: I just gotta know, when you say university of Calgary do you mean the one in Calgary Alberta Canada? Just curious to know as I'm just finishing up first year engineering there, with my desired major as Software Engineering :D
Always glad to hear about people getting into software. What's your favorite thing about programming/software engineering? I do mean Calgary, Alberta :) As I said in my post above, I would highly recommend participating in the internship program. I gained a tonne of valuable experience over the course of my 16 month internship (and getting paid for a year between 3rd/4th year was great too). If you're interested in gaming, I'd also recommend taking CPSC 453 (Introduction to Computer Graphics).
: RickVanPrim, This thread is old, but hopefully you still see this. I use a key binding that I like to call "Shift cast". Everything is set to smart cast, but in addition, holding shift changes everything to normal cast. For example, Ezreal's Mystic shot would immediately activate if I press "q", but if I press "Shift+q", I get the range indicator and could then cast with either left-click or "q". This works fairly well for me in game. One change I would like to see is to be able to force indicators to display for abilities like Karthus' Lay waste, which currently cannot be set to display their indicators.
Hey MagicCarpetRide, The design intent for Karthus Q is for it to always function as a QuickCast spell, which is why binding a NormalCast (such as Shift+Q) doesn't behave the way you're expecting. The one exception to that rule is when it's clicked on. When clicked, forced QuickCast spells will function as NormalCast. I'm not aware of any plans to change that. James
: Question, how would the button holding and cast on release work on champions with abilities like {{champion:91}} (ex. his Q and R which are instant cast) would it still be able to cast on release or would pressing it cast it instantly regardless of whether i hold the key down or not? (other champs with a problem like this: {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} other champs with a instant cast (i guess self cast?) ability that effects things around them or themselves)
Hey Swagyolord, Self cast abilities are always treated as QuickCast, so they will fire on key press, regardless of which type of spell input you have bound. James
: Riot Games Software Engineer Interview
> [{quoted}](name=Noobspectivee,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=G43hAV7A,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-13T01:29:04.628+0000) > > I have a school assignment to interview a gaming software engineer and so I choose Riot Games. I was told by support to post here and hopefully get an answer back. > Questions (Software Engineer) > 1. Your Name > 2. Your Specific Degree > 3. Your Place of Employment > 4. Your Contact info (If possible) (email address, phone, or etc) > 5. Please describe your engineering field > 6. what is your current job title > 7. Please describe your particular job and duties > 8. what is your average work schedule > 9. starting with high school, describe your educational background chronologically > 10. If you had to do it over, related to your career or education, would u do anything differently > 11.What advice would u give to me as someone interested in pursuing a career path similar to yours? > > Thank you in advance for answering these interview questions and if there are any questions that you are restricted from answering due to reasons, please feel free to skip and move on to the next question. For Prospectivee, 1. James Leitch 2. Software Engineering (diploma says "Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering") 3. Champion team at Riot Games (same as Aaron) 4. I'll try to answer questions posted here or friend me in game. 5. My career so far has been all gameplay stuff, which means working with designers (or other content creators) and building/improving systems to support the features they want. This can range from small things like hooking up an existing aim assist system, through larger things like building a buff system to drive elemental weapons and abilities/power ups (both examples taken from my previous job). 6. Software Engineer 7. Same as Aaron with regards to champions: build/debug/extend tech to support upcoming champions, while also trying to gradually improve the existing tech. Champs I've helped worked on are Azir, Kalista, Aurelion Sol, and some minor support for Gnar, Rek'sai, Bard. 8. Usually around 11-7, periodically staying later if I'm really focused on something or there's a deadline. 9. Where I grew up there weren't any AP classes, so I just took the normal stuff in high school. After graduating, I went into general engineering at University of Calgary. I chose engineering over science because it sounded cooler. Between 1st and 2nd year of university, I took a year off -- during which time I figured out I wanted to go into software and into games. After that I came back and chose Software Engineering as my major. Between 3rd and 4th year I interned at an educational software/hardware company, which is where I learned most of my practical skills (internships are important!). After interning, I finished my degree, graduated, and started at EA, where I worked for 2 years before getting my current job at Riot. It's worth noting that I started coding in grade 8, but I only ever thought of it as a hobby until I took that time off and decided it was what I wanted to do professionally. 