: useless because you have to place it w/ you q (wasting energy and a cd), or it's a mile away with a 2 second delay that a bootless Sion can walk away from. Even pro players say it's not worth the time and resources to set up, because it's too easily dodged. Even If you do land it, the damage increase is not all that significant (even though it says greatly empowered). At minimum it should be allowed to affect large monsters as well as champs to help jungle shen have some clear speed.
But you get your energy back for hitting with it, so what's the problem with casting it? A bootless sion can walk away from it, sure, but YOU CAN MOVE TOO, so follow him and make your Q hit anyway. Or, I dunno, EQ so they can't walk away? The damage boost is VERY good, too, since your attack speed also gets a massive buff for the three hits. Even as a Supp Shen with literally no damage items, I can chunk out anyone on the enemy team with one Q.
Suitaro (NA)
: Tbh, Riot did state that spirit blade was not thematic for Shen and they won't fix him any time soon because of priority champs to rework.
Regardless of the thematic they want or don't want, it's not useless.
: I just hate the whole spirit sword mechanic, it's utterly useless and needs to be replaced.
Useless how? Land your spirit sword on someone consistently and I guarantee you won't be thinking this anymore.
: Anyone else having less fun this time around on Ascension?
I've loved every game of it I've played this past weekend. They were never stomps either, always pretty even, fun, and intense games basically the whole way through. My personal fave game mode.
: Is ascension better than TT? Should they swap places?
I love TT and don't want to see it thrown to RGM, but I'd love perma ascension at the same time.
: I've actually gotta jump in to correct this. We made leveling from 1-30 straight up faster. Proof is here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments
This isn't entirely irrelevant, but I appreciate the work you're doing around the forums. Can't be easy dealing with all the hate but the info you're giving out everywhere is nice. Thanks!
: Can these runes be reverted please till you actually balance them properly?
: well see im trying to get like...3 or 400 extra health from it, something you can actually notice. the most ive been able to get before getting stomped has been like 100. i took it as a ranged champion and IT GOES DOWN TO 2 PER HIT.
Well I'm using it on things like Shen supp, so all I'm doing is harass and I can proc it a ton before I even leave lane phase. It's lower on ranged champs for a reason.
I fuckin love grasp right now. Bonus damage on hit, heals you, AND gives bonus health. If you play aggressive and always skirmish then it builds up hella high, hella quick.
: "tanks are so bad after runes changes"
I LOVE playing tanks right now, especially Shen. It feels so damn fun.
Rioter Comments
: Just wanna say, 1907 Fenerbahçe deserve a lot of credit for getting to groups and exposing a huge weakness in Samsung Galaxy. Even if they end 0-6, I feel like they and fans of the TCL have a lot to be proud of.
Fenerbahce have seriously put in a ton of work. SSG didn't even deserve their win against FB, it came down to one misplay from Frozen. For an LCK team to have THIS level of an issue against a team no one expected to make any impact is insane. If they put more work in I'm certain FB will be a team to watch next year.
: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bYtjYfx4,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-09T01:12:04.952+0000) > > Ehh so we want a Shiv+IE adc to not be able to handle you cuz you got a low amount of armor on one item? I agree adcs are strong right now but that feels extreme. what i outlined was not what i am suggesting. its the state of current adcs.
My bad then, I misread. Though IE+Shiv easily goes through low-armor champs still, so I had a brainfart.
: Idea to Help Marksman's Power Curve feel better for the Marksman and those against it
> [{quoted}](name=Charlie Tilts U,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bYtjYfx4,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-08T23:53:25.403+0000) > > > 2 item spike = Offers decent DPS, but still can't deal with a front line or champs who have itemized 30+ armor efficiently. Ehh so we want a Shiv+IE adc to not be able to handle you cuz you got a low amount of armor on one item? I agree adcs are strong right now but that feels extreme.
: We have reached a point where ardent censer has made any non enchantress, useless.
This isn't completely true. I play in low elo, so I know people will attack that as per boards logic, but when I'm on the rift I tend to go Nautilus, Alistar, Braum, or Maokai support and it works for me. I got a pal I regularly spectate in upper plat as well who plays mostly Alistar and he's got a 60% winrate right now. Anecdotal, sure, but OP is basically the same. Ardent is strong right now but you can play around it.
: Dear Boards, chill tf out about adc's
Problems don't get fixed via "chill out, we get it." I don't like any of the "(class here) is OP!!!" posts either, but posts like yours don't help.
