: A lot of Tryndamere mains seem to think the rune changes have put him in a really bad spot. Your thoughts?
Tryndamere seems to be performing slightly below par with Press the Attack at the moment but far from "really bad". There are going to be a good amount of shakeups in top lane for both this patch and next patch though (nerfs to stuff that Tryndamere hates such as Teemo for example) so we'll see.
Quepha (NA)
: Any context on removing the range on Kleptomancy? As far as I know, no one was complaining about it on anyone but GP and Ezreal, and they don't really use the range part of Kleptomancy.
The original idea was that it would help you autoattack someone to loot them, but the extra range clearly isn't necessary and feels pretty extraneous/distracting from the primary purpose of Kleptomancy- the rune is quite functional without the range. A lot of people didn't even know about it
: MATCH HISTORY RUNES SUMMARY and IN GAME RUNES Maybe it's just me, but I don't find what stats get displayed 100% helpful. Examples: Match history: Ravenous Hunter. Yeah, it's nice knowing I reached 5 hunter stacks, but that doesn't help me decide how efficient the rune was over the course of the game. Can you tell me how much damage I healed using it? In game: Dark Harvest/Fleet Footwork (maybe others). I want to see the FULL value of what damage I'll be doing/healing, not the contributions of base + AP/AD + level/souls collected. I want to be able to glance at what I'm getting from it, not try to do math while playing league Match History: Water Walking seems broken. "total AD/AP: 309" doesn't make sense. it does NOT give that much AD/AP. Is that saying that's how much time I spent in the river? Match History: Eyeball collection. Since it caps at 30 AP, I don't find "total bonus AD/AP" very useful. What about, like "legend" time to completion?
The post-game reports definitely need some work- agreed on all points
: Hey, I had an idea that I think would greatly condense a lot of the overall time that people spend on the new runes system.   Attach a rune page to every champion. When you select that champion, you can redo the runes per champion, or in your collection. Something that I'm noticing watching streams is that people are getting a little lost. It seems like there's a diversity of different options that one character will have in a draft select, and having a good "base" build for that specific character would be better than having to mull over your champion picks, your bans, and your rune loadout. Especially if you're like me and enjoy playing a huge pool of different characters. I also imagine there will be a lot of people that stick with "one" rune setup for a champion. Which is great! But if you have to constantly redo your runes on the fly, I can see it getting tedious real quick. I've got 20 pages, and I find myself making very *specific* pages versus the more generalized approach we've been able to take in every other season. It just seems like it would be more useable if it were stored on a "per champ" basis rather than what feels like a carry-over/throwback to the original way it was done. Otherwise, things feel like Season 1 again. Nobody knows what's good or bad anymore. Perhaps Bruiser Leona can finally soar through the skies of top lane (probably not)!
That would be an option, but we want players to explore the rune system for themselves and find something they like :)
aluucard (EUNE)
: do u have a plan to bring back a keystone like dft ? it was really useful on vlad :P
No, Arcane Comet fulfills a reasonably similar role though
: Hello Playtest Team! What rune build do you have in mind for Lissandra? I'm currently experimenting on her because you have a lot of options. Is it intended that Manaflow Band procs at the same time with her passive? Malzahar can have his passive AND banshees so... idk. Also I tried Inspiration on Taliyah and it works very well so far. Glacial Path makes it so easy to hit her combo and you can gank so much easier with all that speed stuff. What do you have in mind? Is this path intended for her?
I haven't played Liss but I'm thinking she would like Electrocute, Cheap Shot, Zombie Ward, Relentless Hunter and splash for Perfect Timing and Cosmic Insight Regarding Glacial Augment on Taliyah, we don't really have "intended paths" for characters, rather hope that you guys experiment and find playstyles you like!
vazerax (NA)
: What do you think about this obvious money scam going on with patch 7.22? Did riot really just total out all veteran players runes, rune pages and grinding to a depressing amount of BE(blue essence) and one emoji? Oh wait don't let me forget about the randomized skins you tried to give to shut people up as well. And what makes you think people care about a emoji? I've never seen anyone use one personally. I see what is going on here. (IP) is no longer rewarded and (BE) is not rewarded after a win, but maybe rewarded randomly by leveling up in a ridiculous no cap level system. So now for all the veterans out there who have all the champs runes they want already, they are forced to buy boost packs. It's no longer a grind game but a new money pit for riot. Not that riot hasn't been money hungry since season three, but now it's more apparent.
