: Big Reddit thread talking about the High Sierra Os Mac bugs that have been crashing games for months
Hello, thanks for posting this. I reached out to a few people in that thread so hopefully we can get some relevant info and track down the root cause.
: [GAMEPLAY] Attack move frequently not working
Question for you: There are 2 separate check boxes related to attack moving. Both of them are under the Game tab. If you scroll down all the way to Gameplay, one of the boxes is auto attack, which should make it so if you are just standing still, you will start attacking. The other one is attack move on cursor. Do you have the 'attack move on cursor' box checked or unchecked?
Ordreth (NA)
: Reconnect Loop
I know you posted this a few days ago, but was wondering if this has been happening to you consistently. If so I have some follow up questions I would like to ask to hopefully figure out what is going wrong
pcjs123 (NA)
: Riot lost my ranked Game
I know this happened a while ago, but I was curious if this has been happening consistently for you. If so I have some follow up questions to hopefully find out what is going wrong
: Did you see Bjergsen play Zoe at All-Stars? What did you think of his performance?
I don't think it was a particularly spectacular performance, but he certainly played it well. He even said himself that he hasn't played her enough to really know how strong she is. The one thing I do know for sure is that she is suuuuper entertaining to watch. Can't wait to see her more once pros get better at playing her (and get better at playing against her).
Sinns (NA)
: Any thoughts of a mastery 8 for 500k/1mil mastery champs?
I would be interested in something like that. We don't generally have much visibility into that portion of the game, but it would be cool to see something beyond mastery 7 for those champions that you really just love to play.
Lëo (EUW)
: Hey guys, Just stopping by to ask my questions in this decent discussions! Any future plans on these certain champions? {{champion:254}} & {{champion:77}} ? If Udyr is a candidate for an VGU next year? Does Vi needs some work? Thank you in advance and enjoy your day! :D
Don't really know of anything planned for either of those champions, but I HAVE been playing quite a bit of Udyr lately. I have fallen in love with going phase rush on him with blue smite. Blue smite counts as 1 of the 3 damage sources to proc phase rush, you hit them with a bear stun, and then your next auto triggers phase rush. Been fun to play with that in combination with boots/approach velocity in inspiration. racecar udyr!
Soníc (EUW)
: Having played a little of this patch already, it's clear Leona needs further nerfs, was it decided to give her a light touch approach and see or was her strength just understated? Also how did people come to conclusion to buff Bard's meep damage, rather than increase functionality elsewhere in his kit? His meep empowered autos already facilitate strong trading and I don't think a buff was justified
Buffs and nerfs at this time of year tend to be done sliiiightly differently. Part of the consideration is how much testing we will realistically get on some of the changes. With runes just shipping and winter break coming up, the scope of changes tend to be smaller and more controlled. That's why there are changes that slightly adjust some numbers (something which we have a pretty good understanding of what impact it will have) vs reworking parts of a kit to solve some longer term problems (typically requires significantly more testing and is higher risk due to uncertainty). As far as Leona goes, I wouldn't be surprised if we need to nerf her a bit more (or aftershock possibly), but it is still a bit too early to see where she will land this patch. Generally we don't want to go overboard with nerfs to gut champions, so we tend to do the softer safer nerfs during this time of year. Otherwise the Leona changes might have been a bit more interesting.
: Do you know of any plans to look at Duskblade or Crit?
Nothing that I know of in the near future. That type of thing would likely be a longer term project and we would need to pick up something like that after winter break.
: Who on the Playtest team has the best hair?
whoever hasn't recently had their headset on
: A lot of Tryndamere mains seem to think the rune changes have put him in a really bad spot. Your thoughts?
The data I have seen (and my anecdotal experience with him in my games) suggests otherwise. I recommend trying press the attack with him and seeing how that feels.
: Do you guys feel vayne is to strong? In my games she tends to just start one shotting people after 2-4 item mark, not very fun.
That hasn't matched my personal experience with the Vaynes I see in my games. and her data suggests she isn't out of line. I don't anticipate any direct changes to her in the near future.
: Is Urfwick only exclusive for this time's BE shop or would come back every time when BE shop returns?
Not sure. We don't really have any insight into that aspect of things
: Any word on the FPS issues? There's a large amount of people with these issues and we're all unable to play the game due to these performance bugs.
No word that I know of. We don't really have any insight into that part of stuff.
: these new runes man leave so much to be desired, i know that you guys did your best to up the stars to compensate but that would mean giving every champion in the game 9 armor better health scaling, more magic resist, more attack speed on all ranged champions like so many champions are made of butter now, and some champs {{champion:17}} got useless crap like scaling health (hes an ap assassin) and base ad (HES AP) and didnt touch his attack speed or champions like {{champion:91}} that became crazy strong in lane cuz of how crazily his kit was buffed and that his usual mage counterparts in lane got little to 0 armor increase to name a few {{champion:163}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:61}} and unless mages start going down resolve that wont change
There are a lot of relevant points you make, and surely some follow up work to be done on our part, but one suggestion I have is that if you are finding yourself to be too squishy, try splashing resolve and taking iron skin/mirror shell. It actually makes a pretty huge impact when it comes to surviving tough lane matchups.
