: But he feels clunky as fuck if you ever played old shaco and then new shaco. Not to mention for a little while he was doing a tanky trinity force build ( i think still is) which isn't exactly the funnest build to go on your main who's an assassin looking for picks. They didn't fix shaco, they made him more frustrating to play against with his adaptability, and they made him less fun to play as for those who enjoyed previous shaco.
I understand how this feels... as a Taric main, I can't say it was bad but it sure did get a lot harder to support as Taric. First, his heal took a definite nerf. Use to, it was easier as you could point and click to heal someone, now I either need to be up next to them or have my W on them while also waiting the now longer wait time to heal them for less than the amount it use to give because its now an area of effect... Just asking, do minions really need healing and its easier to heal and be save when we aren't in groups, this also takes away its greater effect of healing Taric when he's healing only himself. Next, the shield is pretty much a downgrade; yes it does give a shield (like every other typical Support) but we lose that armor shred. His E got stronger but the stun effect was always useful (even if it used to only stun for just 1 second. And his R... yes its insanely strong but I've seen how easy it is for my allies to get killed off before or after the effect, where it just isn't as game changing as his original which gave bonus Damage... Overall, the change just serves to nerf his Support side, and strengthen how much damage he deals... I'd rather a point and click heal with no unneeded heal mechanics that is allowed to heal Taric for more if he's alone (this would be enough to make it stronger). I would love my shield to shield my ally based on **my health** so that it has a **greater effect** or at least raise the bar on the % health it shields the ally for... And I would love it if my R's cast time to lessen **and** the effect to last longer the higher its leveled. Not by much longer, about an extra 0.5 seconds per level up would make this a great Support to my team. So as its level up the time could lessen from 2.5 to 2 and lastly to 1.5 seconds to charge while then lasting up from 2.5 seconds to 3 and lastly 3.5 seconds when it finishes.
: what about rotating game modes?
Its been a year ago but I have played here or there and did play some times during weekends... so it has been changed to work on everything (even Rotating Game Modes). Not sure why my previous post had to get down voted.
: "Literally none of us want the new client." "Okay, we're deleting the old client! New client for everybody!" k I'm not going to kid myself into thinking that a large amount of people are going to stop playing, just because this is League we're talking about. But I myself am likely going to continue the pattern of playing less and less and less that I've been on.
Dude... I've gotten to the point of where I can't even open the client. Its been months. What did me in was the constant poor or misguided balance, the original lore's removal, changes in art here or there that weren't needed, lack of diversity since the META is now a set rule, and most of all they made it near impossible to get all of their characters within a year (if you started playing around the end of just 2013). Throughout this, I continue to see things I dislike like prejudice nerfs, lack of any story for other characters, they made a world for Furries, and are even changing the Support name... As a Support main, its not the name that needs to be fixed, its the lack of Support most support Champions can give their allies. Taric use to have a much better W that gave bonus armor to himself and allies that when activated reduced armor of those hit, but now it doesn't give allies bonus armor and instead makes his Q tougher to use when healing multiple allies and gives a small shield like most other generic Supports. Soraka is a lot tougher to use now that her W costs 10% of her current health... I mean, 2% would be overkill for such a squishy Support so putting 10% cost plus 100 of her mana is just a lot even if the heal is nice. I can't support a company that doesn't respect their Supports like they do their Assassins or other favorites.
: they should start to ban people reporting you for picking an off meta champ then we will be good
Okay, I barely play anymore but one of my few games in the last few months had a Sion in bot lane with a Singed. We couldn't do anything but I complemented the Sion for doing this. Although we were being obliterated I've always wanted to see roles being turned upside-down and this was a great one. The enemy mid-laner though was very toxic and would berate me by saying I was a terrible Taric when I'm just trying to be nice and I haven't played in a while...
: Well, it's a girl, and it IS frustrating she hasn't escalated this ticket (even still) despite multiple requests, even though Riot Gromp said that cases like this could request a full review. But the overwhelming majority of her cases probably don't require the level of analysis something like this would. I get that. She's probably looking at frequency of reports and lacks the game knowledge to understand their context. That's fine. I'm not mad. I just want Riot to fix their mistake.
Still, as a Support main, and someone who got into Nunu like you did only going straight into using his for the Support role, I understand how you feel. The only issue would be if you stole camps from your allies but I didn't hear that so I can only assume you were wondering around, helping mid or top every now or then and I would do that too as a Support. I've also had Supports leave me in bot alone when I ADC and only get mad when they never return which I'm sure you did return. Also, I wouldn't actually need a Smite as Nunu... even if I were to want to Jungle. His Q does more and I get a free spell (maybe Heal or Ignite) I get to use on the enemy. I mostly use Taric, and hearing this makes me want to play a game as him real fast.
: Towers still only target 1 person at a time. If you need to bum rush a tower and trade aggro then taking out a tower is easy, especially if you keep the ADC alive and juggle tower aggro between the tank and everyone else. And really, if towers did 10% max HP true damage, then it still takes 10 hits to kill champions. That's extremely lenient, especially since a lone squishy can't take 10 hits now.
On VainGlory, every hit from a turret doubles in damage to what seems an indefinite amount. This makes it so that Tanks can take a few hits but that they can't stay there for more than 3. The turrets also have shields and what not.
: I think they're just delaying nerfs simply because they're literally halving the bonus damage you get from masteries. As a LeBlanc main myself, I think that the masteries changes will indeed hurt all assassins, so just wait.
Not that I play League right now but each of these Champs do have weaknesses. If you know Kha is coming, its hard for him to harass you. Vision works. I feel that if you have having a hard time with him (primarily bot or mid) try going a Champ that can take some hits like Kassadin or even Heimerdinger would be fun to see (though OP in some situations). I'm not going to go through how each of these guys have easy counters but you make it out that these guys are just too strong when its more or less someone (or a good few people) started using these guys and learned how to use them against the run of the mill selected Champs. You have to understand that this game has more than your 10-20 select champions in its roster and that branching out and finding ways to work around something is a skill highly regarded and very needed in a game like this. Personally, just seeing Champs continuously get nerfed over and over until another overly nerfed champion becomes relevant again just to see it get more nerfs is just stupid. People should probably try and see what counters Corki before going on rants on how he "has too much harass" or what not. I, myself, went through a period of time playing as Corki a lot (got him to Rank 5 on how much I play him) and know for a fact that most of his strength comes from his abilities which is something other ADCs don't really need to rely on, such as Vayne or Jinx. Nerfs are needed but they should (more or less) be few and instead of promoting nerfs, where did they thought process go of counter picking go?
Meddler (NA)
: It was a really clear cut (just straight unintended) and easy to fix (a few minutes) change. A lot of suggestions/arguments we get need a lot of debate, or just aren't actionable in the first place. Some stuff like this though we can act on really quickly. In terms of Kat's balance I wouldn't expect this to have a significant impact, so it'd be in addition to possible balance work.
