: You should see the one's you're stuck with pre-level 6. You have the choice of Lux. Or Ashe. Ryze if you really want to stretch it. And they wonder why there are so few support mains with the options given at the start.
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: ***
What does that even mean?
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: Azir just got straight gutted
Nashors was varely nerfed and azir was barely touched at all dude. Actually nashors is the same, only the build path is slightly nerfed. Azir barely got touched at all even though he is by far the most annoying and strong mid laners. All they did was stop his soldiers from attacking towers, which is not a big deal brcause he already has enough attack speed to kill them with his auto range. Reducing his ults duration by 3 seconds also makes like no difference at all. Azir is still the strongest mid laner dude you don't know what you are talking about.
: Patch Chat 6.11 - Better Nerf Irelia
Idea for new Lissandra passive: every few seconds maybe around 10 (cooldown still reduced by impairing movement), Lissandra's next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage with a small ap scaling and gain a large amount if attack speed (maybe around 50 %) and will leave a frozen circle below where the attack landed, dealing magic damage after a short delay.
: omfg you make me want to hurt someone... YI DOESNT FUCKING ONE SHOT. HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE REAL FUCKING SPELLS LIKFE VEIGAR OR SYNDRA TO ONE SHOT WITH heres something for you to learn. r attack speed cant 1 shot with autos. e on hit buff cant one shot with autos w is a heal q is 165 + 100% ad (i.e. its 1 auto attack) that CAN crit for 60% bonus damage i.e. its a worth crit since it can do 160% +165 but a normal auto does 200% YI CANT FUCKING ONE SHOT YOU FOR THE 500TH FUCKING TIME YOU MORON! yi has no fucking burst either whats his burst? a crit? if he goes crit yi? if he is going crit yi he has no health so its like any other assasssin you blow him the fuck up if hes going bruiser yi which is bloodrazor + bork he cant burst you and you treat him like an irelia/jax/trundle/ ANY FUCKING ON HIT BRUISER jesus its so hard getting basic shit threw your thick as fuck skull trump should make the fucking wall out of your head. no champion as a whole has no counterplay and vi and yorick are very fucking rare vi as received a shit ton of nerfs for that ult. and {{champion:83}} is weak as shit on purpose for his "anti fun, counterplay" hit. you do not seem to understand what the fuck counterplay means. yasuo presses e on you. can you stop it? no. oh yasuo must have no counterplay. but thats not how this shit works. funny thing is even fucking yorick has counterplay its called fucking aoe. as for "yi feels unkillable if he gets going" thats the whole fucking point, you dont let him get going. like a fucking {{champion:75}} like a fucking {{champion:67}} like a fucking {{champion:84}} their early games are complete as utter shit. this is your widow you go into yis jungle and shove his sword up his ass. have you ever actually played yi? after doing his gromp and finished blue what was your hp? it should be about 100 hp without using potions and 200-300 with. this is lower then any other none troll jungler no one else gets that low. {{champion:121}} 100 damage passive, one auto oh dead yi without potions. yi did potions? 100 damage passive + the autos default damage which is about 80 so thats 180 and then throw a q which do about 200 damage cause yi is isolated. dead yi with potions. this shit is hard to understand but you dont fucking get it for some reason. as for other champs you can kite, have fun kiting {{champion:84}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:154}} other champs you can run away? repeat the following list and then add shit like {{champion:45}} with his cage or {{champion:77}} or {{champion:92}} and as for stuff you can "tank" he is a damage focused carry. thats yis ONLY FUCKING THING. damage. let me see if i can put this threw your thick head in an easy way. {{champion:84}} has 00 cc {{champion:84}} has 0 tank stats {{champion:84}} has a shit ton of damage. {{champion:113}} has shit tons of cc {{champion:113}} has shit tons of tank stats {{champion:113}} does no fucking damage. seriously if you reply with the stupid fucking "i cant do anything" one more time i might kill my dog out of rage. i dont get how its fucking possible for someone to be so fucking thick. and the worst things are you can simply fucking google "HOW TO DEAL WITH YI." heres some sites because with how stupid you sound i dont think you can use google. http://champion.gg/champion/MasterYi this shows his winrate vs other champions. http://www.championselect.net/champions/master-yi this shows counters to master yi look whats smack bang in the middle of that page General Counter Information Apply heal reduction,Deny Farm,Hard CC,Try to Counter Jungle and heres a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZPhVuH25jk all in 1 google search. Jesus no wounder riot is making this game so easy when using something as simple as a search engine is hard for some people.
