nep2une (NA)
: So I browsed through the Boards, Subreddits, and Youtube comments of those defending Tyler1.
It's the hypocrisy that pisses me off. Tyler1 deserves his punishment. Yet Kacytron/Meteos/Incarnation have done the same or worse (looking at you Jensen).
: The community suddenly lost all credibility for me (Riot Socrates on Tyler1)
I dislike Tyler1. But I think the ban was stupid. Not that he wasn't deserving, but that others do things just as often or worse (Meteos/Kacytron/ect.) and are allowed to continue. It's the hypoctricy that has pissed me off. If this is the way of the new Tribunal, to pick and choose _**who **_ to bad instead of what should be banned, then I worry.
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkLarvitar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=imYdwIAx,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-04-23T05:28:05.722+0000) > > I wouldn't be able to win some games without them on urf, we finally kill yi xin other op people that is hard to kill, I like it better in urf makes it beter imo > ready for the downvotes unless one of them kills 2 of your teammates and then they end themselves. because this is what will happen more often than you killing them once and being able to end.
I had a 90 mins URF game the first time they released it. Back when everyone took revive/teleport.
: > [{quoted}](name=MightySaturn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aZGfd5lA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-04-20T18:33:52.550+0000) > > I used to buy {{item:1300}} because it would make dragon trainer tristana ride her dragon between autos, and because it actually makes ashe dangerous. Now removing qss as well. I think im going to quit the game. I like playing immobile adc's. WAIT LINK ARE THEY SERIOUSLY REMOVING ENCHANTS? Edit: on hindsight I hated enchants when they were introduced in the first place, and I rarely even remember to build them until I'm full build now. BURN THE BRIDGES NOW.
Just the Alacrity enchant. It was being bought too much, and Riot put so much other move speed in the game they wanted to reduce it somewhere. Edit: Seems I was mistaken.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeceasedL0ved0ne,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a9gcgfzV,comment-id=00a7000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-21T04:56:04.961+0000) > > The "who can gank harder" meta was a healthy game state. Since Sated's ability will still exist, you can still hit your 250% gold efficient power spike without worry or helping your lanes. But ganking junglers can buy Rageblade as well, and earlier because they get fed harder. I don't care if the meta is healthy, it drives out other options. Jungling is supposed to be a balanced triangle of Control, Farm and Gank, and Riot has been buffing gank and nerfing control and going back and forth on Farm for three years now.
3600 gold, very few junglers will get it soon if at all.
: Hi! We've gotten a few sporadic reports of this issue occurring, and are currently investigating. Thanks for the additional data, it will definitely help our research! FYI it is intended for rentals to be usable in ranked games; we want players to be able to try out these champs in a variety of game modes/environments!
Wait, you can't use a free champion from the rotation in ranked. Why can you use a rental in ranked? That makes zero sense.
Lust3r (NA)
: What ap champioin built QSS over zhonyas in regard to dealing with Zed?
You would still see QSS being built by AP champs in pro games. But they just left it there instead of ever bothering to upgrade.
: I'm concerned about junglers getting this new item in conjunction with {{item:3153}} and dealing absurd amounts of on-hit damage. Will the new item's passive scale off of target's current HP or Max HP, and has there been any ideas about making it and Bork's passives Unique?
I don't think junglers will have the cash for it. 3600 gold (at the moment). However... Trist/Kog late game with it.... holy crazy OP.
Meddler (NA)
: Oops, that should just read attacks at this point, it's one stack for both ranged and melee. The passive works just like the current Devourer double hit one. We believe it should be much more balanceable on a more expensive item that's gated behind a build up.
Why the desire to keep the double hit passive? It seemed to make nothing but trouble the last 6 months. Do we really want Trist/Kog to have double hit ?
Meddler (NA)
: We want Rift Herald to give top laners something to interact with that, if they choose to contest it, shakes up the laning phase at some point. It's also intended to reward a bit more jungler presence top lane. We don't want it to push dragon to a low relevance state though. To try and achieve both of those goals we'll be shifting Rift Herald to a delayed spawn, never respawns, powerful long term buff model.
Isn't a 20 min buff just excessive though?