What's up, Meddler. As you can see, I'm Rew711 and I want to ask if you can bring back Team Builder. You see, I've actually tried playing the new Draft you made, but its not the same. Though it is an improvement and should be how Ranked matches are start up, I feel Team Builder was crucial to the Casual player. The permanent removal of such a phenomenal game mode that offered what many have wanted is now gone without even a single vote. I don't like Draft Pick for many reasons, and adding in some of the features from Team Builder doesn't make it better. Finding a quick match is something many want, but its also been said many would rather wait 5 - 20 minutes for their desired role rather than be forced into a Support role. I feel that is one of the reasons the new Draft Pick just ins't at its full potential, the fact you must have a Secondary role selected. The reasons I liked Team Builder are pretty obvious. I could leave and I wouldn't be punished. Someone could kick just me out and keep their ideal team. In Team Builder, I have been able to play with duo top teams (which I miss seeing back when I started), more prominent off-META Champions, and just more freedom than we have now. I can't ask for Dominion to return as a permanent game mode but I know that Team Builder didn't really deserve the boot just because it had the most player base. Please don't ignore my comment or scrutinize against it. The same problems with the Support role will show up and have showed up in the new Draft Pick. But now, its kind of worse when someone who wants to mid is top, or someone wanting to Support is mid... and yes, this has happened. Draft is by far not an improvement from Team Builder, but at the same time is a better version of the original Draft Pick.
: They were talking about spamming buttons for mobility. If you spam your W on Leblanc....you just end up teleporting back to where you started.
Isn't it possible to sort of spam Yasuo's E for mobility? Though I believe it takes more time to learn than Riven's kit in general...
Rioter Comments
: See, though you like that about him. They could make his kit focus on that even more. As it is now, he is pretty binary. Snowball, snowball, snowball. W if you need to and Q to heal. Other than that it's just snowballs..
But he's not meant to be complicated. Why does every kit need to be complicated. I like simple. Simple, easy to understand and that makes him fine in my eyes. You can't act like these characters need more in every kit because the more there is, the less ability to be functional they are. Like Soraka, she had a 10% current health cost added to her W and since then we had to see months and months of them changing her and fixing Q heal ratios and whatever else. My question is, why make a spam heal in the first place? Why put such a high % health cost on a squishy mage? As for your thoughts on the matter, its true I can do more (flashy) abilities with champs like Bard, Braum, or Lulu but even then? Even then, why don't we see more of these champions played? Bard is great because he was actually fine on release but again, what does he have? Q stun and every now or then a heal. Comparably, in your logic, Braum and Lulu would be the more "fun" champion to pick because they have more in their kits to use but that's not it at all. Nunu is the actual last Support with a simplistic kit, why change it?
Rioter Comments
: Nunu's passive is actually super strong compared to Liss's, with some attack speed he can be immune to mana costs. The reason Liss's costs are so high is because her poke and push power would be too high early; and, let's be honest, if you're playing an AP mid you're rushing morello's, so mana costs aren't an issue once you hit 6.
Nunu's mana costs aren't even high. Riot basically really wants this guy to be a viable Support option but people dismiss him. In previous seasons, it was all about the healers (and Zilean) but now that Braum and Tahm Kench are here (and Ivern as well) he isn't that bad of an option.
Terchio (NA)
: So you're the other guy... {{champion:6}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3085}} spreads that damage reduction *and* shield slow. {{item:3071}} for obvious armor shred/cdr reasons. {{item:3401}} for money and shielding your somewhat vulnerable ally early. {{item:3165}} for HUGE AP/Mana/CDR, which makes your shield/slow basically never die. Unless you're targeted, which means tank Urgot support bonus. {{item:3091}} for MR shred on top, and why not, perma-grievous-wounds (at low HP) with {{item:3165}} . Too bad people are certain this is troll before it can even get going. Not all that easy for them to work with me, either, not knowing just what I'm going to contribute beforehand.
That's creative... and I typically support with regular supports. I find it easier to never buy a Sightstone, and unless I'm in Ranked I never hear anyone hate me for it. Instead of being the one dealing damage, I'm the one in the background making them stronger or protecting them. I hate how people would rather support with Urgot than Nunu, Nunu is barely used but is a strong support in my opinion. :'(
GreenLore (EUW)
: He is still a champ with low defenses and high offensive power,which this mode is all about. Shen on the other hand has high defenses and a low damage output
I wasn't asking for a missing Assassin to be put in (like Master Yi, Nidalee, or Nocturne) but just for at least all three ninja to be in this. No need to be so technical about this. Not even Riot takes it seriously because they put Evelynn, Kennen, and Pantheon in it.
: Buuuuut your missing the point. Shen is a tank, even if hes a ninja, hes still just a tank. This is for assassins and assassins only. It isn't limited to ninja qualities, it's limited to the champ itself. Trist is an ADC, always has been, always will be. Same with Vayne and Twitch, even though they have invis, they are still ADC's. Teemo i imagine was left out because shrooms, it would be a pain in the ass for a melee assassin to deal with shrooms. I think they want a fast paced deathmatch mode basically, where everyone slaughters everyone xD And any tanks/adcs would definitely get in the way of that.
Buuuuut Kennen.... He has an engage and all but he is no Assasin. He's primarily a Mage/Marksman. He's probably on the list because they had to decide between him or Shen. I think Panteon should sit this one out because he has yet to get a Bloodmoon skin. Also, Shen is kind of like a burst Assassin. He can fling himself in with his E and with his Q he deals a huge (quick) burst of damage. His W is also a lot like Akili's but makes him invulnerable to almost all enemy attacks.
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: i preferred the long matches, much more strategy
I only had about 4 or 5 matches in my 3 years of playing League that even made it to 70 minutes. I think only 2 (and that was WAY back in season 3 when I began) that made it to about 2 hours for just one game. I didn't care about dying because it never critically hurt my team (from what I saw) and I never got too over powered from going on a killing spree. You could itemize whatever you felt like (even if its as simple and stupid as just Bloodthirsters or Rabadon Deathcaps) it was fun and we felt like *we* were in control. If I wanted to go AD Teemo probably in that time, no one would had cared as much as they would now. Now, not only has Riot done this, they stopped doing fun give aways for the heck of it, they won't give an increase to IP for new players, and game modes are taken away so that players **must** focus on only Normal campaign. You do get a choice in either going in Summoners Rift to play in either a Ranked mode or Normal mode. But it overshadows the Twisted Treeline map. I honestly miss how much freedom I had in Team Builder. I miss Trinity Force having AP. I miss the original Zeke's (that should had stayed since we don't have that many support items...). I've lost my will to play. Everyone around me tell me to either quit, do what I feel, or tell of how they don't like the game. I will miss this game. I made it to the PBE, I got very close to getting all the Champions (just 40 more :'|), but none of my friends or peers play it and though its still a popular game on Twitch I can't see myself playing it when there is more to do than waist more time on a game that makes it impossible for new players to even begin, only cares for money, and only has a handful of staff that even look on these boards from time to time. I haven't even seen RiotRepitior in months.
