Sukishoo (NA)
: Each year they have skipped different skinlines; 2018 they skipped Star Guardian, Project and Arcade. So, 2019 they chose not to do Pool Party so they could fit all of this stuff in before Worlds, as well as revisit other skinlines like Elderwood and Infernal.
Arcade, star guardian, project none of those are SEASONAL they constantly rotate they dont skip valentines or halloween or snow down which are seasonal
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: Probably planned, along with a few other skin lines. Makes sense to alternate the popular ones instead of pumping them all out year after year, cause otherwise they'd start to get stale, and they'd run out of champions to give the skins to.
Why not? We get other seasonal skins yearly? So why not summer? Arent all the ither skin lines supposed to be weaved between those?
: Think of Elderwood as a step into Fall season! But yeah maybe we'll get Pool Party next year. Coincidentally, a perfect pattern to release a Pool Party Jinx skin. After all you can't dispute the fact that it was 365 days since her last skin right?
Jinx? Nah man im preaching to get that pool party Oriana skin we see in lee sins splash. It just makes too much sense. And jinx literally just got a skin.
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Kazekiba (NA)
: Come up with a Xerath skin that isn't just a Chroma. Keep in mind Riot refuses to make skins that aren't $12 minimum, but this doesn't mean it has to be a *GOOD* Skin and in fact, probably wont be. > 1600 days without skins, events or being decently playable Kalista or Skarner were both meta even in Solo Q early this year and Skarner is a strong champion right this very patch. Xerath is also pretty much sleeper status, depending on the enemy comps. He's far and above the other siege mid laner, Ziggs, and with the recent lux nerfs (though theyre buffing her shield) Xer is somewhat more useful than ever.
Elderwood or cosmic/dark star. ? Program? Battle boss? Glacial? But honestly. In all seriousness xeraths model is trash and idk why no one is pushing for it to get a vu at all. It would make making meaning full skins for him that much easier
Jacksin (OCE)
: No colourful / playful / light-hearted male caster mages :(
{{champion:432}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:115}}
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: Surprise Party Zac
I think the passive blob from w keep that from working sadly
: massive lag spikes and ping spikes in the rift, no internet issues whatsoever
Yep, been lagging with high ping spikes for a few days now, only having this issue with league
: Yuumi should be able to ping her passive
: High ping
Yep been getting really high pings lately and only in league. theres a bunch of posts about it too
only 98-105? Been getting these spikes and some show nearly over 2k high and its an utter slide slow and im in NA and ususally playing just fine
Limothy (NA)
: Ping Spikes
Yep its really bad lately
: No incentive to return from an accidental AFK
I like getting flagged for afk because the game doesnt even load properly for all players :) had that happen twice yesterday. The second game I was able to Rejoin and was the best player on my team after some one else went afk completely for no reason
: Can we stop ignoring Warwick?
51% win rate? Sure its not the best but certainly not bad compared to others who have % in the 40s. Lol. I do wish theyd do something about the death sound though and why its so loud
: Ivern Skin ideas
I really like that seasonal skin idea Of course another one could be Reverse ivern with tall lanky stone golem and bulky tree but that probably would work cause maokai exists
KKMobs (NA)
: Wild West themed ori skin
Hmm actually thats kinda interesting sounding, especially with the demons they introduced to the time line... but i think she has enough evil ish skins that and I really want pool party to be her next one
Jaboka (EUNE)
: (long post) Mordekaiser support rework suggestion
Read the lore and tell me how we will ever get a noxian support
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: Meowzahar skin concept
We need to bump this up for this years VS event of Cats Vs dogs !
: DH got nerfed incredibly hard, why are people still complaining about it?
: Dear santa Riot, for christmas i would like a new balance team
Just had an aram game go 99-74 team with 99 lost because global mages that dont have to do anything for their damage and a tank to kill twice not to mention the 74 team had a 0/11 team mate This sort of comeback should not be possible
: Dark Harvest actually got nerfed in damage, but in procs......IT GOT BLOWN OUT OF THE ROOF WHICH IS WHY EVERYONE HATES IT NOW....FRICKING RESETS
wow 10 whole damage nerf :/ still scales way to hard and way too easily . there is no skill needed in it what so ever
: Alright it was funny for a while, now revert it.
when 7/10 people take dark harvest in a game
: Academy Adventures 3
Riot Seriously make some of these adacemy skin concepts into actual skins... you are missing out on a lot of money by not doing it
: I think the hair is more fitting than a bowler hat. The hair is pretty iconic on mafia thugs, and reminds me of the style in like Peaky Blinders and old comic books.
