: Prepare for the worst iteration of worlds yet due to riots refusal to balance Ardent censor
Not really gonna be just shield/heal supp lanes. People are even building it on trundle supp, so.
: Plants have been around for quite some time, vote if you agree Blast Cones should be removed
You can use that phrasing on all plants. Honeyfruit lets you go back into lane or jungle after blowing all your mana or getting low health from a dive or clears and neglecting to buy pots yourself - free sustain. Scryer's gives you free vision of an entire area so you don't need to ward it yourself! Nah dude, the plants are fine. If you don't like blast cones, then just clear them yourself when you can. It's what I do so folks can't run from me.
: Today i was called a "Thresh god" by an ally
Been called a Sona god Need better bait
: You want to see mages in the botlane? A class that not only is focused on doing big burst damage with abilities but also has great solo laning capabilities as opposed to ADCs sustained damage with autoattacks? I am so glad Riot doesn't listen to random people in the Boards lol. But keep dreaming of the day mages start laning with supports in the botlane.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} or you can go play Dota or HOTS....
I play with folks who go Azir, Teemo, Cass APC in place of an ADC (typically when we've got an AD champ in mid lane (a la Zed, Yas)) and I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Never said it's something I dream about. Stop exaggerating and belittling differing opinions, please. It's something I do with pals and I enjoy it, and it works the majority of the time. Not sure how that's a problem.
: Nobody wants to see mages in the botlane laning with supports... it makes for bad gameplay. Even when ZIggs was botlane it wasn't good for the meta.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: The support conundrum: being shackled to the adc
You can still roam as a support, you don't have to JUST stay by the ADC. When I can, I roam with my jg or move up to help mid. I've had games where I've played with an Azir or Cass bot instead of a typical ADC, and they went well. These are definitely doable, and I'm not sure why you think they're not. I've thrown an enemy midlaner into my team's mid tower plenty of times with Ali flash + W from fog. Had plenty of hop ults with Braum, EWs with Rakan, etc. You just gotta be proactive and make things happen.
HanSwift (NA)
: How To Be A Better Support
Sightstone and control wards from time to time. Once you get sightstone, switch out your warding trinket for a sweeping lens, then upgrade to oracle alteration once you hit level nine. My favorite champs to go Support with are Alistar, Maokai, Braum, Nautilus, Blitzcrank, and Sona. {{champion:12}} is a beefcake with a passive heal, hard CC on QWE, and an ult that makes him virtually unkillable. {{champion:57}} is primarily top lane or jungle, but I take him support. Free wards on E so you can start with red trinket, self-healing passive, hard CC on QW and R, plus huge chunking damage and slow on E. {{champion:201}} has a great passive with a stun and chunking potential in most trades. Q is a long range, hard hitting slow, and being able to jump to an ally has its uses. The shield is also fantastic against most lane matchups - also, his ult is incredibly good for setting up plays. {{champion:111}} is a beefcake with a passive stun on his first AA, giving him three forms of hard CC via passive, Q, and ult. Great meat shield with W shielding, long range hook and mobility if you hit terrain, and his ult is just beautiful for chasing, interrupting a team fight, or even running if you REALLY need it for that. {{champion:53}} is primarily a hookbot. Hit your Q, E your target, and they're CC'd long enough to take a good chunk of damage if they don't die. W is good for chasing, passive is good if you get chunked out, and his ult is good for either burst or waveclear if you REALLY need that. {{champion:37}} doesn't take much work to poke enemies in lane. Just hit Q and you'll watch their healthbars drain over time. She can also proc ardent censer in an AoE with her large heal, her speed boost is very valuable, and her ult can really change the flow of a teamfight.
: I disagree. Unless they rework Trynd. Had a game where jungle trynd waited till midgame then just split. He'd take a tower before we could even reach him because they're so shit at protecting themselves. I know he's a outside case thats only annoying in low elo but i still stand by my opinion.
You can deal with splitpushers by pushing out your own sidelanes beforehand. You see that top wave pushing toward your tower instead of the enemies'? Shove that lane out. Otherwise you're just ASKING for a Trynd to come in and take your lane for free. Careful sidewave management gives you plenty of time to deal with splitpush tactics. I do think Trynd needs a rework, but he's not impossible to deal with by any means.
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Escheton (EUW)
: [ARAM]Can we please get a champion lock so opponents or immature allies can't deny me my enjoyment.
I like this and I don't. If I get someone like Alistar or Maokai I get excited, sure, and it pisses me off if someone dodges when I get my main. But on the flip side... If I get Evelynn I'll play her, but I'm usually happy if someone dodges because I might not get her next game.
Pôro (EUNE)
: ARAM Isn't Random...
*uses a small sample size with few similarities as a basis to judge the whole system* gg
: lol my friend used to 1trick him, i think hes like 270th best aatrox NA, and he thinks its cancer. I just think its overall an overtuned item for 900g
How is it overtuned for 900g? 700g worth of armor, so 200g passive. Seems to be efficient, sure, but I wouldn't say overtuned.
