: Random FPS bug
I have been having the same issue. I managed to notice that my game is running in borderless rather than fullscreen even when I have fullscreen enabled in video settings. How I know this is that alt-tabbing is the same speed in both. If I wasn't having this issue I am pretty sure my FPS would be completely fine yet I haven't been able to find out a solution to the problem.
Furión (NA)
: There should be some kind of performance detection for demotions
You are continually losing games and playing poorly. Your performance in one game isn't going to matter. You have to play consistently well always to keep your mmr from dropping by losing games.
Vipipi (NA)
: Current playing experience and few suggestions
I disagree for the most part. Currently I have found it easy to win games playing stuff that I'm good at and have been playing for years. The only difference for me that makes this game unenjoyable is that the fps I'm getting is WAYYYYYY worse than it was before preseason started. Because of that my performance is nowhere near what it could be and that is what really ruins the game for me. The only time I have truly hated the balance of the game looking back in time was ardent censor.
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: demoted because other players
Flaming is bad. You are also in Silver, if you can't win in Silver you deserve the loss. Elo hell is only existent in diamond 5. At that elo you are better than the majority of players but are still bad, so you don't have respect of better players. Actual elo hell does not exist, and it is easy to climb if you are better than your opponent.
EyeSlae (NA)
: Permabanned Logs Included Rito Plz help me
I disagree with getting banned for defending yourself, but you were so petty about everything. I also like how you say to your team to just play yet you are typing the entire time. Hopefully you reform and you don't get banned on your next account.
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: > [{quoted}](name=ybuR,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QnQUPHUN,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-04-24T18:08:51.309+0000) > > Yeah because when lethality was busted it was super fair and balanced on melee It really wasn't that terrible on melees. if it was nerfed cause of melees it wouldn't have been nearly hte same amount of nerfs.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: oh wow negative winrate d5. woo lad. you would be safer if you sticked to the golden acc.
Have a smurf in plat with 60% wr. I don't see your point. You are gold, there is no argument you have against me with a elo much lower than mine.
: Udyr Shield should scale with Health only
A health shield on a base cd of 6 seconds is broken. I don't need to explain that at all other than this would make Udyr the best champion in the game.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: the post asked for what champ needs to be reworked based on peopels oppinion if you dont like it you can play a few more hundred games on gold then talk to me. Yes im salty btw for Vayne and Kayle only the others are toxic but manageable.
: The entire ranked progression system needs to be reworked.
I have to deal with this in Diamond bud. It's called having bad mmr, and that is what happens when you go on losing streaks. If you go on winstreaks your mmr will improve.
: Is Riot capable of releasing a balanced champion?
Xayah isn't very good, and Rakan is pretty lame to play against. Your lack of understanding the game lead you to believe the ridiculous fallacy created in your lacking mind that Riot only tries to make money by making champions broken on release. This is just not true at all. Think back to release Jhin or release Taliyah or release Illaoi. All of these champions were garbage on release. There is not a single problem with them releasing these champions and people wanting to play them, yet you insist that they shouldn't be allowed in ranked, so that a large portion of players who only play ranked won't be able to get experience on or with them.
: Statistically speaking, toxic people are the ones who care about winning the most and simultaneously the people who lose the most as a direct result of their toxicity. Being toxic is the one thing you can do to guarantee you lose, yet those who care about winning the most do it. So, let go! Relax! Have fun! And remember, it's just a game. No need to be an asshole when someone does something stupid, they can see it's stupid. Maybe suggest something they could've done better and help them improve as a player with constructive criticism (though in my experience this sometimes sets people off just as much as if you had been toxic).
This exactly. If you watch professional players play, they usually aren't very toxic in solo queue. They tend to just have fun, and win while doing it. And that is exactly what everyone else should strive to be: have fun, and try to win.
