: Champion and skin sale: 12.13 - 12.16
Still no Kindred, Illaoi or Jhin sales?
Crimmo (OCE)
: Why hasn't Kindred been on sale since release?
Yeah both Kindred and Illaoi have been out for over a year and neither has gone on sale. Than Kench was the champ released before Kindred and I have seen him up for sale a couple times now.
: Passive aggressive trolling.
Mid Fortune is/was a thing and worked well for me on my main account BUT, you need to be smart with it.
Xonra (NA)
: How? Do you not get many S ranks? (not meaning that in a rude way, just asking)
Can't you only get 1 chest per character? If you don't have many champs than you will be limited on the number of chests you can earn.
: ^ this is flawed logic and highly inaccurate. while an automated review will happen with only one report it often misses a lot of toxic chat and behavior such as intent feeding trolling ect. Multiple reports in one game, or cumulative reports actually triggers a manual review of that game and past games in recent play history. So asking for reports is sensible to making our community better by bringing awareness to toxic players. Riot's policy though is of the same logic as this: Person one: Hits person two and proceeds to keep beating him. The police are called and show up on the scene (this would be a report and review) Person two: laying there bloody tells police that person one was assaulting him and then proceeds to call person one a jerk for assaulting him. Person one: claims to be offended by the comment, and for being accused of assaulting person two even though there is blood on his knuckles. Police (riot) then arrest person two for hurting person one's feelings and let person one go free to commit another crime. People have the right to stand up for themselves, that's just life don't like it there is a mute button, simple as that get over it and stop being so easily offended.
I have never actually had to mute anybody in-game. I have reported plenty for being toxic to me as well as those on my team. The only time I spoke out against anybody in chat was to defend somebody else. Person 1 flamed Person 2 all game trying to get him going. Then Person 1 went to /all and asked the other team to report Person 2 for flaming him. I spoke up to let the other side know the part they couldn't see. I reported Person 1 as any good team player should without being asked.
: If you think that's ban worthy then you & riot are idiots. Yes I'm an asshole for wording it like that, but that's how i truly feel. Death threats & slurs deserve a ban, not the ones telling them they deserve the ban. Maybe a warning or even mild chat restriction, but that's it. It's also riots fault for making the rules so vague.
Well you went through chat restrictions and a two week ban previously, so you obviously haven't learned. Now you get a permaban. It by itself is not permaban material but everything adds up.
: I only said report jax after every insult and racist/homophobic slur he said to team. or i told him to enjoy report/ban. I didn't just say it all the time for no reason..
Doesn't matter why you said it. The fact you asked others to report somebody is the issue. You are responsible for what you say. If somebody is being toxic you mute and report of it bothers you that much. Asking for a report only plays into what they want and makes things worse.
: I replied with report jax after every insult only. You're a troll & an idiot.
Asking people to report somebody (report farming) is bannable. Riot only needs 1 report (yours) to have some bodies chat logs for that game looked at. Having others report them as well does nothing beyond that.
: he called me retard. wasnt it toxic? I cant tell others to report riven for calling me retard? Even in funny manner? Jesus cucks.
The reason for this as well is for /all. He enemy team can't see your side of it. I have had a troll ask the other team to report me for being toxic so a couple of them started flaming me until another of my team stepped up in my defence.
: he called me retard. wasnt it toxic? I cant tell others to report riven for calling me retard? Even in funny manner? Jesus cucks.
No you can't. But with that they have said whether there is 1 report from a game, or 4, the chat logs will be reviewed all the same so your report is all that is needed.
: Banned for spamming <3 in all chat....
Well there are steps before getting banner like 10 and 25 game chat restrictions. Then there is a 14 day ban followed by a permaban. Are you permabanned or just 14 day? What did you do to get your other stages of being banned? Did the peopl in your game ask you to stop? Say it's a 40 min game spamming something every 30 seconds means you sent 80 messages that is very excessive and worth punishment.
: Passive aggressive hand holdin "Teacher teacher he said mean things!" can we pretend to be adults and deal with things ourselves like the tribunal that used to be fair and just?
Well your "adult" approach to the trolls got you reported and chat restricted. The report system is there so you can be adults and force others to be accountable for their actions just as you are for yours. Doesn't matter who instigates or retaliates your behaviour was worthy of punishment.
Rotheos (NA)
: Not getting Hextech Chests
You can get 1 chest per champion per season. To get the chest you need to play normals/ranked and earn an s- rank or better for your performance.