10. I would take the compiler class at university that I didn't want to get up for (it was at 8 AM). I would also suggest working on games in Unity/UE4 to build up a portfolio. I had tried to build a game/engine from scratch, which was a great experience, but not as relevant as building/working on gameplay systems, which is what you'd be doing in Unity/UE4. 11. Be appreciative of how and why things work, not just that they do work. Curiosity and desire to learn are hugely important traits. Also try to work on some long term personal projects. I found a lot of school work didn't do a good job of preparing me for real work, because generally assignments involved solving individual problems in a vacuum, where the code is written once, and then thrown away. As a result, considerations like performance, maintainability, and extensibility get overlooked. Having something you work on over the course of several years will hopefully help build up these skills, in addition to whatever you learn in school. Cheers, James
JoeySoh (NA)
: Thanks for the reply Rick, though I'm not sure in which version exactly the behavior changed, I can still recall cancelling the skill shot with only 1 right click. Picture this scenario: a player is lining up a skill shot, he right clicks to chase a champion and holds on to Q after that to check the range. While doing that enemy champions appear and he has to cancel and retreat. Previously, it only required 1 right click to cancel the skill shot and to move away, now it requires 2. That's a huge difference for players used to the old way of using the quick cast ranged indicator casting. Right now i have to make sure I click exactly twice to cancel a skill shot and run, and I end up spamming right click in tense situations. This has never been the case before the quick cast range indicator changes were introduced. It was always 1 x right click to cancel and to escape, there was never a need to spam right click or to click exactly two times to cancel the quick cast and to issue a retreat. Here's another scenario: support wants to ward over the wall, so she moves somewhere close, and holds onto the the trinket hot key while moving to get ready to ward at the half way point of the wall, and while doing that enemy champions appear and she decides to move back, it's the same problem again, she has to spam right click or right click exactly twice within a short time frame to cancel the trinket cast and get away. The previous behavior was to right click the new movement location (once) and the trinket quick cast and range indicator gets cancelled while the champion is moving. Pls note that the ability and range indicator does not cancel if the hot key is pressed after movement is issued (the range indicator will move with the champions), but the moment a new movement command is issued it should cancel the ability and range indicator and just move to the new location (all in 1 click). I've been using the Garena and NA client for a number of years (4000+ normal games and 400+ ranked games), so yea I'm pretty sure there is a change in the quick cast cancellation which has been overlooked. I'm not sure whether my input.ini file could have any effect on the quick cast, but this is my initial input.ini configuration after every patch (in Garena, the settings get reset after every patch): [GameEvents] evtPlayerAttackMove=[<Unbound>] evtPlayerAttackMoveClick=[Button 1] evtPlayerSelectClick = [Button 3] evtOnUIMouse4Pan=[<Unbound>] [MouseSettings] RollerButtonSpeed = 0 [HUDEvents] evtOnUIMouse1 = [Button 1], [Button 3] evtOnUIMouse2 = [Button 2] evntHudMoveableSelect = [Button 3] [taken from a left click attack move guide on reddit - Guide to Easy Kiting (Left Click Attack)] Thereafter I go into the client's setttings and choose (Quick cast All), and then check the "show range indicator" at the bottom of the hot keys menu. Thanks Rick, have a nice day.
Hey JoeySoh, Thank you for the additional information. I'm still not able to reproduce one RightClick both cancelling and moving. Is it possible that there is something else that may have changed that's throwing off how things feel? James
JoeySoh (NA)
: Hi Rick, Thanks for restoring the old quick cast behavior and adding more options to the hotkey configuration. I'll like to add that the previous behavior was indeed to move + cancel ability on 1 single right click (for years until the recent 5.xx versions). I play mostly on Garena, which just implemented 5.8 today (was waiting for the quick cast bugs to be solved). I'm not sure how this impacts other players, and how subtle the difference is, but it's very noticeable to players who have been using quick cast + range indicator by holding the ability key down and cancelling it by moving. Logged into NA just to post this. I hope u guys look into this, and restore the cancel + move in 1 click function. Thanks and have a nice day.