: Nothing has changed. Yorick is in the same state as he was before September 2016. They should revert the "rework" and give the few people who actually cared about him their damn champion back. People, including me, have been heartbroken for over a year now. Edit: You people haven't changed, either, it seems. Lol. Idiots.
I played the fuuuuuuuuuck outta pre-rework Yorick and loved him to death, but I prefer the rework. Don't make us all look like idiots just cuz you wanna be one mate
SoonshiL (NA)
: Must Own 20 Champions to play Ranked? That's ridiculous!
20 champs. 10 bans, 10 players. Say 10 of your 20 are banned. Now say the other nine players in the lobby all happen to pick one of your remaining 10. Now you're left with one. You wouldn't be able to play. This will almost never happen, but if it does it fucks up the game and you can't play anyway. So just prepare and get your 20 champs. There are 13 450IP champs, and you can easily fill in the remaining 7 with 1350IP champs if all you care about is the number. There are meta picks in there anyway, so it's not even that bad of an idea.
: Getting tired of being disconnected...
Riot isn't sabotaging you. It's your ISP, or it's some problem at home. If you legit think Riot is doing this to its players purposely then you've got some fucked up idea of what lies in the realm of possibility.
: So I tried to play a ranked game
Flex queue matchmaking is disgustingly bad in every way, and is in no way indicative of what you'll go up against in solo queue. Sorry your experience was such garbage, but that's the mode for ya
: Ezreal at Worlds
He lost the early game tho.
: Wrong. These enchanters are giving the ADC'S 5x their respective health in shields and heals on top of damage steroids. Lulu just polymorphs the fiora/any damage threat, they also have point and click exhaust, barrier/heal, warlords, rakan is so disgustingly broken i'm not even going to bother with him. support and adc's are determining entire games alone
> [{quoted}](name=Corsair Sion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RnAuEZOJ,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-09-24T05:29:32.383+0000) > > Wrong. These enchanters are giving the ADC'S 5x their respective health in shields and heals on top of damage steroids. Really, severely, unbelievably exaggerated. There isn't that much shielding and healing going on. And as a tank supp main, going against enchanters is always a decent lane because they don't offer enough in playmaking. You know how easy it is to gank a bot lane with an enchanter supp? Especially if you've got a playmaker? Keeping your ADC alive with shields and heals means nothing if they can't do any damage because they're stuck in 10 sec of CC.
: if only {{item:3071}} + {{item:3036}} didn't give players the capacity to ignore 6000 gold of my build. its just sheer math at this point that cant be overlooked. its like 6 items to 3 items, so unless your armor stacker can also deal damage, you aren't a tank in any capacity anymore.
Those items are a pain in the ass, sure, but if you can't lock down the backline and prevent them from shredding you or your team, you're doing a poor job as a tank. Even on a solely support tank budget, I don't typically have a problem even against folks with LDR. What's the ADC gonna do if they're locked in CC and then just deleted? Nothing.
: Can armor actually feel like its doing something
I feel like these "armor feels useless" posts are all incredibly exaggerated.
: corki mid was in "meta" after apdo dopa was playing corki mid on s6 ... they brought that shit back? lol
TibSt0rM (NA)
: Queues me for wrong spot?
Did you have autofill enabled? If so, this is a non-issue.
: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0wbttAmG,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-09-23T02:52:51.662+0000) > > I've honestly loved this season, sans when I go top lane. As a support main I feel like no matter who I use I still have a huge impact both on lane and throughout the whole game, and even in my offroles (Mid, Jg) I still have toooooons of fun even in losing games. true tbh. being forced to play tanks top or get destroyed every 3 seconds by a jungle dive or getting outtraded by a bramble vest shen who stands still and aa's u is so refreshing. nothing like good old top lane to remind u that the meta is biased as fuck.
"sans when I go top lane" means "Aside from when I go top lane." Meaning, I hate top lane. Otherwise, I enjoy the game. With that in mind, your reply makes zero sense and is just mindless ranting. If you don't know a word, look it up! :)
: Is giving Harsh Criticism ban worthy?
You can flame without cussing, so I mean, potentially. Might help if you provided context. Also this probably belongs in player behavior.
Nofreteti (EUW)
: Can you guess how much of the 10 last autofill games i won?
