: Darius QOL buffs
But he's already too strong. So put the above changes in, and then nerf his damage into the ground.
: Please disable ashe till you make her an actual champion again
It's not that Ashe is bad, it's that the other ADCs are just way too good. Like you would need 3 Ashes to equal 1 Lucian in power.
: I mean atleast complaining about that makes sense because I understand it is frustrating, but this post makes no sense. Like literally the first one. Zed would do about 300 damage at most to you with 1 Shurikan and at max range it is incredibly easy to dodge, and it would mean his escape and engage is down for like 18 seconds or whatever it is.
Think about what you are saying. At max range, why would he care if his escape is down when you can't hurt him anyway. At close range, you're not going to dodge it. Only 300? On a completely naked Zed. Incredibly easy to dodge? No, just no. Not even close. Maybe stop using coop vs ai as your reference.
: Do you play League because it's fun or you're bored?
I play because the other online games are either pay-to-win or grind-to-win. In other words, there are not many other choices. The video game industry has been soiled by greedy corporate leaders.
: > [{quoted}](name=ReportsAreCancer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LHMEHnQM,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-19T00:29:49.775+0000) > > {{champion:39}} infinite dashes that refund mana on every minion kill and have virtually no cooldown. > "Refund mana" Uh....you sure you've played the new Irelia? Cuz I don't see anywhere on the spell's description anything along the lines of "refund mana"
Oh, they changed it didn't they. I see why she never runs out now. Why bother making a refund when you can make it nearly free (20).
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: Mejai's soulstealer is becoming an essential item on mages
All mages are not represented by Lux and Xerath.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Why is irelia allowed to dash so many times and basically be a giant "fuck you"?
They have to make some champions OP, otherwise, all the bad players would quit.
: I dontt like yasuo
Yasuo is so easy to counter. All you need is all 5 people to attack him at the same time and each person should have at least 2 hard CC, then BAM, he's dead. So easy. Learn to play noob.
Kippid (NA)
: 25 chests and 0 keys
hahaha you unlucky son of a... wait, I'm in the same boat.
: Invisibility & Stealth are 100% Broken
: Terrible jungle clear Terrible laning Yeah, champs too good lul
He doesn't need to clear the jungle with is stealth ganks he farms champions. But you already knew that. I guess you define terrible as requiring to use more one hand to play.
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: I think this really shows just how biased these boards are to finding something to complain about
Stop lying. The boards of full of self-policing fanboys who will say anything to defend a company that apparently can do no wrong. I doubt that guy even deserved the ban, but then again, everything is a bannable offense, including playing better than your allies.
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: He said zed is picked almost every game that means his from iron-boosted to gold elo end of arguing
Yup, a Zed main with 2 lifetime upvotes. Literally just logged on and posted for the first time just for this threat. Some friend must have woken him up to tell him his freelo champ was being criticized. Where do these people breed?
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: There's no incentive to play ranked over normals anymore.
The reason ranked is so bad is because all the good players get reported and banned The only players left to play ranked are the trash bags who enjoy destroying games, drawing their allies into a blaming argument, and then reporting their allies.
Seen (NA)
: This "I give up" 5 minutes into game meta needs to stop.
As they say, don't hate the player, hate the game. People give up because they know you cannot come back from most games when you are behind due to poor champion balance and extreme snowballing.
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Saezio (EUNE)
: he can move. If fiddle can't be bothered to walk away from a 1v1 when his passive gives him great ability to do so he should die 1v1. Especially vs melee champions, he can drain, passive, auto , wait for W, repeat
> Especially vs melee champions, he can drain, passive, auto , wait for W, repeat Pretty much the only champion in the game who could pull that off is {{champion:429}}. Good luck trying to pull of kiting on fiddle, especially when almost every melee has a spammable ranged gap closer.
Yenn (NA)
: Nasus managed to finish his Trinity Force before the game ended? Guess I'll just die
Because building pure defense and 3 hitting champions is balance.
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: Reminder that Thresh is still >50% WR as the #1 MOST PICKED support champion
He is a tank, he is a CC machine, he nearly unkillable. Why does he need ranged auto attacks? Why does a champion that is guaranteed a kill every time he lands a hook, also need poke as well? Does Blitzcrank have ranged auto attacks? Does any other super tanky CC machine have ranged auto attacks?
: I can't stand to play top lane anymore
Considering how overpowered Wukong is, the problem is definitely you.
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rujitra (NA)
: Should it take a warning that intentionally griefing/trolling a game is not appropriate or okay?
Lioxim (NA)
: Feel like I have 0 control in my games, help?
It's not how you play, it's what you play. The champion balance team is so bad at their job that the match is always decided at the champ select screen.
: How do you verse a Yasuo Mid?
The way you defeat a Yasuo is by typing /FF at 15 minutes and begging your allies to click yes. There's really no other way.
Saezio (EUNE)
: So you are saying fiddle should autowin all 1v1 fights at lvl 1 by pressing 1 button provided the enemy doesn't have CC, which most champs don't have at level 1.
Yes, I am. And do you know why? Because he can't move and he's healing while he drains. So if you can't be bothered to walk out of range of his tether than it seems fair that you should die 1v1 without CC.
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: Sylas.
I was playing velkoz, Sylas used my ult against me... when I was still lvl 5. How the fuck do you steal an ult that I don't have yet.
: Annie's Q isn't as long range as her autos. Anivia's E is not just longer than her already massive 600 auto range, but also longer than Annie's by 25 units, and both her auto and E are larger than Annie's Q.
Anivia's E is 650. Just to give you an idea of how long 650 is, Ezreal's Q is 1150, almost double.
Dr Dog (NA)
: both of you are wrong? lmao level 18 trist has the highest range in the game with 661 units followed by caitlyn with 650 units, dont be a hypocrite if your calling someone out for false info
Neither are mages so who cares.
: She has the longest auto range in the game and her E has the same range. She isn't Lux but she is absolutely above most mages in range. W and R make Q much easier to land, and it is already fairly easy to hit since it takes up half the lane. She's also a hard counter to all-inning assassins since she can sit under tower with passive up to deny any ignite kills. She also outtrades most other mages if she lands a single Q E and her mana issues are largely irrelevant past the very, very early laning phase thanks to Manaflow Band and {{item:3070}}. She's anything but weak, she just requires more positional play than other mages since she's one of like four characters that can directly affect character pathing.
If you are going to straight up lie then gtfo. You thinking of ANNIE, or you are not thinking at all.
It must have something to do with Yi being a free win. Try something less overpowered and it won't get banned.
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