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: The problem isn't with CC. If she has CC in her kit, fine. Vel has it, lux has it, orianna has it. The problem is that none of them even come close in terms of safety when compared to post 6 zoe. It's her damage that she becomes capable of with 3 abilities once she hits level 6. Overall, besides her Q damage + true damage with E proc, she's not OP, her kit is just extremely annoying, and her E skillshot from fog doesn't feel fair, especially when compared to something like veigar's E or even Zac's launch.
To be fair, one of Zoe's "counters", Lux, can do a lot of things that Zoe does. Q out of the fog of war and ult, and mid game, you should be easily able to delete a squishy. But Lux isn't very mobile. Her only defenses are summon spells (Flash, Exhaust, Barrier) and her W. If she can't kite you, she's dead. Zoe? Chase her, she'll turn on you. Bring friends? Paddleboard poke. Wanna dodge a global ult? Use your short cd ult. Zoe is like a mobile Lux- a safer lux. Its just anti fun to deal with.
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: while i agree she can be un-fun to play against, i found your arguements poor. Yes.. every game you play against zoe will be the same. Just like every game you face against zed is the same. And so on. Ill compare zoe e to a viegar e. both very strong zoning tools with cc on direct hit, as well as lingering cc on the ground. Why isn't there as much hate for veigar e?
Zoe doesn't really have much skill to her kit. She's a ranged assassin that can delete you from out of the fog of war away from bushes. I don't know a single assassin that can do that. Even characters with long range, like {{champion:96}} and {{champion:18}} have weaknesses besides being fairly squishy. Sure, they have long range poke, but you can generally counter them by dodging a skill shot or cc'ing trist when she uses her E. Zoe? Cast bubble, run back, cast ult, paddle Q into enemy and watch them either get chunked to almost death or dead. All out of the fog of war. {{champion:45}} 's E is annoying to deal with. But it has counter play, or at the very least, you have a chance. You can spellshield, you can run or flash. Zoe? Nope. Even if you flash, she'll just reposition with ult to Q you. Vei can zone, and tbh, its a lot bigger than Zoe's E. I've never walked on top of the E pool. But her E is also different in that it does damage. Vei's E does 0 damage.
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: Just because somebody is claiming their belief as absolute does NOT make it offensive or ban worthy. Regardless of whether or not you interpret it as "forcing what you believe onto other individuals", even if this was the case it still wouldn't be ban worthy. Sorry.
And yet, people forget this little gem: Quoted from Commander Comment: "straight from the TOS: Riot Games may modify any name which, in the sole and exclusive judgment of Riot Games, violates this provision without further notification to you, and may take further disciplinary measures, including Account termination, for repeated violations; or... By agreeing to the TOS you agreed to give Riot Games "sole and exclusive judgment" therefore you have no rights to whatever name you had/want." ^ Riot decides, not their player base.
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So, it won't even let me hit that launch button. I get to "Applying Patch" and it sits there for a long time. This is not covered here.

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