The quality of pretty much everything in our game since season 3 is vastly increased, which is a result of having more employees to work on things and they stopped accepting RP as payment
Tupaco (NA)
: Any plans on buffing towers and making it harder to solo rift herald and return it to a team obj as it was susposed to be?
Don't think we are looking to work on either of those any time in the near future- lots of other stuff going on
: I find one issue with this patch if nothing else and hopefully it will resolve itself. Back then, runes and masteries were what let you express your playstyle. if there were 30 runes and 30 masteries for example there were HUNDREDS of combinations now there are still hundreds, but considerably less. For example there was a strat me and my buddies used involving jungle teemo. After some testing we realized the clear we wanted for his position could best be achieved starting with Flat ad runes but with GOOD ATTACK SPEED to make life stealing and getting red buff on the first clear doable. But we had MASTERIES that scaled with ap for mid to late game. With this new system (gonna give another real life example here) You cant do that with teemo. Say I want either phase shift or comet for late game... Well now I can ONLY get ad or ap adaptive.... This makes kiting those same monsters too ridiculous to be a viable strat. The problem I see is this: You ASSUMED (for example) that because most people use this champ for AP (since its teemo) and will utilize comet/phase rush, which is true. AND you assumed that since teemos mostly take X runes that adding X base stats would cover this. However, because of the way that assumption is made I don't find the option to get any attack speed BASE STATS which makes that start and that strat void. The result, we as players loose a way to express a play style or have fun with a strat. I can see how that would happen when you take a lot of factors and convert and see that 1 flat stat is most useful. Its a lossy conversion so things will be lost somewhere. However I see that there is a possible fix or even a natural resolve (that will probably still be a lot of work in the long run). Either have it so that going sorc+precision DOES give attack speed. (That would take doing something similar for all rune combinations tho :/) OR Use new items to add more diversity and therefore possible ways of expression again. This I hope will be the natural fix for not having as many choices and possible starts/counter-strats in the game anymore. MAYBE a new kind of item could help this? All speculation but other than that wht do you guys think? P.S. GREAT update :P {{champion:240}} ]\'[
As with any possible overhaul we could have done, some champions will have more options in the new system, some will have less- we understand that some builds will be missed but hope that this will be a net positive change for LoL! P.S. Try Glacial Augment on Teemo
: Will we get more easter events like (ashe, liss and sejuanni) and Rengar and Kha'zix. It make us more into the game and make it fun and challenging to play. Idk it makes us more into the characters and in their story! Are you planning more or it just never happen in the future? I really love that.
A lot of the newer champions have unique voice lines with other specific champions!
: ***
Tutorial is definitely in need of a rework
: What do you feel is the replacement for armor runes vs ad mid laners? How strong do you feel is perfect timing to include in the second path of a mage? What do you think are the best complements as second paths for Sorcery? Besides that anything you can say about Lissandra is welcome!
Splashing Resolve for Iron Skin vs. an aggressive AD mid is totally cool- the Perfect Timing in Inspiration is a very viable choice IMO and makes Zed players salty. Lissandra can go Arcane Comet or Electrocute depending whether you want more poke damage in lane (e.g., top vs melee) or more all-in damage (midlane). Predator could give her spicy roams too although I haven’t tried it
: Is the CDR given by Ultimate Hat supposed to be multiplicative? I had a 3.06 CD on Jayce ultimate (49% CDR) and not 2.7 seconds (55% CDR).
Yes, that’s the intended behavior. It makes it relatively more appealing to champions who don’t build CDR but value their ult (Shen likes primary Resolve and splash for this), and makes the cases where champions who are already stacking a ton of CDR less “degenerate” of always having ult
: I don't like how we only get two rune pages to work with;; I know we can buy more but it costs as much as a champion. Maybe make this cost cheaper or give us more rune pages? I like the presets tho! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
I think you’ll find that Rune Pages aren’t as necessary as before since you only select 6 runes total- at first the system will seem intimidating and take some learning, but after awhile you’ll get used to being able to select them every game
Garrotte (NA)
: Has King Cobra grown tired of his 15 minutes of fame?
