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: Riot, Are you seriously proud of Eternals?
Sorry, just feel like if you design a good game people will spend money happy. You don't need to develop ways to tax players for your shortcomings. I feel shitty everytime I spend money now and I never used to.
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: Nightblue gets a player Falsely banned.
What shitty Rioter followed up with this? Can't even follow own rules? Your not allowed calling out reports in chat anymore (targeting) for starters. Not to mention the other offenses he constantly does without punishment... Knowing a Rioter should not give you a free pass to insult others. I mean as a disabled player it's pretty shitty you promote a player to begin with that constantly calls players r%%%%%ed.
: Shyvana's new Bio is not only a downgrade of a decent piece of lore, but it's LITERALLY a mistake...
I want to say lore in League is pretty much pointless atm. Nothing is cannon and is always randomly changing. Whats the point of following a story if its just going to reset? Idk, not a fan of the constant lore changes atm and they really need to step back and make a game plan for the future.
CLG ear (NA)
: Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer
Eh... stage four is like 1-5% survival. I want to be hopeful, but thats sad :(
: Morgana's springy torso
Why did blackthorn end up having less details? The old wings had effects and we lost a lot of the skin?
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: Riot Games Threatens Fines For Teams Playing Against Their All-Female League of Legends Team
Wonder when Riot will actually learn from mistakes? They should really hire someone to paint themselves a picture at this point - Honestly, why is it so hard for them to grasp basic concepts? Why make a team that's not on the same skill level (Diamond vs Challenger) and then threaten teams if they win too hard? Secondly, what rule existed that Riot can decide what's bannable and what is not? Honestly seems like you want to scare teams into throwing matches for publicity. League is not even a sport yet and you're already trying to rig matches for views? If you have to make up rules solely to help one team somethings wrong.
: Can we talk about how the level of fun has dropped dramatically and the level of toxicity has risen
Toxicity has gotten lower over the years. I've been here since 2011, and my god the stuff I used to get away with in chat.
Papdi1 (EUW)
: ROX punished for banning all female supp.
Its Pax all over again... Riot should honestly just sit back and let players just play. Are they not allowed to ban what they want? What actual rule did they break?
Ifneth (NA)
: You Know You Done Goofed When...
It just dosen't fit the theme. We went from armor to a body suit? I dont mind remakes... just keep true to the character.
Dynikus (NA)
: Why does Kayle look like she could be prestige bullet angel Kai'sa?
Your giving prestige skins to much credit. They wouldn't have as much changes - being the laziest skin line after all.
: Tanks SUCKS, building armor feels horrible, champion that are not tank killers are tank killers.
I want to just say thats Riven issues. Shes always been way to tanky for being a mobile nuke.
: Okay, apparently we can get demoted while playing on other roles
Honestly, the system annoys me. I've had so many players not care as much because it's not main role. Two games in a row I had an autofilled top that decided to play an ADC top and then a support... fun for everyone on the team :/
Tolinar (NA)
: I'm a support main, stuck in bronze... Here are ten things I wish I could stop shouting at my team
From Bronze to Gold every season only playing Nami. I'm not going to lie, a lot of matchmaking is luck when your not playing something that can carry. I legit had a game in my yearly review where I was 7/0/19 as Nami and my ADC was still negative. Those are the games that make you question your life. Enchanters are awesome though. Just accept you can only do so much and the game becomes less stress.
: Activision Blizzard let go ~800 employees despite having higher profits than ever
Good riddance - When I first saw that 200 people might go, I smiled. 800 though? I actually did a little dance. After the whole HoTS incident, hopefully Blizzard goes bankrupt.
Being a support main at the beginning of the season really makes you question life. I feel like I'm being forced into playing Brand every game. I keep trying to play Nami or a tank - but just feel so useless late game if my ADC's bad. Really hope I don't have to play a mage all the way to Gold again.
: Except for the fact that it doesn't guarantee you a win first of all. Second, the rerolls cap at 2, which means a team of spatula's vs a team of non-spatula's have equal opportunity when they are both at cap. Third, even if the non-spatula team only has 1 reroll vs the spatula team's 2, the chances of getting X champion still remains below 1% per roll. Furthermore, they're paying money for a non-existent advantage, that even if it existed doesn't guarantee a win even if they did obtain the champion they wanted because of the chances of running into a team comp that counters them. You guys do not know what p2w really means, and this knee jerk reaction to something which provides no mathematical advantage is utterly ridiculous. The only concern would be the ARAM only accounts because they do have a significant advantage in a limited champion pool, but if that is the case, you fall into the possibility of running into a comp that counters you and even then, its skill based. I have noticed the people complaining about this have a very negative mentality where they immediately assume a certain champion= auto win, and completely forget the fact that they have teammates who can assist them. Yes, Riven is annoying, but there are several champions that flat out annihilate her due to the ridiculous CDR reduction and large amount of gold.
