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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 25
Do both the games played and time passed minimums apply to honor levels above 2 as well?
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 4
As someone with a friend who is ALWAYS late to start games (doesn't even buy until like 1:00 a lot of the time), I would hate to have minion spawns moved up even more
: League Servers Down?
Yeah, I got booted off and I'm stuck at "trying to reconnect" on the login screen
: What’s your story?
I met my boyfriend while playing League; he was trying out Vel'koz on release day and kept calling his Q "Geometry Blast" which I thought was adorable. Two and a half years later, we're happily living together~
: Yo Yousosmart! Star Guardian is absolutely a line that we want to explore further, skins team itself is comprised of a ton of Magical Girl super fans! We definitely want to make more SG skins in the future (TBD), so keep your eyes peeled for cuteness! :3 As far as our data goes players lovvvvveddddd her, like off the charts positive player response. lol **Question for the thread: **What other champions, aside from Lux, would make great Star Guardians?
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
F is for Flash or Fast D is for Damage or Defense
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: Mid-Year Mage Update
Malz is one of my favorite characters so I'm a little sad to see that he'll get a somewhat significant overhaul. His E, voidlings, and R (in that order) are probably the most important aspects of his kit to me--in particular, the voidling interactions with both E and R. E is really fun to use early in laning, like it's a lil minigame to keep the dot going through an entire wave or two. It's also great to use in tandem with a couple other specific champs: for example, putting E on a minion and then having Tahm Kench spit it at the enemies is hilarious. E is without a doubt my favorite part of his kit, and it seems like that's a pretty common feeling amongst players. Voidlings are adorable, good for CSing safely, block skillshots, and are really good harass that mixes in AD damage along with E/R. AD jungle Malzahar is pretty fun too, and obviously it's only voidlings that make that possible. Plus, they're a core part of Malz's identity, constantly being followed around by little pets that get progressively stronger during their short lives. His ult could definitely use some tweaking, but the general concept of locking down a high priority target--and leaving yourself very vulnerable in the process while being relatively squishy compared to, say, Warwick or Skarner--is an important part of his kit and identity for me. Q and W are both good skills, and it's nice to have an AoE silence, but I personally would be fine with significant changes to Q and scrapping the W entirely. They're both very useful in their current states, obviously, but W is not at all satisfying to use on its own or even aesthetically pleasing, it's just kinda _there_. Retaining an AoE silence would clearly be ideal, but to me it's not as important as passive/E/R. Malzahar already feels pretty unique as far as mages go, but sure why not I'll take a makeover.
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: Rewards for positive play
I don't talk a whole lot in games (most of my recent ones are 5-man premades using voicechat) but I've managed to go nearly two full years without so much as a warning and I have no problem with my chatlogs being shared.

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