If you don't mind support, then... queue support when you see "Autofill enabled"? Otherwise if you refuse to learn champs for the off chance you DO get a role you're not so experienced in, it's really just your fault every single time.
: The reason why Sunfire is omitted is because there are so many requirements for tanks to fulfill to be able to effectively survive through a team fight. Let's go through them. {{item:3047}} You need this to survive a fed ADC auto attacking you. And by fed I mean an item and a half. {{item:3075}} You need this to prevent said ADCs from turning you into an endless IV bag. {{item:3143}} You need this to mitigate an ADC's crit damage to you so they burn through your HP a bit slower. ##These are three items you already NEED to have in your build to have a chance of tanking the enemy ADC. Now, if we're dealing with some heavy magic damage as well we need to invest in: {{item:3194}} For spam spells ({{champion:13}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:30}}) or DOTs ({{champion:17}} {{champion:90}} {{item:3151}}) {{item:3001}} For bolstering your own team's magic damage. {{item:3065}} To help your healing and regen effects during a fight (or you know, Soraka/Redemption). ##Then, you have to consider that if the enemy team has a full AD comp, you need to invest even HEAVIER in armor itemization: {{item:3742}} Good HP and armor, as well as minor engaging power. {{item:3110}} Lol who builds this item {{item:3025}} For tanks that can afford to weave autos into their spells. ##But wait! If they have a full AD comp, they will most likely buy {{item:3071}} or {{item:3036}}! Awesome. Now you have to buy HP since your armor is moot: {{item:3083}} HP and heavy out of combat sustain so you can rejoin fights quickly or rotate between objectives without needing to back. {{item:3800}} Decent HP, mana, and engaging power. {{item:3193}} An active that lets you have a higher HP pool for a few seconds. ##Oh, wait. You happen to be a support. Here are even more required items: {{item:3109}} If you don't take this item you're doing a shit job as a support because your ADC is not invincible yet. {{item:3190}} Shields? Please and thank you. {{item:3401}} Another shield? Good. As you can see, tanks are already burdened by the sheer amount of items they NEED to even dream about being able to be a tank in the face of the enemy's carries. Sunfire is a crappy item because it offers nothing in terms of tanking power compared to the alternatives. You must be able to soak up as much damage as possible so your ADC(s) can mow down the enemy team and win. It's a sad state the game is in, yes, but that's the reality of the situation. But maybe that's just my elo.
This is such a very real problem, yet I still find myself heavily enjoying being a tank main right now.
LeoRoze (NA)
: I'm not a god, but adc just feels so weak
I RARELY go ADC (as in, only when I fill in a premade) and I've still never felt like it's weak. Even for something I play irregularly and have little experience in, I've had plenty of easy carry experiences. I don't see the validity to your complain.
Juice (EUNE)
: Can we all agree this is the worst Season out of them all?
I've honestly loved this season, sans when I go top lane. As a support main I feel like no matter who I use I still have a huge impact both on lane and throughout the whole game, and even in my offroles (Mid, Jg) I still have toooooons of fun even in losing games.
: This is why I don't play top lane.
I find people will bitch no matter what role you're in, but this was one of the reasons I dropped the lane as well.
: Prepare for the worst iteration of worlds yet due to riots refusal to balance Ardent censor
Not really gonna be just shield/heal supp lanes. People are even building it on trundle supp, so.
: Plants have been around for quite some time, vote if you agree Blast Cones should be removed
You can use that phrasing on all plants. Honeyfruit lets you go back into lane or jungle after blowing all your mana or getting low health from a dive or clears and neglecting to buy pots yourself - free sustain. Scryer's gives you free vision of an entire area so you don't need to ward it yourself! Nah dude, the plants are fine. If you don't like blast cones, then just clear them yourself when you can. It's what I do so folks can't run from me.
: Today i was called a "Thresh god" by an ally
Been called a Sona god Need better bait
: You want to see mages in the botlane? A class that not only is focused on doing big burst damage with abilities but also has great solo laning capabilities as opposed to ADCs sustained damage with autoattacks? I am so glad Riot doesn't listen to random people in the Boards lol. But keep dreaming of the day mages start laning with supports in the botlane.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} or you can go play Dota or HOTS....
I play with folks who go Azir, Teemo, Cass APC in place of an ADC (typically when we've got an AD champ in mid lane (a la Zed, Yas)) and I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Never said it's something I dream about. Stop exaggerating and belittling differing opinions, please. It's something I do with pals and I enjoy it, and it works the majority of the time. Not sure how that's a problem.
