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: Necro'd thread. P.S. {{champion:54}} has the strongest ult in the game. Doesn't require channeling, can do 2200 damage instantly, and if a team fight is occurring, is the only unstoppable Pentakill in the game.
very outstanding thought malph at one point did give me a hard time until lethality armor pen were applied and crit fell off{{champion:21}}
FrankerX (EUW)
: Who has the strongest ult in the game, assuming you hit it perfect.
{{champion:21}} miss fortune has the games strongest realistic ult. she shreds whole teams and wins. her ult has timelessly gained huge comebacks tilts Penta kills... in a even fight miss fortune hands down. I will say in a perfect world champs with unlimited stacking potential like veigar. but face it realistically that's not Guna happen miss fortune on the other hand is going to come thru for you again and again without fail. she simply shreds any enemy team her one and only weakness is her peel she is so good that in world's for the global title of number 1 legendary pro player faker was crushed in a Ash mf duo by wolf miss fortune is a God tier champion who many would not agree quite that she is as high elo as her peel is lacking with a good duo mf is your girl 💯{{champion:21}}


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