1 shot does not literally mean kill someone with 1 action-it means killing them in like 1 second or rotation of spells-but since Yi pretty much only autos (with e damage) and uses q to kill people, a one shot is essentially bursting someone down with 1 q and a couple autos- He one shots by killing extremely quickly.
: ok lets go threw this point for point. > I never said those things don't matter. You are putting words in my mouth. Saying winrate isn't everything (which it isn't) is not saying that statistics don't matter. while true they do show light on alot of things. master yi has never had a good winrate in high elo... master yi has always had a good winrate in low elo... this is because master shit has a shit ton of counterplay but noobs just dont know how to abuse it. lets put some other champs forward and i want you to tell me the counterplay for them. {{champion:23}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:5}} or do all these also have no counterplay... > I am just saying that he lacks any means of counterplay and it is unfair that he can 1 shot a tank and adc alone in tower while not even being that fed. you wanna know what no counterplay means? {{champion:254}} ult has no counterplay expect dont be in range. {{champion:83}} laning phase as he just presses e on you has no counterplay. a MELEE, BRUISER, with NO CC, that is AUTOATTACK reliant has alot of counterplay. lets just have a look at his champion.gg and see what champions he loses to. http://champion.gg/champion/MasterYi ok lets run it down point by point. nidalee counters him due to her early pressure. She bullyies him out the jungle and ends the game in 5 mins. Udyr can bully the shit out of udyr because while yi is a strong duelest remember 1 stun and he is fucked also while yi may be able to sprint away with r its a short duration and udyr can easily catch back up (like us humans we are the best existing long distance runners) and dont forget udyr has some of the best early ganks. next is shaco he bullyies yi out the jung.... are we noticing a fucking pattern yet? patheon bullyies him out jungle skarner bullies him out jungle reksai bullies him out jungle kindread bullies him out jungle jax, finally something different. now both jax and yi need farm but jax always has his e which just flat out makes yi useless. now wukong who has a larger pressence then yi late game he does the same thing but better but with cc added on top and khazix can just nuke yi the fuck down not allowing yi to do any of his damage. lets see what yi counters.. lets ignore tali because shes shit. xin, warwick, nunu, mal, jarvan, volibear, zac. i.e. big fucking walls of health that {{item:1419}} shreds threw. {{item:3153}} shreds threw yis r shreads threw. its basically shit that cant pressure him and cant burst him (much like a support or adc, an adc cant match yi in sustained damage and supports just cant fight anything which is why you think he is op) so we done that point next one. > You being plat is irrelevant to the situation. its actually not it shows i have far more knowleage of the game then you. > I know people at higher ranks than you who believe that yi is cancer. quote them. go find them and quote them, and heres the thing. ask them if yi is OP... are they saying his op? or just them as a person hate them? for example 99% of people hate {{champion:17}} is teemo op? > This post is my belief, not the universal Bible. then why you try to pass it off as fact with bullshit like "the is no counterplay" when the is a fuck ton. want an example stun his w it will waste it and then he take full damage. avoid fighting him while his e is up his damage goes to shit without it. his ult needs resets you can think stuff like a bard to ult your team so he cant get a reset, get an instant stun like lissandra to waste his ult, or just pick something like kayle kindread taric ect to waste his time so it wears off and thats not even going into items like