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: Possible Blitzcrank Change
: More ranked divisions/tiers for lower elo players
You're completely backwards on all of this. There should be less divisions to create an atmosphere of greater competition among the players. It should be a simple list of players with the best win/loss ratios who comprise the top ranks. Hard reset every season. If you're a true "challenger" player you'd be in the top 100 again even having to play with some lower levelled players for the early months in the season.
: Yasuo is always banned now
Best change to league, EVER.
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: Rotating Game Mode: Hardcore
Honestly, it would likely be a shitshow, however, if it were LCS caliber teams playing it, I think it would be a very highly skilled matchup and very entertaining to watch.
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: The Support Dilemma, or why riot needs to shiv MatPat’s spleen
Let me give you a TL:DR... Nobody wants to support because they've been spoon fed the "carry mentality" where you NEED to carry your games in order to win and get better. This is a solo-esque mentality that has no place in a team play environment. Teamplay wins you games, no matter what team comp you have, supporting your other members always (I hate using this word now but...) trumps individual play. Get rid of the carry mentality, get better teammates. Hard reset ranked, that would help too.
: Hmm, this isn't something that I've run into in all my ARAM games recently and is something I honestly wasn't aware of til now. How can you guys tell that they're bots? Do they just sit in fountain and not move? Do they just run down the lane and die? The team th at'd look into this type of thing may already be aware, but being able to pass of info would be great!
Shut up and fix ranked instead of trying to bandaid the issue. The true issue is MMR and how you rank/matchmake. Pure win/loss and a hard reset every season is the only way to competitively do a ranking system. This will nearly eliminate the need for bot accounts.
: If you're not at least Plat 3...
All I read here was "I'm a noob and can't get Plat II".
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: Why are there so many bots in ARAM?
Because levelling accounts to 30 is fucking boring and pointless once you've done it the first time. Riot forces you to make a new account and play ranked again to get a better ranking because of the broken MMR system. Go 10/0 in placements on a new account, high Gold/Plat. Go 10/0 on a previously ranked account, you are the same rank you were before. The reason you start a new account is to skirt the bullshit MMR grind from where you are ranked to where you now deserve to be ranked but are held back from shitty teammates.
: Diversity in the form of, you can pick who you want and build them in different ways. Balance in that none of these are too strong or weak. They are not contradicting in that sense.
> You can pick who you want and build them in different ways > None of these are too strong or weak Based on the game design, with only 2 damage types (AP, AD) and only 2 defense types (AR, MR) and the multitude of ways Riot decided to create champions (scaling with AD, AP, HP, etc), there's no way possible to balance a general pool of items for every character. There will always be a few characters that are able to abuse items based on the fact EACH CHARACTER SCALES DIFFERENTLY -- If they all had the same base stats and same DPS, you might be able to achieve balance then. This is why the "meta" exists, it's a list of champions that are able to abuse the items based on their stats and/or DPS, with a few exceptions that provide crowd control which is another factor in balancing but much too in depth to explain in a forum post, I'm trying to be relatively plain jane here to accommodate the masses. All this is evident in the fact that there has been HOW MANY PATCHES? HOW MANY META SHIFTS? -- They're always tweaking because they'll never get it right, it's impossible.
Stormoid (NA)
: Max attack speed and position
Try using attack-move click and binding it on spacebar or something. Albeit, it would attack the closest enemy but you'd be doing tons of damage and moving slightly more with a right click > space bar > right click > space bar. It works wonders on Kalista.
Hangsta (NA)
: Your Rank system sucks fucking ass holes
Has anyone else not caught on? Placements mean jack shit because there's no hard reset at the end of the season. A hard reset would allow you to go 8/10 and get Gold I because you'd be playing vs a variety of differently skilled players, a true competitive environment. Instead they gift master/challenger players their rank from the season prior (but lower, so what, its still the top).