: I think he/she means that there will be more S hunters in low elo, and therefore more people abandoning the support to get that IP increase. I think it could go either way tbh. More cooperation or less cooperation. Depends on the scenario.
Heck, in a losing battle just last night, I somehow scored a Penta thanks to the help of my teammates strong push (I couldn't had done it alone since it was ARAM). And though we lost, I would like the 30% boost in IP I would had gotten from my A... but I still believe that even if you lost, an S should be attainable. I got tons of kills and assists. Its not easy aiding teammates as Rumble when you're only CC is your E and maybe R.
Ralanr (NA)
: That's why AP scaling utility on a class that doesn't even have many AP items to build is dumb. Granted I can't remember if their utility even scales with AP.
This is why I've come to the point where I just get pure (strong) AP items when I support. If I'm Zilean, Nunu, Taric, or Tahm Kench I will not need AP... but still. It does make things interesting. All Fighter Supports actually don't really need AP. Thresh automatically gets it. Taric is suppose to go Tank. And Nunu can just get mana items and spam his abilities (which work best when supporting). Honestly... {{champion:432}} is fine. Basic attacks slow, Q slows and stuns. W heals (AP boosts it). E is for fast travel. And R is a Zonha (situational). {{champion:201}} is fine (but I don't see him when I play...). Passive stuns. Q slows. W adds Armor and Magic Resist for a few seconds (which is cool). E blocks an attack (a more fair version of Yasuo's W). And his R does one knock up and slows those in it. {{champion:427}} doesn't need to be in jungle, his passive can be used to help the jungler (not lose health or mana :D). his Q is great for melee closing (which some don't have) and roots. W adds protection and helps stealth allies like Twitch, Shaco, and even Vayne. Can even hide Caitlyn traps. His E gives a shield that acts like Sion's, only it also slows enemies hit by the explosion. And summons a Pet with his R that doesn't deal much damage, does tons of knock-ups, and tanks. {{champion:40}} doesn't really need AP but it benefits her so well. Her passive speeds up allies behind her, which is best used after she learns her W. Her Q really is just a knock up. Her W slows enemies or speeds up Janna (and AP boosts these effects). Her shield gives bonus AD (and more based on her AP which is actually cool). And her R is a knock-back + strong heal. {{champion:117}} Honestly, she's fine... doesn't even require AP to support. But it does enhance her by a lot. Her passive is just bonus damage. Her Q slows enemies. Her W can completely hinder an enemy for a good 4 seconds or speed up her allies AS and MS (MS can be enhanced more by AP). Her E shows an enemy or shields her ally (allowing the ally to deal bonus damage). And her R makes an ally gigantic, knocking up nearby enemies around said ally, slowing them afterwards, and giving the ally a ton of extra HP for a short while. {{champion:267}} seems to be very weak, especially as a Support right now. Only good Nami mains know what they should do. Her speeds up allies hit by any of her abilities, though I can't remember if its based on her AP or not. Her Q is the best stun I have seen in game, able to stun up to 3 - 4 enemies at once at a good range. Nami's W heals an ally and/or hurts an enemy. The E gives an ally or Nami bonus damage for a few seconds (this one needs to be buffed to allow the damage to hit turrets as well) and there are only 3 shots and each shot slows an enemy for 6 seconds (slow can be increased by AP). Nami's R is a long tidal wave that knock's up any enemy in its path and slowing them from 2 - 4 seconds. {{champion:20}} is super easy and I feel bad people don't use him because he's not "flashy." His passive allows Nunu to gain a free spell (includes his R as well) every few hits. The Q heals Nunu and gives him a buff based on what he eats. The W gives Nunu and an ally bonus MS and AS for 12 seconds. The E slows an enemies AS and MS for 2 seconds. Nunu's R slows an enemies AS and MS for the duration of the spell. Needs no AP for anything other than his damage and heal to self. {{champion:37}} can still do a lot, not as much as she could but a lot (none the less). Sona's passive allows her to gain a bonus every third spell based on what spell she used last. Her Q ora allows her and allies to gain bonus damage for one shot (can be increased by AP). Her W heals an ally and herself and gives her and any nearby allies a shield for 1.5 seconds (both can be increased by AP) and if her passive is active after using this spell, Sona's next attack will decrease the opponents damage by a good amount for 1.5 seconds (can be increased by AP). The E can speed up allies nearby her, if used when her passive is active her next basic attack will slow the enemy for 3 seconds purely based on her AP she has so far. Her R stuns all enemies for 1.5 seconds. {{champion:16}} was hit hard with changes and first and foremost, her % health cost needs to either be removed or lowered; 10% is too much for a squishy support. Soraka's passive allows her to rush to allies far away from her if low in health. Soraka's Q slows enemies hit by its center for 2 seconds. Her W heals by a large amount, Soraka can also increase the allies health regen for a few seconds. Soraka's E silences enemies and can root them for a fixed amount of time. Soraka's R is a powerful heal that heals every ally no matter where they are. {{champion:223}}'s passive allows him to do more with his Q and W. Tahm's Q slows enemies, but can also stun an enemy as well. Tahm's W allows him to eat anything, Tahm can carry allies out of harm or into a fight and can even devour an enemy (which can turn around team fights in a flash). Tham's E goes with his W which can grant Tahm health back to half of what he lost if he takes no damage for a little bit or can be used as a shield. Tahm's R is an instant teleport for him and one ally to a far off location. {{champion:44}} is a great support and my main. His passive grants him bonus damage and faster CD with every hit after using an ability. His Q heals allies and himself. His W shields an ally (but I miss the effect where it gave bonus armor to nearby allies, can it please give bonus armor to the one connected?). Taric's E activates a stun. Taric's Q and E are doubled when he is connected with an ally through his W. This also goes for his R which can make him and all allies in the area invulnerable to harm for 2.5 seconds. {{champion:412}}'s passive gives him infinite armor and AP though out the match. Thresh's Q stuns one enemy and slowly pulls them in and can pull himself to them in at the end, stun lasts for 1.5 seconds. His W is a shield, and a tool to get close to Thresh (to get in or out of a battle, or to get over a wall). Thresh's E pushes enemies in a direction and slows them for 1 second. Thresh's R slows enemies that hit his barriers for a large amount for 2 seconds (or more dependent on if they hit more barriers or not). {{champion:26}} needs some love... seriously, his passive which gives bonus EXP is nice but its useless in late. Though that's if you can get there. It needs a change. His Q can stun an enemy if two bombs land on an enemy twice, stun lasts from 1.1 - 1.5 seconds. His W allows him to reuse either his Q or E faster. His E speeds up an ally or slows an enemy ranging from small to high values (fixed amount) (this spell could have a longer lasting time on allies to at least last up to 3 or 4 seconds rather than 2.5). Zilean's R revives an ally (more HP when revived based on AP). Only a few really need AP to boost their support... All in all, some just need a few tweaks in my opinion to be better Supports.
