: Zoe nerfs are step in the right direction, particularly the W & E changes. However gutting her Q damage does not solve the core issues with her, she should be able to deal a decent amount of damage with her Q (this is coming from someone who hates playing against live Zoe, and frequently bans her). The ability to deal a decent amount of damage should come with a greater risk instead. The best solution to this would be to change her Ultimate functionality; treat her blink to position duration as a soft-channel, allowing hard CC, silence & certain abilities (Kassadin's Q for instance) to interrupt the blink back, but unlike other channels, Zoe casting other spells would not interrupt the channel. This allows for much more clear counter-play to Zoe's play style, without having to gut her damage. Tristana nerfs are appreciated, yet misplaced. The most frustrating part of her kit is her W. It allows her to be as mobile as a Kha'Zix with evolved E. This mobility combined with her overall safety and stat-check gameplay, makes her incredibly frustrating to play against. The best way to balance her would be to make her W lose one of the following: Range, Multiple Reset Mechanics, Animation Buffer. Additionally, her Q should be changed away from "Push this button to make your attack speed better for X seconds". Xin Zhao nerfs seem a bit heavy handed, loss of 35% total AD scaling in exchange for 60 base damage with one particular rune. While he has been strong for a while now, these changes will force him into taking press the attack to make up for the nerfs, whereas previously he had the option to go Phase Rush or Electrocute. It would make more sense to make less drastic number changes, for example: a damage adjustment from 20/40/60/80% total AD to 15/30/45/60% total AD is still a sizable nerf, resulting in a net 20% total AD scaling reduction end game, compared to 35% with this patch. I'm also rather surprised Lee Sin is not receiving any (slight) compensation buffs with the removal of Tracker's Knife, a 100% essential item on him. I'm rather excited by these AP item changes, build diversity is always a plus. While I was hoping for changes to bruiser/fighter/diver/whatever you want to call them itemization, the issues with those champions are much deeper than lack of build diversity that we were experiencing with AP carries/mages. Lastly, I'm rather wary of Riot's continuous decisions to make the game more snowbally. It seems Riot wants to make the game more snowbally in an effort to make LCS/Competitive play quicker, more fast paced and filled with exciting risks; yet doing so seems to do the opposite in Competitive play, with greater risks, players will adjust to even more conservative play styles, to lessen the risk of misplays. However these changes do succeed in making Solo Queue/Ranked Ladder play more risky and fast paced; however most players (myself included) seem to dislike games being decided so quickly / snowbally. Hopefully Riot will realize this and make an actual effort to change this.
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: Rek'sai Rework Rant (try saying that quickly five times lol)
To be completely honest with you, as a Rek'Sai main since she came out, we (Rek'Sai mains) didn't receive a single buff over the period of almost 3 years. I understand, that her theme might not go in pair with her playstyle, but perhaps sometimes it's better to change the theme rather than kit? Her ultimate makes her a global threat, multiple knock-up - a respectable opponent in teamfights and sustain is a pain in the ass for the enemy. I agree with OP, that her rework might not only hurt the loyal playerbase but it might be a step into wrong direction, rather than an improvement. Shifting power from tank to damage is not that horrible, but changes to her ult is what I feel will hurt the most. Void Rush is what makes her pretty unique, allows to reposition and also makes her a global threat (corresponds with current theme). I won't even mention 60% bonus attack speed at max rank... Overall I'm afraid of future changes...I've been playing **Rek'Sai only for 3 years**... imagine how does it feel to have your champion possibly destroyed. Deep in my heart I hope that these changes will be for the good...and I also know that Riot don't really care what we think tbh. Let's hope for the best, since that's all we can do.
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: Hmmm... I've always wanted to go to China, maybe if I save enough I can go and catch worlds!
I'm going to Shanghai this year, so riot gave me a little present *yay*
: lmao I'm not spending money on this.
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: I mean the biggest issue is I dont care about emblems. That place on the SOLO Q ladder has my name on it. And its being effected by groups, on my team or theirs because of communication. Its not hard to see what happens at 12 mins into the game when people group and start taking stuff while my team is in the laning phase still. And or teamfights/rotations are much smoother. You simply cannot beat that with pings and stopping to type. Nothing gets on my nerves more when im in jungle and the next thing you know im being invaded by 2-3 people working together in comms. While my team has no clue whats happening yet. The whole "Dynamic" and Philosophy has changed since season 6. Its like the SOLO Qer is being punished. Why cant we have separate MMR's for grouping and the solo grind? An emblem is not going to combat any of these problems I listed. Even with Voice chat coming in the future. Its no guarantee everyone will use it. And are you guys going to listen to each game to see who was toxic or not? Maybe its time to reduce LP gained for people grouping. And give extra LP for people going Solo. We can all operate on the same ladder this way. Because for the soloQ player it gets really one sided. Its not like it was in season 2 anymore. One mistake from your own team could end the game, And it sucks because you dont have the same communication they do. Before in Solo Q, You used to be able to read what the person was going to do with a series of movements and pings. It was sweet setting up that wombo with no words at all. You had a mental connection with your team members. All that has changed. Does any of this make sense to anyone else? Or am I alone?
I remember these plays I had with my random teammates back in the days...too bad these days are over. Mental connection was a real thing
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: "PUBLIC Ranked matches are visible to any player who visits your profile PRIVATE Normal matches are only visible to you and your friends MORE PRIVATE Custom games are only visible to you" this should be optional imo
Yeah I agree. I'd like to have a choice, whether to keep my normal and custom games public or not.
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: Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance revealed
What If she throws Yasuo? {{champion:157}}
: Updated Summoner’s Rift nears open beta!
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
How about updating the soundtrack as well? And that it fits into the current "flow" of the game (like you did in Crystal Scar and Howling Abyss), that would be pretty neat :)


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