: can we forget this preseason happened and just delete it? might as well go for a +1, patch it to season 3 but if only one, def delete this whole patch and forget it happened
Is there anything in particular you wanted to talk about, or are you just venting? Either way is fine with me, but if you want to try and have a discussion, I don't really know where to start based on your statement
: So what's your insight into the skins? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: seriously though, this patch was garbage, should just trash can it all not even joking the slightest bit when i say that
sorry to hear that. Care to go into a bit more detail into what it is that makes you think this? Hard to make meaningful improvements with this broad of a statement
Flea557 (NA)
: is it just me or is the only people gaining from the update are hyper carries and new players who didn't have the chance to deal with the runes and masteries before the preseason?
probably not just you, but that doesn't match my experience with runes so far
Septiv (NA)
: Has there been any discussion towards the FPS drops that have been noticed? I've heard people talking about it for the last couple of patches, but hadn't noticed any change (I keep my fps vsynced @ 60) until today. My FPS drops to 0 for a split second whenever I spawn a Ghost Poro.
This generally isn't something we have toooo much context into, so it's hard to give an accurate answer. I am pretty sure that there are some talks about it though, but these types of issues are often extremely complex and isn't necessarily related to the new runes alone.
: When I take Precision as my main tree, I get 18% attack speed no matter what my secondary tree is. So why is that stat bonus visually associated with the secondary tree?
A loooong time ago ( ~10+ months?) the set bonus were calculated based off of the secondary. This is probably just a remnant of that and something that we will hopefully be able to touch up/improve in the future. There are some bigger issues that are currently being addressed (such as your page not being close while editing during champ select after the last champ is locked in), so it might take a little longer than ideal
Penns (EUW)
: I have a Zoe question: Is it really necessary that she has to last hit the minions for W drops? How about just making it minions that Zoe damaged (and that got killed by an ally champ if you want it to be harder in lane). Also she is a mage, how do you feel about mages beating bruisers 1v1? :(
Part of the reason Zoe needs to get the last hit is to discourage her from support (although it is still doable). I personally think mages should be able to beat bruisers 1v1 when the bruiser just walks back and forth and completely disrespects the potential damage of the opponent. Just my 2c tho
: Splashing Resolve for Iron Skin vs. an aggressive AD mid is totally cool- the Perfect Timing in Inspiration is a very viable choice IMO and makes Zed players salty. Lissandra can go Arcane Comet or Electrocute depending whether you want more poke damage in lane (e.g., top vs melee) or more all-in damage (midlane). Predator could give her spicy roams too although I haven’t tried it
^ this Resolve splash to survive tough lanes is surprisingly impactful. Have had a lot of success doing that in testing.
: I don't know whats changed in the jungle but it feels like we have lost all ability to influence games and it feels horrible, match making has also been ruined for draft and is throwing together bronze silver, plat and diamond without regard for balance, did so many people quit that you have to do that now? It also feels like CC has been turned up to 11 especially if you play champions vulnerable to CC lock.
Don't know what to say... my experience differs pretty severely from what you are describing (on my Riot account and on my smurf)
: Hi guys! I could use some suggestions! I recently played a game as Camille against an Akali (I realize this is not a great matchup, but I was first pick) with soul harvester and early on she was two hitting me for half of my health! Do you guys think early soul harvester is granting too much damage and how can I counter it regardless?
Hard to judge how powerful it truly is just based off of this anecdote, but if you are struggling to survive early game, you can always splash resolve and take either iron skin/ mirror shell for the extra early tankyness.
: Did the change to 4cs per jungle camp has an effect on the final mastery score? I'm a decent jungler, but I average mostly in A's and today I had a lot of S ranks on different champions, and overall my CS score finally feels on the level of laners.
Good question, not sure tbh. That's generally not something we have much insight into.
: ~~Can we get mana pots back to combat against people running Manaflow Band?~~ Kleptomancy, nevermind. Also, is there any plans for a rework to a tutorial? It'd be nice to have something better than having Ashe build a thornmail or running against 3 AI bots that are just glorified minions. Something like a fighting game tutorial would be much better if you're willing to design Challenges for Champions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qc1MDmlz3k Doing something basic like having a person flash over the wall could be an idea or placing them in a single lane with a target on a tower.
No plans to rework the tutorial that I know of (although we have no insight into who, if anyone, is working on that). We focus more on high level gameplay implications of changes, which is about as far away from the tutorial that you can get.
