: > [{quoted}](name=Revali,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zppEuNPz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-05T05:29:07.907+0000) > > Dealing with his passive will be mostly avoiding his E. without that he has no means of getting an easy 1-2-3 on his passive uptime. > > Sure once he gets rylais is a different story, and assuming you mean actual tanks, a good item vs. the new mordekaiser will be to 100% rush {{item:3194}} it will decrease his damage significantly since he doesn't want to typically rush pen. > > Also keep in mind morde was always meant to be a pseudo mage in a sense, this time emphasis on his sustained damage than burst. You know he get movement speed once his passive proc , right? And {{item:3194}} do nothing against once he finish the 3 times, cause the true damage that proc easily from his passive and Conquere not to mention even Trundle +{{item:3194}} + His R can't stand a chance against him, get real. And he doesn't need to rush pen when his e provide free Pen %
you're comparing three items to one item, though. That's already pretty flawed as the main strength of mordekaiser is his passive is most of his damage as is currently. If you compare say mordekaiser with his rylais + boots & adaptive helmet + boots it makes for a much more sound argument, since if you're playing something akin to a tank, let's say sion/mao/ornn. the only one there that would probably struggle is maokai [if morde passive doesn't just also burn maokai's passive cd in which morde might actually start healing maokai at some point lol] The others have ways to disengage or deny mordekaiser being a bully and just farm. morde naturally shoves the wave just trying to trade.
: Nerf Mordekaiser Passive, I'm not dealing with this broken shit on Live Server
Dealing with his passive will be mostly avoiding his E. without that he has no means of getting an easy 1-2-3 on his passive uptime. Sure once he gets rylais is a different story, and assuming you mean actual tanks, a good item vs. the new mordekaiser will be to 100% rush {{item:3194}} it will decrease his damage significantly since he doesn't want to typically rush pen. Also keep in mind morde was always meant to be a pseudo mage in a sense, this time emphasis on his sustained damage than burst.
Akrid415 (NA)
: Can anyone help me improve my Zed gameplay?
You should provide the matchups your struggling with, being vague is never good. we can't help you if you don't supply the necessary amount of information.
: Tahm was already toxic champion to most top laner champions and now he toxic to ever champion
Main issue with tahm is he's effective against melee, but has huge weaknesses toward kiting, the two you mentioned should always win vs. tahm another thing is tahm like all tanks have some form of mitigation, in this case it's his E. so taking a gigantic trade is a bad idea unless its a straight all in, which you'll likely lose. The key to beating him is chipping at his health, and denying him lvl 1-2 where he won't have a point in E for sustain.
: Why is there only 1 AD Support Champion?
The problem with AD supports as others have said is mostly the lack of itemization, if you're looking for more AD oriented supports, try some tanks out, {{champion:14}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:78}} all come to mind. If you want to meme as an ad support well you could always play {{champion:420}} edit: lol "ad assassins" I meant ad supports.
Gall (NA)
: Yuumi talks too much
{{champion:163}} Throw another rock
: An age where a full AD team has nothing to fear from a team building Armor on everyone
Armor is still a good stat, your main purpose is to absorb damage as a tank, you cant really do that without having any defensive ability/damage or any zone of threat. Some tanks are geared towards damage/engage while others are geared towards peel. If you compare Ornn/Zac to Maokai/Alistar the overall damage is quite different. Engage champions tend to have more damage to become a sort of 'agro magnet' where they're threatening because they force pressure to focus. some say that's bad design and counterintuitive but there's plenty of tools to beat said champions. It's never a 1 man effort too.
Pinboard (EUW)
: Long-ranged stun mages are the root of all problems.
If this thread is mostly about viktor, it's due to his q damage and how strong his survivability is with its cd and the amount of Q's he can get off.
: Why do ppl hate support?
the higher elo you go, the more desirable support is. support's still strong, it's just not as stupid as it was last year.
ßoro (NA)
: Akali is overpowered, and no one can tell me otherwise
the only thing I find overpowered about akali is her lvl 1-2, I don't think it should be stronger then every champion in the game's lvl 1/2 because of q cd. you're basically forced to concede the first wave and fight a slight uphill battle. They nerfed ornn for the same exact reason with his w a long while ago iirc.
: Why is Honor Required for End of Season Rewards?
They're a privilege and cosmetics, not a right and a given.
: Jax is too strong atm
The way they should touch jax imo is his passive R and his R's armor/mr ratio. Him dealing somewhat high damage isn't the main issue as it's more you cant really fight back against him because he has way better stats then you save for some champs where he just suicides jumping into like Illaoi.
