EdinEdin1 (EUNE)
: The client is lovely
lol it's a meme at this point
: when u hug it it says "I'm Yuumi, and you're warm!"
oh hell yas!
: Yuumi Plush!
naw I demand an official Yuumi action figure equipped with detachable book
: Yuumi is ruining the game aain
As a Yuumi main with hundreds of games post patch 9.24 I think one of the most frustrating things is how useless q is and how long the cd on heal is esp now that it doesn't have 2 charges. With the high dmg meta Early game...even if you put all your points into heal you basically get 1 heal per engage, 1-2 heals for longer skirmishes, late game (3+ items) focusing on cdr this improves significantly. Yuumi has around a 37% overall win rate.
breast milk (EUNE)
: fuck yuumi
yea that 37% win rate is a sob isnt it kekw
: Fresh level 30 smurfs?!
just went in a match against a level 32 account that went like 27-3...yea definitely a Genuinely new account for sure.
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Elohaven (NA)
: Change My Mind | Dodging is a Gameplay Mechanic
: Don't feed Yasuo.
he doesnt need to get fed a high elo yasuo main will get enough cs to 1v9 late game anyway
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2gudaiya (NA)
: wait you play teemo and you're complaining about adc's?
he mean't they are as bad as Teemo...really he should just pick Teemo
: No adcs show up in play rate until Quinn at 1.34%. And that’s considering top is her only role. The next adc that comes up is Vayne at 1.08% play rate. The next one that comes up is no one. So you’re saying approximately 2/100 games is 1/3 of your game’s? Mkay dude.
Depends on the elo, i've seen increasingly more adcs and mages top. Recently went against an akali top and vayne top as a tank. After those two matches I retired tanks permanently, I refuse to pick tanks top lane. I'll stick to teemo thanks.
AL000 (NA)
: why top is now adc's property?
If your top lane, first picking Teemo is a safe bet...he counters the adcs and most of the conventional top laners as well, also allot safer to play. As Teemo you'll at least break even with ranged champs like jayce if your decent at Teemo. If you have last pick you can try to counter pick but sometimes you don't know which adc or mage might be top. Honestly just better to safe pick so your laning is enjoyable.
: When everyone's arguing in champ select but nobody dodges.
100k dmg lol that's a record if i've ever seen one gj bro if ur na and u want to duo with another decent player msg me
: LF anyone who wants to do the Yuumi Wukong bot lane srat
love to give this a try these wonky non meta matchups are my fav. I'm Yuumi Teemo 2-trick add me (this is my IGN) NA
: Nerf ILLAOI !
anyone that down votes this will soon face a 1-trick illoai and then I hope they remember to return to this post and revert their downvote
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: What obvious reasons might those be? Pyke's a lot more unfun to play against than Senna - very generous hitboxes on his E and R, possibly one of the most forgiving assassins in the game, and an AoE execute. While I don't think he's unbalanced he is certainly very unfun to play against. Senna has lane harass. That's...it. She's weak to all-in thanks to her only form of cc being a narrow, easy-to-miss skillshot, that doesn't pass through minions, that only activates for a 1 second delay. CC makes her fully useless. I've played against senna many times and I would honestly much rather verse her than Pyke,
I think it's just her high dmg and late game scaling...at least in low elo where games take a bit longer then higher elo.
Subdue (NA)
: How is Pyke QQ even a thing? He's got a sub-50% win rate in all brackets from Silver all the way to Masters+. His pick rate is in the 20s in both Silver and Masters+, though in Platinum and Diamond he is picked a bit more, rising to 5th most picked.
his statistics took a dump after some nerfs but he used to be allot more prevalent
: How you can even dare to call LoL balanced when untouchable support does 700 executes?
yea pyke used to be my perma ban before senna...now its senna for obvious reasons. But cmon now: an execute ult that resets on kill with an aoe effect, camouflage with bonus movement speed escape, a stun, crazy mobility what's not to love.