: will there be a way to server transefer but whit blue essence ?
Dunno, that's not something we work with/have any context on
Penns (EUW)
: So I posted some polls on assassin-main subreddits and "only" 40% said they prefer old Talon (probably because of the old silence) and 20% prefer old Kat. But 65% of Fizz players said they prefer old Fizz http://www.strawpoll.me/14291794/r . Considering that the rework was a year ago and many people that quit him because of it probably arent looking at his subreddit anymore, when is dat revert coming? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
The goal of update's isn't solely to create something that mains of the champions prefer. A lot of the time it is to address some game health concerns. Sometimes that comes at the expense of mains of the champ, sometimes we are able to get the best of both worlds. For a champion like fizz, it is pretty clear that he has a tendency to severely frustrate his opponents. With something like that, changes will often come at the expense of some players who have become attached to pretty unhealthy play patterns.
4Eeyore (NA)
: Why can't you rearrange your rune page order by drag and dropping? It seems like a step back. I hate having to build pages in a specific order. Also it's weird how you can save your first page by selecting just selecting the Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve, or Inspiration tree but on the rest you have to select both a tree and keystone.
Dunno, hopefully that's something we are able to implement in the future.
: Can you remove the missing health aspect to veigar's ult and restore his old ult or buff his ult, because his q does same or more than his ult can do in most situations.
I don't anticipate any veigar changes in the near future
: Curious when do you guys open up playtest positions at Riot?
My best guess is we will open hiring again within the next couple of months (but don't quote me on that!)
: But for real the salt jar is destroyed and gone forever
It's both sad and true {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Is the CDR given by Ultimate Hat supposed to be multiplicative? I had a 3.06 CD on Jayce ultimate (49% CDR) and not 2.7 seconds (55% CDR).
I do believe it is multiplicative, but I actually didn't think it was supposed to work with Jayce R... Not sure I guess
Kloqdq (NA)
: What are your thoughts on the current jungle changes? Do you think they are good long time or do you believe there is likely going to be extra work needed? Also what is the best personal jungle set-ups you guys have thought-up thus far? I keep hearing that it's pretty difficult for some champs in the jungle to stay healthy.
Hard to say this early (although I personally enjoy the changes) since SO much is different with Runes. I would however expect some sort of follow up, as that will almost certainly be necessary eventually. For summoner setups I personally like champions that can utilize dark harvest (blue kayne for example). Others on the team have found success with things like unsealed spellbook simply for the reduced CD of smite/flash (Trade flash with an enemy on first gank -> come back once your flash comes back up b/c theirs will still be down for a bit). If you find yourself struggling to survive in the jungle, try splashing resolve and taking iron skin.
Metleon (NA)
: I heard they'll be more chests overall from things like chests inside chests. Will key fragments also be easier to get?
Unfortunately we don't have toooo much context into that side of things as it isn't something we actively test. To the best of my knowledge though it should remain relatively similar overall (don't quote me on that though)
: I definitely like it! i thought i wasn't going to but these are easy to adapt to and you guys made me happy today i received Arclight Yorick in the mystery skins!
Glad to hear it! Now is as good a time as ever to play yorick too (make sure to take demolisher in the resolve tree. With that and your Q which can now hit turrets, you can wreck them suuuper quickly)
: I don't like how we only get two rune pages to work with;; I know we can buy more but it costs as much as a champion. Maybe make this cost cheaper or give us more rune pages? I like the presets tho! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
TBH I've gotten in the habbit of setting it up every game (since you can in the lobby). Obviously we have had a LOT of exposure to the system already so it is easier, but once you get more comfortable with it, changing it each game makes it easier to make minor changes based on champions/lane matchups/etc.
Garrotte (NA)
: Has King Cobra grown tired of his 15 minutes of fame?
Tired of memes??? surely you don't know what team you are dealing with
: Any updates on how the 'mini' LeBlanc rework is coming along? Last we heard the team was having problems making it smaller scale, it was possible she'd be receiving a full VGU which is potentially exciting news considering her visuals are not up to par! :)
hit some pretty big bumps as far as I know. It will likely either be very delayed or need to be larger scope (in which case it would be more delayed). This is of course subject to change, but I don't see us getting anything shippable in the near future
Siachi (NA)
: {{champion:157}} Does the team have any plans to look at Yasuo's kit? I feel like Riot has come a long way since Late Season 3/Early Season 4, and they could apply this new experience to help Yasuo towards the 'Melee ADC' role he was designed to be. Namely, I think his passive could be more nuanced. I'm all for making him scale with crit, and at the time double crit was probably necessary to have him function as a melee ADC. However, nowadays, I feel like Riot could give him something more interesting and interactive. Maybe something along the lines of Ashe's interaction with crit (Sans permaslow of course) where his base attacks are naturally increased with crit chance, or 'Every X Attack or Q is a guarenteed Crit, X decreases based on crit chance" Also, I feel like his Q could benefit from a total AD Scaling that increases on level up (Say from 80% at level 1, up to 160% at five, not really going for exact numbers). I don't think scalings like that were introduced until Heimerdinger's Rework, and this could help push his power more towards a late game fantasy.