Hey JoeySoh, We're not planning on changing the behavior. I have been unable to reproduce a scenario where a single RightClick is both cancelling the selected spells and issuing a move order on 5.3 or 4.15. James
: Are you going to make the behaviour consistent throughout abilities? I've noticed that for some abilities (like Karthus's Q, Ahri's R, etc.) will fire the moment you press the button even if you have range indicators on. It might make sense for some abilities, but always having to guess the exact timing of an ability during cast is not something I like dealing with.
Hey HORSE OF FORCE, There are no plans to change how these abilities work that I am aware of. This behavior is set on a per ability basis by the designers that work on those champions. James
: patch 5.8 here and my spells still get canceled when I right click(with range indicators, I used to be able to hold down the spell button and move around with right click and aim the shot, the spell would be cast when I release the button(it wasn't canceled when i right click some where), and spell would queue up if I press 2 or 3 buttons one after another). Is this a bug in my client(do i have to reinstall),
Hey RearAdmSnuggies, We just checked the behavior in 5.3 and RightClick cancels the held down QuickCastWithIndicator spells, with the exception being Charge Spells (Xerath Q, Vi Q, etc.) which allow movement. Do you have any unusual keybinds? Reinstalling will have no effect on this. James
: Any plans for saving bindings on a per champion basis. Even thought its relatively quick to change it still sucks whenever I forget for example to smart cast varus or vi Q and release it super early in the completely wrong direction. Or I die as a level 6 Akali because i forgot to put my ult on smart cast. Also is there any chance we can get individual casting settings for spells and ability's and not just keys. For example on Elise I really wish I could click cast cocoon and smart cast rappel, but in the current settings thats not possible without shift/alt/key shenanigans.
Hey LightEcho, We do not currently have plans for that feature. James
pleep (NA)
: I dont understand whats going on here tbh. I want quick cast with range idicators to activate abilities on button press. Will there be anyway to make it work like this? thanks
Hey pleep, Are you referring to preserving the change that was made (which is being changed back)? We are considering having the new behavior available as an option. James
: Hey VanPrim I was testing out the new "quick cast with indicator spell" and isnt it the same thing as "show range indicators when quick cast" at the bottom of the hotkeys option? Is there a difference between the two? This is the one I was talking about: http://i.imgur.com/7u9AjeP.png Here is the new quick cast with indicatior: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-x3dNZJt6UBE/VTbivYONpFI/AAAAAAAAog8/vXJGf4V0i7U/s1600/11.jpg
Hey CriticalSun, The QuickCastWithIndicator stuff is moving under the keybinds (second screenshot), and will no longer be toggled by the check box (first screenshot). James
: here is a rare one, I play with a mac book pro, i use the space bar as my movement and to shoot of spells, ( i normal cast) when i select a spell or even a wars (jinx as example) i cant toggle thru the spells or items, the rang indicator says up but also i can not re direct my champion movement without holding down the space bar for like a second, but before i used to run with traps out and throw them last second ideal, now when i use traps, toggled, my champions refuses to move
Hey Illuminated, Could you tell me what your keybinds are and what actions you are taking? It sounds like you've rebound Player Move to Spacebar, but in our attempt to cast with that, it just cancels the cast (which is what I would expect). Thanks, James
: It' not your mind, or mine is going crazy aswell. I pray the lords of the league that they put it back the way it was before. If they do, it seems they won't hotfix it, we have to wait until patch 5.8....