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: I don't need a justification for the usefulness of having all the champions. Sure, everything you said is true, but nothing you said makes me consider champions worth buying with RP, which was my point.
I skimmed over a good bit. I didn't know that you were talking about that and I also don't like the fact sales don't also (at the least) give one or two IP price reductions per week.
: why...? a lot of high elo players dont really play the majority of the champions.
I agree with you, but at the same time its better to have all the Champs rather than your typical select few. For instance, you can't tell me there aren't days you feel like playing a Champion you never got to try. If you wait for the Free Champ Per Week system, you will get to play that champ maybe during this or the next week, but who knows when they will be free to play again if you actually like playing them. And you might want to play as some champion but its not in the FCAW so you either wait or grind for the IP. Its also healthier (whether you want to admit it or not) to have the full roster at your fingertips for when, per say, your main may get some nerfs that unintentionally make it unplayable or another Champion gets some changes or revamp that make them unintentionally OP. At one point, the meta might be in favor for Ashe who is easy to get or is already owned by a lot of players, and at some other point it might be Lucian who is harder to get and not as many would own him. Then, there is the thought of "counter picks" which is something I see a lot in Ranked play. If someone wants to play Gnar top, and you don't own Teemo or some other counter its going to be hard. Its impossible to play all the Champions and of course some aren't going to be touched, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't own them. For a while, Yorick was coming back into play before his rework and the same can be said for Urgot. I love going in as the unplayed Champion because its more or less hard on the opponent who probably doesn't know what to expect, which is why I beat a Garen during his meta with a Aatrox by going pure AD because I understand he is more or less and ADC and not a Juggernaut. A Q that puts him in range, a W that heals him based on AD, an E that has a ton of range, and a R that gives bonus range and AS. He even gets a free revive for playing bad. He might be a good bot pick if played right. Him and Yasuo could play bot very well. (I've seen Sion bot, and its hard to play against.)
Swarovsko (EUW)
: WHAT?! FREE CHAMPIONS? Riot needs the $$$$
Riot doesn't even need to worry about the $$. They hit their peak of players back in 2013-2014 and a good multitude left out of frustration. My dad always said if you really want something, you keep on trying until you get it. I don't want new players to get everything for free, but if even if no new champions came out, and all the benefits were given to new players from OP's post, they would get 30,000 IP at level 30 and about 6 free Champions. Now, I love the idea of the chest system... but it doesn't benefit new players. Especially when smurfs enter the equation. I'm shocked at the thought new players only get either a Garen or an Ashe for free. Garen, Alister, and Tristana are all free for subscribing (for free) to Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube (respectably). Why not just make publicize this better? And while their at it, how about a free champion that's 4800 (or higher), or if they are feeling generous they can say 6300 or higher. A new player would still only get (at most) get the three mentioned for free, plus the other 6 per every 5 levels, and then (maybe at a rough estimate) 10: 450 Champions and 22: 1350 Champions (and this is just a speculation) which totals to about a good 39 out of the 133 Champions in the game. You would still have 94 to go... but lets not end there, you did reach level 30 so by that time you should have been able to get around 20-40 Champions on your own. So that brings it down to still 74-54 Champions (and I'm being fair by still going by the cheapest Champions in game). In order to get the other 74-54 Champions, you would need to play for pretty much the whole next year. A lot of veterans forget that they had it easier when the most a Champion cost in the past was 4800 but now they cost 6300 (a whole 1500 more). I can't say it would be perfect, but bringing a number of 133 down to 74 or 54 would make things a lot easier. And then there's the obvious teir 1 Runes should all be free. (Or at least most of them.)
: It's almost as if being able to right click somebody from 500-730 units away for an undodgeable amount of damage ranging from 90 early game to 2000 late game lacks counterplay to begin with.
First, they hurt th MS on a select few Fighters, like Udyr, to get them out of the meta; onlynitnback fired and Lee Sin doesn't even need MS but still has a high amount of it. And some long ranged ADCs have tons of AS. Namely Jinx. Almost all Tanks lost their rightfully absurd high base stats and now rely on items that also got nerfs. Now only high damage Tanks are usuable. Assassins are great against ADCs because they gap-code. Supports can just sit this one out. And mages... well not only nerfs to their items, and weird configurements to their abilities, but I honestly don't know where to find spell vamp anymore... Where are the spell vamp items?
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: I like that Vi does what she does though.. I'm not always happy about it but we need SOMEONE who can lockdown mobile ADCs.. at least she offers that.
Yeah... its not her ultimate I dislike but the other abilities kind of make her hard to want to face against. Hecarim takes some time to learn (when comparing him to Vi). Though I did play him when he was strong, I will never forget how much easier Vi was to learn than Hecarim...
LBB412 (NA)
: Despite them being roughly a year apart (i think, Graves was reworked on patch 5.22 and Jhin was released on 6.2) I still had to look it up to check.
Dude, I can't remember all that stuff. All I remember is that they both use bullets. That's it. Can't believe people down vote mistakes even if you acknowledge it and at the very least try to apologize. Thanks for looking it up and all but did you really need to? Like, did you really need to have to nit pick all the way to the point where it came to that? I threw my jacket down in my house the other day and forgot where I left it so (because I couldn't find it) I left without it only to come back and have someone else find it for me. Memory isn't my strongest quality.
