: Not an expert at al, but I can give some answers from speculation, extrapolation, and experience from RPGs. > Does she have normal teeth, or fangs? I'm going to assume a bit of each. Rear molars are likely human-like, other teeth are dragon-like. > Does she have a navel, since she hatched from an egg? She does. It's seen in both artwork and splash model. > Is her tongue forked? I can't quite say. I *think* I saw it at one point in time, and I *think* it's a human tongue, but I'm not certain. > How many toes does she have? Possibly 4 or 5. Can't quite tell. Foot is too small for 3. > How tall is she? She appears to be on-par with other humans for models, and art implies human-size. Likely, she's bigger than the average human, but still within human norms. I'd guess about 6'2". > How does her hair grow? Is it made of the same material as human hair? I'd assume it's much like human hair. > Is she a mammal, or a reptile? Qualifies as reptile, but she clearly wears armor over her breasts (and has the appearance of having mammaries), so I'd assume hybrid, primary reptile. > Is she cold or warm blooded? What's her body's average temperature? I...can't say. It'd be whatever dragons are. Average body temp is definitely above average for a human, given that she is a flame dragon hybrid. > Does she have eyelids? Can her eyeballs move? Her eyes move, and it looks like she has eyelids. Why wouldn't she? Dragons have eyelids, and their eyes can move. > How old is she? Does she age at the same rate humans do? What is her lifespan? Lore question, almost certainly not, and somewhere in the middle of dragon and human lifespans. > What are her clothes made out of? Can she wear normal clothes? Her clothes are likely an armor designed to either fit to her dragon form, or vanish. She might have a cloak or some other kind of cloth wear, but it'd likely be only worn in-city. > What was her father's name? Again, lore question, not anatomy-based. There's some story somewhere that mentions it, I think. You'd have to dig around for it, though. Hope I helped!
: 1. Most like human-ish but slighly more fang like? May also be full human but with dragon canine teeth 2. *looks at splash art* Yes she does (oddly enough) 3. Maybe? We've never gotten an official Riot animation of her nor seen her with her mouth open so I'd assume it may be human but slightly forked and maybe narrrower 4. I would assume 5 if she is heavily humanoid Around 5'10"- 6'1" would be my guess. She's part dragon so I'd imagine it would add to her height a bit. 5. ...It's hair. She's part human so it grows like anyone else. 6. She's a hybrid so a bit of both since she has scales and breasts. 7. Depends on what dragon's body temp. would be like. Either lower than average human body temp. if dragons are most like traditional lizards, or higher than average if they are far more warm-blooded. 8. Why are you asking these kind of questions? She's part human and functions partly as a human when in that form. So I would (hopefully) assume she has eyelids and can move her eyes. Hell, lizards have eyelids and can move eyes, so I don't fully understand this question. 9. Definitely more of a story based question. If dragons can live for hundreds of years and she gained that trait, she theoretically be quite old, like 50 and life to maybe 200. However, since we can't fully conclude that, we'll go off of regular human life span and say maybe around mid-late 20s. 10. Something that most likely somehow transforms with her. Maybe when she transforms the clothes she wears somehow adapt to the magic that affects her. I'd also imagine she can wear normal clothes but that's more city based when she needs to look more presentable. 11. Kind of lore based again. We got the mothers name but never the fathers, so it's unknown still.
Thank you so much! Some of my questions are a little weird because I'm not sure if dragons are closer to lizards or snakes.
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: My user name has no relation to Disney butchery. Inspiration comes more from Shakespeare's Tempest, actually. Ariel was the name given to the wind spirit.
Actually, ironically enough, Ariel from Disney was named after that wind spirit. There is no escape.
: Upvoted for vision. ##One thing I don't understand about these Rumble changes is; he's been this way for _years_ and no one's really had major complaints about his Q.... until this season? What gives?
Rumble is in a very strong place right now, and has an insane pick rate in professional play. He needed a tuning down, as he was just a q-push lane bot.
: Unpopular opinion: Any input from existing champion mains should be taken with a grain of salt because they are the only people who don't want to see the champion changed. Champion mains are, by definition, players who like champions exactly the way they are. They will usually downplay the gameplay problems the champion has, and protest any meaningful nerf, even if there are fair buffs to compensate.
I loved the Shyvana rework, and so did most of her mains. The Yorick and Warwick players were also pretty happy, some small problems aside. Even though we main these champions, we know better than anyone that they aren't in a great place. We just want reworks that enhance their core identity, instead of creating a new champion entirely.
teegorom (NA)
: What are you doing so close to the lane that you can't fight or gank before your teammate dies, but you can take cs no problem? "appreciate the little things", meaning overlook the lack of real help. XD
Imagine that the lane is an Teemo top and Kayle Jungle vs Illoai pre 6. There is no ganking that. You will get murdered. You have no hard CC, and she will just kill you both.