Really? Cause I think the whole suit and hat is more iconic then any particular hairstyle. That and literally the other 3 mafia skins have hats so why shouldn't braum continue it.
ChuShoe (NA)
: do you know how much gold it costs to play this skin? You think he can afford a bowler hat after all that money he just threw at his enemies?
Till you realize how much gold is generated per game runeterra is loaded with gold
: Lowkey I wanted him to have a bowler hat.
Like in the fan concepts he has a bowler hat. If they are gonna rip from thr community do it fully
: TFW you got 26 keys and no chests
Ive seen people get chests and barely any keys
: If you're ever losing a trade, just remember Old Reliable
Akali just adds to the reason towers are already useless any way. They are there just for the objective part of their concept. Unlike many seasons ago
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=theChibiTina,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eTcIZjNB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-01T07:09:42.782+0000) > > It's true. Tower damage needs to be buffed because towers do practically nothing. They might as well not even exist right n they should buff them against tanks, not against everyone. maybe make thier shots %max hp + a flat number instead of just a flat number. or give them armor pen. but some champions with low mobility get hit really hard form the tower(non tanks it is)
Ive seen yasuos do that same thing just with their passive. Towers are full round garbage unless you're a glass cannon
: Towers Are Legit Garbage
: Towers are actually useless
Its absolutely nuts how crap towers are against champions that dont even build tank items and tank like 5 shots and still walk out.
Altiverse (EUNE)
Now if only they put a hat on that ugly hair
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: That wouldn't be because you actually play {{champion:412}} from time to time could it? No no no. That can't be it. -___- "them champs are unfun... 'cept the champs I play..."
Yes I play thresh, I also don't mind playing against thresh. Because thresh has clear strengths and weaknesses Thresh needs to choose wisely when to use his abilities to either be aggressive or to be defensive. Every one always praises a good hook from thresh or good defensive flay. theres ways to play around thresh like utilizing cool downs he misses. unlike some one like yasuo who takes your safety zones and completely negate them those minions that you can out play your opponent with? nah those only give him openings to engage twice as fast as you can move to get away with little to no cooldowns except on his own extra overloaded safety that has interactions that don't even make sense on what it blocks and what it doesn't
Xenzai (NA)
: Help me make a Champ!! I need ideas and a name.
A ranged magic samurai whos bulky? Where on earth did you come up with that and whats your concept for it? also why a reload mechanic on an ap champ
Wacky9 (NA)
: Cho'Gath is won or lost mid game. Getting good Feast stacks on enemies will set you up for a strong lategame. This depends on being able to see if your execute will actually kill anyone, especially when you're facing tanky enemies.
Theres methods to knowing when he will execute some one on his end, the indicator which yes may not be a good as others. and knowing how much damage it does via the too tip and the little targeted window in the top when you click on something. They below the damage? it'll probably work I dont know how resistances work or if it matters but i know theres nothing targets can know of they need to be worried about it.
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: Check out the Champ Memotion Winners!
why not show the honorable mentions.... you expect every one to know what they were when not every one even knew about this contest to begin with?
: Bard is What CertainlyT's Champions Should Strive to Be
Bard isnt a certainlyT designed champ
: So, {{champion:143}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:122}} are unfun to play against. All of them. I seeeee.
You left out {{champion:157}} , And the new akali, and {{champion:51}} rework and {{champion:104}} rework you can take thresh out though Hes not as frustrating as the rest
Ceol (OCE)
: CertaintlyT Champion frustration stems from their kits breaking fundamental game principles.
I like how the only champion of his no one complains about in some way is {{champion:412}}
: The beginning of the game going downhill was when Keystones were first introduced.
It was getting bad before the new rune system
Wacky9 (NA)
: {{champion:31}} has no idea whether or not he can execute you. His indicator is shit and needs to be changed especially because it is vital to his late game strength.
You dont need the indicator when it one shots carries late any way
: ARURF= Sivir,Cancer Yi.Naus.Vladimir.Poppy
Riot doesnt make anything actually random
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