Hey Zee7h and YkarulfixEU, I'm guessing you're both referring to drag targeted spells with QuickCast/QuickCastWithIndicator? That's the only example I'm aware of where a LeftClick used to cancel targeting. Conceptually LeftClick corresponds to confirming a spell cast, and RightClick to cancelling one, which is unlikely to change. The only other change I can think of is LeftClick went from doing nothing during QuickCastWithIndicator (not cancelling) to casting. James
: As someone who 'queues' casting in the way you said I'm glad you reverted the changes. I've always asked this and posted many times on the forums asking for this change but, while you're looking into indicators. Can you please make an option to **display BOTH ranged and line cast indicators** at the same time. It always bothered me that I had to choose between; - 360 degrees range of the ability. - Line showing path and width of ability. Each has its own unique advantages, but neither give you the full range of information I need.
Hey Fongletto, There are not any current plans to add that functionality that I'm aware of, but I agree that it would be a nice feature for people using NormalCast or QuickCastWithIndicator. James
: Will this be something you can quickly change in the top menu? (Much like how you can flip between normal cast and quick cast on your primary keys without having to dig deep into the key binding list)
Hey Maestro8o, Currently the new keybinds will not be available in the Quickbind section as that will require additional UX work. James
: So, I commented on this at News of Legends. Was told to bring it here. So what if you just set a keybind to hold down along with the ability to see it's range? As if they weren't using quickcast. Basically, holding another button to turn off quickcast temporarily. Then when you let go of the button, it returns to normal? Just an example. But it's a thought. I should elaborate a little. So let's use alt as an example. If you were to hold down alt + Q at the same time on blitz, you would be able to see the range without it casting the ability. Then when you let go of alt, if wanted, could have the ability go off, and or simply let go and go back to quick cast.
Hey Rummpelstiltskin, I like that idea! I know the clarity team is exploring ways to help teach cast ranges, but that will be an ongoing effort and not part of these changes. James
: It's cool to hear that you guys are starting to treat QuickCastWithIndicators as its own targeting paradigm - I vastly prefer it to standard Quickcast, as it feels like I can fire long-range spells a lot more precisely. It also helps me learn an ability's maximum range much more quickly - even when I'm just firing abilities as fast as possible, the range circle or arrow appears for a split-second, just long enough for me to get a sense of where my limits lie. That said, now that With-Indicators is splitting off from Without, are you planning on finally providing indicators for a few champions with abilities designed to be Quickcast-only? Just off the top of my head, you've got Karthus, Cassiopeia and Zyra with abilities with a definite maximum range, but no indicator when you hold the button. This makes it REALLY hard for me to learn how far I can fire, and on occasion it screws with my targeting because the ability activates On Press instead of On Release as I'm used to (ex. "Alright, he's coming toward me, hold the button to ready the shot... oh crap, it fired before I released and now it's on cooldown"). **TL;DR If QuickCastWithIndicators is finally being treated as its own thing, is anyone doing a consistency run to make sure all abilities work with it the same way?**
Hey EnvyDragon, I don't believe there are any plans to look at those abilities. Abilities like Karthus Q have a flag set on them that makes them always function as QuickCast (unless clicked with the mouse). It would be up to design as to whether or not they want to change that. James
Sensual (NA)
: hey i was wondering if riot can implement an "attack move" option for smart/quick casters with range indicators? Like in normal quick cast for attack move, you would have to press a button for example "a" and have to left click your mouse to do your attack move. Can there be an "attack move" option for quick casters where you can just press "a"? It would help me a lot. Thank you. As an ADC main, its a little bother some having to left click my mouse everytime i do attack move since i got used to quick casting everything. tldr: make a "attack move" option for quick casters with range indicator where you just press a button instead of having to press button then left click.
Hey Deft And Rekkles, Unless I'm misunderstanding, that keybind already exists under Player Movement -> Player Attack Move Click. Hope that helps, James
Łunatic (EUW)
: I have a concern regarding the new changes to quick cast: When I want to cancel my range indicator by right-clicking, I won't walk up to the position I clicked if I don't hold down the right mouse button for a longer period. To walk to the desired position while also cancelling the range indicator, i have to double-right-click now. I cannot really remember that I had to do that before 5.7. Is this also a new change to quick cast indicators or am I just dumb and this was also the way before? Not that this would be a bad change, though. You have to get used to it, but it's safer than accidentally walking into the enemy's face just because I didn't want to use my skillshot. I really could swear I only had to click once, fool.