JRobin31 (NA)
: If it's Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, then I can't get enough. Sea Salt will do in a pinch. But if it's just your standard everyday NaCl, then I'm bored already.
Whoah, you eat the pink Himalayan Salt too? I thought I was just weird.
: Game 1 LikeMyBird: yep LikeMyBird: xayah no mobility now LikeMyBird: early gank this %%%% LikeMyBird: ok lee LikeMyBird: renek stop building ad LikeMyBird: u are behind LikeMyBird: report renek LikeMyBird: k LikeMyBird: k LikeMyBird: report renek plz tho LikeMyBird: no building ad into jax and stilll fighting him LikeMyBird: k LikeMyBird: aram LikeMyBird: dominion LikeMyBird: 2 kill vs bots LikeMyBird: lol tf LikeMyBird: u suk LikeMyBird: lee and renek fuking heavy LikeMyBird: lol 400 ping ez LikeMyBird: ez LikeMyBird: renek is nor fighting or running LikeMyBird: i dont undestand LikeMyBird: heavy LikeMyBird: 400 ping op LikeMyBird: renek and lee way too heavy PS: no other games, if i can put the pic i'll show you PS#2 : me and the 2 others were saying they were too heavy so....
That's toxic, Birdy. You deserved the ban.
Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
Rintam, and receive, please!
: as a nidalee main i find it very entertaining to see ~~people~~ enemies try to do AD Tank nidalee that they saw in LCS. and fail miserably. its beautiful to watch copycats fails so epicly.
: Not league related but I finally lost the weight to join the National Guard
Congratulations! It's honestly incredible that someone can do something like that. You worked so hard, you deserve it. You are truly amazing. Good luck! You are an inspiration to me.
Aptest (EUW)
: And that makes it derogatory? how?
Aptest (EUW)
: In what way is it derogatory ("this guy is a piece of shit"), rather than simply descriptive ("this guy's skin is colored brown")?
It has historical connotations to the times that homosexuals were massacred or discriminated against.
Aptest (EUW)
: How is that a form of hate speech ?
It's a deragatory slur for a homosexual.
Arabed (NA)
: Black loading screen in diamond 3 promos
Does this happen consistently? Test it out in a couple of custom games. If it does, I had the same problem, and solved it by pressing enter. Try systematically mashing every button on your keyboard, or turning it on and off again.
: My complaint to junglers is when theirs does a level 3 gank and ours doesnt invade, doesnt gank or even show up in another lane. Usually its fine and understandable since it happened and theres nothing you can do about it now except maybe invade, but if you dont show up on the map while the enemy jg went to 3 lanes already and has the same farm as you getting pressure everywhere and keeping up/beating you in farm then I get irritated. Another time is when i let the enemy laner push into my tower, and i see you in the river near my lane and ping and you just spam /L and leave. (when its still a 0-0 lane)
Some junglers have very weak ganks, and some lanes are very hard to bank for. How would a Shyvana gank a Leblanc with a Talon?
: lifesteal is only good if the enemy is enough of a threat to kill you. therefor you take thunderlords or deathfire touch so you can kill them before they kill you. because they cant kill you if they are dead.
: I thought everyone voted for Quetzacoatl cuz of bewbs
I had no idea this was an anime either... I feel stupid now...
: TFW you delete someone as full AD/AP Shyvana
Quetzalcoatl isn't a dragon... He's the feathered serpent.
: At least Kayle didn't have a spell shield every time she went in. And her ultimate doesn't have a 40 second cooldown.
: that's fine and dandy, but you can't keep me from just afking so althou i can't force you to surrender, you can't force me to try
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Stop that this instant. D: Blitz can go chase down Camille. '>.>
Booooooo! Booooooo! Blitzcrank x Orianna always.
: Aatrox is a divers... as tank he's useless.
: And no one mentioning {{champion:266}} ? What the hell happened to this community, all brainwashed by Riot?
: A random caster minion that throws ducks to attack instead of magic?
Please. I need this.
duckarp (EUNE)
: I was going to agree and then read this: > Even Shyvana, one of the quintessential "AOE clearers", struggles to do either camp on the first clear and still be in gank-worthy condition. I mean, WHAT? I never had any problem with either of those camps.
Yeah, I never even buy potions on Shyvana because clearing is so easy.