thornmail. > So chill out please and just try to understand where I am coming from. I have... i said your a low elo player that has no real experiance of the game and thats why you think yi is op i know where your coming from and im trying to explain to you why he is not op but you dont accept any of them. > This is from first hand experience, not random statistics-ask the pros you know i got 1 v 1ed by a {{champion:26}} once so zilean must be op... and thats from first hand experience not asking pros... or statics... I cant think of a more mature way to put that but it explains how pretty stupid that sounds... > ask Riot as well, winrate is not an extremely important or meaningful statistic. well lets just look at patch notes... "Master Yi’s been on a bit of a wild ride when it comes to the patch notes, but now we find the Wuju Bladesman pretty far behind the curve. Specifically, changes to Guinsoo’s Rageblade and the removal of Sated Devourer’s got Yi feeling pretty confused about how he should be building in a post-midseason world. With Sated’s magic proc gone (and Bloodrazor’s damage being entirely physical), armor’s better protection against Master Yi than it’s ever been. Coupled with some changes to the new enchantment, tossing some power back in Yeezy’s true damage will help him melt through sturdier targets when he can’t reach the back line." They have removed the riot comment that was attached to the surrender at 20 post but it said something along the lines of "we are buffing yis w and e to help him in the mean time due to his damage being so lack luster these are not meant to fix yi they are only meant to help him till we find a way to make his more of a competitive pick without just giving raw killing power"
Yeah but none of the champions you listed 1 shot people like Yi. There are plenty of champions that don't have skillshots- that's not my issue. My issue is that Yi has no skillshots, AND he has large burst and mobility. I have never seen an udyr, skarner, or any other champions that you listed destroy people like Yi does. There are plenty other champions without counterplay- it usually refers to champions as a whole though, not abilities- Other champions you can kite, or iust run away or tank, but yi just feels (in my opinion) unbeatable if he gets going with kills or farm at all. And if he isn't doing well, he can always build tanky and still be a factor in the game- but that's another story.
: ok so lets go down this. 1. my view as a yi main doesn't matter 2. my view as a on hit jungle main doesnt matter 3. me being WAY better then you doesnt matter like a whole fucking 52% better then you population wise. 4. the views of all high elo players doesnt matter 5. statics doesn't matter so basically the only fucking thing that matters is "I DONT LIKE YI NERF HIM!" for real dude what the fuck else am i meant to do. its like me going 2+2=4 and your like well to me 2 is more then 2 so its 2.5 so to me 2+2=5. like what the fuck am i meant to say its like your doing this shit to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJD1Iwy5lUY&t=0m45s WHAT FUCKING FORUM OF PROOF DO YOU ACCEPT!?!?! LIKE FOR FUCKING REAL MAN!?!?! WHAT!?!?!?
I never said those things don't matter. You are putting words in my mouth. Saying winrate isn't everything (which it isn't) is not saying that statistics don't matter. I am not saying "I DON'T LIKE YI, NERF HIM". I am just saying that he lacks any means of counterplay and it is unfair that he can 1 shot a tank and adc alone in tower while not even being that fed. THAT IS ALL. You being plat is irrelevant to the situation. I know people at higher ranks than you who believe that yi is cancer. This post is my belief, not the universal Bible. So chill out please and just try to understand where I am coming from. This is from first hand experience, not random statistics-ask the pros, ask Riot as well, winrate is not an extremely important or meaningful statistic.
