Reyzor (NA)
: Gold IV support looking for serious gamers to grind for plat!
Hey amatsu I would like to join your group. Maybe play a few games together to see how we work as a team.
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: LF top and bot lane for ranked 5s tonight!!!!
I know you are looking for plat+ but if you are still looking for a support later tonight hit me up. "Reyzor"
: Are you a bronze silver or gold player looking to join a rank team?
Rank: Silver 1 IGN: Reyzor Age: 22 Role(s): support main or mid Skype: Yes
: Gold ADC main LF support to duo with :)
I will be on last I'm a silver 1 support main. Go ahead and add me "Reyzor"
Robìn (NA)
: Cryptic Gaming White looking for Top/Mid/Support Mains!
IGN: Reyzor Rank: Silver 1 Role: Support Champion Pool: Tahm, thresh, alistar, Janna, Nami, Morgana, Braum, Leona Playstyle: aggressive or reactive Availability/Schedule: Fathers schedule usually around 11am-1pm and after 10 pm central time Working Headset/Microphone: yes
: Silver 1 ADC looking for Silver 1+ Support to duo
Won't be on until later but silver 1 support here "Reyzor"
: Need a duo to get my smurf out of silver, plat on my main just cant seem to climb on this 1
I'm at silver 1 support I have been stuck all season from bad teams/feeders we could duo and give it a shot. "Reyzor"
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Nural (NA)
: Fantasy LCS 2015 Summer Split -- Draft Discussion and Analysis (Cheat Sheet Included)
: Welcome to Fantasy LCS - Summer 2015
So does the draft include NA and EU players?


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