: >"heh heh, I know everything even though I play top (or something)" That's basically what I did. I've been playing for a long time, and I play ARAMs a good bit, so I often end up playing with/as/against every champion on the roster. And, of course, auto fill makes you play roles you normally wouldn't when you dip onto the Rift. So it's not rude to have an opinion on something you don't main, as long as you're informed. > {{champion:117}} is not even on your list Well, I was just adding commentary to Sona x Rubick's list. Neither him/her or I could call that the entire list of supports, since it was missing things like Morg, Brand, and Vel among the more obvious absentees. With Lulu, however, I will say that Riot's balance team doesn't consider her a support primarily. Way back in preseason 4, Lulu was allowed to escape bot lane and become a solo laner while having a secondary as a support. This absolutely blew our minds back then, since every time before (and mostly after as well) if someone took a support to another role and found success the nerf bat wasn't far behind. > {{champion:20}} is supper fun as Support That pun! As long as you pick up a relic shield and don't max Q first, you should be safe to eat the minion wave when you need to. Some marksmen might be angry that you're messing with the minion HP bars while they're trying to last hit, but that's something they just have to deal with when they have a Nunu support. What are they going to do, insist you don't heal yourself? If so you'll be back in base more than you're in lane since you're melee, and that helps no one. > {{champion:16}} got hit hard with the compensation hammer. There are several high ranking Rioters who don't like Soraka. Or rather, they don't like Soraka's kit being primarily about healing. They're fine with healing being a small part of a kit like Sona or Taric, but they think it's unhealthy to have a champion dedicated to healing. The trouble is that healing is 95% of what the goat girl does, and it's become iconic to her. So they can't change her, but they can't let her heal tons either, so she she stays unloved and underpowered. Poor thing. > {{champion:223}} is still a nice pick for supporting I've has multiple people say this to me when I say Kench is in trouble (even in this very thread) and I'm just not having it. I've seen his low playrate (0.7%) with his low winrate (46%) and when a champion has numbers like that they are in need of assistance. Kench is not doing well at all, even in the support role Riot has tried desperately to hammer him into. Yes, he's always going to be at least some amount of useful since he's the only support who can save an over aggressive marksman without their consent, but a champion needs more to their niche than "pick me if your marksman is an idiot". Make no mistake, the Kench has been benched. >(I mained Taric in the past and like the change but hate how the new Q just feels so overly nerfed from the original.) Old Taric Q was approaching Soraka levels of burst healing, and we all know how Riot feels about that from two paragraphs ago. New Taric Q is pathetic at early levels (again, when a support should be the strongest or most impactful) but it becomes beastly later on. The strength of the heal itself is average even then, but the CD becomes practically nothing. Q auto auto, Q auto auto, Q auto auto, OMG WHY WON'T YOU DIE TARIC?! At a certain point in the game, as long as you have something to auto, you stop playing whatever mode you signed up for and you start playing URF. Grab a {{item:3022}} or {{item:3025}} so you can stick to people and proc your passive more and more. There are very few things in League I fear more than a late game Taric. He makes late game Nasus look like late game Pantheon. He'd make a great top laner if his early game wasn't so damn painful. > {{champion:427}} is still new and I can't say what I think of him just yet. Ivern is who you pick when you want to support, but also want to jungle. I wouldn't take him bot lane since he doesn't have a passive then, but if you jungle him your team often ends up with two supports; which can be good if you have a marksman that is vulnerable and hyperscales like Trist or Koggles. I wouldn't buff him at all right now though. His ult is insane. Daisy's offense and defense scale directly with Ivern's AP, so while he's building glass cannon she's becoming Garen (with less spinning and more knockups). Daisy makes Tibbers look like a melee minion. >Also Leona isn't technically a Support even though I do view her as a Support with a passive that only works for allies, three stuns, and a slow all in one kit. I've taken Leo top lane before. She's not going to be killing anyone on her own unless something outrageous happens, but junglers just _love_ to gank for her since she can lockdown all on her own. And when that jungler is Nautilus? The enemy might as well unplug their keyboard when they see him step out of the bush. It's a long, slow death where they won't be moving.
Most of this was based off of my time spent with each in the supporting role. {{champion:117}} just doesn't get any love though. I like her Support and disliked that random nerf to her speed boost a couple patches back. It hurst her support side and we have bursty champions already. Supports are suppose to be one note Champions that benefit players but in their own specific ways. And Lulu's suppose to be random in a way where she speeds up or completely silences a enemy, or she leaves a shield that also gives bonus damage or it can hurt an enemy while leaving vision on them. There are things that could be fixed on this and that being the range on her E when casting it. Allowing more space to give a shield or to see an enemy that might be trying to run into a bush to hide. It would even be cool if Pix could just go into an area for a bit to provide vision in a bush or something. I don't think any Support can do that yet and her E could do this. But then again, it might also be a bit powerful... (though Ashe can do this for free on her E with unlimited range). {{champion:20}} is a weird one that got mixed reviews with my ADCs. Most actually welcome it because of his ability to cancel out AS and MS ADCs (and I forgot to mention Vayne there as well) and he works very well with a lot of Champs. Even Jhin can get some bonus damage with the bonus AS he gets with the W and can quickly get in and out easier. Nunu has a great amount of possibilities at his disposal that many just over look for Flashier Champs. Also early camps are easier to destroy with Nunu support who goes in to help the jungler in early. {{champion:16}} just needs some breathing room and Riot needs to learn that heals are just a part of the game just like the healing spell (they buffed and then nerfed). Soraka won't be as big a pick anymore ever since she lost her mana regenerating E that gave allies mana back or auto silences enemies on point. Her rework would be flawless if not for that 10% current health cost that would be ridiculous to see on any Champion (even Zac who uses 4% current health cost on three of his abilities). The day they take it off, many will pick her back up because Supports do want to try out many new things, but I highly doubt that she will be OP because of it. Glad that you agree that Riots views on heals are insane right now. {{champion:44}} could at least use a lower cost for his early game heals. Have them cost maybe 1/3 the cost if they only give 1/3 the heal? Or just have it be like the original where it costs 60/70/80/90/100 rather than 60/80/100/120/140 because he heals less than many other champs and the way its reworked he should be able to spam it more but the mana cost... it just prevents this even in late game. He is hard to kill, and does pack more of a punch like he did previously but he just doesn't seem to heal as much as I'd hope he would. I will find a way around this but until then I wish that he would get some love. If they were to change the cost, I would be able to heal more (though small) and keep at least one teammate in the fight for a bit in late game. (Believe me, I've tried even going full AP which did help a bit more but I never got too far because my ADC wasn't very careful and/or the jungler would stay bot.)
LBB412 (NA)
: Graves was reworked far before Jhin was released.
heh, I thought Jhin came first. my bad (insert face with sweat and awkward smile).
: For Blitz, his kit wasn't designed for the support role. He was an AD top laner that got kidnapped to support because of one ability, and has had his top lane kit balanced around AP supporting ever since. Blitz either needs a kit rework to be an actual support or have his numbers improved and Q changed so he can top lane again without being abused botlane. For Sona, she's basically a less dependable Nami since their kits overlap so much. Nami can have her hard CC by level 1, and that's a huge advantage. However, Sona gets to spam her skills... after level 6, and when she gets enough mana items, and when she lives longer than three seconds in a teamfight. Not a good trade. Forcing one of the squishiest champions in League to get close to the frontline to get the most use of her kit was a bad idea. Kench was actually a fairly good pick... top, mid, and jungle. When the frog was strong, very few actually took him support because he could be so much more powerful with solo gold. Then his kit got nerfed and trimmed down to fit him into the support role, where nearly everyone abandoned him. Hell, he's not even popular among support mains. Taric is actually quite strong and able to duel down solo laners as a support... in the late game after he's gotten some armor items together. A lot of matches tend not to reach that point. He's a late game support, which is kind of like saying he's sunblock that's only meant to be worn at night. Supports are at their most vital in the laning phase, so Taric's power curve is the complete opposite of what it's supposed to be. Maybe they made him into a top laner and just never told anyone.