: before you question my views on yi maybe this picture will help. https://i.imgsafe.org/dd79c781c1.png notice something? how about i link yours. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Ricky+Spanish+DC so you main supports and generally... tanks... i main... oh god look MASTER YI. I main on hit junglers. you main tanks. I main the thing your weak to for about 4 seasons (i went from mid to jungle in season 2) let me run this down for you. season 2, the meta of strong adcs that hurt on hit junglers and junglers where classed as second supports that put all their money into wards. season 3 the assassin and bruiser jungler meta. season 4 classed as many the perfect league of legends because every champion was effective. However at the end on hit junglers became extremely strong due to feral flare. season 5. they introduced the new jungle items which where originally 4 items {{item:3715}} {{item:3711}} {{item:3706}} {{champion:19}} and {{champion:102}} where the strongest on hit junglers due to {{item:3715}} doing damage per auto this was changed to a burn pretty much killing off warwick but having the infinity stacking devour still. season 6. the birth of sated which is properly the worst item ever made (and i main on hit junglers) the reason it was the worst item made is because it was extremely strong in low elos (like yourself) due to noobs (no offence) not abusing how weak the item was early. and many on hit junglers scale to late game and due to the fact you dont abused them lead to you thinking they where strong so in low elo this late game item on late game champs was viewed as op. However in high elos where champs who built this item are constantly forced out of jungle leading to the item not being allowed to scale so this item and the champs with it where extremely useless in high elo (top 10-5%+). yi received nerfs directly to his kit which wasnt the problem to start with so they balanced him around sated. then sated was removed so all yis power that he was balanced around was taken away. the only valid reason you have for thinking yi is op at the moment is to let him afk farm till he gets a {{item:1419}} and a {{item:3153}} and then he comes kill you. Its compairable to saying {{champion:75}} is op because you let him farm 3000 stacks and go melee range with him. Your logic for yi being op is flawed on a basis and you do not even play yi to have a perspective of his power. if you want yi at his strongest that was with feral. if you want yi at his most fun that was season 3 with teleport crit ghostblade with homeguards tping with 1300 movespeed. If you want proof that yi is weak and its only because noobs let him farm just check the stats. http://champion.gg/champion/MasterYi/Jungle champion.gg only takes into account plat + games he is currently sitting at a 47% winrate which is terrible. to put that into perspective its simlar to {{champion:99}} support and {{champion:82}} mid. https://i.imgsafe.org/ddb6a99301.png here you can see that yis best matchs up are where he goes even. yi should be destroying champs like volibear due to volibear needing to scale as well leading to allowing yi to get his items however even when a yi does that he cant really kill the thing he is meant to be killing. hopefully im done making my point and you should just learn how to abuse a jungler its not that hard (and any lane can do it..)
Yes, I main tank supports, and when a 2 and 0 Yi one shots me and my adc under tower with no help and no extreme outplay crazy stuff or anything, it is kind of ridiculous. So forget about irrelevant statistics and look at the reality. Winrate isn't everything.
: someone only half read what i said. i said im not the best and i said "about" that means loosely, yes the odd few people who play 2 games a day make it to challenger however you ever heard of something called the scientific theory? it says to ignore anomalies.. and btw being higher in the ladder does validate options otherwise why should we listen to faker buying ad? btw arguing over a forum going "rank doesnt mean your right" when your choice of champion that "needs" a nerf is 1 a champion that works effectively in low elo and 2 is weak at the moment anyway kind of proves that your in no position to talk about a justified opinion
I used to think that yo was garbage and only bronze people thought he was strong until I played one game against someone who knew how to play the champ. I assure you it was disgusting and I'm not lying so think whatever you want to think.
: ok... keep thinking that way if ranked means nothing you must be as good as faker, haha delusional kids are funny. "what mommy? im not special!... im the best... ITS SIMPLY LIES!" btw the reasons plat have an ego is because its about as elite as you can get without trying to make league a career. for example lets look at myself. am i challenger? no. im not the best. however im in the top 3.3%. so think about that... 100 players in a room... 2 beat me... i beat the other 97... you do not get this high being ap zed going "i think its op and everything is just a counter, i deserve diamond!" and the reason i said bronze 5 because lets be real the different from bronze 5 to silver 1 is basically learning how to cs.
Lol good 1 dude. Never said ranked means nothing or that I am as good as faker or better than plat players. Plenty of non pros make it to diamond. Im not saying plat is better- its much better than where Im at, but you are far, far from the best, and being plat doesn't validate your opinions at all, it just makes you look cocky
: its almost as disgusting as the amount of bronze 5 that say hes op when everyone in plat is saying he is absolute dog shit (you know the people with brains..)
Good thing I'm not in bronze 5. Ps people in Plat think they are gods at the game when they are just avergage players. Being in plat or x rank doesnt validate your opinion.
: its almost as disgusting as the amount of bronze 5 that say hes op when everyone in plat is saying he is absolute dog shit (you know the people with brains..)
