: i'm iritated
Don't worry, Riot knows how terrible their MOBA has become, that's why they're throwing out twenty (exaggeration) new things at us because this first well is running try while they squeeze every last dollar they can from the morons who are still pumping money into LoL.
Nhika (NA)
: Lux is fucking op.
: Can we do a damage tune down on everything.
Riot (and their parent) have done this on purpose, because fast who can kill who the quickest games are their direction now. It's never going to get better, and now we're all wishing for the past forever more. The whole "too much damage thing" appeals to people who like to buy the skins of overtuned, unfair champions. It's all just about the $$$
: Buy Defensive Items In Season 9 Please
People might buy defensive items if defensive items were actually worth buying with all the % damage and true damage flying around. Damage is already overkill - Sorry, this game is League of Who can kill the other the fastest, and it's not gonna change because this is the way it is now and Riot has successfully Overton-windowed everyone by now to trick them into thinking the state of the game is okay
: Rito balance team posted an article about how they will balance the game in the future
All this blah blah blah blah blah just shut up and balance your God damned game already and lets have a game where you don't go from 100-0 in 2 seconds (or less) or have half your HP taken away in about 2.5 seconds by some tanky champ pressing two keys and an auto attack who hasn't even invested in offensive items, you know things like that?
: Whole problem with this game is Armor Value
Not just the defense inferiority thing, but the problem with this game are also the items (overtuned, undertuned, too much CDR, too much abuse), runes, overloaded champion kits (heal+3-4 dashes+more damage+30 second ults+invulnerability), matchmaking system, paper towers that have stupid AI, doing 3442323999 damage in less time it takes to hit a key or even just sneeze, powercreep, health bars shooting down really fast or shooting up really fast instead of normal healthy fluctuations (too much burst damage and burst healing), the devs not knowing what they're doing and some admitting they've never even played the game, the list goes on and on! You've probably triggered downvotes from assassin mains and those that will deny deny deny the problems until they die
5050BS (NA)
: Playing High/Drunk in Ranked should be bannable
d00mface (EUW)
: Why do people flame in ARAM?
Honestly just mute everyone's chat/pings at the start of every game.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Just nerf Kayne already FFS
: you are saying this on a lv 26 account.. ok
You do know there is such thing as having more than one account, right?
: Forced Kindness
It's probably to fucking force fucking people like fucking you to fucking not fucking talk or fucking type like fucking you fucking do all the fucking time. Ahahaha, I love when assholes are forced to be something close to a decent human being.
: i really wish low elo players would take constructive criticism better.
I wish high elo players would give constructive criticism better.
Barkley (NA)
: ARAM sucks.
It happened right when runes reforged dropped just like 90% of the modern day LoL problems. ARAM is always full of one-sided bs. Towers are useless both offensively and defensively (and have an IQ of about 10). There are also just as much scapegoating in ARAM as there is on the Rift. After one side demolishes the other in ten minutes or less, there's always one member of your team that becomes the scapegoat for losing because the frustrated or those that did terribly anyway need someone to blame, flame and/or cuss out. ARAM is one big joke.
: Yeah damage is out of control. Typical unless you're playing in very high ELOs it's just which group pounds the buttons fastest. Because 99% of the player base don't know how to use their kit effectively DPS based characters have an unfair advantage.
Non DPS champions have to work 10x as hard as brainless point, click or press this button here for damagelolz champions because this damage creep meta (or should be called the way LoL will always be from now on) makes it too easy.
: What's up with the flux of trolling duos/3-mans lately?
It's probably the only way they can have fun with a game that's gone to shit. They should probably just stop playing because it's not going to get any better.


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