How can you ever get tired of starting the game with a 2k gold lead and leap strike in every direction
: Is there a possibility of increasing Azir's Q AP Ratio to compensate for the missing base damage? Lowering his Q ratio really took away from his fantasy of being a late game hyper carry. I personally feel like Xin benefited a lot more from his update than Azir but that Azir is being nerfed due to longstanding negative connotations that people seem to have with him when he does manage to find success.
Azir is still really strong late game! (Most of Azir's hyper carry damage comes from auto'ing with soldiers anyway) We underestimated him in testing before the mini-rework, he was nerfed simply because his power level was too high. Inexperienced Azir players were winning almost 50% of their games, which is out of line considering how difficult he is to play.
: Is there worry of the possible negative effect that a better tear will have on ryze/cass too?
Yes, Tear buffs is an indirect buff for all users including Cass/Ryze but they have been considered!
: I would like some additional context on Sterak's Gage, specifically relating to proccing it. At my tier it will pretty well always get procced off cd in teamfights, so now of course, the additional tenacity will really help out the juggernauts and such (the cost is super high though so they do pay for it). However, once the counterplay of the item is learned (don't burst the carrier of a Sterak's Gage) the item and its shield/tenacity becomes much less useful for the juggernauts since they can already be kited and it may never proc if played out correctly. This is doubled down when the juggernaut must (correctly) build resists which makes them even harder to burst in addition to their innate higher level also increasing the minimum burst threshold. -------------------------------- Which brings me to a question: Has Sterak's Gage being an active with a tradoff for when it is activated been entertained? If so, what was the reception like in playtests? Yes the cd would ofc need nerfs coupled with stat adjustments for the agency buff, but such a shift may be better for the item's health overall at higher elos if it hasn't already been explored and deemed not balanceable.
Compared to being an activated item, Sterak's trigger allows for counterplay when playing against (additionally, a ton of the playerbase prefer not to deal with actives). Generally many Sterak's users (juggernauts) are pretty happy if they aren't being bursted- if the enemy team is trying to stagger out their damage to a Darius for example then they can expect to see 5 stack Guillotines.
: So far in the Aatrox rework, are there any unique changes that have been made that have not worked out? Is there anything that redefines who he is as a champion, or how he plays?
Aatrox in game is someone who never wants to see the rest of his team, but thematically led an army to victory so we've been testing some stuff more along those lines
: What do you guys think about some adc's buying relic shield? And do you guys have anything planned for Bard? He kinda feels underwhelming right now.
Relic shield on ADC should be a lot less appealing now that Ardent Censer doesn't give health on hit, but I'm looking forward to see what happens Don't think I've heard anything about Bard
: Context on the reversion of Fiora getting movespeed for just standing in the ult circle? I was happy for it being gone because it meant she couldn't ult someone chasing her to get away but now it's back so... Would appreciate context^^
Fiora was nerfed simultaneously with the release of Bramble Vest which we knew would be a double-nerf to her but it hit harder than we expected and it was difficult to understand how much each one contributed. While the meta is different now, reverting the Fiora-specific changes is a good starting point to understand how systemic changes (i.e., Bramble Vest) affected her. I agree that it makes more sense that Fiora should be required to tag a Vital for the MS instead of "just standing in the ult circle"
: Are u looking at potentially Volibear buffs?
: Would it be too much to pry to ask about who they are and where they went?
TOO SOON... *wipes tears from eyes*
: Will there be lethality runes in the new rune system?
There may possibly be some runes that give penetration. We've definitely had several come through testing, unsure if any will remain in the final system
: Do you still think aatrox is in no need of buffs? Did he really need a nerf last patch, regardless of how large?
The change last patch with W's interaction with wards is for long-term consistency purposes and has very negligible balance considerations- asking if Aatrox needed a nerf last patch is pretty misrepresentative. As Novalas said our live design team is investigating the possibility of Aatrox buffs
: the stats of cindehulk didnt get nerfed the cost was increased , 75 gold ... hmm might have an impact at pro level but in solo queue not really
There are more ways to nerf an item than just reducing the stats. Increasing the cost makes you pay more for each point of stats on it, for example.
: Did anybody get a chance to try out Ornn's Dcap upgrade in playtesting? Honestly, I'm seriously disappointed that most classes got their upgrades onto items they can comfortably get early, but the item for mages happened to be one of the ones that feels the worst in the entire game to build.