: > He has the weaknesses of every other Tank Support What are the weaknesses of Leona? Guess what, Thresh has the same. As I said above.
Leona has zero poke. She has trouble with poke lanes. It's her 100% clear weakness...
Meddler (NA)
: We don't currently have any plans to nerf objective controlling champions. Objective control should be something that's really appealing as a core champion strength and I'd argue at present that Nunu especially, and Skarner to a lesser degree, feel underappreciated, given the low value of dragon compared to its historical state.
Is there any thought on reducing Kalista's ability to prevent contestation on objectives then?
A Ocean (EUW)
: At least the death timers are being reduced again. (6.9 reduces them more after the initial 6.8 reduction.)
I wonder why they haven't released any numbers on the changes though...
: Well, he has the weaknesses of every other Tank Support. He is more versatile than most, but also not the best-in-class on every single aspect taken separately. His engage is certainly good, but not as good as Leona's. His peeling is good, but not as good as Ali's, etc. And he has quite a high skill cap compared to most Tanks, because of this versatility.
The point is, he doesn't have a weakness. He might not be the best at something, but he's good in everything.
: Lack of damage by itself? (If you build him as a "Tank support", since that's what you seemed to be talking about -- with the AP stacking he can reach decent damage with an AS/on-hit build, but he'll be far more squishy).
Well he does have good lane poke with the passive on his Flay. And later game supports don't really bring any damage (unless you have Annie/Brand type).
Zorasama (NA)
: AP Ekko still need them, his damage is already too unreliable. If they get rid of his utility then there's no reason to play him anymore, and he'll need a rework.
There in is the problem. He's no long the assassin Riot thought he would be. He's now an AP bruiser because his kit is VASTLY better that way.
: if they get to plan how best to camp my solo ashe, I get to know they're gonna do it.
But they removed the ability to know who is queue with whom because it lead to an increase in toxicity. Knowing you are playing vs a 4 or 5 man team would tilt the team with a few solos. So why did Riot remove the ability to see who is playing with whom? Because it would show the flaws in DQ.
: He was brought in line once before, but yes his kit is overloaded so there's always a chance this BS will rear its head up again.
Well, was he brought into line before or where the champs played top (where he is a strongest atm) just numerically that much better than him? {{champion:104}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:78}} And once they took a hit he took their place.
: Riot wants to make the game experience positive for everyone, their #1 priority now that they have become the most popular game in the world, is to eliminate toxicity in their giant player base. Riot's research has found that premade play correlates to a massive drop in aggressive language and behavioral reports (the pool party event was a giant test). Therefore they are pushing for premades to eliminate toxic behavior. That is why they went this route. They have good intentions, they're not trying to screw solo players rather they are just focusing on what they see as the big picture. I just wish they would take a look at this from a solo player's perspective. Might not be easy for them everyone they work with is a League fan and I doubt you can pass their personality test if you are antisocial or introverted.
I'm sorry but I don't think toxicity is their #1 goal. The number one goal is to get you to spend money. And people who queue/play together are customers who last longer and spend more. That is the end goal. If you queue up with 3 friends consistently, you are more likely to buy/spend RP and to play more.
forresto (NA)
: Riot Heard Us
Do we not remember the months of Rioters coming forward saying "no towers are stronger now here's the math!"? But now even the pro commentators mention, during matches, how much weaker towers are today vs S5. So Riot spent months trying to convince us otherwise only to finally cave and admit towers are weaker. Either A: Riot honestly didn't know how weak towers are even with players/pros saying as much (incompetence) or B: Riot wanted quicker games and though this would speed them up (lied) Your pick.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ud9x0PF5,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-04-12T23:01:13.120+0000) > > Blue buff will reward restore a greater proportion of max mana pools per tick (1% instead of 0.5%) So basically, mid laners will be bitching at the jungler to give them blue MORE than they already do? I seriously doubt you guys think about the repercussions of your changes very much. It's already bad enough that you're nerfing the mana regen of every mage item in the game, but now you're just putting more pressure on junglers as well.
Not sure why you've been down voted. This is going to force junglers to play champs that don't really need the blue at all in the jungle. So no Sej/Amummu/ect. Just more Lee Sin...
