: Tank Yuumi
{{item:3001}} {{item:3068}} work while attached to an ally
radetari (EUNE)
: well there is one called aragami it has great ideas but what kept me away from it is it's limitations in terms of polish and overall gameplay it is basically a budget sekiro with it's own original twist and noob friendly focus in mind Ori got me with it's soundtrack/music, gameplay, art, story, feels, everything pretty much It's a combination of adventure and puzzle platforming, and emotional roller coasters that keeps you entertained in different ways in order to not make you bored, and it succeeds in that all while being fast paced but also slow paced if you so desire (if you haven't played this game, I would recommend you play it, it also should get a sequel this year which will have even more fun things to do and look forward to)
OMG Aragami was such a fun game when it stopped breaking XD. Had the Final boss break 4 times in a row and I couldn't figure out how to beat her till i heard it was a bug lmao.
: I ran away from my home
My guy this is the call to independence. From the sound of it they want to see you succeed but you aren't showing enough initiative. Now, I'm not blaming you because I had a similar upbringing. At 15 I wasn't playing league yet but I was on Runescape 15+ hours a day. Your family wants to see you succeed, the coddling is done they want to see you maturing. Yes, they aren't communicating it in the healthiest of ways, but I do believe they want whats best for you. The best thing to do when you inevitably return home is to not fight them. If they bitch you don't do shit, ask what they'd like for you to get done and do it. The less you resist them and do what they ask, when asked. Will end up releasing a bunch of stress they must be feeling in life. League is fun, but the time for fun needs to decrease for a time. You said your step was mowing the lawn? Next time the grass starts getting a little higher mow the lawn before being asked, do the little things like cleaning the bathroom ect ect and you will slowly start changing your parents perspective from the "lazy gamer" to the "reliable son." Life is like league, you can't always win a match but you can always do you best to carry. Stay calm and teenage on my dude {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I think they created an actual unique champion instead of making a rakan champion that is an Item. Just can't stand having her in my ranked games!
Let's look at the abilities enchanters have when you remove the Poke + heal/shield abilities they all share, specifically the remaining basic ability. {{champion:432}} Tunnel that creates escape/engage routes {{champion:16}} silence/root for zoning {{champion:497}} dash+knockup combo for (dis)engage {{champion:37}} movement speed increase, aa modifier that creates a slow {{champion:350}} %Adaptive damage Having written to this point I forgot my original idea....but it suddenly clicked that her niche is that she can grant extra ad to champions that would rush ATK speed. So characters that kinda do there own thing anyway like {{champion:202}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:145}}? I'm losing my point more and more but I don't want to delete this message.... enjoy this incoherent thought bubble {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
rujitra (NA)
: Pretty sure the finishers were removed because they trigger seizures in people with PSE (photosensitive epilepsy), and even possibly in others. So, basically, you're complaining about not giving people seizures. That's either extremely selfish, or extremely rude.
> [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=svH1ALG9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-18T00:47:48.195+0000) > > Pretty sure the finishers were removed because they trigger seizures in people with PSE (photosensitive epilepsy), and even possibly in others. > > So, basically, you're complaining about not giving people seizures. That's either extremely selfish, or extremely rude. This is the most nonsensical response. I understand why the action was taken but the replacement is a slap in the face for the effort spent on what was originally an awesome reward. Unless the finishers are going to be re-rewarded once they fix the PSE issue with the finishers, this feels like getting kicked in the gut. And no, being mad at losing a reward you already had is NOT the same as wishing physical pain on someone. That's just asinine.
: New Players to Ranked
> When new players step into the ranked games and they wanna try a new champion out See but you shouldn't be. Ranked is improving skills, characters are expected to be learned before entering ranked. "Others do it" will never work in the situation. You will always find flack for trying new shit out in the competetive environment. PS. This does not excuse anyone being toxic towards you but it's the reason why people are likely to flame you.
: Yuumi is an Item, not a champion
I wish they'd just remove the q, just another enchanter with a poke + heal combo now with an afk button. I don't feel like i do anything besides ult. Her E is called zoomies so it scaling later is fine but I wish they'd have just given her a hard cc Q. Why is it a conditional slow? Slows are almost negligable with the amount of dashes and slow removals this game has.
: Rank shame me please. "Roast me por favor?" Will the mods allow it?
For someone who plays Master Yi a lot you sure don't take his advice. "The key to immortality? Not dying."
: Yuumi is a pro pick champion, great at diamond-challenger, banned in LCS
{{champion:350}} {{item:3041}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3109}} With a W max first, if she doesn't bring good poke damage or big heals then let her give free stats. Go down the guardian path for some extra heal/shield procs and the keystone that gives a shield and she can be useful as a funnel
MtotheN (NA)
: Riot should be very careful with buffing yummi
1. The conversion is Highest stat of yummi converts to highest stat of attach target. AKA her AP grants AD/AP to her ally depending on the allies highest stat. 2. Also AD yummi is the epitome of useless, Her W becomes useless and she has nothing that screams OP with her autos. 3. The broken build with yummi is with veigar since his ap is infinite. bunnyfoofoo has a video of him with almost 50k ap on veigar to show the funniest stuff with the combo.