: its my first time to be in this situation and this is my first year playing this game however i still think that this is wrong because even if it was a normal game i want to have fun i have played like 840 normal games or more this is my first time to see a lvl 30 player who never played a pvp match before i reached level 30 by playing pvp games i would understand that panth situation if he was experienced player and he was making another account but he wasn't and he didn't know anything about the game except what he learned through bot games
You are lucky to make it that far without running into this sooner. Good luck in the future though.
: tnx,I ll make it right
Yeah there are 132 champs currently. Thanks for the list.
: Tfw ya readin the patch notes and she gets a smol buff, but you don't care cause it's something {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Between her and Riven my roles are both happy about this.
: Where all the Vi mains at
She's my choice jungler.
: **In NA the large majority of people speak English and I haven't run into anyone in league that cannot
I have run into 2 that would only speak French and one that I think was Chinese (not familiar with their alphabet to differentiate very well). But yes "large majority" is what I was going for.
: Dialog vs Monolog. He called me a retard. I called report him. Everything is in dialog. Rito shows you dialog. Great job. Thats the problem. I guess i should use smiley faces to show some irony, because of the monolog chat logs. My bad i guess :-( Stanislav:Reported xd I dont even report anyone in league. Not my fight to reform people.
Stanislav: report riven, just called me a retard and was meany to me the whole game, This is what I was referring to. This is you asking others to reort Riven. That is probably what got you the ban. Or it could be the Game 1 you didn't show the logs for.
: Played 2 games after 14 days suspension (Permabanned)
Asking people to report somebody is a bannable offence. PS: Ezreal is not a tank.
: What is even the point of perm banning? Why does Riot not IP ban?
Can't ban an ip in case somebody else that isn't toxic also plays from the same comp. Why punish the innocent
: I cs really well, I don't see any purpose in cs'ing after full build with enough to buy pots for the next 10 minutes... also 50%+ kill participation is really good, sure I don't have many assists, but I'm a carry champ, why should an adc have any assists? they need the gold for expensive items
CS-ing late game helps with map pressure and such but if you want an s you are looking for around 65 cs per 10 min roughly.
: **206 cs in 43 minutes.**
Yeah this is probably the biggest reason. Most suggestions are to get 6-7 per min so for this game of 43 min would want 258-301
: Couldn't the player just unmute themselves and give into temptation?
I had meant that it was off for the rest of the game once you turned it off and not a toggle.
: So if i get banned today do i still earn end of season rewards
I don't think so. From what I recall your account has to be in good standing for the last 3 months of the season (Aug-Oct)
: Best advice is to mute people and not chat. You can't get in trouble for saying something if you don't say anything. There have been a couple posts where people said that if they only ping and don't chat their games went better. Worth a shot. Good luck.
Also don't ask people to report others in chat that is also bannable. They only need one report so if you report them it's covered.
Too Hi (EUNE)
: Thanks. Hope I will not be that dumb to get permabanned then xD
Best advice is to mute people and not chat. You can't get in trouble for saying something if you don't say anything. There have been a couple posts where people said that if they only ping and don't chat their games went better. Worth a shot. Good luck.
libDoge (NA)
: But eve is actually decent lul. Maybe next time ill try the most troll build i can find.
libDoge (NA)
: Tbh I was gonna lock in tahm kench and go full attack speed and ONLY attack towers :)
Eat one of them and ult to the enemies nexus.
FrankerX (EUW)
: i bet when we check his match history in 3 days, he is still playing. AS ALWAYS with all the "im done" ppl
4 months later and he has a post up whining about being banned.
: hahahhaha and your funny WOW is the most popular lmfao
WoW is the most popular MMORPG but LoL (which is a MOBA) has a way bigger player base.
: I did and I can get rid of the name. I didn't know that was a thing. But reporting never gets them banned. They say you usually get a notification of it.
I heard you only get a notification if you were the last person to report them. So if somebody the game later reports him then you won't hear about it.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: why is it restricted though?
Trying to get people to post in the genre that their post belongs (eg for this one it would be general/misc/gameplay). This way when somebody wants to read "memes & games" they will actually see them and not a mix.
: Cant open Hextech boxes
Are you sure they are keys and not key fragments?