TheGrot (NA)
: Lethality is Busted (6 second vid)
3 level lead, huge gold difference. Not sure how he coulda got out of that alive.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: >Why? {{item:3135}} UNIQUE Passive: +35% **Magic Penetration** --- ######[Here](http://elohell.net/chill/340219/cait-vs-ahri)'s the whole thing with a source in the description.
... I'll never see that item the same.
FireToa (NA)
: Sometimes CCing an enemy while trying not to damage them is sorta tough though because all of that CC usually does a good amount of damage.
If you're someone whose CC actually DOES a ton of damage, yeah. But any tank can keep people locked up for a while and chunk, but not kill.
: Need help with finding a top lane champion
{{champion:122}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:83}} All picks I personally enjoy.
: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rpkBEhvU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-16T03:25:48.174+0000) > > Bait out the Zilean ult and focus your target down after. ignoring draven for the duration of zilean ult he is gonna either A kill everyone or B lifesteal back to full and kill anyone anyways lol.
Ignoring Draven and letting him burst down your team means either a) your team has a double-digit IQ sum, or b) you have absolutely no CC to keep Draven in check for the duration of the ult. Both are your team's issues, not Zilean's.
FireToa (NA)
: AP Zilean (Rant, no h8 pls)
Bait out the Zilean ult and focus your target down after.
: TALON!!! INVISIBLE BLADES CONFIRMED??? jk just somebody complaining about his w again...
I don't see enough of talon to think he's an issue, myself (I legitimately enjoy playing against him. He's one of few champs I can say that about.) but yeah the hitbox is fucked. He's not a special case though. Hitboxes in general are messed up.
: Dr. Mundo and other Tanky Champs in the jungle.
If you don't have any sort of gap closer/cc/etc. as the jungler, you need your laners to have it. If they don't either, then you're walking into a losing game and voluntarily opting for worse gankability than the enemy will have. That said, tank junglers are the only junglers I play. The change makes me want to try Tahm in there again.
: Christ, why does Riot not ban champions from ranked the week they come out again?
>Releasing a new champion or a major champion update is a big deal for us and for players, especially at the slower release cadence we use these days. After the teasing and the hype and the spotlights, we want players to be able to try the champion out right away. For players whose primary way to engage in League is through ranked (and that’s a lot of players) a week can feel like a long time, especially since the champion will have been on the PBE before that. > >However, we sympathize with the basic problem you’re hinting at, of someone going into ranked with a champion they have never played before, and having your team possibly pay the price. While we think the new Practice Mode will help some with this problem, we also have discussed requiring you to play with the champion – even if it’s as little as one game – before you take him or her into ranked. No concrete plans at the moment, but it’s something we’ll keep on our radar. http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/04/ask-riot-should-new-champs-be-disabled-in-ranked/
: Ppl blame bot lane because if you lose your lane you lose the game for your team, jg has alot of influence but they fall off adc dont.
Except every lane can cause the game to be lost. If one laner roams and the other doesn't match pressure, the one who roams makes the better play and gets an advantage. Doesn't matter what their role is.
: Looking at your match history it actually looks like your excessive amount of feeding in every game thats causing your team to lose, not your jungler OP bitches about jungler but feeds his face off > "WTF THIS BOT LANE SUCKS!" In your case this is 100% true
Had a winning bot lane early. Jungler decided to tower dive as I was coming to lane and ADC was at base, fed enemy ADC a kill. She won every trade after. You bet your ass I kept dying as the support-budget tank whose job it was to try and get our carries to stay alive. I'd bodyslam-flash into the enemy 2v5 if it got our carry out and prevented the enemy from getting shutdown gold. At the point in the game where I'm like 0/9, I'm almost worthless in terms of kill gold anyway. Also not saying bot lane played no part in the loss. The amount of times my ADC jumped INTO fights and stuck around to get tahm kench devoured was insane. The amount of times I got caught out warding was insane. But what I'm saying is that people let their bot lane get cucked and then bitch and moan that it's only bot lanes fault they lose.
: Right, but it feels like there is more consistently someone that is on a completely different level than the other 9. I expect there to be some skill disparity in a 10 player game, but not to the degree that 1 person clearly doesn't belong.
1 autofill vs 9 primary/secondary roles is gonna be huge.
: WTF You can only honor one person
Support doesn't really get ignored all the time. I'm a support main and I've been honored literally every game since the new system came out besides my most recent, since I played like trash.
: that's literally every game in low silver and below at about 3-5 minutes, then 7-9 minutes in they go 4 man bot and take your tower and mid and jungle don't stop them fun elo, will probably never smurf that low again though, made me hate the game
Sad thing is it's not even such a snowball-fest JUST because the players are bad. They could be really good, but held back by their attitudes and need to "carry" or rake up that KDA. It's a very shitty elo, since it's so large.
