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: Share a tip about your favorite champion everyone should know
{{champion:6}} : Manamune is not good on him. Go for Essence Reaver instead. His holy trinity is {{item:3508}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3035}} {{champion:14}} : Ulting point blank is just as good if you build AD bruiser sion. {{champion:48}} : Always ult the enemy tank, never ult the enemy carry. {{champion:29}} : Ambush is fun for pretending to leave lane and doubling back, fooling your enemy into thinking you've left.
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
**Riot, you've made some amazing choices.** {{champion:14}} *And some I personally didn't agree with.* {{champion:48}} **You've made characters my favourites.** {{champion:29}} ~~And given some of my old mains a break.~~ {{champion:6}} **So here's to a new year and thanks for the neat skin for** {{champion:53}} **You guys do a lot for us players!** {{summoner:30}}
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: Rewards for positive play
I wanna be part of this! I don't THINK I actually blow up at people. I try my best to listen and just not say anything if I can't be positive! :D Put me to the test Rito-senpai! {{champion:6}} {{summoner:10}}

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