Nea104 (EUW)
: Almost 2 years of this ~~sh~~ thing. They lost so many players, and now they're trying to get 'em back **not** by improving the **quality** of their own game, but with... _TFT_ :D
> [{quoted}](name=Nea104,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nmbV2k6L,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-07-10T13:00:51.691+0000) > > Almost 2 years of this ~~sh~~ thing. > > They lost so many players, and now they're trying to get 'em back **not** by improving the **quality** of their own game, but with... _TFT_ :D Anything to back this up, or are you just talking out of your ass cuz you're angry?
: Im not sure "Pride" is good. Look at Doublelift... Riot is on his {{item:3172}} with commercials and on day 2 he lost to Echo Fox...
Dense as fuck. Who cares he lost to FOX day 2? Dude's a threepeat champion atm, doesn't matter how many bo1s he's lost along the way.
: FINALLY jungle Sylas. I haven't even watched the video but of these changes will make him viable in the jungle, I'm happy.
He works right now in certain matchups still. As long as you're now facing someone who just shits on everyone level 2-3 you can be relevant the whole game. Sylas is like my 2nd or 3rd most played jungler atm and I'm seeing decent success on him most of the time.
iPrawn (NA)
: Riot, please be honest with the estimated wait times on match finding.
How are your queue times so long, especially for ARAM??? I never go over like 2:30
Rioter Comments
: You nerfed Urgot to 48%winratte yet Hercaim and Riven sitting at 55% winrate without nerfs shows Hecarim top (the thing you're complaining about) sitting at 51% this patch and 52% last patch in plat+. When you look at all ranks, he's still sitting firmly at 51%. Riven is sitting at 52% in plat+ and 50% in all ranks. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Kleptomancy kayle needs to be addressed.
Her E is not nearly as reliable as Ezreal Q even if it's targeted. Getting her final upgrade at 15 instead of 16 also is not game breaking, and it hardly makes up for her bad lane.
94372148 (NA)
: Why does Pyke need three forms of CC as a highly mobile assassin with a resetting true damage ult?
: grievous wounds doesnt seem to work.
'cuz they don't STOP healing. They reduce it.
: are you kidding? if anything there's more counterplay since now his shield is tied to his E, an ability with a longer cooldown that forces him to use his only engage/disengage tool to proc it, any reasonable person could just juke his E and then wail on him
His winrate jumped MASSIVELY in all levels of play.
Ifneth (NA)
: It would be an overall buff to Talon because, when his opponent does avoid the cheese, he loses out. Having higher base stats, for example, would make him consistently stronger.
And why are we wanting to overall buff Talon?
Ifneth (NA)
: Trade Talon’s Level 2 Cheese for Power Elsewhere
The easy way to not fall victim to level 2 cheese you're already expecting is to not let the person just throw it at you. We don't really need to nerf and change him when that specific strat is easy to play around if you're expecting it.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChrisBrownze,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9PwwTyuv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-14T05:50:13.453+0000) > > They reverted crit items. Adc's do way too much damage and control the late game. I like how assassin items gives more damage than adc items, and somehow add items are a problem
You do understand the difference between them, right?
: It happens all too often. The worst part of not responding to the gank after you ping the jungler to backoff a bunch of times is to have them start trolling or taking your CS.
I've been on both sides of this tons of times and there's honestly no winning. It's a coin flip whether who you're dealing with is gonna grief after it happens. I've had laners ping for ganks and it turns out they just wanted me to get the guy off them and not go for a kill, but since that wasn't communicated I go in on someone where I think it's 2v1 and end up dying. Then the laner calls me an inter and takes my camps whenever they're able and it's a shitty game all around. Then I have junglers whenever I switch it up and go back to lane who take my farm or just int to feed my enemy and spam "ff15 shit top" Sad times.
: As a adc main, just one thing: Could you please understand what lane priority means ? Basically everyone should know it, laners and junglers. Thank you.
I'm a jungle main myself (coming off of recently maining support) and honestly, everyone needs to understand this. Too many think anyone can go anywhere at any time with no consequences but that's just not how the game works.
bUElvira (NA)
: Darius ultimate wrong target
Looks like you did it after he flashed and still had cursor near K6.
: I would also like to ask the jungler, when I'm playing Nasus vs an ignite Darius and I have a huge wave coming in for me to stack at level 2, please do not try to gank my lane.
