him to come back from the dead. You can hit Darius from range with his E if needed and you've got a good initiator or escape in Q to use as needed. Once you both hit six you can just beat his ass from afar.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Community Challange. Badly discribe a champion to make them as OP sounding as possible.
{{champion:82}} He can get solo laner exp even in a duo lane He gets a ton of shields for damaging people with ANY of his abilities His Q empowers his autos THREE TIMES and the third one is EVEN STRONGER than the previous two His W damages enemies in an AoE AND heals him for absurdly high amounts, and he gets a whole second AoE field from any ally - EVEN MINIONS! His E is a fat AoE cone that's too fast to dodge and will always do tons of damage AND give him shields He can click on ANYONE with R and do tons of %HP damage without even touching them. If he kills them he gets a free pet he can use his W on. He can even TAKE DRAGON AS A PET with it! He can literally use Dragon's dead body to fight Baron Nashor, and he can turn a 5v5 teamfight into a 4v6 with an undodgeable point-and-click ult. And to top it all off... he DOESN'T use mana!
: Thanks for the reply, any chance you know when a good time would be to stop stacking and start playing with the team? Like how many stacks should you be at when you decide it's enough and start to participate in team fights? Some people will often flame me for over-farming and not participating in team fights 20-25 minutes into the game.
200ish stacks with your sheen means it's tower-pushing time. Your team will flame if you're leaving them to 4v5, but if you're doing your job then you're going to treat every turret like a wet paper towel and the enemy will send one or two people to deal with you. That means your team should only be dealing with three or four people, so you're fine. Get your stacks whenever you have a chance but try to push and mow down turrets as a priority. Nasus doesn't bring much to a teamfight. CC, GW, etc., make you incapable of doing your job. If your team is doing their jobs and you're doing yours, you can split effectively and 1v1/1v2 where Nasus is exponentially more effective.
: biggest problem for swain rework is what riot told us about him in the road map.
If you're only getting souls from killing stuff and not from W or E, then you're not playing new Swain right at all.
: Can we buff Braum..... Please
Braum is so fuckin' meta right now, he does not need a buff.
: >The bubble deals magic damage on contact with an enemy and renders them Drowsy icon drowsy for 2.2 seconds, which gradually Slow icon slows them, after which they fall Sleep icon asleep for 2 seconds
Affects a single target. There's an "area of effect" in which you can suffer from the stun, yes, but it doesn't affect more than one person. AoE stun is like Jax E.
: Stack Guideline for Nasus?
Assuming you'd want at least two stacks from each wave, you're probably lookin at like, at least equal to your CS by ten min. If you can get more than awesome but harass won't always allow it. As your CD gets lower you can basically stack off a whole wave so I figure past the 10 min mark it starts getting a little ridiculous, like at LEAST +9 stacks per wave.
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Thanatas (NA)
: enemy team takes fizz, xin, and warwick
Yasuo pick aside, I think y'all got fucked so hard cuz literally no one performed well besides Hecarim. Your ADC had less gold than enemy support, and you had almost half. Yas can lose his lane and make Fizz a problem, sure, but y'all did NOT make use of your badass Hecarim.
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