: Sejuani's going to be heinously broken if she hits live in this state
I haven't played her yet, but I have watched PantsareDragon's video on her. Of course he goes off, but watching him play her sort of gave me the impression that she isn't going to be a godlike jungler. From what it looks like, she will be on the same tier as Amumu: super good if ahead, but easy to put behind. I honestly could see her getting buffs of some kind. Because of how long it takes for her to proc her e a second time on someone, it makes her clear abysmally slow early game and makes her damage in skirmishes really low without a red buff or red smite (early game of course). So yea, just have to wait and see, but there is no way you can assume a champ is broken OP from just looking at numbers or playing it on PBE. You have to wait and see the champ being played at a higher level first.
: We get it, Illaoi is easy to outplay
She is more annoying than anything. Champions that have hard punishes for mistakes are never fun to play against, and that is why people will complain. Think of all the QQ champs here on boards; they all have ridiculous ways of punishing bad players, so there is a reason as to why people will be upset. I personally think Illaoi is a cool champion, and I don't mind playing into her unless I am playing Riven, as that matchup is way too hard for my laning mechanics on Riven. Other than that, I will agree that she is a fun champion to play against because it takes skill to play versus it.
: I have heard she is good at other roles in the game as well. But i Always fear this because Riot does not like champs that were design for one role being played in another and they tend to nerf champions to bend to their will. I really hate that about Riot because it really stagnates that variety in the game and the creativity of its player base.
They tend to do this because they cause balance issues. Think back to tank ekko top.
: I don't care who's meta
I thought you were joking until I read the comments. It is really sad that you think the game is determined all by your teammates being caught, when in reality you can just play better and carry yourself. The champ is not unfair, and is only annoying to play against as an ADC/Support and your lane partner will just being hooked. But if you are playing in another role, that champ does not matter. And again, if it is one pull the entire game... it straight up does not matter, you woulda lost either way for one pull to be the only thing he did that mattered.
: How to beat yas with katarina
He doesn't have a stun for one. And two you have to play around putting your daggers on the minions so that he takes damage when dashing through. It is a difficult matchup, but against bad Yasuo players you just have to do what I said, and they will just take free damage and die.
Cleeboy (NA)
: Unbalanced boots gameplay
Why can Hecarim buy boots? Shouldn't he have horseshoes?
: What if we took away lee sin Q execution damage and made him a melee controller?
This would gut him. He is already balanced. The unbalanced junglers right now, and the ones you should be complaining about are Graves, Ivern, AND NOBODY ELSE. Literally every other jungler isn't batshit crazy OP, and Lee is definitely far from being OP. He is just in a good spot right now after everbody else got nerfed, and his last change was a nerf at the start of the season.
: Xayah Buff? Nerf? Balanced?
I think that she is kind of meh. Like, she is actually pretty bad when she misses her e on people, so if someone is aware of how her kit works, they can easily juke out on that ability. The other thing is that I think she is pretty bad from behind, just like every other ADC, so winning lane is sort of important, and with a more weak laning phase due to the e being hard to land against skilled opponents, she feels very lackluster to have on your team. I will say however, that when she is ahead, she is really ahead. Her w in my opinion is the best part of her kit, and will let you dish out so much damage so fast. I don't think she will need changes for awhile. I think that she will be in a better spot than Jhin was on his release.
: Because Ivern is a support style jungler and supports can never be broken, right? :^)
Hige (NA)
: Question about lane flow
It depends on the matchup you are in and the position of the junglers on the map.
boss10000 (EUW)
: Why Am I Constantly Matched Vs 4-5 Man Pre-Mades When Solo
Cabruh (NA)
: Lee sin has become more cancerous than yasuo
How could you ever want to ban Lee over Ivern? Like seriously. Ivern takes less skill and is more broken.
: graves is absurd because
What they need to do to change Graves is make it so that his true grit duration scales with levels in his e. If they do this, then his first clear gets worse, and that way he is less rewarding to people with unoptimized clears. The actual problem with him is the fact that you can be compensated on him for being a bad jungle player by his lack of skill to clear, which makes power farming on him way too effective. Compare him to a champion like Nidalee, and you see a clear discrepancy in champion knowledge to clear, even when his kit is deep. So what I'm saying is that he has both a low skill floor and a high skill cap, which makes him abusable by good Graves players, and easy to pick up by noobs.