This is something I struggled with as a laner. Having a massive wave crashing and finally getting my lane in a position where I can farm, and my jg runs in insisting we can make a gank happen despite me being down a level and half HP - so I sacrifice a massive amount of CS to chase a 50/50 gank. Now I actively avoid this as a jungler and ask before I go up to a lane like this.
: The problem is reverting something would give off the impression that they made a mistake so in order to avoid this riot tends to ignore issues like that or changes everything around the actual problem potentially breaking champs even more or making them completely useless, just so they can stick to the mantra that the initial change was good and just needed further adjustments. And I assume they don´t want us to see reverts as an option, as they would be hit with even more demands for reverts whenever they break something just to "spice things up".
Haven't they already done some reverts, tho like recently
Rioter Comments
: I don't see the point of this to be honest. Everyone will just veto support. It adds nothing and solves nothing. Riot already tested something like this. You can find it in one of the devblogs or Ask Riot posts somewhere.
Before I switched to maining jungle/top, I'd often queue support/fill and half the time I was playing some other role. Hell, even in the last few days I've done it and three of the five games where I did it I got mid lane.
: Let champions do their own damage, NOT runes...
Show match history spoiler alert, can't find it in either your match history here or
: AR urf isnt AR at all.
Some people have All Random mode accounts. Even not counting those people, you'll find PLENTY of people who don't have every champ. I've been playing years now and still don't. Also, 4 games? Really fuckin small sample size to try and say anything at all. If you actually want to come and say the mode isn't random, go look at stats on thousands of games and give us averages, pre- and post-reroll.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Now the question arises: Why are we getting those buffs?
: If I was doing this in a forum where people are generally more interested in numbers, sure. But that's not the case here. The vast majority are not going to read through a block of (although simple) math on a video game forum.
Yeah they typically will. Any time I've done math posts I've included the math so as to not discredit myself. If you don't include how you got from point a to point b, it just looks like you're whining. Additionally, title is "Some Quick Math..." but no math is shown. kek
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: we dont give a fuk about win ratio win ratio dosnt show you her team and how the game is going being feed or something so sut the fuk up the game is unbalanced but you cant see that making champions who can delete you with not even skillshots i have laned vs her too many games same as aatrox they are cancer at all fuk you riot.thanks to riot akali can delete you with out even her passive hits need she can delete you with q ulti gunblade and electrocute proc +ignite laned vs her too many times shes cancer at all.with her w got no counterplay and killing you unter your tower.
: So people are getting harassed in ARAM if they don't do well with their Champion.
ARAM is still random. No one is just getting mains. The thing is, people should be branching out and trying champions, be it in normals or just getting used to what they get in ARAM. Obviously, not knowing your champ when you're up against a main can suck, but that's the mode. One thing that is universal, regardless of the champ you're on, is game sense. Being on a new champ won't excuse shit like overextending consistently or straight feeding, or just not fighting in a mode based around teamfighting. Those are the things people will harp on regardless of whether you're new to the champ or not. If you're newer to the champ, take some time to read the abilities and familiarize yourself with them before going in. That should be common sense. I just had my first ever game as Kayn in ARAM and it went fine, because I just used the game sense I already have, read his abilities, and played accordingly.
: Old system mattered a lot more, mainly because of the defensive options we got. New system has jack shit and only one viable way to go for each champ. Unlike before, we had multiple options. If you were a new player in the old system, you would be paired with others who had the same tiers as you. Until you got to level 30, and if you were smart, you would've saved your IP to get level 3 tier runes then. Some people didn't and had to grind for awhile at level 30, meaning having higher tier players against them. It still shows how powerful those runes were. Sure rune tiers are gone but the system is still crap.
Only one viable way to go for each champ? Are you kidding me? I've done multiple different keystones and primary/secondary combinations on every champ that I play, and seen successes and failures with each of them. We DO have multiple options. In the old system, you had to spend your IP on either Runes or Champions. Most people wanted Champions. Runes were not explained properly enough for most new players to even know or care. I didn't have someone to tell me how the system worked, so every bit of IP I got, I spent on champs and only got some basic runes after several months of play. It's not a thing about being smart, it's that the system was not ideal, nor well explained at all. Plus, having runes AND masteries was too much. Simplifying everything was the way to go. The system isn't crap. Your complaints for it don't pan out. In the old system, I would go strictly Courage of the Colossus when playing Alistar, my main. Now, I can decide between Aftershock or Spellbook, either one providing entirely different primary routes. On Maokai I'd only take Courage of the Colossus, because it worked best. Now I can take Aftershock, Spellbook, or Comet comfortably. On Wukong I'd only take TLD. Now I can take almost any of the Domination primaries, or even PTA or Conqueror and do fine. And I can go on. My playstyle has vastly diversified since Runes Reforged hit.