Hey Lunatic, The current intention is that one RightClick will just cancel. It appears to have functioned this way back in 5.3 as well. Do you have any examples where a single RightClick both cancelled and moved? QuickCastWithIndicator did get a behavioral change, but we're undoing that change. Thanks, James
Hokusai (NA)
: Hello! First off I want to say that I'm glad that this problem was identified and acknowledged :) One more thing that I was curious about was the fact that you could cancel your range indicator by right clicking causing you to move wherever you clicked. I'm not sure if this was mentioned in this post, but I was wondering if that was something that changed or I'm just going crazy. To put it simply, I would bring my range indicator up, then cancel it by moving. Now when I have my range indicator up and right click to move, it cancels the range indicator, but the champion doesn't move where I right clicked, causing him to aimlessly walk forward. The adjustment was having to double click, which sounds simple enough I guess. But I just didn't see any problem with the old way. Like I said earlier, I'm not sure if its something that has always been around that I'm just noticing now, or if it was changed in the most recent patch. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out.
Hey Hokusai, Checking against 5.3, the behavior we're observing is that one RightClick just cancels the targeter, it doesn't cause the character to move. This is how things should be working on Live as well. Could you point me at an example of where a single RightClick would have caused you to both cancel the targeter and issue a new move order? Thanks, James
lornlynx (EUW)
: Hello, I'll use this opportunity to make a different plea regarding quickcast with range indicators. I'd really like to use range indicators on only some spells! Example is when I play Soraka, I use range indicators only for her Q, because it is nasty to hit and makes sense to "preload" and watch your enemy movements. But I hate using it on her E and W, because when I press those I am commited to them, I don't really have to aim that much and rather want them out asap. Especially on W it makes no sense because it only triggers when you aim over a teammate anyways. So, please, use this fixes to add distinctive range indicators and quickcasts for all spells. Edit: Oh, dunno if I understood that right now but it seems you are already adding this! If that's the case, wonderful!
Hey Lornlynx, That is correct, there will be new keybindings so that you can have only certain spells be QuickCastWithIndicator and others be NormalCast/QuickCast. James
: > [{quoted}](name=RickVanPrim,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=itnujTYb,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-04-10T19:21:36.293+0000) > > -snip- > > **So here&rsquo;s what we&rsquo;re going to do.** > We are fixing the right mouse cancel bug and re-implementing the old quick cast with range indicator behavior. In other words, abilities will continue to fire on **button release**, rather than on **button press**. > > -snip- > > Thanks for your patience and feedback here! We&#039;ll be trying to get this in as soon as possible (it could potentially take as long as patch 5.8 due to the scope and stability of the changes, sorry!). > > -snip- Hey there James. Since you mentioned you'd be around to answer some questions or give more context on this... I have a few questions if you can spare 2 mins: - what do you think of the suggestion given above about enabling a 3rd cast option? so both the people that like this new cast type as well as the ones that are more used to the old casting can pick whichever fits their needs - since you mention this might take as long as 5.8, is a hotfix before that patch out of the question? I'm just asking cause recent patches have taken about 1-2 weeks at best, and since some of us play this daily I just want to know how long it might take and get the proper expectations... thanks for looking into this!{{champion:103}}
Hey Magnathar, I like the idea. The intent of the original change was to make things better (although evidently that hasn't worked exactly as intended), so we're definitely open to trying to improve how this system works. I can't promise that we'll end up doing that, but it is a good idea and something we'll discuss :) The fix will be in for 5.8. I'm not sure about the hotfix situation. James
OmniMoto (NA)
: This actually happens in the fountain too, but not as severe, if you use an ability (for example, Kalista's Q) to jump out of the fountain for a faster return to lane, the ability will, instead of aiming at where your cursor is, will aim like, 45 Degrees off (just an estimation) This only seems to happen when you use an ability facing behind you though, not sure what it is.