Meddler (NA)
: Intent is that the Lost Chapter Passive goes away when upgrading, given comparative lack of level ups later on. To avoid that feeling like too much of a cost to mana restoration though we're currently trying out a version of the current Athene's passive on the revised Morellonomicon (Kills and Assists restore 20% max mana). One other piece of context that might be useful when looking at the revised AP items is that there are also changes to Blue and Dragon buff coming. Blue buff will reward restore a greater proportion of max mana pools per tick (1% instead of 0.5%), while one of the dragon buffs is shifting to a model where it restores % missing health and mana occasionally. Both of those should make larger mana pools more attractive to mages than they have been in the past.
Wait, by making the Blue buff basically key for a mage late game doesn't that kill any chance for a team to run two mages...?
: Heyo, Remember, it's still a chance based system for key drops. As long as it's a matchmade game, and you win, you have a chance to pick up a key. Playing with friends and doing the same has greater chances iirc. Check out here to make sure I'm not remembering incorrectly!
Has the bug, where a small percentage of players can get stuck in a really long wait for keys to drop, been fixed yet?
: You are definitely not alone in your feeling. He gets banned a ton, across all MMR. We're looking at changing that ult cooldown for 6.8.
But his Ult isn't the issue.... it's devourer/rageblad's inter action with his passive....
: You make good points, also I appreciate you not judging my money spending habits, this one guy says "why spend money on a free game" and I can see some of his points, but then he goes and judges people for putting any money into the game. He's also begging me for Mecha Zero Sion for his birthday present...
Lol, forget him. Get Fifth Age Taric instead.
: Gotten 6 key fragments in the last week or so. RNG.
Kinda RNG. There is (or was Riot never said they fixed it) a bug that a small percent of people got shafted and received greatly reduced chance to get keys. What that % of players is, Riot didn't say.
: I can't give you an exact number, but I believe the amount of rp spent on chests was 600. This was after I discovered the Infernal Nasus skin, and it was after I had spent Rp on something else entirely. I probably bought 4 keys. The hardest part is getting essences. Sorry if this doesn't help.
Not it does. But I just wanted to point out this. You have spent (let's just say) 600 RP on the boxes. It is no longer free for you. I just want to point out that getting something "free" from this crafting system is not easy. I'm not saying it should be. No problem with Riot using Hextech for cash. You have spent $5 on a $15 dollar skin. That's kosher. Not knocking you for it. But you've also spent about $5 in keys. So you got Infernal Susan for 2/3rd the price. If you see a skin you really like, don't chase the dragon. It's much better to just buy the skin most all the time. Riot messed up in the fact they are making Keys hard to find. They should make it so you get MORE Key's than you can use. People can only get 52 chests a year as free to play (F2P). But if they were sitting on 60+ full Keys they would most likely buy the boxes to use the keys on. In the short term, buying Keys makes good amount of money. But as people start getting less and less boxes (how many people really play 52 champs a year at a decent level even counting the friends who get you an S by their play) you will see less and less Keys bought.
Azeranth (NA)
: No, boosting by carrying a player into the next rank is still boosting and is still against the League CoC
No sorry it isn't. Is it unethical? Yes. But is it against UA (user agreement)? No. If you were in Bronze Five, and played someone from Silver 4 to get you to Bronze 3 it's kosher. Now, if they used your account it's against the UA. But if you two just duoQ until you got to B3 it's not against the rules. Riot wants people to group up. And they know, and have admitted over the years, that it is so hard to track/find people who duo (or dynamic now) for one person to climb. You see something similar at high elo games right now. Some high level players will jump on an alt that is much lower rank/mmr if their friend is in promo's. That is also "boosting", but not against the UA. There are too many sticky situations for Riot to spend time on trying to catch that. Now if your account started playing on a different IP and climbing, that is easy to track.
Elikain (EUNE)
: You misunderstood OP's and mine comment. OP worded his like this guy was open about boosting people on stream for money and i merely said that if this was the case, he's going to get banned along with anyone who was boosted. And if these were just subscriber donations or donations to get him to play rank with them, that's a completely different story.