: It's amazing how you can be so smug, yet so... uninspired. > The only way to do this is to have class specific items (items for marksman, items for tanks) that other classes cannot buy ontop of having a "general pool" of items for anyone to buy And what would this do for champs that are a jack of all trades(Teemo, Kayle, Bard) who almost do equally well no matter what you build/don't really have a set "best build" to use, or those who have successful off meta builds that allow them to fulfill a different role(Tank Annie, Regain Himer, Ap Zac, ADC TF, Blue Ez, Assassin or Bruiser Diana(depending on whether you count how she is played most often, or how her kit suggests you play) Ap blitz)? Your "most balanced" suggestion would ruin several champs ability to be diverse! Not to mention, people already complain about Riot pigeon- holeing champs into roles, so exactly what would your solution be doing?(hint, exactly that, but 10x worse) > Then fix the ranked system by removing MMR and divisions and basing the ladder on pure win/loss with a hard reset every season. Why?
You cannot have diversity and balance. They are 2 contradicting concepts. ![]( ![](
: It may be worth noting that the team that designs and implements rotating game modes is completely different from the team who handles live balance - so it's not like we're directly prioritizing one over the other :). Just want to clarify I am about as far removed from game design as possible, but I'll actually disagree with your design suggestions. I don't think that the solution is restricting who can buy what item (personally I think the freedom/flexibility/variability that items add to the game has been an integral part of its success), but instead the solution lies in correctly incentivizing each class to buy the specific items (which historically, we haven't always been great at). It's a lot more difficult, sure, but I think it leads us towards a better place. I do miss season 1/2 ELO too, but I think that the new system is only really different on the surface level. Can I ask why you want a hard reset each year?
A hard reset each year is the only way to competitively balance the ranked system, aside from it being based on pure win/loss. When every player has to fight for their spot on the ladder with and against good/bad teammates it will force individuals to learn, adapt and either rise to the occasion or fall to the bottom of the pit. Right now, you see an LP based system (pretty much win/loss) in Masters/Challenger but that is the only place it exists. Anywhere below that you'll have any number of players bunched at the same MMR level and same LP level but have dramatically different win/loss ratios. You'll have a Plat III player with a win/loss of 30/21 and a Silver IV player with a win/loss of 30/21. How are these two players not being matched against each other? They should be. How about a player that goes 40-0, should be be matched vs players in Gold I that are 50-39? No. But it happens in this system because MMR is decided at some random time when you start ranked or throughout your climb to level 30. You win your 10 placement matches on a brand new account and end up in Gold II, meanwhile your buddy does the same thing and ends up in Silver I. From this point you're consistently matched with/against players that the algorithm deems to be of equal skill based on the "average" team's MMR and you never actually have any chance to grow as a player. If competitiveness is what is being promoted (it is a "sport" after all) then it should be. A hard reset promotes it. What is there to lose? A player who ends the season highly ranked and starts the new season gets put up against a low levelled player. You would expect him to mop the floor with that noob. If after a few games of this, he wouldnt be facing noobs anymore. The noob, in theory, would be learning from those matches and would likely be a better combatant in his following games, if he's not completely insane because if he continued to do the same shit over and over and lose over and over... well, that would mean 80% of the league players are insane with child-like mentalities, is that what Riot thinks of the community? --- I dont pay any attention to the board trolls. I posted to your comment to get some attention because not a single Riot employee will address this, in what I believe to be, fear of admitting it's broken and looking foolish.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Was she? The last time she was anyhow popular in LCS was when LeBlanc was pick-or-ban. With good reaction time a Syndra player could always negate LB's existence. Plus what about champions like Vlad who were pick/ban in LCS while they were absolute trash outside "pro" play? No, sir. Champions are picked in LCS for reasons oftentimes completely unrelated to non-pro environment. LCS does not reflect the state of the game in any way, shape or form.
The only reason that champions 'suck' in SoloQ and are good in LCS is because noobs don't know how to play team-based champions. LCS is about teamplay. SoloQ -- the name says it all. It's trash, just like the champions that are good in SoloQ but get shit on in LCS.
Paroe (NA)
: PSA: Multi-million dollar companies do not usually devote time and money to "jokes".
Riot is a multi-million dollar joke. Your point invalidated.
