ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: Reason Karthus cannot be balanced
: had nothing to do with if i belong in gold or not i just expect to win a game every 5 games or fucking so
Shit happens. I was on a 32 game losing streak before, and I climbed the fuck outta that without complaining that the matchmaking was shit and just accepting that I sucked. You're never guaranteed a win. If you're playing below your MMR, you're not gonna hang. You lose, your MMR lowers, you get placed with lower ranked players as well.
: Really should reclassify skarners ult
WW and Malz also deal considerable damage with their ults on top of the suppress. Skarner does not. Can't ignore that bit of info.
: Ranked Transparency
A lot of it's a toxicity thing I believe. Like even if MMR is equal, maybe seeing a considerable gap in your lowest vs highest whereas the enemy team has a pretty stable mmr across all five members could result in bullying the lowest rated player in the game. There's also the thing about not being able to see enemy rank and things due to how it can affect your mental going into the game. Seeing a M7 formerly plat Yasuo can kind of put you in this mental spot of "Well I already lost the lane" even if he could have like a 10% WR on Yas and he's on a heavy losing streak, or something. Things like that.
: {{champion:2}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:61}} are supposed to do damage... Juggernauts/fighters are not tanks. Damage dealing is part of their role. Utility/CC mages are not enchanters. Damage dealing is part of their role. The same goes for battle mages. Something like the breakdown below (keeping damage totals unchanged) would look balanced to me: {{champion:14}} 25k damage {{champion:51}} 75k damage {{champion:48}} 50k damage {{champion:3}} 37k damage {{champion:201}} 9k damage Total 196k damage (same as in the real example) {{champion:516}} 24k damage {{champion:2}} 55k damage {{champion:61}} 60k damage {{champion:81}} 64k damage (Ezreal is supposed to be a relatively low DPS ADC) {{champion:25}} 22k damage Total 225k damage (same as in the real example) The only major difference in this hypothetical breakdown is that juggernauts and Galio would actually continually scale to share in the damage distribution instead of becoming pure meatbag front-line fodder late in the game. I actually think the mages would be relatively balanced if the marksmen were taken down a several notches.
Not what their purpose was in these games. How Olaf and Trundle build pure tank with no actual damage, Morgana was primarily for CC/Black shield, Orianna was there to be a lategame supportive mid-laner with utility around shockwave. Galio, while he did go full damage, was only meant to blow up squishies while still providing CC and frontline. Ezreal and Caitlyn were shredding tanks who went back, regenned, and then frontlined again only to also get shredded again. These damage numbers were highly padded and in the end didn't mean too much in the grand scheme of things.
: Is this a joke?? or legit...?
0.4% pick rate No one does it.
: I think its more the fact that the team that forsaked everything else just to solely focus on the ADC won
saltran (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sp33d Zer0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AguIPObP,comment-id=000000010001,timestamp=2018-04-02T03:03:39.035+0000) > > https://i.imgur.com/VrCEyZk.jpg > > https://i.imgur.com/iR5sVJI.png > > https://i.imgur.com/OTwtVvq.png Smeb's Kennen was always a pleasure to watch, but he isn't meta right now so he will not play it against SKT next week probably.
You never know, champs like Kennen and Rumble still sometimes get some play in LPL, particularly by former LCK players.
: ADCs should not always be the center of the game and only relevant late game damage.
The comps in this game were CENTERED around a single damage source. Cherry-picking at its finest, man.
Shiznyte (NA)
: GP adjustments
He's already been hit REALLY fuckin hard. If he's getting a gold gen hit on top of all that he needs something back for it.
130x (NA)
: Instant Punishment Feedback
I'm getting it whenever I report lately, but I've been reporting less too.
Elewd (NA)
: Archangels and Ludens feel like Good items, but GLP still doesn't.
I used to have an entire build centered around GLP. Glacial Augment into GLP into Iceborn Gauntlet for permaslow, semi-tanky build with an unreasonable amount of fun attached to it, but it was also legitimately viable and didn't feel like shit to buy in most matchups. Now when I try to fit GLP into my build it's a chore and I feel like I need to justify it, but most of the time I just can't.
: If there's any reworks you miss the original versions of, who would they be?
Old Yorick. Cancer, I'll admit, but I had a lot of fun with his old kit back in the day.