: Learning a Champ
1. When you first make an account play SR and get your shit kicked in till you get what you supposed to do 2. After that play ARAM till you get sick of team fighting and generally understand how a good portion of the characters work 3. Then return to SR with the desire to learn a role, realize you're gonna get the teeth kicked in again 4. Finally begin narrowing your pool of characters to 4 5. Once you finally get a good 30 games or so on those four, take it to ranked and try it out. 6. Now that you got some champs you got a handle on, focus on macro play (how to strong, how to get your allies strong, how to end) Do that and you'll do fine friend :D (ps i'm teething through it too so ignore my rank lol)
: In Promos for Gold!!! So Excited!
Mission Failed; We'll get em next time. Permanence is an illusion; persistence is the key.
: Yuumi is bad
: How do you get skins you can't otherwise buy from the shop?
You can get time sensitive skins (legacy skins) from hextech chests. They are marked as such.
RaQqa (EUNE)
: He will definetly has less burst dmg but his passive will make his dmg more sustained, He will get heal on Q and magic dmg, which is nice in trading. It just asks for conqueror. Just 1 thing makes me think, if wu will rush trinity instead of BC it will be better for his new passive, but his ult will be a bit weaker with it. His ult is a great teamfight ability, but it would be better if the whole dmg of it would be dealt instant, not in 4 seconds with growing staff it is so easy just to change concept of whole ultimate, I would honestly change whole ult but whatever, Even I've got an idea how his ultimate should look like but whatever, we will see how he will be doing after a change.
If it makes you feel any better I've seen nothing but good stuff from the new monkey
: How do you think of teamwork gaming and individual athletics?
Every how in this thread should be a "what" > [{quoted}](name=Tristana0076,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=A6VMHj4F,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-16T11:43:08.756+0000) > > What do you like about previous individual athletics competition? Would you want to try it everyday to update your own personal ranking score? What do you think of adding an award for individual athletics in the world championship?
: > [{quoted}](name=Chembaron Yamada,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ZBFP4T07,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-16T13:03:12.574+0000) > > True, this skin line has the potential to become equally hyped like Star Guardian, but in my experience so far they are not because the event was overshadowed so much by the MSI stuff. They need to soon realize economically, people don't care about this stuff unless it's Worlds.
Proplay just isn't interesting. I just opened a tab and muted the audio for the missions related to watching proplay. Its just so far removed from normal play
: MSI 2019 pass, too late to buy?
12 for a win 6 for a loss 4/8 in aram with the remaining daily tokens you'd have to hella grind to get it, but if you got the time...
: Give me my damn primary role
I almost forgot i put support as my primary with all the jungle(secondary) games I've been playing
: Having some ocular issues with what I can only assume is the new Ezreal W on tower (in HA)
Was it the new anime skin? If it is i'll check on it Friday when I get the dough. Hope someone answers soon.
: Its embaracing reccomending this game to my friends
Man my friends keep suggesting FPS to me but since I don't have headshots down to muscle memory like everyone else of the last decade(s) I'm shut out from the whole bloody genre.
I got a keys problem. 25 chests over the years but not a damn key
: My Yuumi collage is coming along nicely!
The answer is Pride. The Primal Sin I most associate with. Because of your rank people think you should be playing to win, especially when losses hit LP like a mother of bears.
: Yuumi and how to improve her
Instead of granting damage on her w i'd prefer some resistances
hi im bega (EUNE)
: where is that,where shpould i go to try to contact support,i didnt followed much this sites and stuff like this,like i didint even ever post something i just played the game so yea if u can direct me just where to ask ill be glad to do it,ty
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new here ya go
: Yuumi as teammate
I fail to see why it would matter if shes on you or not? What situation would you want her to not mount on you?
YokoNomi (NA)
: It differs. Bottom of each Tier is 5, so don't worry about the potential demotion until you hit LP 0 on Tier 5.
> [{quoted}](name=YokoNomi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=o5EbKzur,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-15T15:57:53.953+0000) > > It differs. Bottom of each Tier is 5, so don't worry about the potential demotion until you hit LP 0 on Tier 5. My friend the fifth rank has been removed hasn't it? That's why the made iron league
YaraUwU (NA)
: I think we should wait a bit but yummi seems to under perform in all aspects of the game except cute
Her main issue is that because the mounting is an ability she only really have 2 spells and an ultimate. I'd feel like her mounting needs to have another effect besides the small stat buff. Maybe let her do auto attacks to champions only while mounted that restore host's mana on hit?
: Should I save up gemstones?
Do you want any of the skins that are gemstone exclusive? If not, do what you want.
: The largest problem with Yuumi now is that she has poor synergy with ADCs.
Twitch has 100 ad and 2 ap Yummi has 80 ad and 100 ap when yummi jumps on twitch when she has a 5% scaling (level 1 w) their stats change as such Twitch gets 105 ad and 2 ap Yummi gets 80 ad and 105 ap
: I might be stupid, but I still dont understand.
