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: > [{quoted}](name=KarmasPolice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1B7ZoUAi,comment-id=00030002,timestamp=2016-04-24T12:17:49.737+0000) > > I checked his last 5 games btw. The enemy team has a premade in each game. In his third most recent game none of his team mates had ever played with each other before. He is lying and you are lying.
> [{quoted}](name=Quepha,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1B7ZoUAi,comment-id=000300020000,timestamp=2016-04-24T16:25:21.452+0000) > > In his third most recent game none of his team mates had ever played with each other before. He is lying and you are lying. Just because I did not fact check every game does not mean I'm lying. Even if 1/5 is wrong, sample size is too small for you to decide if I'm lying or not. It's perception, as well. Also, exaggeration through frustration with the system is a thing too.
Rexxa (NA)
: Dynamic queue is the worst thing Riot has ever forced on its playerbase.
Agreed. Bring back Season1-Season 4 queues. This is so stupid and irritating. The queue alone makes me so much more angry than soloq did.
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: Karthus, the Deathsinger
Are you guys working on making colorblind particle effects for him, too? The current ones that you have here are nearly 100% impossible for me to see: even more so than the skittles he's got now. :|
Jag (NA)
: [4.7] Live Gameplay Patch Forecast
I wouldn't mind seeing {{item:3154}} evolve into {{item:3160}} at (just arbitrary numbers here, throwing out ideas) 50 stacks. Similar to what it is now, you would get 1 stack for a big monster in the jungle, but contrary to now, you would get 5 stacks for "epic" monsters like Nashor and Dragon. In addition, you would get 5 stacks on kill and assist (this is for Wriggles only. After the evolution, you would still only get 1 per on each). This does 2 things. One, it completely destroys any chance of being the super relevant hyper carry junglers that never showed their face once before 25 minutes and already have a completed {{item:3153}} and whatever other item they decide to build, as well as large stacks of their Flare already in the bank. Two, it gives a massive incentive to control Dragon in the Early game, as well as help around the map. You might ask, isn't 5 stacks way too much on kill and assist? In my mind, it's not. Most flare junglers have no hard CC. (Nocturne, Warwick (post 6), Wukong (post 6), Xin Zhao [soft slow and conditional knockup], Aatrox [but who actually plays Aatrox anymore], and Vi (conditional knockback and post 6 ult). These will definitely have slight advantages over say Master Yi, but there is definitely counterplay against all these (except maybe Nocturne, in which the only counterplay would be to flash his fear tether). Another thing that might be good, is instead of getting +3 damage and +1 healing per stack, it would be a nice change to have +2 damage a stack, and +1 healing every 3 stacks. In my opinion, the extra damage (which in the grand scheme of things: 100x.33 or 33 extra damage on evolution or 199x.33= 66 extra damage at 33 stacks) is not the issue. The issue is the on hit value of the health return. Because it is actually on hit, it does not get mitigated by armor at all. It also scales up extremely fast when you power farm the jungle (as at the 33 stacks, you would have 43 health return per hit, which not even including the additional lifesteal most of the Flare junglers will bring, is absolutely insane). These are just some random things that might help bring it in line, but in no way, shape or form the only ways to bring it in line (like taking a look at the slow from the {{item:3153}} active).


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