> You guys do not know what p2w really means, and this knee jerk reaction to something which provides no mathematical advantage is utterly ridiculous. Eh? I'm under the impression most of this went over your head somehow. P2W dosen't guarantee winning, but has to do with increased odds. 1+1 is math lol... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} You even adress that It'd be a 1% bonus - Is a percentage that can be stacked in premades not odds?
: this shit happens constantly and people get away with it constantly. Who honestly cares as long as he doesn't do it non stop? Why is it so much worse when he does it compared to some other random headass.
> [{quoted}](name=Jerry SeinfeId,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=K6NzAXTw,comment-id=000e00000000,timestamp=2019-02-02T20:08:39.565+0000) > > this shit happens constantly and people get away with it constantly. Who honestly cares as long as he doesn't do it non stop? Why is it so much worse when he does it compared to some other random headass. I don't think people are calling it worse when he does it. Generally people don't want anyone doing this in any game. I've seen a few examples of him throwing multiple games lately. Why does he deserve a free pass? I have seen people banned for less without a pile of video proof.
Moon Mom (NA)
: if you own all champs you're getting a reroll a game anyway... i don't think it's ptw at all.
> [{quoted}](name=Moon Mom,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=77aA9X9E,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-02T10:12:06.721+0000) > > if you own all champs you're getting a reroll a game anyway... i don't think it's ptw at all. The issue is one team having a 5-10 champion pool vs a team with 10-15 picks. Premades have really shown how useful this is. Paying money to access a better team comp is the definition of P2W. What champion you get is very much tied to your chance to win. Three people on your team got great champions, but two didnt? You now have 10 rerolls to "trade up" with and fix that issue. This can be done every game.
: I remember when i use to like Dyrus
I doubt anything will come from this as he's been doing this for a bit now. Been a few incidents with him throwing games.
: it is pretty strong. a team of 5 spatula members vs 5 non spatulas have an insane amount of rerolls. its pretty game winning and pay to win in a sense.
> [{quoted}](name=On My Kill List,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=77aA9X9E,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-02T07:29:43.431+0000) > > it is pretty strong. > a team of 5 spatula members vs 5 non spatulas have an insane amount of rerolls. > its pretty game winning and pay to win in a sense. That's my main issue. It stacks to the point you can guarantee a great team comp every game vs people with no rerolls left. >it is infested to the brim by "ARM only" accounts. It's almost as if players realized years ago that certain champions win games - what could go wrong with selling increased odds?
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Bârd (NA)
: Riot, if you want money, there are a lot of things we'd be willing to buy...
$Free money, I mean you know how awesome the first one will sell. The whole $100 Prestige skin hic-cup was a mess - Ultimates have much greater quality. Think of how much sales you'd make off map packs you've already created. I'd love to play the Winter map more.
This is great. Actually accurate.
Naalith (NA)
: I have no clue how ADC mains play this role with any regularity.
When marksmen are good, the game revolves around them to the point other classes don't matter. Past seasons had them being able to outsustain damage sources through life steal alone. I don't miss the better bot lane automatically wins meta where every other lanes performance meant nothing. I get early game sucks for them now, but before it was way to easy to come online and just right click people to death. Thats why the nerfs came in the first place. Bringing sustain back to ADCs would be just as unhealthy as it was originally.
: Awaken is actually realistic..
Jhin part was the best.
: I gotta say, 20% damage reduction for 4 seconds is pretty insane for dueling
"We realize damage is to high". Adds more true damage. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I still can't believe some people actually defend Riot support lol like they literally give 0 information if an account was boosted on or if there were any IP changes and I doubt they even check for this or a lot of hacked accounts wouldn't be perma banned. Most companies actually look into accounts instead of majority of Riots support team that just tells you that you are SOL.
> [{quoted}](name=Neptunia xoxo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kFdu2svE,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2019-01-21T11:32:00.369+0000) > > I still can't believe some people actually defend Riot support lol like they literally give 0 information. This is my main issue atm, somehow "It's not in our policy" morphed into everytime were to lazy to actually fix something. Seeing those responses really shows how little time they spend reading or even attempting to fix problems. Dosen't even seem like they're aware half the time whats being asked?
: The phrase, “League is dead” is getting kind of old now.
Honestly, no matter how many issues I complain about - I still seem to come back at the end of the day. Its not great atm, but Im still having fun. Lots of work is needed atm though.
Vortex L9 (EUNE)
: Unfair ban due to hack?
Also, does anyone at the support actually read tickets? I see multiple copy paste answers that don't even apply to the question asked. Really bad customer support on Riots end here. This is not how players should be treated. People invest years into these accounts... and to be just tossed away really paints a picture on player value. How many hours down the drain supporting you as a company? Get two step verification. Your currently half the problem Riot.
: RIOT is this honestly worth a permabanned?
> eeveevolution: You cant report me for anything at all. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: 2018 Borders and Icons
We also dont seem to have any forum icons either.
: Perma ban bc of teammates.
Out of curiosity. Chat log?
Warpes (NA)
: Can someone explain why I just LOST LP for a win? My computer crashed, but I came back.. wtf
If you pass the 8 minute mark and make it back into the game with full determination to win, just don't. Just stand in fountain saying Riots going to punish you for helping, and apologize for them not letting you continue to play. The same punishment occurs no matter what you choose. Dont be held hostage from the system.