: I applaud riot for making me reignite my spark for runescape
: Xerath is too safe
sub 50 winrate op Nothing Xerath does is instant. Everything is a skillshot. Only way he can instantly stun + slow is if you just walk into his shit, which is what you SHOULDN'T do with any champ that has a stun. He's not mobile, so even if he stuns one person during a gank he can still get chased and forced out of lane if not killed. Everything he does is telegraphed and playing close is harder for him. So much easier to get around all of what he does. That's why he has to play safe - otherwise he's useless.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Yeah, he's at 52% win in Korea. http://www.op.gg/champion/monkeyking/statistics/top So he's def not trash
His incredibly low pick rate and matchups tell a lot more than his static winrate. His winrate has always been kinda decent even when he's trash, because he can have certain matchups that work for him. Like Wukong Mid cheese is strong in a few cases, doesn't mean it's legitimately viable. Aatrox has a higher winrate than him. Do you think Aatrox is busted?
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: From experience? Because i'm not seeing you as a wuk player
Stopped playing him frequently because he's trash rn. Maybe better with Conq but I haven't tried it.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: And Wukong is balanced?
: Sorry, but so ?
??? OP is asking for opinions on the champ's viability what even is your response
: can we not have champions drop from chests?
Well we don't all own all the champs.
: jax is nuts
Jax is definitely awesome atm. Picking champs other than him made me struggle to hit a decent winrate for a while. He's not really insane tho and an early shutdown makes him useless literally all game.
: Have you played aram since patch 7.22? If yes, then you have contracted Dark Harvestism
Speedweeb (EUW)
: Hmm, but things have changed. People have complained before, but never about the game AS A WHOLE. Like, "X is OP", "wtf why always bad players on my team", and so on has been on the boards, or back then "the forums" since season 1. But what I see here recently is just... on a whole new level. It feels to me like players are already packing their bags, and all that remains on the forums are those bitter with the situation that are not yet willing to let go, and it gets a bit bitterer every week... Note here: bitter, not angry. That's the core difference. Angry people actually CARE. Bitter people have pretty much given up already, steadily losing hope that Riot will even get anything done.
No, they have always complained about the game as a whole. It's nothing new. Sometimes I'll get notifications on old posts of mine where people are saying the same things they're saying now (rather, kind of like a madlib where you bitch about the same things on different champs/items). Sometimes I'll watch old vids on youtube where people say all the same things OP is saying, but two or three years ago. It's really nothing new. Every year, the game is dying. Every year, it's different.
Speedweeb (EUW)
: Exept this time they appear to have a point: After over half a decade of playing this game religiously I dropped out for several months, and all I have seen since coming back some days ago make me feel even more disgusted than when I left back then. People alway comlained, but never before was the death of the game considered that much of a "fact". If this game was thriving so well, I wonder why Riot is no longer publishing any numbers on the player count...
: And every year, there are more and more threads about it. Pretty sure that means something.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: I had a 13 games ahead, now i'm soon 0 and dropped 2 div due to a forced losing streak
: Why is the game dying? Because it doesn't matter how good YOU are; the WORST player on team matters.
: I know that for me personally, if I happen to be carrying my team, having a stock pile of gold would allow me to radically shift my build late into the game. For example, if I’m having trouble assassinating a Caitlyn as a Quinn Top, I could use the gold + the sell value of 1 item to straight buy RFC to burst her down from far away.
If you're hard carrying your team and it gets late enough to where you already have full build + elixir, you can stockpile gold without stealing it all from the rest of your team though. By further guaranteeing you are the solo team carry and denying gold from the rest of your team, you put yourself at a disadvantage the longer the game goes on. If the enemy team has two carries, and one of them dies, they can still rely on one other. Your team just has you. If you get caught out or focused down, now your team has to win a teamfight from far behind, even if you trade 1-for-1 with an enemy carry.
: According to op.gg some of the highest winrate characters use Klepto to success one way or another. {{champion:41}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:81}} cover the highest tier as all Klepto users. Maybe that's only the case in Plat+ tier though?
They're not the highest winrate despite being so high on the tier list tho. If you want to look at that specifically, GP is 27th in winrate, Fiora 64th, and Ez 40th. Winrate doesn't say enough either. Also, Klepto being nerfed doesn't mean it's not still usable. If it had been nerfed to the point that it's only users NEVER use it anymore, that'd be too much. That being said, Tankplank (Grasp keystone) is not uncommon. Conqueror Fiora is also growing in popularity.
: still a toxic playstyle
Toxic or not is subjective. Fact of the matter is it's already gotten nerfed and even champs who spammed it before (GP) are taking alternatives in plenty of cases.