As a Support Main... Here are my views. Though I'm sure you too are a Support main, I didn't want to pop in and be like "heh heh, I know everything even though I play top (or something)". {{champion:432}} has great heals, incredibly powerful passive that slows, game-changing Q that slows or stuns, fast traveling E, and a R that stops a fight long enough for help to come {{champion:53}} not a Support like you said and isn't designed to be one {{champion:201}} passive that allows stuns and a Q that does kind of what Bard's does but a little easier, and W that stops strong attacks and is a great shield, and E that is kind of cool to see on a support, and an R that is really helpful in a team fight or when you are going to initiate (and he's hard to kill) {{champion:40}} is actually seen a little because of her kit that actually feels like it helps the team. Her Q is great for pushing, her W is great for stopping enemies from running away, her E is amazing as it is the only ability to temporarily give bonus AD and a shield of all things, and though her ultimate can be iffy it still heals for quite the amount. {{champion:117}} is not even on your list... She's actually a ton of fun and makes for a great support. I kind of wish she was somewhat easier to use but still her kit makes supporting a little easy. Her Q acts as damage and a slow (and can slow from very far away which is neat), her W speeds up allies or completely nulls an enemy, her E gives sight or gives an ally a shield (and pix on the W and E give the ally bonus damage). Her R gives an ally a ton of health and is great for if they are about to die. They even keep what they were healing up (that was not apart of the bonus health) while ulted which is kind of cool. {{champion:267}} is a strange case but none-the-less she deserves more than she gets. Her W is a bit high in price. Her E doesn't allow the bonus damage to hit towers. Her Q is her only saving grace. And her R can be stopped by Yasuo which is kind of what's really hurting her pick rate. I honestly feel that her E should be able to hit towers and that her W should be more cost friendly and not take away heal if it hits an enemy... (at least that's what I think I remember it does... its been a while since I played her.) {{champion:20}} is supper fun as Support, except that his Q doesn't work on actual enemies that is. I like that he can eat/heal himself and weaken maybe a strong minion for the ally to kill, but its kind of weird to use. But I still like it. He's not typically in lane but I think he's a fun champ to use. I believe his kit is very straight forward and very rewarding. He's strong but he's even stronger when supporting. With his W that gives a very long AS and MS boost, an E that slows enemies AS and MS, and even his R slows AS and MS (he's like a complete counter to champs like Jinx and Twitch who work off of this). I'd say he'd be a meta changer if many supports actually picked him up. {{champion:37}} just ins't seeing much in her supporting benefits which is what is really hurting her. Her Q passive to give allies bonus damage could be enhanced by a tiny bit, her shield duration or amount to allies could be a bit more, the slow she gets from her E is actually pretty good, and her R is just a easy to use stun. Its not that I don't think she's bad but her kit could use more in the means of enhancing and helping teammates which is kind of what the rework tried to do. {{champion:16}} got hit hard with the compensation hammer. To compensate the large heals she could give, they made it cost 10% of her health per heal which is just stupid. They just need to have her heals cost 110/120/130/140/150 mana per cast and take away the dumb healing passive that connects to her W. She will have a strong heal but that's kind of her niche (as they were so kind to point out). Its somewhat stupid to try and have a Support like Soraka have to get items like {{item:3083}} because they have her W cost 10% current health. The rest of her kit is actually really nice. Her Q slows enemies, her E still silences and can snare enemies, and her R still heals everyone for a grand amount. But that W just makes her so unbearable. She isn't really meant to be a Tank and has no real use for the health in her kit rather than to just stay alive. Its like asking Alister or Taric to spend 5% of their health to heal their allies, it just isn't right and it leads to where they are now with a means to heal themselves. {{champion:223}} is still a nice pick for supporting but I feel that his nerf to his E was a bit much... his Q slows enemies and can even stun but its not easy to accomplish this all at once. His W can shield enemies from damage, but I kind of dislike the amount of damage he deals to enemies if he actually eats them. It makes me again question why Nunu can't use his Q on enemies (even if its just a fraction of the damage). Getting an enemy out of a team fight has (in my experience) caused a great turn in many team fights and lead to many victories, so that in itself is amazing. I (however) an sad at the nerf to his E which wasn't needed (which makes him a bit easier to kill in general). His R isn't as strong and at least it doesn't effect towers and it only helps in weakening enemies. {{champion:44}} is actually very useful and he is indeed meant for late game, but even then his Q can be lack-luster and his kit can be hard to control at times. I kind of feel that his W should have a more or less one second cool down (and I mean this in a way that will just help his Q) as his Q only heals the person with his W on them (or if they are around the Q). I also feel that his Q just doesn't seem to heal at all the same as his original and if he only heals himself its also pitiful. The nerf is obviously on his Q and it makes it seem like it isn't doing its job. His W is to just give a shield, it doesn't even give bonus Armor like it used to, to nearby allies. His E is easier to use and far better, his R does more for team fights, and his passive is stronger and more meant for a "Fighter" which is what he is. I feel that if his Q were to take more from his bonus health (or was it current health) by 10% of his bonus health (and scales to 30% at max) then it would be amazing and work better. And if he is alone, the heal should grow to 12% (and scale to 36% of his bonus health) and even have slightly bigger numbers. I know he isn't meant to be a healer and this really won't make him into one but as a Support it kind of is his job to keep his ally alive and with such a weak heal... I can't really just depend on the small shield it gives. (I mained Taric in the past and like the change but hate how the new Q just feels so overly nerfed from the original.) {{champion:412}} has a lot to offer in his kit, but that was because he was the newest Support up until the latest 4 came into the picture (that being Braum, then Bard, then Tahm Kench, and then Irven). He has probably the most fun to use stun on his Q but its not as effective as Nami's (which can stun multiple targets) but it does its job if done right and can even get campers who are next to the tower to get closer for the allie to pick them off. The W is great for shielding far away allies or getting them out of tough spots. And the E is great for gap closing. Same for the R (which stops enemies from running) and is best used in a team fight. I still don't understand the reason a "Fighter" type support gets bonus unlimited bonus but still, he is a Fighter so his attacks need to be strong and he should be at least a little hard to kill. I'd say his slows could last longer if possible. At least for his ultimate's slows. {{champion:26}} is actually very useful. I've found out that his E is probably the most annoying thing to get hit with. The only problem is that its not great when used on an ally. Its kind of short and could last 3 seconds rather than just 1.5. I'd even say that Lulu didn't need her nerfs to her MS boosting W (or was it her E that did it...). His W could actually replace his current passive, allowing him to duplicate a spell every 10 seconds rather than passively give allies more XP. Not sure how this would be useful unless you were behind in XP... His Q is actually very useful now as it stuns enemies and his R is just as useful because a revive is a revive and allows for a second change (or to get enemies to stop hitting you for a while as you run away or attack). If his E allowed more time to give MS to allies and his W was something different that gave more to the ally, I'm sure we'd see more of him in Ranked games or LCS games. {{champion:427}} is still new and I can't say what I think of him just yet. I like his kit as his Q allows for Fighters to have an one-up on an enemy who is snared, his W gives cover from enemies (even if it is small), and his E gives a small shield. His R also barely deals any damage and can knock-up enemies. If I had to give him anything, it would be more of a shield on his E because its honestly the most Supporty thing in his kit thus far... but that's just me. These are more or less my views on all the Supports. Also Leona isn't technically a Support even though I do view her as a Support with a passive that only works for allies, three stuns, and a slow all in one kit.