: They were not that complicated. My boyfriend at the time helped me start the game and I quickly learned it. Wasn't that hard. Masteries had way more options than they had now. You had 30 to pick. Now? Only about 7. And they were way better as well.
Number of options does not make the old system more diverse. It was a lot of shit that ultimately didn't matter a whole lot, and the old rune system was locked by too much shit to actually be preferable. Every rune you can choose in the new system matters. It doesn't matter that it's just seven, each of those seven choices will matter. Then you get the three stat decisions, and each of those matter, too. Under the old system, I could lose in lane to a player of equal skill simply because he'd been playing the game longer and could afford a tier higher of runes than I could, thus resulting in better stats despite the same level of play. It didn't matter what runes or masteries we picked - everything being the same but a tier difference in runes COULD decide a lane. We don't have that problem anymore. There are plenty of other reasons I would get into but I don't really feel like it's worth the time. Riot is clearly not going back to the old system.
: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=r7BAA5k9,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-11-21T17:07:45.165+0000) > > Most Effective Tactic Available > > That's what happens when things change and other things become strong or weak as a result. > > That said, I disagree. I have had plenty of off-meta games where I've won. Alistar/Braum top, multiple double-melee bot lanes, etc. Outliers are not the standard. You can win with jungle Janna. But is it going to do so more than even 5% of the time? No And yes meta is always going to be a thing, but the point is the meta is so close knit that picks that aren’t in the top 4 for each role are suffers way more than they should.
Nowhere did I say this was the standard. You asked if anyone else felt this way, and my response is no. I completely disagree with you on how close-knit the meta is right now. I've only played the picks that I want to play, and I'll hardly actually suffer for it. I'm not winning every game, but I don't expect to, either, in ANY meta.
: Forced to play meta?
Most Effective Tactic Available That's what happens when things change and other things become strong or weak as a result. That said, I disagree. I have had plenty of off-meta games where I've won. Alistar/Braum top, multiple double-melee bot lanes, etc.
: Read my comment above.
: I agree. This new system is stupid and only a money gimick for Riot. And it's a slap in the face to all the veteran players. This whole season 8 would have been so much better with the old system.
How on EARTH is it a money gimmick? Runes are free now, whereas they weren't before.
Rioter Comments
Malak (NA)
: OKAY RIOT WE GET IT - you want us to use Electrocute 100% of the time
My favorite keystone in that tree is always gonna be predator.
: Anyone remember when you could play what you like?
Yeah, the last time I did that was three minutes ago.
: I feel like we don’t talk about both minion block and random minion AI as much as we should
I never really had a problem with minion block till I started getting pathed into skillshots I would have otherwised doged because my champ decided to have a seizure in the middle of the lane instead of walking past a minion. My problem with minion block, where I didn't have one before, is that - ESPECIALLY in a more aggressive meta - the boxes are particularly not well-enough defined. Sometimes when you think you should be clear of your minion's path, you'll both end up doing a freakin' balldance before you get where you were goin.
pc464 (NA)
: Ok thanks, this makes sense. Follow-up question: After BORK / TBC / RFC, what then? I was thinking Stormrazor or Statikk Shiv. Any preference? Or go "Big Boy" and get a Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge? I was thinking Bloodthirster over IE, b/c RFC already provides good Critical Damage. Any thoughts?
You don't really need Bloodthirster. BoRK should provide all the lifesteal you'll need in a fight with how much you can proc his passive when you get past three items anyway. After those three, personally, I'll get Essence Reaver and IE for my last two. Typically in that order, though sometimes I'll switch them. He doesn't really need Shiv unless you're trying to build even faster waveclear, which isn't quite necessary. Essence Reaver is huge if you are actually proactive with your ults. If you're not, go IE first of the two. But, again, I prefer ER.
pc464 (NA)
: Lucian: Best Build Sequence?
I go BoRK Cleaver RFC for the first three. Nashor's Tooth on Lucian is only good if you're trying to build around W for some reason? But it's not good for what he wants to do. You don't need attack speed on him when you're constantly proccing his passive. Plus, the phage bonus is good for his kiting and the armor reduction works incredibly well with him. You don't want TForce because you DEFINITELY want Cleaver and the double Phage is useless and certainly not cost efficient.