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: Simple proof that Riot invest less ressources in League of Legends
just add a couple christmas trees or something cmon
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: When can "smurfs" be a thing of a past?
ez simply aquire challenger skill, duo with a challenger skill friend and you'll elo up from plat in no time :D
: just had an afk
I made a post that called for harsher punishments for afks and the post was downvoted into oblivion. Too many smurf sympathizers I guess.
: Where is Riot's Christmas Spirit !?!?!
no Christmas icons wth man
iiGazeii (NA)
: I think they should take another swing at positional matchmaking. The premise was quite good: when you get autofilled, you won't ruin your rank with your main role and you won't be put in a game with people of the rank you play your main role at when you're playing an off role. They just needed a stronger incentive to get people to actually try when they got autofilled. Perhaps special end-of-season rewards for the people that maintain a good rank in all roles, or a separate, combined score across the different positions.
I have to agree I really enjoyed the positional matchmaking. I wasn't active on the boards at the time or I would have put up a strong argument for it. I liked in positional matchmaking that I could play other lanes / roles that weren't my main and even try new champs in those lanes without effecting my ranking. In my opinion positional matchmaking was much more beginner friendly.
: Getting trolled and getting banned
Yup that sounds about right. Similar thing happened to me. The classic last second smite switch, then they either smite steal jg camps or your cs or both. CHAT IS A TRAP here's what you do (1) /mute all (2) play calming relaxing music (3) go to an empty lane and just work on last hitting cs for practice (4) when the game ends immediately close the client and take a break. Trust me on this one post-game chat is a trap, you probably need a break, take one then restart the game when your untilted. He will not be banned for trolling, get used to it. Trolls rein supreme. In the future find a good duo partner (its 1 less troll) and / or make a solid flex team (0 trolls). We understand. This is league and there's testosterone flyin around. You gave it your 100% and you care, dc/s afks and trolls are extremely tilting and ruin the game for you. Yes you shouldn't flame, but not because the troll doesn't deserve it (he does) but because chat is a trap and that's all.
: Does anyone have issues clicking Blast Plants?
yea I panic click the blast cone and just end up running around it while dieing bahahaha jk
: Toxic Players Rant
/ mute all (your welcome :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Revech,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YhZOgX6G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-14T12:49:47.157+0000) > > I haven't read through the whole post but i'm going to insert my piece here: > > akali reached a 50% winrate with +10% pickrate > > Let that sink in for a few moments. Means nothing. At least to me... The more I play League, the more I realize just how worthless many stats are.... Take Akali for instance.. A champion that is so well balanced, ANY CHAMPION can counter her.. easily... Yet she has a 50% W/R with a 10% pickrate... why? Because the stigma about her is that she's "unbeatable" so nobody cares to learn how to beat her.... Except higher elo's where she actually does pretty bad most of the time, and she's a very feast or famine champion.. Low elo where most of those picks, bans, and W/R %'s are coming from is from people who can't figure out to just bait her W gg you auto win against akali.. Zed on the other hand has this stigma for some unknown reason of actually requiring skill.. when he doesn't in any capacity...
I like to base arguments on hard facts. Stats are analytics, the more data the stronger the conclusions you can draw from the stats. The aformentioned stats also draw data from a wide playerbase making it a better tool by which to design possible in-game changes or reworks. Calling stats useless is not an argument. Your pitting your opinion formulated through limited knowledge, against hard facts / analytics and therefore it's an opinion, nothing more.
: I need some clarification on New Players and Elo
Carrying and winning 4v5s are an essential part of ascending low elo. Get used to it. Check out accounts in pre-game lobby, if you see a troll player make an executive decision. Chat is a trap. Trolls will troll, flaming will get you chat banned. Don't fall for the trap. Just throw on some chill music, focus on csing, and do your own thing (mute all is optional). You may lose lp or promos but if your good you'll get back there quickly. New players should not be getting mixed into low-mid elo matches, period.
: Why does everyone hate akali when zed exists?
I haven't read through the whole post but i'm going to insert my piece here: akali reached a 50% winrate with +10% pickrate Let that sink in for a few moments.