Good thing I'm not in bronze 5
: Master Yi is garbage right now. 47% win rate on a low skill floor champion is pretty bad.
Winrate doesn't mean that much- look at Ryze
MotrColt (NA)
: CC and he dies in half a second
Can't slow him while he ults, and he can dodge all cc with his q and his insane speed. The same thing can be applied to any champ, but when yi build tanky enough, they can survive cc as well.
: Ashe
Bad. She's immobile and lacks the burst and damage of other adcs unless she gets extremely fed. Her laning is bad and she pretty much is just a walking ult.
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ricky Spanish DC,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=308ibXU7,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-26T11:08:07.099+0000) > > That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You must be a salty bronze player who thinks he is better than those ranked above him and is Just more experienced Gold 1 on this account, in promo to plat atm. Was placed in s3 on start of this season, got to gold with 90 winrate. Havent been in bronze but i can say for sure that most s1-4 are worse than new players i encountered while leveling. Not to mention flaming and blaming... Just talking from personal experience while i was going through silver. And lets be honest most last season silvers got placed in bronze this season and they cant get out. Havent u seen threads?
There are no way s1 players are worse than player leveling unless the leveling players are like plat smurfs.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Big Bad Doge,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=308ibXU7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-26T10:30:27.370+0000) > > lol wht? average starting mmr is like silver 4/3 and some silvers have more experience then bronze, hence they r silver. if you are bronze you are below the average so even a new guy can be better. some people r new and make gold first season some have been stuck bronze all season every season. Bronze=silver skilled player who played more games and hence lost more games. Overall they have same winrate, same skill,same mechanics. Another thing about bronze is that due to ammount of games lost they give up faster than silvers. Put long time bronze 3 vs silver 2. First it will be comedy show, but bronze guys will prevail due to experience.
> [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=308ibXU7,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-26T10:58:31.671+0000) > > Bronze=silver skilled player who played more games and hence lost more games. Overall they have same winrate, same skill,same mechanics. Another thing about bronze is that due to ammount of games lost they give up faster than silvers. Put long time bronze 3 vs silver 2. First it will be comedy show, but bronze guys will prevail due to experience. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You must be a salty bronze player who thinks he is better than those ranked above him and is Just more experienced
Zelnick (NA)
: Why would people down vote this? Wtf? He's expressing his own strategy, doesn't matter if it's not the most optimal one, he's not violating the rules of the forums or harassing anyone. Just FYI if someone is multiple levels ahead, their armor will be increased too, so it makes sense Lucian would deal less damage than expected. Hec also gains damage from movement speed which is incredibly easy for him to build. It's easy for him to scale into mid game but he usually falls off late game, he has his own kind of playstyle as most champs do.
People downvote cause they disagree- its fine with me. Triforce and merc treads shouldn't be able to take out a whole team. I know His kit and it just feels slightly too strong.
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: Would be cool to have an ability that dealt damage scaling on own MR.
Neku21 (NA)
: I feel like the % damage on her ult is a bit much... actually... nah its good. I like it. I like how you linked the different abilities and side effects together :3 Though the abilities don't exactly reflect the name, like this champ could just be a master of shadow no jutsu and not a voodoo queen... but I really like the abilities though :D
Yeah the names are kinda meh- thanks for the feedback (:
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: 2% is a lot, actually. By the time I put a point into his ultimate, I usually have at least 600 bonus health from everything combined. Unless I'm dealing with someone that has % health damage, it's easy pickings because of his massive health pool making it impossible to retaliate. All you're asking for is for them to revert their nerfs to him. That's not only a bad idea, but a not very well thought out one.
2 percent plus the base damage would only end up at around 30 extra damage per auto and ability, if you ignore mr. Im not asking to revert the nerfs, because they were definitely needed, but I want some nice qol changes- remove the unnecessary 1 second delay, and give his q half of the width back.
: I think he's plenty viable right now. His utility is impossible to replace, and his scaling from health is a cut-n-dry double-edged sword.