See my comment below but summary is this. As long as you play your account (and don't let someone else play on it) then it is not "boosting".
Azeranth (NA)
: Boosting is a direct violation of the League code of conduct
Correct, but playing with someone (old duoQ) was not counted as boosting. Just as the new DynamticQ is not counted as boosting. In order for Riot to punish someone for "boosting", the person being punished must not be playing their own account. So let's say you and I are playing together. Even if you pay me money, if you use your account and I use mine (duo/dynamicQ) it is not "boosting". Boosting is sharing accounts. If you payed Faker 10k to play 20 ranked games with you, that's fine. You can not get into trouble for that. You would if Faker used YOUR account to solo climb. But as long as you are each playing your own account everything is legit.
: How do people not realize that Riot wants people to buy keys and that's why the drop rate is low? They also put the daily limit on Hextech Bundles lower than on buying individual keys and boxes to make you spend more money. Riot is a business, not your friend. What's new?
And there is where Riot messed up. Instead of buying the keys they should have us buying the boxes. Think about it, you are only going to get so many boxes per year. At best you earn 52. But an unlimited number of keys (hypothetically). Now if earned more keys than you would earn boxes, would you not be more willing to buy a box to open? As there is a limited (by their rules) boxes you get (by playing "free) it caps you out. So a F2P-er would sit on 52 boxes. But he/she could be sitting on 60+ keys per year. It increases your incentive to buy, the more you have. They just took the short term view on Hextech instead of a long term view.
: I know it's frustrating, but people are probably getting a lot of nice free things because of Hextech Crafting. I got Infernal Nasus for example, that's pretty expensive skin.
May I ask a few questions? Did you get your Infernal Susan from the free chest at the release of Hextech? How many boxes have you opened since then? How many boxes and how many keys have you bought? I am sitting on 4 boxes (maybe 3 but not at home to check). I have 2 skins that need essences to unlock. That's it. I got 1 of those skins from the free chest.
: swain and karthus are to op, they have so much mobility and can easily... **_deep down inside, rito just wants assassins to be pesntakill-maniac_**
No no, it's not assassins. It's FLASHY assassins. What brings more people to the table to watch LC$...
Elikain (EUNE)
: Before Dynamic Queue, playing with a friend was possible and considered as solo queue. Even then, this kind of behavior was possible and pinning this as a major flaw of Dynamic Queue is a pretty weak argument. No matter how you put this, if he is getting payed to boost them and this transaction is on the stream for all to see, it is considered as boosting and Riot will deal with the issue at hand. In this case, it is not "playing with friends". >he is showing everyone that dynamic queue sucks dick by doing this and being so open about it So essentially, if there was a loophole where i could kill someone and never get convicted for it and i actually do it, i'd be hailed as a hero for pointing this out for everyone to see and start doing it? What a hero, indeed. This action will get him and his buddies banned on the spot. Don't be one of those people who are willing to make bounds and leaps in order to get something they don't like, removed.
How is he going to be banned? He's not breaking any of the UA (user agreement). They are paying to play with him. Don't people who give donations to QT/Trick2G/ect. also get this? Some even in ranked. Until Riot changes their UA to include this exact thing, it's kosher to do.
: See, the problem with Ekko right now is that he gets to have his cake, eat it, save some for later, eat that, then go back in time and repeat. All while being so tanky that you can't kill him after he goes back in time, so he gets to go have his cake, eat it, save some for later, eat that, then go back in time and repeat.
Wait, wait. Are you saying a high damage, high base stats, high mobility, high utility assassin is problematic to balance?
: Hey Rep off topic but is there any word on the Akali rework scruffy talked about sometime last year? or is that a different team than you're in?
Somewhere (can't remember where it was) they mentions Akali wouldn't really be looked at much until the Assassin Update.
Reav3 (NA)
: Many teams are working on the mid year Mage update. Statikk is actually the design lead of the champion update team and RR is a designer on the champion update team. The systems team is handling the itemization. Xypherous is the lead of the systems team.
Sure. But Repertoir is in charge of 1/3rd (or is it 1/6th) of the Big 6 right ? So Reprtoir is/should be in those large conversations correct?