Mirkhail (EUW)
: Kogmaw had 2 major problems that convinced riot to revert the rework: 1)He abused on-hit item making then difficult to balance 2)To maximize his dps he was forced to stay still because with such high attack speed it was very difficult to kite. Twitch maybe be too strong now but his kit is at least fine.
When I played other ADCs, I felt as if their kits felt a little off and this is even after the reworks. And its only a few. {{champion:15}} is someone I have a hard time learning and I'm sure someone in chat could help me. I like her kit, and her E is one the best and more original of the abilities I will ever see. The only issue is that her R costs mana and it just puzzles me because all it is, is a speed boost and nothing else. And the range for those nearby isn't all too grand. For it to cost 100 mana per use or even have the CD it has is kind of beyond me. This is one of the few champs I think Riot could rework into an Udyr style ranged Champion by just making small tweaks to her Q, W, and E when in their final level and making her R go up 5 levels and just cost less and probably only have her move faster. It can keep the passive but only goes up by 3% bonus AS (the final level would allow 15% bonus AS when using her W). {{champion:42}} is not terribly hard, but when you are kind of forced to want to chose AP over AD most of the time when he deals majority magic damage, I just find it hard to get items that would work correctly. There isn't really an APC set of items handy and its kind of why champs like Teemo and Azir aren't brought into the Carry role. There is the Hextech Gunblade and Nasher's Tooth but that's just two items. There aren't many items that combine AD, AP, and AS and the only one that did all three well was nerfed and it was Trinity Force (which isn't really a mixture of everything anymore). More items that offer APCs variety wouldn't be terrible, at least having one that has gives spell vamp for basic attacks wouldn't be terrible (and the loss of many spell vamp items kind of hurts mages when AD has a lot of life steal items). {{champion:104}} is actually pretty original (even if it is kind of copied from Jhin). The only issue I have is that Graves must shoot what's in front of him at all times. This makes it hard to lane as in, anything standing in front of Graves prevents him from taking the turret. People complaining about the extra damage from his extra shots can take a second to realize how hard it is to get to that point. I think that Graves should be able to shoot at what ever he is trying to target and the other two rounds (or his other 4 if critically striked) should hit whatever else. That's not the only strange thing in his kit. I mained Graves before his change and really dislike the E now, as it only functions well after hitting something which is not exactly what I used it for when I play as Graves. Rather it helps me attack more (with the AS buff it gave) but that's not what it does right now. It should give an extra bullet to Graves so he can shoot 3 times in a row even if there is already 2 bullets loaded. The whole point of the small slide is to give an extra bullet so why waist one while in range, slide a little to the right to fire another one? Why not just have 3 from the get-go? I'll say t again, the design change is original and I kind of like it but there are flaws that make him hard to use. And if you want to get Graves back into lane rather than jungle, these changes would greatly benefit.
: Most ridiculous thing I've ever read. the cons outway the pros
When a post has positive feed back, you can't throw in negatives thinking you will get a positive feed back. Just saying.
: We're working on Kennen as well.
I honestly feel bad for Kennen. He finally gets into the meta and is quickly just brushed to the side once again by the nerf hammer. Can't we just add some buffs to the supposed counters for these champions?
: champions shouldn't require a time sink to buy lmao "muh learning curve" this game is one of the easiest mobas out there.
champions shouldn't also be a majority of 6300s and 4800s. Its easy to play this game... back in the day that is. They have made plenty of the "cheap" champs pretty complicated as of late. Soraka is a great example. She went from one of the easiest supports to one of the more complex. No more great heals for just high mana costs, now you have to go tank Soraka for that 10% current health cost. I stand by my point that the game could be even easier than it is already. Overwatch and DoTA have all their characters for free and yet people barely complain about it. VainGlory (a Moba for touch) has pay for Heroes but there aren't even 30 characters yet so getting all of them shouldn't be difficult... and yet, they are now making it easier once again by allowing players to possibly get a Hero for free from a chest (and new players automatically get 3 Heroes for free as well). League of Legends was right to make "earning" a Champion the point of playing... but there is a lack in "arsenal" when you have 100/131 champions. I'm almost done getting them all... but I'm pretty sure I would quit on day one if I saw all the champions there are. I would switch to Overwatch or DoTA 2 in a heartbeat because of how big of a pay wall Riot built in this.
: just make them free and refund all IP+RP on champ purchases
Or, we can refund you your loss of RP and/or IP for every champ that got reduced in the past... oh, wait. Chamuel85 has a better mindset about this.
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WinBoat (NA)
: Exactly, and same for ranked and moving up. People will cry tho because deep down they know they aren't good enough and depend on having a solid team to help them move up the ladder or have their friends. Too bad Riot won't experiment and try basing rank off KDA since they already tried with their flex/dynamic crap. Luckily for me, I own 42 champions, and all 42 are level 5+. Some level 6's, some level 7's.
It was silly for me one time in top lane, which I barely go to but it was silly none the less. We were slaughtering the enemy... and I had about 2 or 3 kills but...... 30+ assists! I had I think 1 death that match but came out with a S- because of the assists! In another match, I was able to get 50 assists, but because I had 5 deaths and only 2 kills... I got an A+ as a Support. Its not just the losing, I've been cheated an S from winning as well.
: Haven't seen one yet. Can you link me a replay?