: Zed is way too over played, can we all finally admit it is because he is very easy to play?
He has a somewhat low skill floor, but he has a pretty high skill ceiling for sure, but that doesn't mean he's easy to play. If anything compare to him Gangplank, gangplank and zed's laning is easy as pie in all honesty. Their difficulty comes from grouping and that's where this fancy shadowing is necessary usually unless someone's being a monkey (Hey it's soloqueue, it's gonna happen.) I think that's why a lot of people hate him, is his strong laning.
: Patch 8.18 is absurd
I think it's a fair contrast considering the items you buy as gnar often have a ton health to it. Your 2 core items usually consist of around 1,100 hp with good passives and decent ad granted. I think a real nerf to gnar would be switching his hyper from magic damage to physical, that way you only have physical damage to deal making it much easier to itemize against him. Mini gnar shouldn't be super tanky to begin with imho either.
: FIddle NEEDS a rework
Honestly I don't think he needs a rework as some other champions like Tryndamere and Udyr
: Wanna nerf Ahri and keep her in a good spot at the same time ?
the problem with ahri is when you buff her consistency she treads very thinly on the line of best of both worlds assassin and mage like champion
: How to get your enemies to waste their Oracle as Teemo
jokes on you I cant see all chat :^)
: Can Enemies Get a Way to Tell if Pyke's Ult Reset?
You can tell if pykes ult reset, his eye will start glowing similar to how Team Fortress 2 Demomans eye glows when he has a head for a few seconds.
: Inspiration Rune Idea, Doublecast
Double {{champion:245}} Q = unbeatable push power
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: pbe 8.15: The annual meme Lee 'LCS' Sin buffs are coming
I actually think this isn't that huge of a deal, he'll deal more damage to squishies, but he'll deal less to anyone who builds hp as he's losing a flat 8% missing hp. It seems riot wants him to be more assassin like then a diver/bruiser which I'm completely okay with! he's already got an early game to match that, why not deliver and go all in? if anything this will make lee want to take risks and invade.
: D5 players only play once a month to prevent elo decay change my mind
Not gonna lie, i'd probably do that since I would be fine with a d5 border, since I only want to reach diamond at least once, lol..
Altiverse (EUNE)
: What's wrong with this game, summarized in 1 second
idk what realm you live if but 5/3 and a level above is pretty strong on any champion, especially if they're select kills that give 500+ if they're bounties.
Malza (NA)
: Gameplay generally has "High counterplay" and "Low counterplay" mixed up.
Camille and irelia feel like they have no counterplay because they can get pretty oppressive with a lead. The problem with them isn't their counterplay, there's plenty in their kit, it's how tanky they get whilst still dealing very high amounts of damage.
Biotic (NA)
you realise roaming is countered by basic vision... right? the game isn't just sit in your lane and farm all game, lol..
Yenn (NA)
: What the fuck is this Taric + Yi mid bullshit?
Donghuap explains it better then I can https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgE4eY7s78M
Acheron16 (EUW)
: Told ya. Everytime someone finds a way to break the meta people have strokes about it. Meanwhile "HURR DURR, THIS GAME SO BORING ALWAYS SAME META"
It's a form of ELO boosting actually.
: > [{quoted}](name=KlydeFrog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=y8XylXoE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-30T18:22:10.326+0000) > > People do do this. Not sure what you mean. Leo or taric would work better People do that but then people report them for taking that choice as support, so.
If it's how you enjoy playing the role, they have no reason to complain. and there is a difference between off meta and blatantly trollin.
: {{champion:117}} has a very high skill ceiling and is mechanically intensive.
Ifneth (NA)
: Anyone who has a three-hit passive will like it, but assassins will like Electrocute more.
That would seem to be the case, but some characters actually don't want it, as a lot of 3 hit passives tend to favor extended trades, not short. unless your name is mini gnar.
Zullar (NA)
: Whever Designed Zoe...
I think she's actually manageable now that she doesn get resets on her e and her passive doesn't feed into her q. The problem with her when she is picked, from the enemies point of you, they have no teamfight or decent waveclear, they have a missile. granted a very powerful missile, but its no... everything else. a lot of assassins actually have equal if not better waveclear to Zoe.