: I'm totally with you there - BMB actually reminded me of one of my favorite Warcraft 3 maps from back in the day, Castle Fight(! It was basically a massive Rock-Paper-Scissors engine where you just sent mindless AI units across the map at each other and tried to destroy the other team's base. In my mind BMB has some very cool macro-gameplay elements that might be better of separated into a different game mode from the crazy item testing (which is also SUPER fun). What do you guys think?
I think you should the fix balancing issue before introducing more game modes. The only way to do this is to have class specific items (items for marksman, items for tanks) that other classes cannot buy ontop of having a "general pool" of items for anyone to buy. Once the game is balanced, tweak some outlier champions to bring them up to speed or down to speed so to speak. Then fix the ranked system by removing MMR and divisions and basing the ladder on pure win/loss with a hard reset every season. Now you have the most balanced, competitive and fun game on the planet. Congratulations, you were just promoted for stealing my ideas and implementing them, Mr. Chief Gaming Engineer.
: So Ryze is at a 37% winrate
He's balanced. He relies on positioning more than any other version of him. It's about time he's not retardedly broken.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: Because faker can do it, doesn't mean you also can .
I showed Faker how to do it. He's just a copy-bot from my match history. Fuck that noob.
: at least make EC wounds apply only at 40% or below
Learn a champion that doesn't have innate sustain. It's there for auto attacks and it's broken because Auto attacks can be ranged as well. Until Riot actually realizes they need class specific items (items only marksman can buy, items only tanks can buy) the game will never be balanced.
: Everyone here complaining about Lux buffs, meanwhile...
Its April Fools joke, they do it every year you fucking retards.
: Easy ways to improve your ranked performance WITHOUT getting better at the game!
: Why Riot will never participate in a "ranked system" thread...
I like how at least 3 people from Riot downvoted this thread.
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: The shield during ult was a surprise to me (apparently ult refreshes that??) but I'm not seeing any double shields, it lasts 1.5 seconds and is frankly pretty big (510 hp at level 18 iirc), so I'm not surprised it held through your Q the 2nd time (behind inner tower), especially since he managed to get in close and not take a blade hit.
Well, I thought his shield was the white bar underneath his HP bar? Is that only the charge up for the shield then? When hit to pop it, the shield activates?
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: I wish kindred's clear was as healthy as Graves
Remove Grave's pushback mechanic on his autos for large minions and monsters. Solved.
: It's the same cancerous champs over and over
You can't balance the game without balancing it with items FOR champion classes. Marksman build Assassin items, Assassins build tank items etc. Items need to be class specific before you can balance things. Riot doesn't care, they keep it this way because it prays on addictions, they're not stupid.
: I disagree with this to a certain extent. Someone that goes 40-0 against intermediate bots definitely has the required skill to hold their own in a normals match. When I'm talking about "new" players, I mean the ones that have never played a moba before. The people that sit under the enemy tower and eat 4 shots. The ones that leave base without buying an item all game. My smurf account is level 27 now and I still see this happen with the newer players. So when you get these people, getting matched into literally diamond 1 players, I see absolutely no good that comes from it.
Well, you can thank the MMR system for that. They're being matched based off average team MMR, so 4 diamonds and a level 22 could equal out to be 3 golds, 1 plat and 1 silver (that's just an example, but I assume you understand). This is why I propose [this system]( for ranked, which would also benefit in the behind the scenes normal play.
Cocho (NA)
: >If you're deserving of a high rank, after a hard reset you'll make your way back there, so what do you have to worry about? Nothing. There is no advantage to starting lower. I agree. Except for the higher MMR you could get out of it. Is there an advantage to starting higher? Hmm. I honestly I believe playing with better playerse forces you to play better. I've read some stories on reddit about people to got elo-boosted and then continued to climb after that. I honestly find your suggestion interesting, but it would cause much more frustration than good.