Yeah but 2% is pretty worthless. His utility with allies got extremely nerfed, cause he gets no speed buff when eating allies unless he is running into enemies. His utility with enemies is conditional, and he has to sacrifice a lot to achieve very little.
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Émiil (NA)
: Jhin is not in a weak state. Pretty sure he is one of the go-to ADCs in high elo. From what's being said by pros so far.
Go to adc in high elo? That was like 3 months ago. Nobody plays him- do you watch lcs or msi? He is never picked.
: How do I beat Swain as Renekton
Its called bully him early because he does no damage at all and just dodge the easily avoidable snare. Simply just walk out of his q and he is done. Use your huge mobility on renekton to dodge his snare.
: I think jhin needs a nerf.
Jhin is actually in a pretty weak state right now, but I agree that his ult is pretty much impossible to dodge unless u get really good jukes against a bad jhin player
Asinine (NA)
: what the hell is wrong with people in silver.
1. You died 10 times- that should never happen. 2. You did well but your team sucked. It happens- Im sure there have been gamea where you havent done well yet someone on your team has 3. Your build is bad- You did not capitalize on your kills and lead 4. People are disrespectful, so mute and report, and keep trying to guide them nicely- don't act superior juat because you got a couple of kills. 5. Your farm is decent- but you lost to the the enemy midlaner- not a huge deal, but something to think about. P.S. nobody would ever say thank you for trying to win hard- Just move on and play with a premade that isn't trash.
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BrianD (NA)
: [LFM][NA][EAST][SILVER ONLY] Looking for Skilled Jungler, Mid Laner, and Support!
Age:16 Role:Support Champs: Braum, Taric, Leona, Nautilus, Tahm Kench, Soraka, Janna, Blitzcrank, alistar. And sort of sona and annie Rank: Silver 4
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: Taliyah: thoughts
Yeah but in real games you will never play against another Taliyah unless you do blind pick, but they should probably just make the indicators a bit clearer anyway.
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: Scariest/Creepiest champion by lore and appearance?
Fiddle. The idea of an evil scarecrow seems worse than a vampire/blood mage. Or maybe maokai- a haunted/ cursed tree sounds pretty scary to me
Not really. Juggernauts are strong as always but they are not the best in this meta. Skarner is meh, garen is meh, darius is better, more fun meh, illaoi is eh, and mordekaiser is complete garbage. They are very tanky and do a lot of damage, but only if you let them. They have no utility aside from maybe an ult or a conditional ability. They are not relevant in pro play and while they are strong, I do not think they deserve nerfs or are op, especially with the strength of other champions today
: Tyler1 70% win ratio but "ruins games" nice logic
he wins when he plays against players below him. He is a diamond player, not challenger, and is a completely toxic troll. Its not like he has not been warned before. I agree that he was banned because he was famous, but he is still deserving of it, but tbh his flaming was super funny and he was a good streamer. Riot should have just banned one of his accounts, not him from the game as a whole indefinitely, which seems a bit ridiculous.
Thurst28 (NA)
: Last Whisper Builds, Please Nerf 45% AR Pen
You are obviously new at this game if you have to look that stuff up. Tanks are way too strong now, and nobody even plays mundo anymore outside of bronze. They are buffing grievous wounds because it was too weak. Armor pen is necessary because tanks are so powerful in this meta, and it is the only way they can touch them.
: I feel like when patch 6.9 happens, I'm done with this game.
I guess we wil juat have to build talisman and protobelt as supports now to have any influence.
: HUD and minimap is very distracting when playing on red side
You can remove them/ shrink them in the settings, but transparency woud be nice
erlaps (EUNE)
: How about a skillshot based heal?
If you think about it, Lux's shield is sort of like it, but the mechanic overall is not really needed in the game. Allies could always accidentally dodge it or other crap could happen.
zike44 (NA)
: LF a support! :D
Ign: Ricky Spanish Dc Rank: Silver 5, peaked at silver 4 this season Main champs: 95k mastery with Tahm 55k with blitzcrank, I also play Braum,soraka,janna,leona, nautilus, and alistar.
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