: Last day to play league for a while
You still have syllabus week
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=dankleave,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JoEP10uq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-24T08:04:51.699+0000) > > You have been gold for several seasons and havent gotten better at all, think it's time to move on from this game All your recent responses to board discussions are toxic. Are you sure you're not the one that should move on from the game? It looks like you don't really like it...
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: The only thing taken into account is your mmr relative to the division you're currently in. Your performance in-game (both relative and absolute) is irrelevant outside of win/lose. If your mmr falls below that of the divsion you're currently in, losing at 0 LP results in a demotion (provided you're not currently shielded from demotion due to just having been promoted-you have 3 games grace). If your mmr is well above your current division, then you can lose a whole bunch of games at 0 LP without being demoted.
Riflheim (NA)
: How does Demotion work in League?
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: Mana cost decreases have been pretty much confirmed (at least as a starter buff), so that will be nice for the Rylai's rush potential.
Sweet. That means I might not have to build Lost Chapter first. That's already a step in the right direction.
: Sounds good, I'll have to give her some time. I like what her ult is potentially capable of, most people just seem to be forgetting that it is more than just a movement ability. Thanks for the information, hopefully I can pick her up after a few games.
Just don't give up on her after the first few games, she's hard to pull off.
: omg finally someone that gets rylai's first instead of ROA. Thank you OP for getting broken Morello on her{{summoner:30}}
: That makes sense, Rylais definitely looked like one of the top items she would want. Do you run ignite on her or take teleport to pressure the map even more? I would guess both have their place, I've just seen a mixed bag of choices so far.
If you're against a roamer (aka TF or pantheon) run TP. If you're against someone who goes even with her, run ignite. If you're against an assassin, run exhaust. Against LeBlanc or long distance burst mages, run barrier. Against Veigar, don't play her lol Rylais and Luden's Echo are core. RoA is not good.
: This reminds me of that guy who showed his winrate one week into the Syndra release and was saying that because he had won something like 20 games out of 30, that she was actually really good. She ended up being trash though that needed major bugfixes and buffs, and that guy was just some combination of good and lucky. I also had a friend who used to ADC Lissandra a couple years ago. He swore it was really great because he had a 55% winrate on her. It was still trash, but it was trash he was good with. Him winning with it didn't make it any less terrible. Point is, your winstreak really means nothing to me because you're one guy. I think it says much more about you than your champion. There has always, always been someone who has done well with even the most terrible things, weak, underpowered things in League. That's not a sufficient standard for calling something good. >Therefore, I would like to see the Taliyah hate be stopped. Nah. I'm fine with stopping the hate towards people who pick Taliyah, but the champion is still pretty bad.
Well if Taliyah sees buffs I'm definitely going to be happy xD
: > [{quoted}](name=Riflheim,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4o1mVHFN,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-23T15:36:41.732+0000) > > I've played 17 games with her of which I've won 12, in ranked. I just wanted to bring this up because people keep telling me "GG mid, she does no dmg, we'll lose, it's a 4v5 now" and things like that. > > Now, I play low/mid gold so me carrying as her might not be a reliable proof that she isn't as trash as people say, but I honestly think Riot did a great job with her kit. > > People say she's easy to use, but in reality, her kit is so unforgiving that if you mess up once, you might completely lose the game. This stems from the fight-changing quality of her ult and W, and the cooldowns that come with them. If you mess up your E-W combo, it's over. If you ult the wrong place, It's over. But I feel like with practice, she can actually be strong. > > Therefore, I would like to see the Taliyah hate be stopped. Please? its not that i hate the champ. but its a obviously high skillcap champ. and i hate people who are idiots and try to go into my ranked games with her day 1 without having even looked at what she even does. even if you know what her abilities do, youre probably still not going to be good at her in your first game. ill probably keep banning her out from my teammates as long as necessary to make absolutely sure this shit wont happen.
Agreed. I had 8 normals with her before trying her in ranked. The first 4 normals I played, I got completely rekt.
Rockman (NA)
: shhhhhh shhh shh don't let them hear you
Are you successful with her as well?
: How do you build her? Next time I get mid I want to try to figure her out and any Taliyah I've had or gone against has fed so I haven't really seen anything impressive. I can see the power in her kit, I just haven't seen anyone who has figured her out well yet.
Depends on which laner you're facing. But for me, the basic build goes like this: - The blue page that gives you mana on level up. - Then Rylai's starting with the endlessly large rod. - Then Luden's Echo starting with the endlessly large rod. - Then whatever fits the situation (Lyandrie's if they're tanky, deathcap if they are squishy). - Void Staff. - Either complete morello or zhonya's. - Always sorc boots. But again, sometimes you have to rush zhonya's, or sometimes you have to rush the purple MR. staff that I always forget the name of lol
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Korillo (NA)
: If you say nothing you cannot tilt them. If they still tilt, well then it isn't your fault. Just do your thing let other people do their thing. Literally say nothing ever and you will see improvement.
I just make the stupid mistake of trying to get everyone on the right mindset, and therefore end up tilting myself. I'll definitely hit the personal mute button starting today.
XerShade (NA)
: Mute, report, move on. You are obviously letting this distract you from achieving true enlightenment....I mean diamond rank.
I really am dude. The reason I lose isn't unskilled teammates or bad match-ups, it is straight up tilt from toxic behavior.
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Riflheim (NA)
: Suggestions on how to keep in-game performance separate from teammates' attitudes?
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Riflheim (NA)
: Need some advice in dealing with Tahm
Thanks guys! I'll try those suggestions.
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