: Honestly i have gotten tired again of being jungle considering the population that does not play jg does not understand it. When i was in top i would see bad jungles do what you just described and i just facepalm. Then you take my last game these guys did not ward at all kept doing stupd things and on top of it they are a duo that i looked up and have more losses then wins and seem to troll every game. They wanted me to gank under tower they wanted me to drop everything to do their bidding and when i didn't and i was ganking lanes when i went back to the jg they decided to follow me take my jg camps let bot lane fall. So they put me way behind and then fed their asses off. Stuff like this is why i hate this game and i have grown to hate being a jungler cause everyone thinks jungle=babysitter and if we lose it's their fault. Not that they kept rushing the lanes without watching the map not that they kept play recklessly but but cause i did not gank lux and twitch under their own tower.
You're in a special position as jungler to give any lane an advantage in numbers. BUT, it's not your job to win the lane FOR them, unless you see they really need to get ahead to give your team the win. Ganking for the sake of ganking with no preparation or map awareness makes a bad jungler. Someone who's where they need to be, WHEN they need to be, is a good one. Huge difference. Honestly, anyone can be the reason the game is lost. Top got ahead, took inhib tower at fifteen. Maybe mid served as a second jungler and kept top 2v1 and bot 3v2. Maybe bot cheesed top early for a 3v1 start. Etc. Could literally be anything, people just never like to blame themselves. This creates bad gameplay patterns and a lack of self-improvement.
: PSA: Singed has a bloody 55% win rate right now
I beat his ass in lane with Maokai. Early game sucks but assuming you don't get cucked by a level advantage during a trade you can win almost all of the fights.
: Why is banning your team's champions even allowed?
'cuz I'm not gonna let my last-pick jungler try and keep us from banning Zac.
Rioter Comments
: For everyone saying Thornmail is crap
{{item:3076}} alone is REALLY nice early (700 gold in armor, so the 200g passive [definitely is worth]) and the effects of the GW are VERY worthwhile. This can completely ruin a top laner's day if either his opponent gets it, or the enemy jungler gets it, as it screws over Doran starts and in top lane sustain is EVERYTHING. While it does nothing major when people aren't drain tanking, the small return damage is still helpful and is only improved when healing comes into play. All in all, while the damage is considerably lessened, I absolutely LOVE the new thornmail.
: Evelynn is next on the list? no, NO
> [{quoted}](name=Dominick Destine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aQA63Nh2,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-11T21:34:44.292+0000) > > Eve-chan Please stop
: ***
Like I'll believe you're carrying when you're on a lvl 17 account with no match history, just so we can't call you out.
: this game's ranked system is a joke
"When I can't win, I blame the game because I'm OBVIOUSLY good and it's EVERYONE ELSE that sucks."
: Riot do something for the hard cc ...
{{summoner:1}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3222}}
: ***
Completely irrelevant. Pull your head out ya lil gremlin, you.
: ***
You're an angry person, Fuffy.
: Exactly, but going 9/1/5 on rek and not getting an S? Any better than that is just RNG on how bad my opponents int feed...
Like I said earlier, your farm and vision score are taken into account as well. How many wards are you putting down? How many are you denying? Are you taxing lanes during ganks? Clearing all of your camps? Etc.
Sciela (NA)
: I have a 42% winrate last I checked. And last season I spent over 4,000 games getting out of silver. Spent about a thousand so far this season.
Ah, your last three didn't update for me on op.gg in time. Still, in your last 40, because of the remakes, you're sitting at 50% as far as I can see. Only issue I see is your MMR but I don't know how accurate that is.
: It is to get it on cooldown so a charge is back up by time the cannon minion comes on the 3rd wave. I personally only go for them if I need the heal now or I am trying to push, but that is the only explanation I have that would make sense.
Well, if you're leashing for your jungler, by the time you get to lane all three melee minions should still be alive, but below half health. So unless your ADC is a complete twat, you can nab at least one. From then on, in the laning phase, it's REALLY easy to only hit cannons and melees as far as I'm aware. Is it a lane dominance thing? I mean, I guess it could be, but when I see it happen it's not always in a winning lane.
Sciela (NA)
: Man, sure wish I was better.
You've got a positive winrate. You should be climbing, right? So what's the issue?
: I'm not sure how the grading system works. I got an S for playing Irelia in ARAM one time and I've never played her before (okay maybe like 10 games over the last 4 years.) Then I can play a champion I've played a couple dozen times, play as well and get a B.
Compares your performance on that champ in that role to other players on that champ in that role in your elo, far as I'm aware.
Rioter Comments
: playing with a good support is SO fulfilling
Honestly when I have a good ADC I feel unstoppable. The feeling's mutual. It's good having people who know proper wave management, effective poke, when to go in, etc.
: Why is it so hard to get an S or better as Jungle?
It comes down to farm and wards at that point.
: What if we could choose the champion we wanted for ARAM?
My favorite part about "All Random All Mid" is the part where my champ isn't randomly selected. Maybe they should add a top and a bot, too? So we're not just kept in one lane.
Rioter Comments
rewt127 (NA)
: 15 cs = Approx 1 Kill on a full value champion. After a champion is devalued you are getting very low gold per kill on them. Ive shit stomped someone so hard before that 1 caster minion was worth more than killing them.
As Foxdrop would put it: "That guy was literally worth, like... a baby Krug."
BluraeX (EUNE)
: Hea but still 19kills....
It's not just about kills.
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