> Hmm. I honestly I believe playing with better playerse forces you to play better. This is exactly what I support and am striving to bring to league. It's also why MMR matchmaking doesn't work. You gain nothing by playing team deathmatch style games every time you queue into Silver because there's no value gained for focusing on better play. This also partly due to the carry mentality which is the opposite of the teamplay mentality (which wins you games). Everyone is trying to outplay or show dominance instead of working off your teams strengths, even from champ select "Fuck that LB, I'm picking Zed and I'll outplay that bitch!" -- Meanwhile entire team is AD and enemy has 3 tanks. Yes, if implemented at the start of the season you'd have people whining on the boards, however, it would be just like any other implementation, people would adapt and by season 3, possible season 2 of the implementation, they would all be grateful of the transparency and the start of the season right to the finish of it would be very highly competitive.
: I feel really bad for new players
The game shouldn't be easy to learn. If you're new, you should be playing against tough opponents. Every game I've played against tough opponents from the start made me better at it quicker. You learn nothing from going 47-0 vs intermediate bots.
Cocho (NA)
: If I play against a player a significantly less skilled than me, I'm going to kill him over and over. It doesn't matter how skilled the other 4 players are on the enemy team at that point. You cannot just pair low elo players against higher elo ones. As long as my team doesn't somehow feed harder than the guy I'm killing, if I'm against a player that is gold or below, my team is winning that match 9 times out of 10. I won 10 games in a row in gold 1. I don't belong in master though. >Do you have any idea how many insanely good players there are amongst the ranks? If this is true, then those players would eventually end up in high elo after they play enough games. Their teams would not hold them back. Hear me out. Silver players are less skilled than master players. They shouldn't play against each other.
I think you give "high elo" too much credit. The system is broken and ranking/matchmaking is not done right, thus it cannot be used as a comparison tool. Silver vs Masters, Bronze vs Diamond, [here's and example]( It could be argued the bronze player held his own. Please see my response below to the "I shouldn't have to play with/against low elo players". It's an argument that is used to mask the issue with matchmaking and ranking. If you're deserving of a high rank, after a hard reset you'll make your way back there, so what do you have to worry about? Nothing. The proposed ranking system is transparent and competitive and has nothing to do with anything else. Starting all players off at the same starting line is how fair races are won.Since when have you seen [Usain Bolt]( win a race and start the following race already 60 meters up the course. He starts in the qualifying rounds just like everyone else, wins all his matches and makes it to the finish line first after it's all said and done. Okay, yes, that is a 1 man competition. Let's look at Hockey, Football, Basketball, you pick a sport, where any team that ends the year at the top gets priority the next season starting out. Not one of them and these systems have been around for decades. Oh yeah, wait, they actually get slightly penalized as they don't usually get first round draft picks in the upcoming draft. I hope you get the point. :)
Cocho (NA)
: Question is who are we going to be against in these matches. It only makes sense that we play against players that have the same MMR as ourselves, but that would make most players have around a 50% winrate
You would be going against and with anyone from Silver to Challenger. Do you have any idea how many insanely good players there are amongst the ranks? Challenger players today would not be the same as tomorrow in this proposed system as this system is a better evaluation of your true skill and team playing abilities.
: like in paragon where each champ has one or two classes in which they can use items from
I've only played that game once, but yes. It would really promote balance over broken. :)
Cocho (NA)
: >once you start to consistently stay below 50% you end up in bronze from any rank that isn't true because a player that is playing at lets say a gold level, will consistantly have a lower than 50% win ratio against plats, but fluctuate when he's at his true elo bracket. He'll win if he's against silvers. >0 wins = Bronze 5 0LP 1 win = Bronze 5 100LP 2 wins = Bronze 4 0LP 3 wins = Bronze 4 100LP 4 wins = Bronze 3 0LP 5 wins = Bronze 3 1000LP 6 wins = Bronze 2 0LP 7 wins = Bronze 2 1000LP 8 wins = Bronze 1 0LP 9 wins = Bronze 1 100LP 10 wins = Silver 5 0LP These placements logically make sense for a person who is currently bronze 3, looking to start his placements. If you win half of your games, then you should be in that elo. It doesn't take into consideration that most players will be placed lower than their current, because of the system we have now. (challenger, masters, diamond can only get placed plat 1 at the highest.