: Nobody wants to see mages in the botlane laning with supports... it makes for bad gameplay. Even when ZIggs was botlane it wasn't good for the meta.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: The support conundrum: being shackled to the adc
You can still roam as a support, you don't have to JUST stay by the ADC. When I can, I roam with my jg or move up to help mid. I've had games where I've played with an Azir or Cass bot instead of a typical ADC, and they went well. These are definitely doable, and I'm not sure why you think they're not. I've thrown an enemy midlaner into my team's mid tower plenty of times with Ali flash + W from fog. Had plenty of hop ults with Braum, EWs with Rakan, etc. You just gotta be proactive and make things happen.
HanSwift (NA)
: How To Be A Better Support
Sightstone and control wards from time to time. Once you get sightstone, switch out your warding trinket for a sweeping lens, then upgrade to oracle alteration once you hit level nine. My favorite champs to go Support with are Alistar, Maokai, Braum, Nautilus, Blitzcrank, and Sona. {{champion:12}} is a beefcake with a passive heal, hard CC on QWE, and an ult that makes him virtually unkillable. {{champion:57}} is primarily top lane or jungle, but I take him support. Free wards on E so you can start with red trinket, self-healing passive, hard CC on QW and R, plus huge chunking damage and slow on E. {{champion:201}} has a great passive with a stun and chunking potential in most trades. Q is a long range, hard hitting slow, and being able to jump to an ally has its uses. The shield is also fantastic against most lane matchups - also, his ult is incredibly good for setting up plays. {{champion:111}} is a beefcake with a passive stun on his first AA, giving him three forms of hard CC via passive, Q, and ult. Great meat shield with W shielding, long range hook and mobility if you hit terrain, and his ult is just beautiful for chasing, interrupting a team fight, or even running if you REALLY need it for that. {{champion:53}} is primarily a hookbot. Hit your Q, E your target, and they're CC'd long enough to take a good chunk of damage if they don't die. W is good for chasing, passive is good if you get chunked out, and his ult is good for either burst or waveclear if you REALLY need that. {{champion:37}} doesn't take much work to poke enemies in lane. Just hit Q and you'll watch their healthbars drain over time. She can also proc ardent censer in an AoE with her large heal, her speed boost is very valuable, and her ult can really change the flow of a teamfight.
: I disagree. Unless they rework Trynd. Had a game where jungle trynd waited till midgame then just split. He'd take a tower before we could even reach him because they're so shit at protecting themselves. I know he's a outside case thats only annoying in low elo but i still stand by my opinion.
You can deal with splitpushers by pushing out your own sidelanes beforehand. You see that top wave pushing toward your tower instead of the enemies'? Shove that lane out. Otherwise you're just ASKING for a Trynd to come in and take your lane for free. Careful sidewave management gives you plenty of time to deal with splitpush tactics. I do think Trynd needs a rework, but he's not impossible to deal with by any means.
Rioter Comments
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Escheton (EUW)
: [ARAM]Can we please get a champion lock so opponents or immature allies can't deny me my enjoyment.
I like this and I don't. If I get someone like Alistar or Maokai I get excited, sure, and it pisses me off if someone dodges when I get my main. But on the flip side... If I get Evelynn I'll play her, but I'm usually happy if someone dodges because I might not get her next game.
Pôro (EUNE)
: ARAM Isn't Random...
*uses a small sample size with few similarities as a basis to judge the whole system* gg
: lol my friend used to 1trick him, i think hes like 270th best aatrox NA, and he thinks its cancer. I just think its overall an overtuned item for 900g
How is it overtuned for 900g? 700g worth of armor, so 200g passive. Seems to be efficient, sure, but I wouldn't say overtuned.
TheGrot (NA)
: Lethality is Busted (6 second vid)
3 level lead, huge gold difference. Not sure how he coulda got out of that alive.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: >Why? {{item:3135}} UNIQUE Passive: +35% **Magic Penetration** --- ######[Here](http://elohell.net/chill/340219/cait-vs-ahri)'s the whole thing with a source in the description.
... I'll never see that item the same.
FireToa (NA)
: Sometimes CCing an enemy while trying not to damage them is sorta tough though because all of that CC usually does a good amount of damage.
If you're someone whose CC actually DOES a ton of damage, yeah. But any tank can keep people locked up for a while and chunk, but not kill.
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