As far as I know there aren't any plans to look at Yasuo. Sure he could use some tweaks just like every champion, but there are probably far more urgent issues to address. I will say that it is important to think of the gains you get with a change for the added complexity. Your suggested changes aren't particularly complex (although it definitely is adding SOME complexity), but the gameplay gains aren't tooooo large for that degree of complexity (just my opinion). There is also something to say for elegance in changes. Certain changes feel forced (for example making abilities interact specifically with jungle camps) vs other changes that feel natural and also have the desired outcome. Again, your ideas aren't victim of this, but it is something to consider!
Chiken138 (EUW)
: May I ask u about Volibear?. I mean Udyrr is getting buffed and there are no words on Volibear. He is struggling so much
No plans for voli as far as I know, but I am of the opinion that he would need some larger scope work to bring him up to date with what I expect out of more modern champions.
: Do you guys have a date when you're getting rid of the lvl cap?
not sure when that is going to ship
patmax17 (EUW)
: I remember Caitlyn was the "long ranged lane bully, doesn't scale in late because of lack of steroids compared to other autoattackers"-ADC, why do you think did she become so dominant in the first place? I'm not an ADC expert (support/jungler here), but I can see how e.g. Draven is a lane bully thanks to his Q, but suffers in late due to his low range unless he snowballs hard. Cait has waveclear and long range that help her in lane, but how does she scale in late so well that she remains a major threat? what happened?
I believe she did get some extra AS scaling, but more importantly IMO is that double zeal builds were recognized as powerful. With Shiv and RFC she has plenty of attack speed to output the consistent damage in combination with her range. Headshot is also a bit of it's own steroid in the sense that her base kit actually does have some increased damage output attached to it.
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: How do you guys feel about this {{champion:63}} buff? Wouldnt it be better if it would give mana back regardless that you onehsot the minions with your W or not?
That would certainly be a stronger buff, but then it would lead to weird patterns like only wanting to W if there is a single low health minion that you can kill. The purpose here is more to enable some meaningful waveclear (which would generally require W+E) instead of adding in a last hitting + harassing type optimization. There are other implications as well, but this change also is a bit clearer in how it interacts with his kit. Personally I don't believe this buff will do tooooo much for brand, as he already struggles in mid lane in general. At least at higher levels of play he just doesn't have the tools necessary to deal with modern jungler ganks, and is probably too easy to punish in general.
SMCpulse (EUW)
: Hi guys, I was just wondering if you guys would consider smoothing out Diana's Q damage. At the moment it scales from 60->200 in increments of 35 which is really low compared to most midlaners primary ability. I'm not looking for a massive increase but changing it to increments of 40 would scale her from 60->220 which I believe is reasonable to help her shove waves and do reasonable damage in a healing and shielding meta. Current: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (70% AP) Proposed: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (70% AP)
Want to clarify that our team doesn't make changes, we just work with designers to discuss/play changes. With that said, I personally would be a bit hesitant to increase Diana's damage. She is a champion that tends to be balanced on a razor's edge. By that I mean if she gets ahead, she can snowball suuuuuper hard, with very impactful and reliable burst patterns. If she isn't strong enough to meaningfully kill priority targets, she has extremely limited value she brings to a team. Unless her win rate and other metrics indicate she is severely under-performing I assume we would hold off on touching her numbers until we decide to maybe do a larger scope update to her kit.
Srack1 (EUW)
: After reading some comments i noticed that it looks like teemo and akali would get some love... Any thoughts on Voli to make his kit more interesting? He could be so mich more with bis new lightning-war-demigod theme.
Want to clarify that our team doesn't actually make changes, we just work with designers and discuss/play changes. With that said, Volibear definitely needs something. Not sure what, but I suspect it would need to be a larger scope project, since he is relatively outdated in terms of what his kit has to offer.
: By the way, I noticed the Red-comment-seeking-tool in the sidebar isn't working for some of your comments. I think the moderators are deleting some of your more inane comments like "You wish I would wish I was you" and "Same."
: How do you feel like the Caitlyn changes went? Do you feel as if they gave her more meaningful counterplay, while also not making her overpowered in pro play again?
I feel like they didn't go well enough. I expect her to still be powerful in pro play. In terms of her solo queue win rate they went pretty well, but my best guess is that this version of Caitlyn will be a dominant pro pick. It is difficult to say how the meta will shift with Runes Reforged, but as long as Caitlyn can bully lane as well as scale into the late game, I expect her to be a priority pick.
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