: How to deal with Burst champs?
Wait, > [{quoted}](name=Epicomanage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JoFXayWw,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-04T11:59:23.083+0000) > >It is hard for me to predict especially when I am behind in both cs and kills. Are you saying that you are tilting?
: A rare "good job" from me to Riot
Last season wasn't even that bad. I would argue that the start of every season is bad, but come the mid season update, it generally gets much better. Last season the game felt a lot more solid after patch 6.9, so I would imagine that the game is only going to get better. I mean, from my own personal perspective the start of this season was awful, just like the start of every season, but the further we get in, the overall better the game gets.
: The catch-22 of champ select
Most people won't do this unless they are already tilted or you said something wrong. OR, it could be that the person highlighting said champion has a super low winrate on it, and the person doesn't want to lose. If it does happen, and that is the only champion you can play, I would recommend just dodging unless it gets banned a lot anyways.
: Lisandra - is she bad champ or I suck so badly ?
Lissandra is a decent champion, but isn't really in meta right now, as there are more viable picks. Apart from that, she is a good champion, with a clear strength in being able to do damage and lock someone down.
: When you make a balance post, make sure you explain why you feel a certain way
God bless you, and I'm an atheist. Someone who actually has enough brainpower to understand how awful some of these gameplay posts are.
: junglers, how do you deal with this?
You have two options when you play this game to deal with your teammates. You come off light-hearted and have fun with them, or you mute them and don't talk to them. Either one is a good choice, and I choose which one I do depending on the game, so just make sure that you aren't giving in to them. Remember that it's a game for fun, and if they are keeping you down, then you have the right to just listen to them. So keep playing your game, and enjoy it.
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Penns (EUW)
: Yeah 53-54% win rate for months with over 10% play rate on a "hard" champ that "requires skillshots" seems balanced. Especially when she builds Protobelt and Lich Bane, its just about dodging her skillshots lel
Ahri hasn't been OP for months. You would have seen her played more in high elo, but in NA there is only 1 challenger player that frequently plays Ahri and that's Shiphtur. Even Shiphtur thinks that she's only good. A 53-54% win rate on Ahri isn't irregular also. Ahri isn't hard at all. Skillshots aren't what make a champion hard.
Looknook (NA)
: Why no AD supports?
AD items cost more than AP items, making AD supports bad. If you want to go an AD support you have to build them tank, otherwise you are going to be super useless as your powerspikes take too long to buy because of the low gold income that supports have.
: Best Carry Midlaner?
My go to mid laner when I want to carry is {{champion:61}}. She has good oneshot on squishies and has one of the best teanfighting ults in the game (and my favorite ult in the game). Her only issues are that she is very squishy and has mid range abilities.
Penns (EUW)
: Thats what every Ahri main says Kappa
I main jungle, with nearly 500k points on Nidalee across all of my accounts. I have 200k on Elise, and like 150k on Riven (across all of my accounts). I don't even have mastery 5 on Ahri. If you ask any high elo mid laner they will say that Ahri is iconic, but she isn't that good. The champion is balanced.
Lyek (NA)
: Is it just me?
Yea, I have that issue in D5. Any time I play a D5 game I either carry so hard the game ends quickly or my team rages super hard and does dumb shit. It's pretty dumb, and honestly I think that B5, S5, G5, P5, and D5 are the most toxic elos in the game, with D5 being the worst.
: Is it true that Elise has no counters?
How does % damage have to do with having no counters? If this were the case then Vayne and Fiora would have no counters. I have like 200k on Elise and can surely say that she gets countered plenty. Think of Yasuo or Irelia for a second. They can dash to her spiderlings, which happen to follow behind her. Think of champions that have DoTs, so she can't rappel the damage like Malzahar, Teemo, Brand, etc. Think of champions that can sustain all her damage like Ivern. Elise is actually one of the most well balanced champions in the game and the last time she was ever OP was at the start of Season 6 with Runic Echoes giving her so much damage and movespeed.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Ahri needs a nerf.