: Riot is giving assassins **% total ** armor ~~shred~~ penetration with{{item:3035}} changes. {{item:3053}} will grant **bonus AD** and **spear of shojin**... _enough said_. ..Wait i forgot** Hail of blades**, another assassin rune. Meanwhile mages cant even have fucking waveclear or shields or a fucking decent keystone.. Yes this is another braindead assassin meta... sigh
Hail is blades is actually really bad on most assassins. the champions I think have the most success with it are {{champion:82}}{{champion:223}} {{champion:421}} The last whisper change was probably needed and shifted the item more twardds being able to be bought by fighters assassins and adcs. Steraks Im on the fence about, I think its overreaction as the shield is still off bonus hp right? at most an assassin will have that and cleaver. its a lot of survivability that's probably unnecessary but more then likely will never be bought in reality.
Arammus (EUW)
: your opinion: the hardest champ to master in LoL?
Personally I think the easier characters are sometimes harder to master, as they require a lot of game knowledge to pull off more then bullshittin your way through w/ decent mechanics.
: Don't Attack People Who Are Bad In Normals
Normals is also a place where some players get to play really dumb stuff I really like playing jg brand, his clear sucks till about lvl 3, but once you get your combo, you have a unsurprisingly good clear for a mage and still deal tons of damage. As a fun thing you can one hit scuttle with e q w smite as brand for scuttle control.
: You are a true O.G if you can name the 2 Items (Without google search)
Homeguard, Zhonyas, deathcap, Archangles, and roa (Last iiem roa L U L )
Risen29 (NA)
: What's with the surge of troll bot picks lately?
A long time ago double melee botlane used to actually be the meta.
: "Pyke can't be a support!"
Pyke is imo riots answer to enchanter supports, the assassin that preys on those champions botlane, and opens up something for junglers and midlaners (That aren't mages) to play without feeling completely out of their comfort zone.
: People everywhere complaining about Pyke's assassin kit being unfit for Support
I think this gives assassin players a means to learn the support role, I know I will take time to learn it a bit more with him.
: colorblind unfriendly titling colors
They can't help if you don't specify what's hard for you to see.
: I'm allowed to be OP because I'm "melee"
Almost everyone of those champions you listed has a gapcloser on a decent cd and get to use it once, that doesn't make them ranged, that just means you positioned like shit.
koshkyra (NA)
: Stop using "you can ban them" as an excuse for a champion being blatanly overpowered.
If someone says {{champion:83}} is genuinely overpowered, then it kinda fits with how dumb that said person is being.
: What happens if owner of club passes away and its a mains tag?
: Can fiora have a buff, shes at a 47 percent winrate...
I think champions like fiora should have a lower winrate from their high skillcaps. Similar to lee and other characters, the better ones maintain a much higher wr then those that aren't as sharp.
Akrid415 (NA)
: How do you beat Camille?
did she stun you? Camille gets a pretty good steroid from hitting her E and hard cc, giving her time to set up her auto resets from q, if you're fast enough post 6, ult her as she flies twards you and deny that! after that she will either ult you back or run away. use W to dodge her cone, she cant auto you during this animation so throw the shadow behind her, she wont get the healing and you'll be able to get in your own autos during that time with your combo, further strengthening your all in against her. You beat Camille before she gets her items, once she gets hers she shits on you. Edit: Mistake confusing her E with w
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Sorcery was supposed to be primary mages tree. What mage will use Nimbus Cloak?
{{champion:25}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:69}} are the first ones that come to mind.
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: Glacial Augment should slow attack speed
I think it'd be nice, like 10% or 20%. problem is that as slows are very powerful even if they don't look that way.
: Similar champions to Teemo?
: Kassadin has the worst passive in the game
Kassadin has a very easy time with mages, being that his q grants him this 'weak' spellshield that's also unavoidable. pairing that with his passive its stronger then you think. Once kassadin gets his ultimate its nearly impossible for a mage to trade with a good kassadin as he'll just dodge it with his ult, or blink **over** it at them and just murder them.
: What is your opinion on NON-assassin AP champions right now?
I think mages are fine, people tend to think they're weak when it's more a mages work goes unnoticed until you look at the damage screen at the end of the game, then you see they do more work then people think.
: Why does League make me so. . ... ANGRY?!#$@!
Frustration is the answer here League can be a very frustrating game, especially against champions like Vladimir who sometimes make you have that 'whoa, I actually could do nothing here' thought.
: So what defense do you build first? Against AD, AP, Mix Damage, and True damage altogether
All of those you build armor first, I was expecting a list of stuff with something like kayle, in which you go tabi into adaptive helm then bramble.
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