Hey Motomaster, Thanks for the report. I am able to reproduce this on the fountain but haven't noticed it anywhere else, so hopefully it's a fairly isolated thing. Have you noticed it anywhere else? James
OmniMoto (NA)
: How about instead of having Normal Cast and Quick cast, you add a 3rd type, "Super Cast" Or something. Normal Cast and Quick cast remained unchanged from patch 5.7 Super cast uses the ability **On Button Press**, and shows no range indicator, because well, it would have casted before you saw the range. just an idea
Hey Motomaster, What you're describing of "Super cast" is how quick QuickCast (not with indicator) currently functions, unless I'm misunderstanding you. QuickCast has not changed and acts **On Button Press**. We are changing QuickCastWithIndicator back to how it used to be so it will not fire **On Button Press** of a different spell. James
Ame (NA)
: Not sure if its related to the quick cast issue but it's messing with Xerath ulti as well, video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPyM749SiX0
Hey Ame, Thanks for the report, we're looking into this :) James
bbbbill (NA)
: Hi, Thank you for the explain, but my friends and I had found one weird behavior. When you press a button to aim (not clicking left mouse click, just to aim) and press F1 to zoom back to your character, the spell would be auto cast and would fly toward the opposite direction you're facing. I'm not sure if this is a new system or just a bug. Please fix it if it's a bug though, it has been really frustrating. Thanks
Hey BBBBill, Good catch on this! I went and checked on how the older behavior worked, and I can see I made a mistake here. It appears that previously the camera would always center on your target, and if it was a targetable spell, it would also cast on that target. The new (incorrect) behavior is to cast the spell at that target regardless (which for an Ezreal Q would fire in the direction he is facing, for example), and not center on them (as the input is consumed by the cast). James
  Rioter Comments
: I have quite a few questions about this guy: * Are the sand soldier's attacks considered Auto Attacks or are they considered Spells? My main reason to be concerned about this revolves around Item Procs. Will the sand soldier's attacks proc items like Lichbane? Or will it proc items like Rylai's Crystal Scepter? * Still about Arise and Autoattacks. Are the sand soldier's attacks considered an AoE or a targeted Ability? * Still about Arise and Autoattacks. How do Blinds affect Azir's Sand Soldiers? * Is Disk Of the Sun affected by CDR? (I really hope it is :p ) * Still on Disk of the Sun, is Azir able to teleport to any destroyed turret on the map if his passive and the summoner spell are out of CD or has that feature been patched as a bug? * Is Azir still able to Solo Baron without taking any Damage or has that been Patched? >.> * On Conquering Sands, are the sand soldiers able to Auto Attack while moving to the targeted area? Ok, I guess that is it for now XD Thanks!
The soldier attacks are considered an AoE spell and do not proc on-hit. This is covered in more depth in some other answers. Soldier attacks are AoE and are supposed to function as an extension of Azir's auto attack, as opposed to say Tibbers which is its own unit with its own attack timing, target, etc. Blinds should have no effect on the soldiers. CDR does not affect passive cooldown. He is not supposed to be able to teleport to dead turrets and I believe that's been fixed. Never heard about the Baron one, so I'm not sure. Soldiers can't attack while moving, but they can attack as soon as they arrive.
: How long does Azir have to proc his passive on a tower? For example, when a tower is destroyed top lane can Azir head up there 10 minutes later and raise a tower of his own?
When Azir's passive isn't on cooldown, dead towers will have a clicker as soon as they die that he can use to summon the Sun Disc. There isn't a limited window of opportunity and he can summon a Sun Disc on the same dead turret multiple times (cooldown providing).
Jakkura (NA)
: I played Azir on the PBE, and he had a bug where when you used his Q, his soldiers wouldn't travel as far as the indicator, or would travel in a different direction. Has this been fixed?
If you're referring to the issue where the arrow indicators from the soldiers point to wherever the mouse cursor is instead of the nearest point inside of the range of the spell, that will be addressed in 4.17.


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