The upgraded Deathcap is the hardest one to get but it's also very powerful if you are capable of making that investment
: Are there ans plans to nerf adc ( or ardent censor)
We're looking at nerfing Ardent Censor. Not sure why we would need to nerf ADC, mid/jungle are already higher agency roles
: Real talk: do you think that LB actually needed that last nerf? I didn't even notice it post-7 with some AP, but if you're behind it pretty much ruins your lane.
Leblanc's banrate in pro was way too high- she's already struggling in solo Q which is an unfortunate side effect but we're doing more work on Leblanc
: you ever planning on making aatrox playable again?
Aatrox is actually pretty solid right now in solo Q in the tank meta, especially if you lane against one
: yet maokai dont max E at all even in jungle so you really arent doing much to hurt him like most nerfs/buffs reworks etc you missed the mark. the issue isnt his E .. the issue is tanks in the jungle are strong due to the cinderhulk buffs
> he issue is tanks in the jungle are strong due to the cinderhulk buffs Cinderhulk got a nerf as well
: How does the playtest team feel about ranged champions who rely heavily on Duskblade/Lethality items? (Particularly those who don't get as much value out of other standard AD/crit items such as Quinn)
I like that there's some diversity if Jhin/Quinn/MF/Lucian have options, as long as it doesn't become the default build for all of them
: Do you believe that the Sivir buff will be enough for soloq (I know it was mainly a LCS buff)? Does she need buffs in general, or a deeper gameplay update?
Team-oriented champions with a weaker early game will typically need to rest a bit weaker in unorganized play- that being said, Sivir is easily "good enough" for solo Q
: Hey guys can I ask for some runes and builds for Urgot
Try out either Fervor or Stormraider's, and you can use you a standard ADC page as a baseline for runes (AS quints/AD red/Armor yellow/MR blue) I believe the Urgot expert (S0be) on our team set the recommended items so they should be a good general baseline with hybrid offensive/defensive items- you can adjust it based on whether you need more survivability or damage. Black Cleaver first is nice as he stacks it very quickly and values all the stats on it, and Frozen Mallet is good since Urgot can afford to sacrifice a bit of combat efficiency and still win fights as long as he can keep his enemies from kiting him
: Will Talon ever get some love again?
Talon feels plenty good to play right now IMO with Lethality being strong
: Why the preferential treatment for Fiora? Why do champions like her get an immediate buff the following patch after she was determined to be too weak while other champions are left to linger in mediocrity for months before they finally receive a buff? Is it because she's relevant in pro play? Is it because she brings in the eSports shekels? Genuinely curious. Doubt I'll get an answer because all of my inquiries have been ignored for the last several Patch Chats but it is what it is.
The nerf in 7.14 for Fiora hit her a bit harder than we wanted- we'll still be working on what (if anything) ships for Fiora next patch. Regarding the buff on PBE for 7.16, assuming that ships it would be partially reverting the 7.14 nerf but not all the way. In other words, you can still think of her as nerfed compared to pre-7.14 but not as hard.
Nebuul (NA)
: How is this "chat with us" thread 17 hours old (as of this post) and only has 1 red post in it?
We had a day off yesterday! I'll try to make some time to get these today.
: How does the playtest team feel about Quinn?
Quinn is fun to play as but not very fun to play against seems to be the general sentiment
: Yeah, could someone elaborate on the mission concept? I would like some unicorn tears please. I know there are missions such as; Kha'zix vs Rengar (The Hunt) Ashe vs Sejuani (Asheguard vs Frostguard) I'd love to see more rivalries/special events/interesting interactions between champion adversaries!
I think these will be more like the TF vs Graves icon Bilgewater event
: What do you guys think about the new {{item:3050}} ? Is it fun to use, and what supports do you think work best with it?
Being able to activate it on demand feels way better. It works best on melee supports who can take advantage of the aura
: I'm still not sure what purpose Camille serves in top lane that isn't a strictly inferior Irelia. Her dueling window (if initiated by her leap) out lasts her own CC to proc her Q's 2nd tier of damage, allowing the enemy plenty of time to retaliate. In theory her W helps to kite back or zone control, but there's enough short range dashes/abilities that she can still get picked up and damage applied to. If we flip it around and she saves her leap until half way into combat, she's suspectible to getting CC'd and out damaged before her own CC is relevant. Pretty much anything that has the idea of damage in it that isn't a top lane tank steps on her quite firmly, which stops her from being anything but an R-suicide button in the mid game.