: do you guys think sett is "op"?
Insufficient data. Give it some time for analytics to come through in pick rate and win rate to tell if he's op or not. Everything at this point is just speculation.
vimaid (NA)
: How do you fight veigar
lets not mention his e stun is the full width of a lane.
: You Know What I Hate The Most About Jungling?
make a flex ranked team or at least duo with 1 other person.
: Girl Pretending To Be New
probably for content
: Griefing through the act of not trying
make a flex team bro and play flex ranked instead
: Just got a 14 day ban for Flaming Dragon
hahaha don't insult npcs bro homies got their back kekw
: Question for the Top Lane mains
With adc top picks being a thing (vayne), with champs like quinn a common pick, with items like sanguine blade being played on trundle top, and with heimer being a top meta pick you have very few safe options. IMO Teemo, heimer, jayce or quinn are the only safe picks without trying to ban adcs.
Baelim (NA)
: Matchmaking doesn't exist, greed does
Pre-mades in draft have been an issue for a while. That's why personally I recommend playing ranked solo/duo que or even better ranked flex with a group of friends as the rank system (smurfs aside) makes it more fair. In general I find people in flex are more professional, probably because they are often duo with 1 or more people, and I believe playing with other people tends to help people remain calm & focused. Also it's wise to know that more of the hardcores are going to que during off hours, meaning it's best to play league during standard hours when normal working joes are playing. Same goes for near season end, where boosting, smurfs and hardcore chads are rampant, as they try to elo up for that elusive next elo and cooresponding end of season rank rewards. It's natural for Riot to expand, just hopefully they have the analytics in place to make efficient decisions, in regards to what direction they expand. Expanding doesn't mean they are stretching themselves thing, rather it means more people are being hired on (check out the recruitment page on riot website) to fill open positions as part of the expansion. In the end its completely possible that Riots expansion will bring in additional revenue, and players from other game genres into league of legends.
: Riot Client Clones and More
I've also had a problem with the client since the 9.24 patch regarding friend folders...the friend folders aren't displaying people properly, some won't open, friends are showing in the wrong folder, and most folders simply don't function properly. I don't even know who is in what folder now.
: Just another one of these ridiculous CertainlyT designs, tbh, trying to put as much stuff in a single kit as he can without caring what will be fair for the enemy. One thing I can already tell I would like to get changed: His R with Infernum. When he is able to oneshot an entire team with a single skill, I think this is a bit problematic.
I saw a few videos of Aphelios... it might have been that Infernum attack because the entire team just blew up; I have to admit I loled irl at that.
: Wishlist
All I want is more seasonal skins like christmas skins, Halloween skins, new year skins released for a limited window each year.
Elohaven (NA)
: How's your experience with Aphelios in games so far?
The only thing i've noticed is the lack of VFX indicators of Aphelios abilities. I think Aphelios VFX should be changed to make his attacks and skills more obvious. Also maybe add some kind of indicator on the opponents screen (like teemos blind) to make it more obvious when one of his cc abilities is used on you.
: just had a game where i had all drags and lost the elder.
Team fight importance scales with the respawn timers late game...If you had a significant lead you should have played around elder or at least denied it. Probably just poor macro. I do think the importance of drakes has made top lane even more irrelevant. In my opinion having the drakes alternate spawn top / bottom would shake up the bot lane meta, and increase drake HP would stop people soloing drakes early making team fights around objectives more action packed.
: Champions I hate
If you'd like a good experience with a Yuumi sup, friend me. Let's turn that frown upside down. Try playing against a Rengar top, who jumps out of bushes ever 1.5 seconds, and try not to have an epileptic seizure. But honestly Yassuo because he scales to 1v9 no matter what, AP Malphite because there is 0 outplay for his no skill ult and probably Senna because her damage is just too high for a support (at least pre-nerf) but haven't tried her since the patch.
Vescø (EUW)
: Reached my own maximum?
A coach is a coach man. Baseball, basketball, football, etc are skill just games, but your gonna pay for a coach because it's their time and expertise which seems reasonable.
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