Can we now admit that a Tank champion should be tankier in their stats and kits rather than by getting items. Tanks should do what they are intended to do, which is to have CC in their kits, and abilities that make them harder to kill as well. Not every Tank is like this, some are more like Fighters and do a better job at being a Fighter than half the Fighters in the list. Mordekaiser was suppose to be a Juggernaut but lacks really any CC or abilities making him harder to kill (his original Q was much better at this and his passive the same). I'm grateful most (to all) Assassins are becoming less tanky, and hopefully Evelynn's kit (and hopefully Visuals) get nicely updated in the future. But most Fighters can't initiate well, some Marksmen are not as squishy as they could be, some of the Mages need compensation for the AP nerfs to most of their items, and as a Support main I wish Ruby Sightstone didn't even take up a slot rather that it was an add-on to the already free Sightstone slot. Make it cost more, or have it do less, I don't care but I hate needing this thing take up a slot if I were to go as a Support I would rather be getting mana regen or plain AP on. It would also be useful for Junglers and others since it wouldn't take up much of a slot. And, if I were to buy the Sightstone + Support item, I would like it to be have a separate ward limit. I also think there's now a lack in diversity for people who go as a AP champion compared to those going AD. AD champs can go with AS/Crit. items or AD (or both) but AP champions have only AP items to go to for help. There aren't many AP + AD items that benefit Mages that could use it, and the same can be said for the Marksmen that have that one ability that can benefit from AP. This is also crucial for Marksmen like Teemo and Corki or use Magic Damage though they are Marksmen in their own right. There are about one or two AP items that increase your AS and about 2 or 3 items that have AP and AD (the reason this was taken away from Trinity Force baffles me to this day). Malzahar, who could use this bonus AD on his pets, has only Hexblade to look into. Riot still has things they could fix or benefit to and this is just what's relevant to your thread. I'm not even going into Champ IP prices, Twisted Treeline map updates, Reuse of Butcher's Bridge, or the fact they could just allow for people to use Team Builder esc type of system rather than Blind Pick revamp due to it having you only needing to chose one champion and position rather than two positions.
: Mind blown{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Genius design. American soldiers are to be outfitted with gun legs to increase their combat effectiveness. Trump decrees it.
Or, you can have wolverine hands. Best of both worlds.
Dooomba (NA)
: {{champion:103}} I have your companions under my control, for the last 20 minutes, Surrender now! {{champion:126}} I drop an Acceleration Gate and blast ‘em with a Hyper Charge. Feel the thunder! {{champion:103}} *rolls for evasion: 1* Oh come on! {{champion:126}} *rolls for damage: 20* Heh, gotcha! {{champion:103}} ...
{{champion:122}} HAHAHA!! Silly Garen, I have perfected your silly overhead slam. You are no match for me. {{champion:86}} Damacia never wavers. I can run faster than you and cause you to not be able to use this ability with my magical sword. {{champion:23}} Weak fools! I slam my sword down all the time. {{champion:126}} Pft, your weapons are no match for mine. {{champion:86}} ... {{champion:122}} ... {{champion:23}} ... Yours is nothing but a blunt hammer, why compare to the might of our steel? {{champion:126}} [Summersaults 20 feet over to the three, lets his hammer hit the ground, a giant lightning blast follows soon after] That's why.
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: Those fake supports infuriate me. If you're going to play support, play a support. Don't use the role as an excuse for an additional AP carry.
If you want to build pure AP, its best to just chose a Support character then. If you want to go with a non-specified-Support champion then you get mostly support items. I like going Taric, Bard, and Nunu support. Nunu because of his constant MS + AS boosts and his MS + AS reductions. I finally found my counter to Jinx. :D
: How can people be so fucking ignorant. For real. I'm so sick of hearing "life is hard that's how it is ". If you are not depressive (and i talk about depressive not "omg im sad cuz my boyfriend broke up") you will never understand how it is and have no right to talk like that about it. It's not just being sad or looking for an easy wayout and especially noone is looking for "fame". Depressive people are introvert about their problems hence most find out about it AFTER they commit suicide.
I wish people wouldn't down vote troll like this. You make it sound like depressed people only have one way to ease their pain. Sorry for adding the trigger-word "fame" into it. Not much else to be said here but an apology on that as it was uncalled for. GayFluffyUnicorn, until you (yourself) accept the fact that you are going to have to struggle through life, I'm not sure how this conversation will go. But, there is an alternative to believing this... **Life is only as hard as you make it out to be.** That's what I believe and I never said "life is hard, that's how it is" because that contradicts what I said here and in my original statement. Killing yourself is pretty selfish in my opinion, and I'm not afraid of the down votes for this one. And you defending it doesn't make it better. How are we going to prevent anymore people from this If we can't at least help them through the rut in their lives? There is bound to be a reason for them to keep living if they keep trudging on, even if they are in emotional trauma. You need to be there to comfort them, yes, but you can't shelter them from life. I'm sorry for the death of his friend and mean no ill will but geez, depression is not something you are born with and its only temporary. Stay close to your friends and look for signs. I can only hope no one I know is depressed. I'm not much of a motivational speaker and I aspire to better that. Little by little, people listen to me, and I try and do my best to be kind, not curse, and lead an example of someone who is nice no matter how mean someone is to me.
: not cool man
Its funny though. How is it that people tend to think they find an answer that makes no sense and yet when explained why its not the way they should take things... they do it anyway. Suicide only does a few things; makes people sad, gives the deceased a moment of fame, the deceased chose to die by their own hands, doesn't fully understand the consequences. Life is hard, and there will be grim days a head. Yet, the darker the day, the brighter tomorrow might be.
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: I actually tweaked my Taric build to contain {{item:3069}} instead of {{item:3401}} just because my ADCs wouldn't shut up about me "stealing their cs".
I always got a weird look when I used {{item:3069}} because Taric was suppose to use the other one. Honestly, just because Taric's heal uses bonus health as a heal doesn't mean its that good. I usually prefer {{item:3092}} over it because AP Taric is OP.
: *shrugs* "Still gives AS, Crit and MS"
Psh, I play Gnar as an ADC with AS, Crit, and MS down bot. :'D (No, I seriously did this... and would win half the time. Its insane...)
Luxychan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Paladin 0f Life,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=usFLmExU,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-10-23T22:32:50.767+0000) > > What about semi simple kits with nuances like Nunu? Easy kit but now has some micro managing mini game that affects his powerspikes and ganking potential. Or like Poppy, easy kit but passive provides fun play that is not always predictable it lets their kit not be super boring and adds depth to the game while keeping mechanics low. The poppy changes were, in my opinion, one of the best changes to a champion I've seen. It helped her become a fun to play cham,pion without completely complicating her kit. It's a wonderful example of adding a hint of complexity without ruining the gameplay.
As someone who mained Taric I have to say I kind of like the Kit... but only so much. The changes are just weird and will take time to get use to. I kind of miss Taric's rare support skill to reduce armor (kind of how I also miss Soraka's ability to give back mana to allies but it was kind of OP). I miss Taric's ability to heal with just a point and click rather than only focusing on who is nearby or has my W (and if they're in range). The heal is also weaker as a result of its new AoE ability that's nice to have but is going to be hard in a meta where huddling together is bad when we have so much CC... so its creative but I kind of miss just being able to point and click and the strength of the heal is also sad, especially if Taric's alone. Them getting rid of Taric's larger heal when only on himself should only amplify the power it should send or at least lower it back to the cost it was pre-reworked Taric which was just 60/70/80/90/100 rather than 60/80/100/120/140 which is a lot to ask for in a small heal. I still feel bad Soraka's heal costs % health... It makes it just that much harder to balance when it costs 10% of her current health (plus mana).
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