While opening with E, it's true your CC duration doesn't last long enough for full combo but you also have your passive and healing on W to mitigate return fire. You have slow on W and movespeed on Q to escape after a quick trade. Both of these champions have a bunch of differing strengths and weaknesses. Camille can freely cross walls, initiate tower dives and drop aggro with ult, and of course provide very unique/powerful utility through her ultimate
Shíny (NA)
: Nah , you can just walk forwards and it'll miss every time. https://media.giphy.com/media/3KeDVHzcqk0WQ/giphy.gif
Yeah that looks like there's way too much counterplay there, I'll follow up today for an update EDIT: we're looking to increase the Ult hitbox next patch. What we're discussing now is a range where will still be able to flash out of it or run out with a movespeed buff like Zilean W but you can't walk out.
iahim98 (EUNE)
: Have you guys tried rek'sai top, is she better there or is the intended lane still jungle? Also have you guys encountered the bug where rek'sai ult misses, seen a couple of videos with it, is like I am watching ww ulting and barely missing.
We think Rek'sai is better in Jungle. A large chunk of her power comes from tunnels and Tremor Sense, both of which aren't nearly as useful in top lane
: I've seen a good amount of clips of Rek'Sai's ultimate ability missing. Is that intended to be a dodgeable ability?
Yes, I think you need a decently well-timed dash or flash. Maybe you can run out of it if you're super super fast? EDIT: looks like I was wrong about this, sorry guys. The spell functions similarly to Fizz Q in terms of dealing damage. We're looking to increase the hitbox next patch. What we're discussing now is a range where will still be able to flash out of it or run out with a movespeed buff like Zilean W but you can't walk out.
: 1. when will u adress lethality in general (runes inclued) ? 2. when will u nerf this {{item:1054}} ? actualy its even better than {{item:1055}} {{item:2033}} for trade
Doran's Shield is being looked at
Chubbles (NA)
: Meddler mentioned Ahri being looked at for nerfs. Thresh has a similarly high play rate and win rate. Is Thresh being looked at for nerfs as well? If not why not? Thanks for the posts every patch! I enjoy reading them.
Ahri's been consistently strong throughout time no matter what systemic changes are in place. Thresh AFAIK is more of a result of the midseason shakeup which we're still hammering down. If either he remains at a very high playrate/winrate after the dust settles then I'd imagine we'd want to look to nerf him (or if we can anticipate he'll need one).
: Can I ask you playtesters if you see any huge flaws in the concept of having a Control Ward trinket, similar to the old {{item:3362}}, and giving ruby the ability to store 1 control ward extra? It is very hard to get anyone to discuss this with, nether a rioter nor other boards members have said anything usefull in this matter as far as I know off. So do you as (ex-)challenger see any mayor flaws that I migth have overlooked? To make it clear: I dont want a "we will implement it right now", I want a "Here is why it would be problematic/not so good/might not work". I cant improve an idea if I cant find any flaws that need to be adressed.... xD Thanks for your time!
One reason I can think of is it would kind of defeat the point of sweepers (and the reveal aspect of control wards) if everyone just upgraded their yellow trinkets to control ward trinkets. Note that I don't think this is a "major flaw" but there doesn't need to be for us to not want to change it- for example, there's probably not a major flaw in making Tear build out of 2 Faerie Charms but also not a clear slam-dunk benefit.
: Maokai doesn't need any changes he is perfect as he is Riot needs to stop trying to ruin fun champions and people need to learn to not randomly go into bushing walking backwards and forwards then out of the Bush
if by perfect as he is you mean the change we made 2 patches ago, we can't really make these changes without "trying to ruin fun champions" but yea I was spectating Fizz Enthusiast (a designer in Diamond) repeatedly walk into Maokai support saplings pre level 6. He was surely trolling
: How do you guys feel about Zac with the hp scaling added to Q? Shrieve mentioned you guys tested an iteration of his ult with grounded, how did that feel. And why doesn't RoberXLee want to duo with August
Zac buffs probably went too far For the most part grounding was more frustrating to play against than was appreciated by the Zac player, especially on a character that already has quite a few ways of locking you down and probably because August feeds
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