The system is proposed to eliminate what we have now. A hard reset for all ranks as in the OP and I was just adding this little bit for Bronze only as I was saying, they are the only sub 50% win ratios in league right now. Someone that gets placed in Silver 3 in the current system is expected to climb to Gold 3 (on average or close) based on their previous seasons MMR (other factors are taken into consideration like when during the season they did placements). If that player is at a 50% win ratio, he would remain Silver 3. If he was above 50%, he would climb, if he dropped below 50% he would slowly (depending on how many games) end up in Bronze. A full picture of my proposal would be something like: Bronze(special conditions): Hard reset for their own division respectively. 0 wins = Bronze 5 0LP 1 win = Bronze 5 100LP 2 wins = Bronze 4 0LP 3 wins = Bronze 4 100LP 4 wins = Bronze 3 0LP 5 wins = Bronze 3 1000LP 6 wins = Bronze 2 0LP 7 wins = Bronze 2 1000LP 8 wins = Bronze 1 0LP 9 wins = Bronze 1 100LP 10 wins = Silver 5 0LP Silver and above: Hard reset at the beginning of every season and employ this for placements: 0 wins = Bronze 5 1 win = Bronze 1 2 wins = Silver 5 3 wins = Silver 1 4 wins = Gold 5 5 wins = Gold 1 6 wins = Plat 5 7 wins = Plat 1 8 wins = Diamond 5 9 wins = Diamond 1 10 wins = Masters Each win you get 20LP. Each loss you lose 20LP. You lose 20LP for losing your promotion. If you are promoted, you begin the next rank at 0LP. 3 consecutive loses at 0LP you are demoted. Like I said in OP, it creates competitiveness among all players and promotes teamplay and a healthier environment for the community in the end (sure, I understand people will whine if it was first introduced, by the 3rd season of it would subside).
: You Don't Want Ohmwrecker
What if ohmwrecker only turned off the tower for your teammates and not you, or if it only turned off the tower for you and not your teammates?
: Here's the problem(s) with Bronze players.
This is mostly due to the "carry mentality" that all the youtubers, streamers and pros speak about, all the fucking time. "You need to carry your team to gain elo." -- Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. The message should be "You need to teamplay and cooperate with your team in all aspects (champ select, build path, teamfighting, objective taking) to gain elo." They all think they can "outplay" another bronze player that leads to over-extension and taking bad fights, which usually snowballs into a full on team deathmatch over killing the nexus.
: Honestly? The state of some champions in this game right now is disgusting
The major problem is not the champions, its the fact that there is no specific itemization for champions. Some marksman wouldn't be broken if all marksman had to choose from the same items, but right now, they can grab assassin items. Riot needs to realize that 'balance' will never be achieved until you start classifying items for each champion class.
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Cocho (NA)
: Lets say a bronze 5 player last season plays, who does he play against? Game 1? 2? 3? 4 5 6 7 8 9 10? He has to win something eventually, Whether its getting carried to playing against another bronze 5 player.
I was considering revising my post to compensate for bronze players as that is the rank that you end up in when you have a sub 50% win rate. Of course, if you still tank your promos as a challenger player and go 0-10, sorry bud, you're now bronze 5 (you aren't gifted Plat 5 or higher as you would be now). You can maintain any rank with a better than 50% winrate, but once you start to consistently stay below 50% you end up in bronze from any rank, eventually. So here's my suggestion: The OP applies to Silver and above players from the previous season (they are hard reset into a pool, excluding bronze, because of their poor win rate). Bronze players compete for better bronze positioning as follows (with a hard reset of their pool respectively): 0 wins = Bronze 5 0LP 1 win = Bronze 5 100LP 2 wins = Bronze 4 0LP 3 wins = Bronze 4 100LP 4 wins = Bronze 3 0LP 5 wins = Bronze 3 1000LP 6 wins = Bronze 2 0LP 7 wins = Bronze 2 1000LP 8 wins = Bronze 1 0LP 9 wins = Bronze 1 100LP 10 wins = Silver 5 0LP What do you think?