Ahri isn't even top tier or OP. She is currently one of the best balanced champions in the game actually and has some of the most fair gameplay. Also if you are trying to say that she is overloaded, please switch your attention to Camille, the champion that has a million steroids in her kit, the champion that could literally have parts of her kit removed and she would still be a complete champion.
: Need Janna tips
When the opponent does something dumb, Janna is one of the best champions to punish that. You can easily peel a stupid engagement by someone on their team and let your team kill them. Use your tools to counter their idiocy in low elo. In higher elo Janna is more seen a tilt machine, that just runs around tilting the enemy because of how aids her peel is. Pretty much just peel well and you will do well.
: Just a little thank you to Riot for bringing back solo Queue
Dynamic Queue wasn't even that hard to win solo until high elo. You just needed to play well, which means actually getting better. I went from Silver 5 to Plat 5 in a matter of 3 months doing usually solo queue and a bit of dynamic during that period.
: I need help upping my cs!
I would recommend you try playing a champion with better wave clear. I think the most iconic mid lane champion that is bread and butter that has good wave clear is Orianna. She is a hard learning curve, but farming with her is very easy, so if you practice her and are able to achieve 200 CS at 20 minutes you can translate that to other champions. I also say 200 CS at 20 minutes as a baseline of, when you can get this, then you don't need to spend much more of your time practicing csing.
Scruberz (NA)
: Jungle nerf further limits jungle champion pool
The nerf was necessary though. I'm a jungle main, and have an 80% winrate on Rek'Sai in D5 purely from smart pathing and counterjungling. I have had games this season where I have hit level 18 before 30 minutes on plenty of champions such as Nidalee, Rek'Sai, Lee Sin, Riven, etc. Jungle is stupid OP and I'm glad they are nerfing it.
: Honestly, I never understood the reason y'all need an item sets tab, am I the only one that memorizes a build?
I use item sets so that I don't waste time looking through all items. On a champion like Nidalee I can incorporate literally any item into my build, but I like the efficiency of having all of the items organized on one page without having to go looking for it.
: Who honestly goes for Rift Herald?
You take the buff when you are ahead or have nothing to do. You don't want to take Rift as the jungler when you have camps up, as you aren't putting yourself ahead only your top laner, so it is more efficient for you to both be farming.
: Sooooo Yasuo Nerfs?
The nerf was made to hit his early game. Yasuo isn't that strong into many teamcomps late game anyways as being a squishy melee that has to dive is difficult to play. His early game was what needed the nerf and what they did was perfectly fine. They took away a lot of cheesing power, but didn't take away the power he had in his autos.
: > [{quoted}](name=PuffyP,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7kqGcnja,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-11T16:26:07.415+0000) > > Warlord's is literally only good on ADC's or Yasuo when he needs sustain early over damage. Literally no other champions use this keystone, and the reason why ADC's take Warlord's mainly is because their role right now it to just survive the early game, having damage is only necessary for them to have later with items. ADCs + Yasuo are a lot of champions for it to be good on. Not counting Jayce (not a marksman and runs Thunderlord's anyway) and Kog'Maw (too much mixed damage), ADCs make up 22 Champions that NEED Warlord's currently, Yasuo makes 23. That's not counting any bruisers like Nasus or Renekton that might run it. (And before you bring it up, no, Grasp is still too bad to run.) Warlord's is VERY good when it's good. Lifesteal is a powerful tool that is very easy for some champions (or whole Classes...) to abuse.
Wew lad. You really don't know your champions. No one other than ADC's run that mastery and not all ADC's run it. Nasus takes surge, Renekton takes fervor or colossus. Yasuo runs fervor like 90% of the time and the times that people run Warlord's it is almost always better to take fervor. The other thing, were you not playing when Graves top with Warlord's was OP? They nerfed the mastery into the ground already. The mastery is only good on ADC's because none of the other ones compliment them as nicely.
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