: Reminder that whatever team gets first nexus has a 100% win rate.
Wrong. You can glitch out the game with a surrender.
: Clearly, Jhin need 40 more shots
Sorry, has to downvote you to 4.
: We don't have a bot lane marksman who uses a blow gun, or one who uses an exteme long range weapon like a whip. I'd personally pee my pants in excitement if we got a ranged ADC who uses a whip.
I mean, Thresh is pretty similar auto wise, but he's a tank, not an ADC.
: Nidalee, kennen, and pretty much all the ranged mages do not use a gun nor a bow
: Slowly? You fail to realize my time spent dead quints and mobility boots get me to my death extremely fast!
Combined with that Luden's Echo and Deadman's Plate, and you'll be hitting those double digits!
: Many people think that Darius has no ap scaling, but in truth he has decent ap scaling on his {{item:3100}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3115}} and thunderlords
KoKoboto (NA)
: What do you call a Janna and Soraka lane?
Thought it would be "Banana Peel"
JZeref (NA)
: i was wondering i open a chest and it said i got a perm skin for Dark Star Thresh. but i dont see it? anyone know the reason why its not showing that i have it?
You can't get permanents out of chests. You got a skin shard. If you activated the skin shard into a rental, it expires after a certain amount of days (5 or 7, can't remember which.)
abdul569 (EUW)
: Your champion's AD ratios are now AP and the AD ratios are now AP
: No champion in the game tilts me more than Lee Sin. In my opinion, his damage is oppressive and his mobility is far too great. Countless times has he escaped me on the brink of death. What annoys me the most about him though is he is played in 8/10 of my games (at least it feels like this, got 3 in a row earlier >_>)
Take it to gameplay. This is memes and games.
Did you just assume I spoke English?
: Junglers are the strong ones right now. If adcs were so strong they wouldn't need 5 man ganks bot to snowball their team. Right now, whatever jungler can farm faster and camp bot better wins the game for their team. Botlane is so shitty to play right now because its a race to see who gets the 5 man gank, first blood tower, and first dragon before the other. Nerf junglers before nerfing adcs, because its not the adcs that are the issue right now. It's the junglers that are snowballing their teams.
It is a bit difficult to say, "Nerf Junglers", because we have so many different types of junglers, and many can play different roles. It sounds like you have a problem with banking junglers. To deal with a five man thank, ward riverd when the entire enemy team goes missing, pay attention and be safe.
: Guys, I found something rarer than Galio.
Nein, it's called nemesis draft. Then the true support mains come out to play... and the rest of us learn the true meaning of respect.
: Never have I ever, league edition!
Never have I ever had my pent stolen by the same person 5 times in one week.
: > [{quoted}](name=7th Syn,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=E11bPiUT,comment-id=0055000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-29T21:02:08.489+0000) > >they lowered it for URF and One for All I remember the bug that let you, and I remember when they changed it. But it was only possible in featured game modes never in normal play
: 7 was the most you could get before anyways reasonably. they lowered it for URF and One for All, and with her new W mechanic it is now possible to get more but the cap still exists from those modes.
There didn't use to be a cap. In one for all, a while ago, it was possible to use a glitch to have an infinite sphere ultimate. You would try and use a sphere being picked up by another Syndra's Force of Will, and would just smack them until they died. They fixed it now, but that's what I meant by limitless potential. It was literally infinite.
EVG Mike (NA)
: If the guy playing smite support singed chose mundo instead riot couldnt have done anything, because he goes where he pleases {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
This is the best comment I have ever seen anywhere.
: Bard is my auto fill pick and every game so far has been the exact same -lose lane within 2.5 minutes -leave lane, get chimes -adc flames (which is completely understandable) -buy every support item with an active -somehow still win the game I'd also pick Lulu but whenever I play her I get the undying desire to /laugh for THE. WHOLE. GAME. and I have. multiple times. it's hilarious.
Quindec (NA)
: This is so cute, i would love to see lissandra in a wedding dress skin her q would be throwing bouqets and explodes into roses onces it hits the first enemy her w would be her dress extending outwards her e would be some kind of walking down the lane motion(idk) her ult would be herself entombing herself in cake or the enemy
Her E would be a red curtain!
: pretty sure syndra is a stronger mage than both, ryze just has the scroll with the most powerful magic (he doesnt use it though) and veigar has the potential to pass syndra, but hasnt yet
Yah, lore wise is the most powerful human Anyway, her potential is limitless! Until they put a seven sphere cap on her ultimate. RIP.
: my comment was autocorrected to hell.. damn
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