> [{quoted}](name=Never Let You Go,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ge1lMVeJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-15T11:43:59.537+0000) > > I might be stupid, but I still dont understand. Click on the splash art during loading screen and it will change from the champion image to the user's summoning icon and mastery score on that champion.
: Well here we are again It's always such a pleasure Remember when you tried to kill me twice? Oh how we laughed and laughed Except I wasn't laughing Under the circumstances I've been shockingly nice
That's what I'm counting on {{champion:61}}
iPrawn (NA)
: Give me one good reason why Neeko ADC would NOT be busted.
Bit late to the party, did this a few months ago for some easy wins
: how to stop caring about rank?
If you use a site like mobalytics (This message is NOT sponsored :P) You can focus on different traits of play instead of rank. AKA Improving your consistency or your team fighting score or vision, gold, survivability ect ect. This way you're focusing on your actual skill as a player instead of your external signifyer of said rank :D
: A player shared a link to a gruesome video! (Rioters please read)
You can report the player here https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If you still have that players info (know their in game name) They should still be in your match history if you're unsure
: https://i.imgur.com/3qlVoYR.gif[]
> [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YN73EGPh,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-05-11T20:28:04.754+0000) > > https://i.imgur.com/3qlVoYR.gif[] It was likely done with the snipping tool itself
inDJ (NA)
: Petition to change Yuumi's title to "The Feline Familiar"
Mártir (EUW)
: Imho you should play with him a lot of ARAM (After playing some Bots). Its more "Casual", and people dont flame there (At least not as much) like in 5v5 Summoner Rift. Also, he'll get to play different champs (And play styles), so he can see which class he likes most (mage, tank...).
I nearly quit playing league because my friends introduced me to ARAM early on (level 8). The weirdness of ARAM is hard to appreciate when you have no idea wtf is going on or what to do
Lapis (OCE)
: How can I teach my brother how to play league?
1. Focus on getting the killing blow on minions so you get money. 2. Use money to buy items (guide him) for more power 3. use power to kill enemy laner 4. kill turret After that explain you're going to fight as a team and for him to follow you till the game ends. What NOT to do 1. fuck the meta, don't worry about that when learning just tell him to pick a character and help him as best you can 2. Don't try to counter build 3. avoid niche items like zzrot and last whisper 4. Avoid ARAM, *cough* Despite what some people say ARAM is not the "fun" mode, it may end up killing all enjoyment of that mode completely if done early *cough*
Remus Wins (EUNE)
: Choose the next champion rework update!
Fiddlesticks but I don't like Riot's idea of making crowstorm his central theme. Honestly I wish they'd change it and give his other abilities some TLC
: Bard is one of my favorite champions... anyone want to talk about Bard with me?
If you still need to itch that scratch no meeps can reach heres a whole sub reddit for bard players too! https://www.reddit.com/r/bardmains/
: From 2-4pm PST Please don't play, Support Riot Employees
Jokes on you, i'm at work #neverwalkedin
: Being bullied as a new player is not fun
If they chat, they a thot. Until you feel comfortable playing just due mute /all and live in bliss
AD Yuumi (NA)
: She can autoattack you say?
: As much as the "diversity" argument gets thrown about around this game and this day and age (I will admit it does have merit, new things are more interesting after all as long). I do have to admit I disagree. There is a reason that it's done and why it works. Communicating what the champion does through its visual design is so important. Tanks have to be big and beefy to communicate that it will take a lot of damage to take them down {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:36}} Assassins manifest as something scary looking to communicate if this guy gets on you are fucked {{champion:238}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:107}} Imagine if Riot added a tank with {{champion:1}} ' profile for the "diversity". Or if a heroic champion like {{champion:44}} was supposed to be an Assassin? It just doesn't make sense. You don't have to look further than {{champion:98}} to see why this can be a bad thing. Yes a tanky ninja is unique, and his lore is cool I will admit, but Shen never made sense in the game for so long because ninjas are associated with speed and lethality and Shen is a freaking tank like what???? In my head we got a champion who isn't anthropomorphic of which consists of 95% of League champions and this is a champion from Bandle City who isn't a Yordle. That's enough diversity for me. We don't need to break conventional game logic to force more of it into the game.
Shen is the distraction, he causes others to follow him while he parries the enemy to buy time for the assassins to do their job. Not every ninja was designated as the assassin
: League News: TFBlade wrongfully banned by Twitch
Due to his accent and my brain trying to prime for both words, I can't make heads or tails of it. If i watch the game I head Nidiots if I look at his mouth it's a slur. But I'm also a fowl mouthed person so. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: "We want people to pick blue Kayn over red Rhaast"
♪ It's hard to hear you when i'm running through all of these walls ♪
UniSect (NA)
: Little tip for all people that use Scanner/control Wards...
SSmotzer (NA)
: "Mordekaiser ... the last of the champions in need of his level of work"
I honestly forget this bird exists and is in need of a serious update {{champion:34}}
: ***
There is a difference between knowing and doing. Not everyone who knows what to do can execute it and vice versa
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