Tomosima (EUNE)
: Which pre reworked champion do you miss the most?
I miss Shen too, however, Zyra can go fuck herself back to the pre-work.
: "When Your MMR Is Higher, You Get More LP to Offset the Tougher Opponents"
The ranked system is broken because of MMR. Here's my proposal: [click me!](
Joseraph (NA)
: Aka "How to make tanks completely irrelevant, and stall games out as people wont want to make risky turret dives". Not only would the thousands of gold on tank items be completely rendered useless, they'd also kill squishes in only 2-3 shots. Damage from tanks is already being lowered, and with so many tank killing items they're starting to have issues surviving. Why do you think this is a good idea?
It should be based on % max HP so that each player dies in the same number of shots. It would create a lot more depth in the sieging strategy opposed to the raid boss style that you can see in the video above. Juggling turret agro would actually matter. Tanks are incredibly strong at all stages of the game, as long as you don't give up a massive lead to a snowball champ in the early stages.
N3mO06 (EUW)
: You Know Towers are weak when you see this
Turret damage should be true damage and inflict grievous wounds. They should be able to kill a 5k HP champ in 5 shots.
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SrbLud (NA)
: Think about it. Average win rate is 50%. It's the nature of the game. People would slowly creep towards plat and eventually all end up there.
Then why have a ladder at all and instead simply have Ranked 5s which is based off pure win/loss ratio. Then you could play normals if you want to dink around in "solo q". :)
Derolus (EUW)
: Thats not a good idea. Hardresett is something strange. Then everyone will be matched different. Then a Bronze 5 could get matched against a Challenger from the last Season. That would hardly destroy the Matchmaking in every way. Sure, you'll sort the good and bad player's out in 1-2 month's, till then be aware of 100000 Post in the Forums about unfair Matchmaking. (Much more then they are here atm.) You cant climb higher with Placements as Gold 1 or Plat 5 if youre new, that got a Reason. If youre a new Lvl 30 and winning all games, mostly you'll become Gold. If you got last Season Silver 5, you'll most likely get Bronze. You got an hidden MMR and that MMR changes. These LP Points are a bit of help to understand what your rank is. You could be Diamond and still get matched with Silver 1 Guys, when your MMR is bad. With your LP gain and loss nobody would know, if they are in their "Elo" You got to your Elo, when you get most like 0 lp after a win and a loss ( +20-19) If you get 25 LP on a win and you loose 15 on a loose, that signals that your hidden MMR ist better the your current Division. That System is really good in my Opinion. Your system will unbalance everything. Player 1 will win with luck all 10 Games and get Master BUT he was Bronze 5 in the last Season. What do you think, will happen? Right, he will fall hard the ladder. And the Master's are tilted cus a Bronze 5 Player is in Master. The Player 1 will cry at the board's . Most of the time he will get stomped, cus most (MOST) Master/Challenger know a lot more then other Players about the Game. Player 2 a Challenger last Season unlucky lost all his Placements (Could happen), he will get Bronze 5. After that, he will climg the ladder really fast. The lower Tierplayer's (Bronze,Silver,Gold etc.) will be tilted. I know, there happens hardeset's and this could be dealed with 1-3 month's but your climbing system is only a "tilting" system in my opinion.
The argument that "we'll have challenger players vs bronze player" is not a valid one. It's a straw man's flaw in reasoning coupled with what is called a slippery slope. I'll explain these two things: Staw Man: Misrepresenting someone’s argument to make it easier to attack. Slippery Slope: Asserting that if we allow A to happen, then Z will consequently happen too, therefore A should not happen. Just because challenger players will have to play with bronze players does not invalidate the system proposed. You say it yourself "Sure, you'll sort the good and bad player's out in 1-2 month's". It's straight foward, easy to understand and everyone has an equal chance at ranking up or down, unlike the mysterious MMR algorithm. It would also make matchmaking simpler in that Riot could matchmake based on LP.
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