: yeah it's so broken none of those champs like lux even buy it because if they did the game would explode.
Before the Mid Year Mage Update, try it on Veigar. It's great! Late game you can start building him as a tank once your stacking gets up there a bit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Keevalroy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A19wLhym,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-08T21:39:56.446+0000) > > Because they're too proud of Dynamic to admit it was a mistake to force people into it by disabling solo queue. They also know that if solo queue were to come back, a large amount of people would abandon Dynamic, and all of their hard work to perfect it would be wasted. They've convinced themselves this is the right decision, and if we were given the option, they wouldn't want to be proven wrong seeing their project end up being not nearly as supported as they thought it was. SoloQ's match making system was going to be based of Dynamic Q's. It made no sense for them to copy Dynamic Q's template, until they thought it was already perfected. They said they wanted to work on Dynamic Q first. But I doubt they have forgotten, or completely abandon the project yet. (By the way, there is likely more work that something like this requires. It probably takes them a while before they actually have something they can test.
Riot Korea admitted that SoloQ was put on hold. Link to a few links below. [Link](
: Hes pretty weak atm...
Well isn't that what Riot wanted when they changed him last year? I know I know, you don't want anyone to be "bad". But Poppy/Yorick were left in bad places because Riot didn't know what to do with them. Veigar was Olaf'd hard with the guise of "counter-play". But "counter-play" shouldn't just be fast twitch reflexes. There is another very good form of "counter-play", and that is game knowledge. Veigar is immobile, hard scaling and requires people to know how to play against him. Instead of just avoiding a skill shot you have to understand his CD's/range/combo/ect. This also pertains to Swain/Karth/ect. Mages Riot doesn't seem to like. There are other forms of "counter-play", let's not remove that for the LCS plays.
Akeydel (NA)
: Not everyone in the company knows everything about the game. Riot is not a single entity, but made up of people, and I'm sure some of them are unsure about any change that's made. The response is just to inform the community that: "yes this is a valid argument, and I'll be taking it into consideration"
True, but RiotRepertoir is one of the leads on the Mid Year Mage Update. Don't you think he should be in those conversations?
: Sorry, wanted to clarify that point, a bit got lost in transition. Its more about the ultimate being a rather flat ability that really doesn't have an "I used this in an optimal/sub-optimal way".
But, it does. It's optimal to use on AP stacker, or a squishy carry. Sub-optimal on tanks/juggs. It doesn't/shouldn't need a "if X & Y then Z" input thought to it.
Tufio (EUW)
: All this damage control for not making solo players quit en masse...
Why do you think they dragged it out over time. To lessen the backlash.
shyv (NA)
: > i feel like i have lied to summoners maybe because you did? lol
It seems they did. But that poor guy was from Riot Korea. So he most likely did not, but has to answer for the rest of of
Nefas (NA)
: ***
There seems to be a very high chance of that. But Riot has been very tight lipped about the whole thing with just vague statements. So it's hard to say what intent, if any, they had.
Rioter Comments
: Why has Riot not tried to fix deathrecap?
Until they come up with an idea to put a Skin on Death Recap, they won't rework it.
137434 (NA)
: Remember that abyssal scepter change last year that basically turned it into an MR version of sunfire cape?
But wasn't that a misstep? I thought that change wasn't supposed to go to the PBE at first, and they just kind of left it there once they did.
: > But is lack of mobility even a problem that needs to be 'solved'? I wouldn't mind hearing more about the thinking that went into the item, and if there's any fear that like deadman's plate before it, itll just become the must buy option for every mage regardless of their mobility I don't know if "lack of mobility" needs to be solved, but I do think that there either needs to be costs to mobility or answers to it for those who lack it, and my _personal opinion_ is that LoL hasn't done a good job of putting appropriate costs on mobility in the last few years, and so I feel compelled to give champions that don't have burst mobility a few more of those answers to it.
But in the State of the Game podcast, Meddler (and others) said they added too much mobility during the adc update. I think it's easy to see why the community is skeptical of mobility creep from items.
: INB4 Rito Announcement on Solo Queue
Well, I mean that's technically correct... It all checks out!
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