: I have a feeling this writeup is the April Fools joke.... Units critically strike on 150% of attacks? Very likely giveaway.
But Crit's don't do increased damage, they do 50% your attack damage. So instead of your crits doing 300 (if your ad is 150) they will be doing 75...
: Would anyone be interested in "partying up" and take advantage of this?
: Team up and earn Party Rewards!
So wait, What if I play with four friends and its my first game of the day and I win, and I get the x16 mulitplier. Is the first win of the day bonus added before the multiplier? Isn't the bonus like 150 extra? If that's the Case 76ip + 150 bonus (Estimate) X 16 = 3616Ip Opposed to 76ip (Estimate) X 16 = 1216 + 150 bonus = 1366Ip That's a 2250 difference, and I feel it's important to know these things...
: My Icon still hasnt been added to my account? why?:(
Usually with all featured game modes, it takes a while. I remember for Shurima event I didn't get mine until 1-2 days after I earned it
Udyr (NA)
: I'm not sure Disney would be too pleased, so I guess we'll just have to Let It Go
You just made the remainder of my day at work about 15% better thank you :)
Udyr (NA)
: eCommerce Q&A
Is there a possibility for a Elsa Themed Janna skin for Christmas, Because if that's the case, I'll build a snow man out of a wad of cash and mail it to you!
Jynx (NA)
: Shurima community creations roundup
Question, What platform are the majority of these artists using? I'm adept in Art Rage, but I just can't get that look that these have. please help !!! =]
: Ugggg... its just a word thats not even directed at you. Stick and stones and all that? If i go wow fiddlesticks drain power is gay do you really think im saying. I hate all gays and hope they die. Like...seriously? Its more like wow i think fiddlesticks is annoying. Give me a 3 letter word that i can use in as many ways as i can the word gay and ill start using it. This kindergarten world where everyone is a special snowflake isnt changing so i might as well adapt. Seriously though just EXPLAIN to me why its such a big deal. Many words in the english language have multiple meanings look at the word for female dogs is it now insulting to the original owners of the word (the dogs) that we are using their name in vain?
Your Right It's Just a word. It can mean happy or it can mean Homosexual. Which are factual terms and no one should be reported for stating obvious facts. But when used for the purpose to be derogatory, it is then no longer a word but an insult not just on one person but a very large group of people, Gay is NOT a synonym for stupid, it is NOT a Synonym for bad. It's just like using the N word to an African American. When you patronize us by making those assimilations between gay and Stupid, Gay and terrible. You should be reported and learn to live in the 21st Century. Personally I don't care much because people will be people, and like I said it makes my penta's Ten time more enjoyable
: I read an article in the last couple of months on from RIOT about this and am happy to see it being put into practice. They did talk about possible perma-bans on players who were especially toxic in the following areas: racism, homophobia, and telling people to commit suicide or hoping that one of their loved gets cancer. Are these being implemented as well? As a gay player, I find that most players are pretty intolerant especially when I ask that they not use "That's so gay" as a term in the game as it offensive and used too often to describe stupid plays or people. Calling someone out for homophobia in the game usually just leads to a torrent of even more derogatory comments from those toxic players. They believe that RIOT doesn't actually care about what you say in game and that there are no real repercussions to be felt. Can you tell us more if this is also going into effect or taken into consideration?
From my Experience as a "Gaymer", No matter what game you play, League, Wow, Cod, anything. Homosexual shamming is the majority of all toxicity, because it undermines ones manliness. No Prisoner Island, or chat restriction will ever change someone's mind set THAT MUCH that they no longer think that way. Your best way to get around that is to be able to laugh at yourself. Nothing is better in life when an enemy team calls you gay, and then you enforce that you are and then get a Quadra or a Penta, And then Tell them to bow down to the Queen.


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