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: Hear me out, Fam. A champion with a mid-western accent. :D
Kay so now I should design the champion right? (opens up ps)
: Ope sorry bud I’m gonna just scooch right past ya and grab the ranch
Rioter Comments
There should be an option to select the traditional voices in settings. If possible. People might not care enough, though..
: more like you robbed a bank and got your money back lul
I wish. I'm $12,000 in debt with student loans.
: so did you get your account back?
Nope. But you can be damned sure I learned my lesson.
: Creating a new account and reforming.
I've been banned for a little under a year and it was for a good reason. I was firing the "N" bomb left and right. I had 2 warnings and then a ban. Which is when I realized Riot doesn't screw around with offensive behavior. It took me a couple weeks to realize that I was the bad guy and that it's not okay to say words like that to other people. I made a ticket with a sincere apology. I had to do something, after all this was a $800+ account. I said to myself if I ever get my account back that I would be the one to tell other people to be kind to others, warn them of what happened to me. I received a reply a few days later from what was far from a sympathetic response. Bottom line is be respectful to others.
: {{champion:44}} {{item:3070}} *in the arms of an angel song* Hi my name is Sarah McLachlan and every year many great champions such as Taric go unnoticed and unupdated. Resulting into a 0% pick rate and the lowest level on the totem pole of the meta. For just $0.15 pennies a day, we can help stop champion abandonment and graphical outdating. Donate now at http:\\UpdateTaric.ritopls.co and see an end to the despair of Taric and his pizzafeet brother Mordekaiser.
Keep your panties on, Taric's update is coming this year.
: Up vote this is you want Riot to make a movie!
a movie is way out of riot's budget.
: Patch Rundown – 4.12
who dis person? :c
: i dnt know.. i dnt believe they actually ruined nidalee.. in fact imo they actually made her more interesting to play.. as she now becomes an assassin.. the spear wont hurt as much as they do from before but they will still hurt.. and the moment she gets the hunt debuff on you things get really interesting..
I'm glad we all agree that this tweak on Nidalee was for the best.


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