: wouldn't having to adapt your picks and team strategy to the game in question increase the strategy? seems like a good idea to me.
Don't pretend it'll just increase strategy and suddenly make teamwork skyrocket. It'll increase toxicity in the pregame lobby.
: Can we talk about the new program skins
The skins look great imo. I don't mind who they're on, either.
: Am I the only person who thinks E build nasus is by far the best way to play him?
I would say, situationally it's the best. Even when I've played Nasus Mid, though, I've stuck to Q-stack hombre and held true to my Nasus beliefs. Even going 0/3 early in some of these cases, it's always super easy to come back once you start actually fighting.
: If Riot wants to add more strategic gameplay, add the dragon spawn order during pregame
I don't really like this a whole lot, and Riot's said some of the reasons it might not be the best idea before I believe. Like if you see three Infernals will spawn in-game and you're trying to play someone who doesn't scale super hard into late, maybe people will try and force you off that pick. I'd be cool with maybe the first drake being shown. I don't like all of them being shown, though.
: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vn6MdkgP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-23T08:02:23.229+0000) > > "YOU CAN'T DO IT. JUST GO BACK. I WON'T PROVIDE REASONS, JUST COMPLAIN!" > > Please provide an actual argument for discussion. He did provide reasons, the rune system. He just didn't go in depth with it.
Ah, yes. And if I were to say "the balance in this game is bad right now because of the champions!" I would also be providing a reason.
: The changes you have lined up for next season won't work
"YOU CAN'T DO IT. JUST GO BACK. I WON'T PROVIDE REASONS, JUST COMPLAIN!" Please provide an actual argument for discussion.
rj155500 (NA)
: split pushing makes for a very boring game
If you let a 1-20-0 Yi win the game, you deserve to lose.
: So if he plays someone else, this game doesnt go differently? (also this isnt a 1 game sample size) if he plays literally anyone who can deal damage we win. (you really dont seem to be understanding the whole engage thing honestly. so I dash in right? i have q up, i slow them with gauntlet and I knock up. crazy i know) him not knowing how to effectively combo ryze is 10000% the problem. it likely keeps vayne up, but it also deletes the xayah who i have cc'd. but thank you for your insight, it means a lot. (it really doesnt) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
You can argue that about everyone in the game, homeboy. Play a better tank and you don't die as much. Vayne plays a safer ADC, she doesn't die as much. Hell, build your damage like you usually do and maybe you can kill the people you're trying to lock down before they can kill you. There's tons of variables all the time to consider. Additionally, looking at the Ryze's history, him playing another champ would have been just as much of a gamble. For every good game he's got on any champ, he's got a bad one for the same champ.
: You can stare at the kda until the cows come home, means nothing when you are on the backfoot. If he is in fights, those get turned around, if he had any follow up damage, we could win potentially more fights as well. I understand you have 1 strong finishing in silver under your belt there budget Phreak but TANK XIN. ENGAGE. If I have deaths, that means we arent winning the fights I engaged on. Including one baron power play in a 5v4. Ryze is a bad pick, idc if you can ult and chase down someone to last hit lmao. Morg support highest damage on team, keep tunnel visioning that kda though.
I mean he did as much damage as your Vayne. Your Morgana - the support - outdamaged ALL of you by MILES. Shouldn't really be happening. You can have bad engages, you know. Just because you're the tank and you engage does not mean you're the one in the right and your deaths are justified. I don't know how you think this game played out but on paper almost all of you played terribly. This isn't on Ryze.
: I am sure you watched the whole game, did you skip to the part where I out damaged him as tank xin because we had virtually no enage? i strongly enjoyed his lack of team fight damage, you know the ryziest thing you can do. but please tell me more with your obviously endowed game knowledge and statistical genius.
Did you miss the part where both you and your Vayne, at 6/10 and 7/10, DIDN'T give away more deaths than kills you got, your team would not have been behind in the kill game? In fact you'd be leading. Did you miss the part where he's got the best farm on your team? Maybe focus on some other problems, like your botlane feeding out of their minds or you going 6/10, instead of one player's pick when he didn't even end with poor stats.
: PSA Stop playing Ryze in Silver.
Your Ryze did better than you in the game I assume you're bitching about. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Spoken like a true Talon main.
Never played a game of Talon in my life, though.
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