: Gathering storm is very Balanced. The games should not make it to gathering storm's max stacks.
Doesn't have max stacks, and even if it did your response addresses nothing OP brought up.
: Kleptomancy Should be Nerfed (IMO)
Rioter Comments
Dezus (NA)
: Solution to Metas
So introduce new metas to solve a meta problem?
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oYi7AY1E,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-03-27T18:06:21.486+0000) > > It's not the same passive? It would just be better if you guys returned an equivalent to the old Morello's :/ there's not really a proper mana item, Archangels isn't that good and I try to avoid getting it if I can but some mages are just too mana hungry..
How is Archangel's not good?
Kanzler (NA)
: Riot, learn from Blizzard
The Overwatch team is fuckin awful and I sincerely hope Riot NEVER copies their bullshit on any level.
: His kit is literally just ASKING him to mash buttons until something dies, how is that a skillcap at all, esp one of the highest in the game? His Q gets refreshed everytime he E's His W is a point and click snare His E is a point and click nuke that spreads if used on another target His Ult is probably one of the most niche abilities in the game The dude is almost as brainless as garen, there's no thought process behind using Ryze at all. Also he's shit because unless you somehow get fed in the first 10 minutes you are going to do 0 damage until like 50 minutes in when you get items
There's a proper order to using his abilities depending on what you want. DPS? QEQWQEQ. Shielding? EWQ/WEQ Strong root into damage? EQWQ Q does get refreshed on both W and E, yes. Without it he has essentially no damage potential. W is a point-and-click snare but it's also pretty short range and requires his E to be used effectively. E is not a nuke. It's pretty small damage all around. The damage from E comes from amped Overload (Q). Yes it spreads to nearby targets, which is the effect of casting E on a dead target or a target already affected by flux. Ult is niche but has its uses, sure. Ryze is pretty far from brainless. If you go in playing him like it seems you think he's played then you're just going to contribute to his low winrate.
Dysnomia (EUNE)
: Your 'sometimes' is 90% of my games. I reserve the right to be rude to dismiss things.
Except it's not. Looking at your match history shows people building properly, your team just get facestomped sometimes (you included). You're just salty and trying to find an excuse for it. It's not happening in 90% of your games.
: Don't pick Azir botlane. The effort you have to put into winning the game isn't worth the hassle.
I found success when I had a duo partner who liked to run it. I'd just play hard engage or peel and he'd take over the lane and the game majority of the time.
IndyBoy (NA)
: What are some AP bot lane picks to remedy a full AD team?
{{champion:69}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:115}} are all APCs I've supp'd for in place of ADCs and they've all been good lanes in more than one instance.
: A VGU is a Visual Graphics Update. Many champions have had these without having their kits reworked in any way.
V = visual G = gameplay U = update Smaller things are either VU, or GU. VGU is a full rework.
: Nasus is supposed to have a weak early game
Darius should FUCK Nasus UP. Him winning that fight is a mess-up on your part.
Elohaven (NA)
: Honor Level 4 and 5
I hit checkpoint two of level 3 yesterday.
: You're right, but then why are you mentioning Yasuo. That's just stupid. infact what is the point of your comment
: getting so tired at the normal game
I play almost strictly 3s and honestly, the teamwork has been great in those 9 games outta 10 for me. I have gotten ragers and assholes but far less often than I've gotten good teammates.
: Another thing. He doesn't acknowledge the fact that players don't expect to get ganked 3 minutes in, he only assumes they think they will NEVER get ganked at all.
If people bitch about getting ganked 3 min in every game, why would they not expect to get ganked 3 min in every game?
SkyeMoon (NA)
: Why are people judging her power based on PBE opponents, most good players play on Live, not PBE so you're really playing vs monkeys
I'm not judging her power based on PBE opponents. I'm not judging her power at all, really, just the realistic limitations of the kit after putting many hours into both actual games and just tons of spam in the practice tool. Will her numbers be overtuned? I have no actual idea, since I've actually had very few opportunities to truly test her (she's banned in 95% of the games I play on the PBE... like, why?). But kit-wise, there's definitely stuff to play around.
: Thanks Riot, This New Rune Is Great*
Vayne won't really benefit from it. 4 sec to activate and ranged champs can't refresh it, so no reason for them to take it. The rune's a step in the right direction.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Adc has no champ above 51% wr at the current patch, most being sub 50%
Are you making this post AGAIN? Really? If you refused to listen to literally any of the comments the last time then honestly, like last time, this will get nowhere.
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