Ypherion (NA)
: Howdy! Ping muting is really interesting. One one hand, they're the "last line" of communication in League and cutting all comms (as suggested below) is worrying; a team game with no communication at all is a really bizarre concept. On the other hand, getting ?????'d or !!!!!!!!'d as much as they possibly can is annoying af. Ping rate is already throttled. It's actually an ammo-like system on the back end that lets you build up pings over time and spend them. Having differential throttling based on mute status is a little complex because the pinging-player wouldn't be changed, just what other players see (because it's likely that some players haven't muted them). That said, it's certainly not unsolvable by any means. Not sure that it's the solution to ping-spam, it may or may not be, but the problem is certainly worth a look again (we've talked about it before). No promises on when we'll get to it, but it's good to be reminded. It's weird, when I play and have this happen it just pisses me off...somehow I haven't re-raised the issue as a designer recently. Thanks!
Figured I would suggest this here rarer than making another thread about similar things. From reading around the different posts about it and such I think adding the option to mute the pings would be the easiest way to go about it. My other thought that is related to this in a way is giving players the option to mute themselves. The reasoning behind this is the number of people that want to flame the feeder but know they shouldn't. If they had this option they could mute themselves for the remainder of the match but keep their pings so they aren't tempted to flame and get themselves in trouble. There have been a few people asking for something similar cause they know that if they can chat they will flame but function fine under chat restrictions.
Liponitus (EUW)
: Same here, just that I can't even log in with my banned account on this site anymore. It just straight up says it doesn't exist anymore. Completely bombed off the servers, I am. Was also my first ban, and differently from your case, I don't even know what I did. Yeah, I wasn't always an angel in the thousands of hours I played this game, but lately I haven't been playing LoL at all, just 3 games last week, today I realized I was banned. And I did nothing that warranted a ban in these 3 games, that is for 100% sure. Maybe I got banned because I didn't play enough LoL ?
Everybody I have seen complaining about being banned can still log in to comment/submit a support ticket. Maybe your account hot highjacked or something.
: i'm trying to figure out who the skirt belongs too
Lux most likely but I like "dat Ashe" as an answer too.
Azmoran (NA)
: Bjerg was the one who abused the bug, it was his client because he kept switching camera mode from locked and out. It ONLY affected his client! TSM was losing and decided to abuse a known bug to get a remake. TSM should be banned from competative for a year.
TSM was not losing that game at all. It was a bug. It was dealt with by the judges. I have seen posts asking for either team to be banned but that won't happen. Benefit of the doubt to both sides because you can't prove CLG were trying to intentionally abuse a bug nor can TSM be blamed for bringing attention to the bug.
: 10 Bans!!!!
With 10 bans they will have to increase the number of champs somebody owns before playing ranked (not really an issue). And I like the idea of treating bans like champ select where it goes in pairs after the first. 1blue-2red-2blue-2red-2blue-1red
: I play jungle in low elo and never leave mid when the push up ALL GAME LONG. Every single time I play mid in low elo I never see my jungler ever.
That would be referred to as - Unlucky
: Anyone know who the championship skin is for this year?
: Hextech crafting ban
I heard it is a set number of games but nobody knows but Riot.
: PROJECT Cores and Icons
I think you have to have it before the project event is over (Aug 22 I think) or you don't get the border.
: Which skins do you want to have chromas?
: > [{quoted}](name=Rilendros,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BfqXQzuq,comment-id=0005000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2016-08-10T17:19:00.476+0000) > > But if he had gone through the stages of chat ban and kept doing it permaban would follow. Right so if he's gone up the discipline ladder, the permanent ban is to be expected. My point is the ladder is broken. His chat log is annoying, not abusive, not toxic (and the mom joke was funny). Chat restrictions are sufficient until a person crosses a line, which he did not in the logs I read.
The spam and asking others to report are enough for them to do it.
: > [{quoted}](name=nep2une,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BfqXQzuq,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-10T16:41:36.426+0000) > > Uh, not really. > They shouldn&#x27;t have been toxic in the first place. > If they get banned as a result, that is 100% their fault and they have no right to complain. For tame stuff that really only amounts to annoying... chat bans are sufficient. Especially considering snowflakes can mute the annoying player.
But if he had gone through the stages of chat ban and kept doing it permaban would follow.
: ***
On my phone at work actually and there is no option to edit the title only the body of the post.
Ýones (EUW)
: Kled
Yeah I saw that after I posted D: I would like to blame my phones auto correct but it's more likely me anyways. Can't edit the title now though.
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