: Who are you testing these jungle changes with
I honestly feel like they should review the entire balance team atm, decide where the problems keep occurring and replace key members. Someone higher up is just making bad call after bad call. At what point do employees need to do better? It's already 2019... any other business would have shaken things up by now after the track record of poor performance.
Vortex L9 (EUNE)
: Unfair ban due to hack?
I still don't get why Riot claims it's our job to make sure we don't get hacked. Yet can't provide the proper tools to do so... would it really be that hard to add two-step verification? Indy company memes aside. Ritos inability to provide basic services that even new startups provide is half the problem. One day they'll realize it's 2019 and not 2009. As it stands you 100% lose your account if a data breach happens. Hackers are only going to get better as time progresses and Riot really needs to start adapting to things better.
: Riot has lost 700million dollars of profit loss compared to 2017
Honestly, I've spent less money on the game because of the greed factor. No way am I paying $20 so I can get the "Full package" of a skin. They've completely devalued my purchase habbits, even though I used to drop $50 on the game each month. Borders always should of stayed quest locked, I mean it's not like people wern't buying the base skins to begin with... I own like 300 skins, and haven't purchased one in a year because of this.
Yóur Dad (EUW)
: Clash
My teammate asked me yesterday when the next Clash will be. At this rate, we're going to have to find new people to play with. No one's going to stay and practice for an event that's never going to happen. Wasn't Clash originally intended to be once a month? I mean you had dozens of advertisements for Clash on youtube for something that never happened. At one point you made it seem like it'd be the next big thing... then just forgot about it. Thank god I got a banner the first time around, because it's just left an open slot on a lot of peoples profiles.
: A game cannot grow bigger forever
>Thing is, I believe they've realized that they can't survive off of just League for much longer. They need to get another game out before League collapses under it's own weight. Sadly, I don't think they can truly save the game at this point - without reversing years worth of content. The core game is just a bunch of bandage fixes. Most things, rather than being fixed over the years have just had other things compensated to match. Do you really think they should launch another game before coming to terms with what players actually want? It will just end the same way.
englich (EUW)
: is it me or riot que you up with the worst players possible
>Promos will always be hard to win - the point of promos is to prove that you deserve to be in a higher tier/division. You aren't going to get matched with the best teammates against crappy enemies. You'll be matched with people around your skill, and matched against people of the skill you're trying to promote into. The systems designed to give you an unmatched game in promos.
: Riot didn't revert hundreds of exploited gemstones and skins but Garena did
Your expecting to much from the Na teams, when have they been even capeable of doing basic things? I mean they could revert prestige tokens... which implys they could - but lazyness is why Na is a meme. To much of their time is being invested in $120 chromas rather then real issues.
Naalith (NA)
: Prestige skins are a predatory failure.
I can't wait till lootbox laws pass in the U.S, and Riot stops with this whole milk as much while we can.
: Riot, you're working yourselves deeper into a corner with skins.
Well what did you expect when they reported such a bad revenue last year? Their going to keep punishing players with more "Whale packages" to make up for losses. It's kinda sad to see what the stores turning into to make up for their failures. I can get full games for the price of skins these days. Wonder how long to players get fed up?
Mortroxx (EUW)
: I don't normally take issue with these things, but prestige points are honestly a joke.
It's because Riot reported their worst income last year. Their trying to make up for lower sales with more whale purchases.
: >Over 140 ultimates, ON ONE CHAMP. How do you possibly balance that? By only giving him five ults a game with no assurance the ults he'll get will be good. While his PBE numbers are probably overtuned, stealing ults is only going to be as good as the enemy team is.
> stealing ults is only going to be as good as the enemy team is. I really don't want the counterplay to his ult being pick really bad champions. Especially when you have to factor in your other four team mates choices, that in most cases is out of your control. PBE has his kit completely over loaded as well. Why every new champion needs to be able to do everything is beyond me compared to older champions.
: Vayne's winratio skyrocketed to 54% in the span of one day.
I really hope this was caused from a higher up pushing the patch to sell more Prestige skins. It'd be really sad to see the "Balance" team so clueless, that not a single person stepped up and thought this was a bad idea. How did these people go to school for this? Getting pathetic at this point. @Riot - Fund training for balance teams, they need a lot of help atm. Edit: Sorry if this comes off wrong, I just love the game and hate to see so much bad choices being made lately.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 9.2 nerfs/buffs plan by MappleNectar
"Nerfed for low elo" How do you expect Iron/Silver players ever to learn to dodge skill shots - if you have to nerf stuff based on their inability to do so? Not saying your holding peoples hands, but Alistair should of been nerfed way before Brand.
: What Intentionally feeding looks like in 2019
Normally when dealing with Riot support, ignore the first message - and contact them again. The first one is always automated/copy and paste to save time. The amount of times I've seen "We reviewed your game" only for the second person to be like oh... guess we didn't.
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